Sir Robert recommends… my top seven sexy stories “on the road”

201311 - Sir Robert recommends... Sexy Stories on the road

Dear all.

Some days ago I was watching an amazing video depicting a hot wife having fun in the passenger’s seat of her husband’s car, almost nude. They speeded along a truck and the lucky driver was able to see her in all her glory. Hot.

After tweeting the video -by the way, you should consider following me on Twitter if you are not doing so already- I began to think about hot sexy stories about long drives, exhibitionism on cars, rest stops, truckers and the like. And… you know what? I have a lot of them on my bookshelf. Here you have the best ones:

  1. “Jackie Likes to Play” by Boudreaux1111 – M+F. “I was having trouble keeping the car out of the ditch looking at what I was doing. She looked so sexy lying there with her head back and her tits sticking out. She then heard that I was passing a big truck and sat up. I told her to relax and give the truck driver a show… “. Mmmm…
  2. “Just Married!” by VoyeurSurf – MMF. Newlyweds get randy in the Limousine that takes them to the reception while the driver watches. Will he be allowed to participate?
  3. “The Tow” by JenniferO1 – MF. She decides to surprise her boyfriend and go see him wearing just lingerie and a short silk bathrobe. But then, while she is driving, the engine stops.
  4. “Tempted By College Studs” by MrsCanyon – MMMFF. A young married couple, driving through New York State, stop at a rest area and decide to take a walk through the small woods that border the rest stop… 
  5. “After the Party” (author unknown) – MMF, from Old Joe’s Collection. With a similar line than “Just Married!” in this sexy story a married couple leaves a party and returns home in a rented limo…
  6. “Road Trip” by Luvbug40 – FF. A long boring drive turns into an exciting one when Megan discovers a vibrator in the glove box of her good friend.
  7. The seventh story is one of the hottest, describing a threesome in a car between a prime and proper, conservative wife called Michelle, her husband and a complete stranger. I am publishing it on Sir Robert’s Stories in a few days so you might come back whenever you want or, even better, you might register to receive an email each time I publish a sexy story. Satisfaction guaranteed!  😉

As on the post about photography stories, I invite all of you to leave a comment with a link to a sexy, naughty story related to the theme of the post. As comments are moderated, please take into account that sometimes it might take some time for they to appear on the blog.  

Thank you, I hope you have enjoyed this post and come back again whenever you want!

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