Sir Robert recommends… sexy stories about photo sessions

Sculpture Female Nudes Embracing 15 - Finance Tower Brussels

Dear all.

I have a little problem: too many tales in my bookshelves and too little time to publish them. Take into account that publishing a story in the blog is quite time consuming: I have to get the appropriate permissions, format the text, look for appealing photos, schedule the posting and then… promote the website using social networks. Don’t take me wrong, I will continue publishing three or four naughty stories a month, more or less  😉 but then most of my stories would continue on their shelves… maybe forever. Thus, I am beginning to publish some posts with links to naughty stories from now on. These posts have advantages for you and me: I don’t have to spend as much time with each story and you get more stories each month instead of receiving only three or four, a win-win situation! I will try to dedicate each post to a theme and publish links to some sexy short stories related to that theme. In today’s post, the theme is “photo sessions” and I have five awesome stories for you. I hope you enjoy them:

I have thought that these posts would be even better if you directly participated somehow to improve them. To do so, I invite all of you to leave a comment with a link to a sexy, naughty story related to the theme of the post. As comments are moderated, please take into account that sometimes it might take some time for they to appear in the blog. By now I am the only administrator of this website and I tend to sleep every night.  😉 

Thank you, I hope you have enjoyed this new kind of post and come back again whenever you want!

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