“Party Girl” by Todd – MFF

Party This Way

While a senior in college, I dated a beautiful freshman named Jean. She was about 5’6″ and 120 lbs. with smallish, perky breasts and a very flat tummy. She often wore revealing clothes of one sort or another, usually very casual but always sexy. The combination of her beautiful face, great body and attractive clothes usually made her the center of attention. This was especially so at parties where everyone wanted to flirt with her.

At a party at a suburban home one night, Jean was getting her usual attention as I got pretty drunk. Watching the other guys fawn over her was always a turn on for both me and Jean, and I often got the benefit of her heightened arousal later in the night.

After dancing with two guys at once through a series of fast and slow songs, Jean sauntered over to me for a kiss. No sooner had I started to get my tongue in her mouth when some sophomore guys starting pulling at her arms. I knew she wanted to get back to the dance floor, so I released our kiss and watched her dance her way back to the floor with these two new guys. I just smiled.

As the three of them danced away, a really cute blonde came over to me. “Is she with you?” she asked.

I said, “Yes, why?”

“Because she looks hot, really hot,” she replied. “How long have you two been dating?”

I said something about a few weeks as I looked the blonde over. She seemed younger, wearing a simple shirt and some cutoffs. Her tan was deep and she exuded a quiet confidence as she studied Jean’s dancing. I couldn’t help thinking about how sexy this blonde was. I also wondered about her interest in Jean. Was the young blonde into girls?

“Soooooo.” I finally said, “Do you like Jean?” The blonde never took her eyes off of Jean dancing as she responded, “Yes. She’s hot.” Then she turned and looked straight into my eyes as she instructed me: “There’s a room at the end of the hall. Go get her and bring her into it. I’ll be waiting for you both.”

“Waiting for what?” I asked.

“Waiting to watch you make out with her. I like to watch.”

“You like to watch?” I stammered.

“Yeah,” she said as she looked back at Jean on the dance floor. “I’d like to watch you do to her whatever she is willing to let you do to her in front of me.” Then she headed down the hall and disappeared into the room.

As I walked over to Jean, she was still dancing with the two sophomores. One of them was behind her while the other was in front of her. She was sandwiched in between them as they moved to the slow music. I pulled her away from them so that we could talk privately and said “Cheating on me, huh?” Jean said, “Well, what were you doing with that young blonde girl?” I laughed and explained, “She is more interested in you than me.”

Jean smiled and asked, “What do you mean?”

“She wants me to bring you to a room at the end of that hall. She wants to watch me do to you whatever you are willing to let me do to you in front of her.”

“What!?” exclaimed Jean. I laughed and explained, “That’s what she said. Let’s go.”

Then I took Jean’s hand and led her across the dance floor and then down the hall. When we reached the door, I gave Jean a kiss and said “Let’s have some fun.” Jean nodded back, indicating that she was willing. She seemed excited about walking through that door.

Inside the room was the blonde, standing patiently by a couch. She said “Hi” and walked over to us, closing the door behind us. “I like to watch” was the only other thing she said to get Jean and me started. I took Jean in my arms and started to kiss her. I sensed the blonde coming closer to get a good look.

I broke off the kiss and looked at the blonde. She was standing next to us with her lips slightly parted. I took my hand and put it on Jean’s breast. We heard the blonde let out a sigh as I massaged Jean’s tit and nipple. I watched the blonde stare at my hand, and so did Jean, as I pulled at her nipple through her shirt.

At this point Jean started to get more excited. She never took her eyes off the blonde’s stare. Jean moved back and to the right slightly to give the blonde a better view of her chest.

I sensed Jean wanted me to unbutton her shirt to let the blonde see more of her, and I was anxious to do so. As I opened up Jean’s shirt, the blonde got even closer. I pushed Jean’s unbuttoned shirt off her shoulders and let it drop on the floor. Jean’s tan tits contrasted with her black bra, and we both could feel the intensity of the blonde staring at them.

I slid the bra straps off of Jean’s shoulders. Then I carefully pulled them down her upper arms. I brought the bra cups lower on Jean’s breasts, but I didn’t allow them to fall off her breasts. Instead, I just brought the bra cups low enough for the blonde to see the top of Jean’s perky nipples.

Then suddenly I shoved my hand down onto Jean’s crotch. This took both girls by surprise and the sexual tension increased dramatically. I had Jean’s tits on display in front of this strange young blonde as I started to rub Jean’s mound through her cutoffs. We were all getting really hot.

