“Subway Ride” by Marie LeClare – FFF

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It had been ages since I had been to New York City and friends had told me how bad the transit system was but I just had to see for myself. I mean we have a transit system in Dallas but it’s just trains and doesn’t have the atmosphere of New York, with all the little shops.

I kept asking myself, as I entered the dirty station, do I really want to do this, but I thought it would be an experience to talk about if nothing else. So keeping a firm grip on my shoulder bag I kept going, and looked in the little shop windows.

I wasn’t in a hurry and I knew the stop I had to get off at was called the Bowery Station. It was apparently named after that section of the city that had all the hobos from ages gone by, and I thought to myself that they must have moved inside to the subway, as I noticed some of them laying up against the station walls.

Hearing the roaring sound of the train as it entered the station, I waited until those departing the train had left and our crowd entered, and I felt like a sardine packed in a can, as I grabbed hold of one of the hanging straps.

We had only just left the station when I felt the hand on my ass, so turning around I followed the arm leading from the hand to the person that it belonged to and whispered that if he didn’t take his hand off my ass I was going to cut it off with my knife. Those words must have been like electricity to him because he immediately jerked him hand away and moved further down the car. Probably to grope some other woman.

It didn’t seem like five minutes later when the next rush of passengers entered our car and we were pressed even tighter than before, that I again felt a hand. This time dragging a finger along the crack of my ass.

As I tried to turn around to see who I was going to have to threaten this time I found that I was totally surrounded by women. Actually 3 attractive Latino type women who smiled as I looked into their eyes. Questioning with my eyes. Was it you? But getting no recognition.

I don’t know why but it was turning me on and if I had known who it was I might have invited her back to my midtown hotel. It’s not that I don’t get plenty of sex, I do, but this had never happened to me before. Being fondled in public, by nobody I knew.

We were so packed together that I couldn’t determine who’s hand it was, but it was there again, touching my ass. Then I felt another hand pressing against the front of my skirt. Pushing against my pussy. Just when I was thinking that she was determined, and she knew I wasn’t complaining, I felt another hand reaching up under my top to touch my breast. Her fingers inching under my bra to feel my hard nipple.

This was a totally new experience for me and I can’t say that I didn’t like it because I did, but I wondered how far they were going to go, and if I was going to have to stay on the train to the end of the line to find out.

Moments later I felt the hand that was feeling my ass, briefly leave, only to appear up under my skirt from the back, and cup my ass cheek, giving it a little squeeze. Now whether it was a signal between them I don’t know but pretty soon I felt the hand that was pressing against my pussy reach up under my skirt from the front and her fingers found my wet panties which she pulled aside.

Her fingers felt like heaven as they softly rubbed my hot wet pussy. While the other girl, who I spotted this time, reached her other hand up under my top n pushed my bra up to pull and pinch my nipples, all the while giving me the sexiest smile, which I returned.

I was on automatic pilot by now, and all I could think of, was not to scream when I had my orgasm, like I usually do when I gush.

Looking around I could tell nobody was noticing what was going on and it was then that I felt the woman behind me, getting her finger wet from my pussy juice, teasing my little asshole, and I knew what was coming next. But not exactly how it happened.

With her fingers, nice and wet by now, she teased my asshole with her thumb before plunging it deep in my ass. While plunging her middle finger deep in my hot wet pussy, and after squeezing them together started to finger fuck my pussy and my asshole.

As I was concentrating on her fingers, finger fucking my asshole and pussy, I felt the woman in front patting my pussy, before she parted my pussy lips with her fingers and plunged her middle finger next to her friends finger in my pussy, and rubbed my swollen wet clit with her thumb.

They must have done this many times before because they didn’t miss a beat, as they finger fucked me in public. Their rhythm was perfection, and I was in heaven, feeling the tingle build. All the time half expecting for us to be caught and having to appear in a court for being perverts.

As I was getting close and my breath coming in labored breaths, they somehow knew it and picked up their rhythm. Their fingers literally flying as they finger fucked me and played with my rock hard nipples. At this point I didn’t care if we got caught I just wanted to cum.

It was massive. It was the fireworks of some holiday as I closed my eyes and bit down on my lip, drawing blood, so I wouldn’t scream, when it hit me. A mind blowing orgasm, like I had never experienced before, as I gushed, and kind of let the crowd hold me up as I tried my best to recover.

Opening my eyes only seconds later I discovered that my 3 friends, who I had been so intimate with moments before, had disappeared.

It couldn’t have happened in any other place, certainly not my home in Dallas, Texas, except in New York City.

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Photo: “Subway car, Sao Paulo” by TheFutureIsUnwritten, published under a creative commons license.

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