First anniversary on Sir Robert’s Stories: top ten most visited sexy tales

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Today is the anniversary of the first time I published a sexy tale on Sir Robert’s Stories. That was “Shoulder Straps” by DrSpin and 34 more posts followed that one until now. In this year the blog has received almost 120,000 visits from all around the World and 164 different countries, which is certainly amazing. Also, almost 100 people follow my blog and receive an email each time a post is published. Thank you so much to all of you for your support!

In this past year and as many of you already know, I have also opened a Twitter account (@sirrobstories) that now has almost 1,400 followers, a Facebook page and a Tumblr blog. I mainly use those to publish notices about free sexy stories published on my blog or on other free websites.

As a way of celebrating this first anniversary, I am going to list here your favorite sexy stories, the ones you have visited most on my blog in these 365 days. Here you have them and, if you haven’t read some, you are more than welcome to click and read:

  1. “My Wife and the Glory Hole” by Derek Cage – MMF (8.813 visits)
  2. “Kathy and my Frat Brothers” by Warthog – MMMF (3.323 visits)
  3. “Sheila’s Wish” by Pussy Barber – Part I – MFF (3.243 visits)
  4. “Ok… but just one drink – Husband’s view” by Gilglim – MMMF (2.868 visits).
  5. “After Hours” by Ann Douglas – FF (2.315 visits).
  6. “A Day at the Beach” by Otis Holmes – MMF (2.051 visits).
  7. “Jen’s Titillating Behaviour” by DrSpin – MMF (2.007 visits).
  8. “Andee’s Hotel Adventure” by Andee – MMMF (1.977 visits)
  9. “Too Horny To Wait” by Socraith – MMF (1.900 visits)
  10. “Tiffany’s Filling Experience” by Warthog – MMMF (1.796 visits).

In this next year I have plans to improve the design of the blog and maybe move the blog to a different hosting. But mainly, of course, I will continue publishing the best, hottest, free sexy stories.  😉

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