Jean responded by opening her legs slightly and pointing her barely covered nipples right at the other girl. As I worked Jean’s mound, I suggested to her, “Take off your bra and show her your breasts.”

“Show her my breasts?” Jean whispered back weakly.

“Yes. yes,” said the blonde.

As Jean reached around back to undo her bra, her breasts naturally thrust forward. The forward pressure caused first her left and then her right nipple to poke out above the bra cups. The sight of Jean’s erect nipples made the blonde whisper “Jesus”.

Then Jean dropped the bra to the floor and stood before the other girl, naked from the waist up. I continued rubbing Jean’s mound and noticed both girls starting to breathe faster and louder.

I unsnapped Jean’s cutoffs and pulled down her zipper. I pulled off her cutoffs and showed the blonde Jean’s black panties. I noticed Jean had a little wet spot on her panties.

I reached up to Jean’s erect right nipple and started pumping it like a little cock. Then I told Jean “Drop your panties. Show her your cunt.”

Jean’s breathing sped up as she asked me, “Show her my cunt?”

The blonde whispered, “Yes. show me your cunt.”

Jean slid her thumbs on both sides of her panties and started lowering them. She only took them down an inch or two at first, however. just enough to show the top of her bush. Then she lowered the panties below her mound, just slightly exposing her cunt lips.

The blonde stared at Jean’s cunt. Then Jean let the panties fall to the ground and kicked them to the side. As she kicked the panties, her legs opened up and gave the blonde the view she wanted. Before Jean could close her legs, I brought my hand back down to her mound and starting sliding my fingers on her cunt lips.

Both girls sighed as I slipped in a finger. Jean was so wet and hot inside, that my finger immediately slid all the way in with no resistence. I pulled it out, glistening with Jean’s juices, and then put in two fingers as the blonde watched.

I finger fucked Jean’s cunt a few times and then pulled my hand out. I started to take my hand up to Jean’s face so that she could smell and taste herself when the blonde’s hand suddenly grabbed my wrist. This was the first time she had touched either of us.

She held my wrist and redirected my wet fingers to her own mouth. At first she smelled in Jean’s fragrance deeply, then she licked the knuckle-side of my two fingers. Over and over again she licked that side of my fingers, tasting Jean thoroughly.

Then the blonde took my hand up to Jean’s mouth and put the tips of my fingers against Jean’s lips. As Jean’s tongue came out to lick my fingers, the blonde pushed them deep into Jean’s mouth. Jean was getting a good taste of her own cunt mixed with the taste of the blonde’s mouth.

Now the blonde used my hand like a dildo, face-fucking Jean. She was gentle, but deliberate. Jean accepted the face-fuck and started sucking away at the juices on my fingers.

Then the blonde pulled my hand out of Jean’s mouth and took it back down to Jean’s cunt. She worked my fingers into Jean’s cunt lips gently and then slowly thrust them in all the way. She started getting more aggressive with each stroke and eventually she was really fucking Jean’s cunt with my hand. Her strokes were fast, hard and deep.

Jean had spread her legs more and was also thrusting her pelvis forward to better accept the finger fucking the blonde was giving her with my hand. But Jean couldn’t continue to stand in this posture for much longer, so the blonde said “Let’s get her on the couch.”

She took Jean over to the couch with my hand still in Jean. As she sat Jean up on an extra pillow in order to provide better access to Jean’s cunt, the blonde sat next to her, still fucking Jean with my hand like a dildo.

Instead of sitting down with them, however, I slowly pulled my hand out of Jean’s cunt and removed it from the blonde’s grip.

“You don’t need me to finish her off,” I told the blonde. She smiled at me and then looked at Jean. Jean said nothing, but she simultaneously opened her mouth and her legs as way of invitation to the blonde. Jean wanted this young blonde to finish her off, and she wanted it now.

The blonde took three of her own fingers and placed them at the entrance of Jean’s cunt. Then she leaned into Jean to give her a kiss on the mouth. As the blonde’s tongue entered Jean’s mouth, her fingers entered Jean’s cunt.

I watched as the blonde kissed and fucked Jean. In the next few minutes she drove Jean to the edge again and again, but never allowed her to orgasm. Her mouth worked Jean’s tits, ears, eyes and neck while her hand kept Jean’s cunt near the edge.

Then the blonde changed position slightly to get more leverage into Jean’s cunt. Jean and I both sensed this was going to be it. Sure enough, the blonde went at Jean with strength and speed. Jean’s legs stretched out, muscles contracted, braced for the best hand fuck she had ever had.

Suddenly, the door to the room burst open and the two sophomore guys bounded in. They had been looking for Jean and someone had said we had gone into this room.

The sight that greeted them, however, was more than they ever would have dared to hope for. As I was standing to the side, this fully clothed blonde had Jean completely naked on a couch as she fingered fucked Jean’s cunt rigorously.

Jean was too close to the edge to be deterred by an audience, however. she was out of control at this point and the blonde knew it. The two guys called down the hall in a loud voice, “Hey, everybody. check this out!”

Within moments the room was filling up with people as the blonde started finishing Jean off. As Jean started to orgasm, her legs came together with her muscles convulsing. The blonde was strong, however, and kept her fingers ramming in and out of Jean as her other hand worked Jean’s clit. As people came in the room, they saw the muscles on the blond girl’s arm ripple as she fucked Jean into a paralyzing orgasm.

It lasted maybe 30 seconds or so and then Jean started to relax slightly. The blonde would not release Jean, however, and instead went back to finger fucking her, fast and hard. The muscles on her arm rippled again as she kept fucking Jean until the second orgasm arose. Tears started coming down Jean’s face as this second orgasm totally consumed her body.

As this second orgasm subsided, the blonde finally relented and just held Jean by the cunt, her hand still in her, but motionless.

Through this, the crowd had become silent. They were not sure what had happened, but they all were incredible hot from it. The blonde looked up at them and said, “Shows over. why don’t you give us some privacy?”

As people turned to go, I watched Jean start to snuggle up to the blonde. No one spoke as they left and eventually I was alone again with Jean and the blonde. As I started to close the door, the blonde said, “Thanks for the introduction, but we really would like to be alone right now.”

Jean had started kissing her neck and I saw her hand gentle cup one of the blonde’s breasts. The blonde just smiled at me and waited for me to go. When I left the room, I closed the door behind me.

Sir Robert's Stories Home PageI suppose that being with two women at the same time is one of the oldest masculine fantasies. The twist in this story comes from the realization that the blonde stranger is more interested in the female part of the couple and expects you to go away. Well. Shit happens!  🙂

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Photo: “Party this way” by Garry Knight with a creative commons license.

“Fireman’s Carnival” by Kathy B – MMMF


“Mark! I’m over here!” I waved my hands wildly, trying to get my husband’s attention. It was useless though; he couldn’t hear me over the noise of the crowd and he hadn’t noticed our booth when he walked past.

“Hey, lady. Can we get some pies here or not?” A sweaty, overweight man stood beside three sweaty, underweight kids. Each child clutched a dollar bill in their dirty little fists.

I took a last look at Mark’s back, disappearing behind the Ferris Wheel. Oh, well, he’d keep looking until he found me. I’d get his attention the next time I saw him. I turned back to my customers.

“Certainly, sir,” I smiled. “How can I help you?”

“What do we have to do, anyway?” the man asked as the children started playing in the dirt.

“It’s very simple,” I replied. See that man’s head in the middle of the bullseye?” Brian Wallace’s balding pate was the only part of his body you could see. The rest was completely hidden inside the tent behind him. A drawstring kept him from pulling his head back inside. “You can buy whipped cream ‘pies’ for a dollar apiece. You have to throw from behind the counter. If you hit him directly, you win one of the big teddy prizes. If your pie lands in one of the other rings, you win that prize. All the money goes to benefit the local animal shelter. Have some fun for a worthy cause!”.

“Ok, gimmee three pies. Hey! You guys were crying to do somethin’. Do you want to do this or not?” he cuffed one of the children in the back of the head.

I bent over to pull three pies from under the counter and heard him chuckle. “Maybe I should wait until it’s your turn,” he hooted. “I’d get two bullseyes instead of one. Damn big ones, too.” He laughed loudly at his own joke.

I blushed. I knew what he was referring to. I’d worn this top because Mark liked seeing me in it, forgetting I’d be bending over all day. Every time I did, the scoop neck fell open and people could see all the way to my bra. I’m not small on top so that made for a pretty vulgar display. Guys had been staring at my tits all day and occasionally making remarks but this was the first pig to say something in front of his kids.

I handed him his pies and moved to the side so he could throw. It didn’t matter; I loved the animal shelter but we needed money to operate and the fireman’s carnival was one of our biggest fundraisers. If it meant letting a few jerks ogle my body, who cared? I could put up with it for a few hours.

I talked with Betty Johnson, the woman in charge of our booth, while trying to keep an eye out for Mark. Finally I saw him walking on the other side of the midway.

“Betty, I need to go talk to Mark. I’ll be right back,” I thrust my money apron into her hands and dashed around the end of the counter.

Betty laughed. “You’ve been married five years and you’re still running after him? You need to get him trained!”

Mark gave me a big hug when I caught up to him. “Hi, Kathy, where’ve you been? I’ve walked the whole place three times!”

“Well, I tried to get your attention but you didn’t see me. What’s going on?”

“Nothing much. How long do you have to work?” Mark looked bored. “I have a softball game later.”

“I’m working at the counter until one, then I have to be the target for an hour,” I replied. “Then I’m done. Will that be in time for your game?”

“Sure. I’m going over to the beer tent with Jerry. This is kind of lame.” He grinned. “Maybe I’ll come visit you when you’re in the bullseye.”

“Don’t you dare,” I warned him. “If you hit me with a pie, I’ll never forgive you!”

“Maybe I’ll be aiming for another bullseye,” he said slyly, as I felt his hand knead one of my cheeks, squeezing it firmly.

“Mark!” I squealed. “People can see!” I looked around but the carnival was so crowded that nobody paid much attention to us, hugging each other off on one side.

“Bye, babe. I told Jerry I’d be right over. I’ll swing by every once in a while,” Mark gave me a big kiss, squeezed my rear one more time and drifted off into the crowd.

The next couple of hours passed quickly. My best friend Holly came on and we had a lot of fun. Holly is a shameless flirt, although she’s happily married. She loves to flash her boobs and rear end in men’s faces and being around her helps me loosen up a little too. I’m not as relaxed as she is but I quit worrying about showing a little boob when I bent over or whether my skirt lifted a little in the breeze. I even flirted back a little after I saw how much money Holly got the guys to fork over. It made the time fly and we raised a lot of money for the shelter. I saw Mark a couple of times and once he even bought a couple of pies and tossed them at Betty when she was the target.

Soon it was time for me to be the target. Believe it or not, I was looking forward to it. The tent is set back far enough so you hardly ever get hit, you don’t have any real responsibility except to smile and occasionally taunt people throwing pies, and you can get off your feet and rest. Inside the tent is a padded bench. You get on all fours but the bench supports your weight and it’s actually very comfortable.

After kneeling over the bench, I thrust my head out through the hole and Holly pulled the drawstring around my neck so I couldn’t pop back inside if a pie came too close. I stuck my tongue out at the first customer as he laughed and took aim.

In the next fifteen minutes I was only hit twice. I saw Mark work his way through the crowd and pay for two pies. People that knew us started cheering him on. I started yelling that he better not. He laughed and handed his pies to two kids, who didn’t even come close. Mark winked at me and mouthed the word ‘later’. As I watched, he walked down two booths and went around the side.

A few minutes later I felt his hand on my ass, rubbing lightly. Beginning at my rear, he rubbed up my back, then back down and down over my legs. When he moved his hand back up, he flipped my skirt up over my back. I reached back with my hands and pulled it down but he pushed my hands out of the way and pulled it up again.

“Mark!” I whispered loudly. “Cut it out!”

“What?” Holly asked. “Did you need something?”

“Uh, no,” I stammered. “I’m fine.”

I felt his hand rubbing my pussy through my panties. He soon slipped a finger under the band and into my quickly moistening cunt. I bit my lip and tried not to moan as one finger found my clit while another dug deep inside me. My ass started rotating in circles and I didn’t resist when he grasped my panties and pulled them down to my knees, then off me.

I tried to maintain a straight face as he began pushing two fingers into me while rubbing my clit with his other hand. I reached back with my hands but I could only feel one pant leg so I started caressing that. When he turned to face me, I could reach his crotch. I fumbled with one hand and managed to unzip him and pull out his cock. It felt great- long, thick and rock hard. While he pumped my cunt with his fingers, I stroked his cock until I felt him pull away and move behind me.

Without much ceremony, his thumbs pried my cunt open and his cock pressed against me. I was so wet the first few inches sank in easily and he pulled back and buried the rest with one long stroke. I tried to keep quiet but I couldn’t help moaning when I felt his balls grind into my mound.

Holly came over, concerned. “Are you ok?”

By now he was fucking me with a steady rhythm. “I’m fine,” I grunted. I did my best not to wiggle around as his cock stretched my pussy wider with each pass.

“Oh, dear. Your face is all red,” Holly fussed. “I think you’re getting sunburned.” she went over to her bag and grabbed some sunscreen. “Let me put some stuff on you.”

“You don’t have to do that. I’m fine.” I just wanted Holly to go back to the counter before she realized what was happening. I was trying not to make noise but my body was being pushed forward with each stroke and I was starting to pant as I approached orgasm.

“Nonsense. What are friends for?” Holly began rubbing cream on my face, working it into my skin. I tried to focus on Holly, thinking I could prevent an orgasm if I ignored what was happening behind me. It had the opposite effect. The light touch of her fingers caressing my face sent my already jangled nerves spinning even further out of control. I struggled not to show any emotion on my face as she worked on me.

I barely made it until she returned to the counter before my orgasm burst over me. I managed to keep quiet and hold my head still but my ass was bucking like a bronco as I wiggled and pushed back against him. I felt a shudder, then his cock sank deep into me and hot liquid poured out into my throbbing cunt. His body collapsed over my back as he finished squirting his cum into me.

We lay together like that for several minutes. I could feel his cock slowly pull out of my pussy as he straightened up. Instead of pulling my skirt down, though, he began rubbing my pussy again. I tried to reach his hands to push them away but I couldn’t stop him. Within a minute I was horny again despite my fear that we’d be caught. To my surprise, he was hard too and I felt his cock reenter me, pushing easily into my freshly fucked pussy.

This time he was rougher, pounding hard at me as I held onto the bench and did my best not to cry out. I thought he would last even longer this time but fortunately he didn’t because he was banging me so hard I was sure everyone had to know what was going on. I felt him grasp my hips and plunge deep, then fill me with a second load of cum. When he stopped cumming, he immediately pulled out.

My mouth dropped open when I felt his cock, hard again, rubbing my now swollen outer lips. Mark had never been able to get hard three times in a row. As I lifted my head in surprise, I looked out at the counter and saw my husband, freshly changed into his softball uniform, waving back at me. My pussy opened up under the steady pressure as he called to me.

“Hi, honey. Holly says you’re working another shift. I have to get going so I’ll see you after the game.” With a wave, he was off. I looked over at Holly in time to see a greasy looking man hand her twenty dollars and walk toward the back of the tent.

Holly grinned at me. “Great news, Kathy. We’re going to raise more money for the shelter than anybody else!…”.

Sir Robert's Stories Home Page"Story of the eye" by G Bataille - CoverI have selected a bull’s eye as the picture that could perfectly illustrate this naughty story because there are lots of bull’s eyes in the tale. The head is the most visible bull’s eye in here. Everyone in the carnival sees that. But also Kathy’s boobs are a bull’s eye for some of the public, as they were easily viewed when she bent. And her pussy finally became the last bull’s eye for the naughty men that took advantage of her situation.

Bull’s eyes, boobs, ovular objects… all these elements made me think about “Story of the Eye” by Georges Bataille. Read this classical and extreme novel and remember: there is still another direct relation with the bull‘s eye.

Click to buy “Story of the Eye” by Georges Bataille.

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Photo: “3D Bullseye” by StockMonkeys.com published under a creative commons license.

“A Day at the Beach” by Otis Holmes – MMF


It was a hot late July day. I was working out of the house as usual. My wife, Anne who works in town had taken the day off to go to the beach with friends. Around 10 as she was getting ready to leave her friend Mary called to say that she couldn’t make it, her son had come down with the flu and she had better stay home with him. Anne was a little disappointed but said she understood and perhaps they could do it another time.

I was not getting a lot accomplished myself. Seems like July and August people are in vacation mode and if you can reach anyone they’re really not focused. “What the hell,” I thought, “I’ll take Anne to the beach, it’ll be a nice little get a way.”

I thought I’d take her to this little nude beach I learned about while chatting on the net. Anne didn’t know about it and I thought the shock might do her good.

On the way there Anne talked non-stop about this and that. I don’t know really, I was totally caught up with my imagination and what I thought might happen once we got there. I must admit I was getting quite aroused just thinking about the possibilities and had quite the woody as we pulled into the parking area.

As we walked down the wooded path towards what turned out to be a beautiful sandy and pebble beach along an open yet secluded section of a small winding river we saw others coming and going down various paths leading to the same point. I picked out a spot surrounded by tall grass where we had a pretty good view of those around us yet we were rather secluded. As I was spreading out our blanket Anne stood holding our books looking around. I was watching her face, looking for signs. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped. Now Anne’s not a prude and she’s pretty hot to look at and touch. But lets just say that she’s not too experimental and definitely we were in a sexual rut. She turned to me and whispered, “Steve, these people have no clothes on.” I looked up as if totally surprised and unaware. “Cool! I exclaimed, well you know what they say, when in Rome.” With that I dropped my shorts, reached over and took my book out of her hands and lay down on the blanket.

Anne just stood there looking around. “Quit staring and join me,” I suggested. Well I’m not taking my clothes off she replied. “You don’t have to,” I said, “but you’re going to look totally out of place and besides who’s going to look at you when everybody is the same. Look just take your top off, if you feel uncomfortable in a bit put it back on, if you don’t and you want to join the party then you can take your bottoms off, OK?”I guess she must have thought it sounded logical because she lay down on the blanket, took her top off and began reading her book.

I didn’t press the issue and she seemed to be OK with everything. I would guess we had been there about an hour when the sun on my face became blocked. I looked away from my book to see what was up, Anne did the same. There standing over us was a tall, tanned, guy of perhaps 40. He appeared to be in pretty good shape and had a rather large cock hanging down between his legs. Even soft it had to be at least 8” long.

“Hi,” he said, “I’ve been sitting on the other side of the river watching you guys and thought I’d come over and see what you’re reading.”

He said his name was John and pointed to a chair across the water and then looked back at us. John and I exchanged pleasantries while Anne just kind of sat there watching us. I could tell she kept looking at his cock though she didn’t want either one of us to notice. I could also tell that she was getting quite aroused as her nipples had grown quite large and pointed up to the sky.

At this point he looked at me and said, “I couldn’t help but notice that you have a rather nice cock.” “I really like the ones with large heads like that.”

I had always thought my cock was average at best, a little on the small side but still I thanked him for his compliment. Just knowing he was actually looking at my cock that way gave me a shiver and it jumped and twitched a little. I blushed and told him that his was very nice too, quite impressive actually.

Anne smiled and nodded in agreement, a quite breathless yes slid out of her voice. “Can I touch it?” John asked.

Now I am not gay but I am open to pleasure, besides I thought, I brought Anne here to get out of our sexual rut. “If Anne say’s it’s OK I replied, then please be my guest.” We both turned to look at her, my cock now semi erect, John’s beginning to show signs of life too. Anne tried to reply but no words came out, slowly without taking her eyes off Johns growing member she nodded her head yes.

John lowered his knees to rest on the blanket in front of me. He then looked at Anne and whispered thank you. Turning back to me he reached out with his right hand it wrapped it around my now hard throbbing cock. I heard Anne moan and turned to look her in the eye and smile.

“Ummmm,” John whispered, “this is so nice.” He started to slowly slide his hand up and down my shaft. After a few strokes he wrapped his hand tightly around it and put his thumb over the hole and squeezed and pressed down with his thumb in unison. I let out a huge moan and almost came right there.

I looked at Anne and she had her hand down the front of her panties rubbing her clit. “Take them off, John asked her as he rubbed my balls to calm me down, please I want to see you too.” Anne didn’t look to me for approval, lifting her cheeks off the blanket she slid her panties down to her ankles then kicked them off.

“Oh my, you’re beautiful,” John panted, “please spread you legs wider, let me see all of you.”

Anne lay back on her elbows and with her feet on the blanket she pushed her knees out and down showing John her beautiful wet and now dripping pussy. “Oh God,” he exclaimed, “may I touch you too?”

Anne simply closed her eyes and let her head fall back. John looked to me and we smiled as I nodded yes, “Please do,” I said.

John’s hand slid off my cock leaving it feeling cold and alone with out his soft warm stroking. I must admit I had a moment of jealousy as he released me and reached for her. Not because I didn’t want him to touch my wife, but because his hand felt so good around my cock.

He sat down beside Anne midway and pulled her to him. Leaning over her and staring down into her eyes he let his hand fall to her mound. Anne moaned and twitched as the weight of his hand pressed down and his fingers cupped her throbbing dripping pussy.

His index finger lifted and found her clit and began rubbing and pushing it around. Anne bit down on her lower lip and lifted her pelvis up to his hand. Her breathing became hard and erratic and soft whimpering moans began to escape her mouth.

Without a word she reached over and grabbed John’s massive hard standing cock. He must have had ten inched and it was as big around as her wrist. Anne began stroking and rubbing John as he continued to tease her clit. Now his head was back and his breathing was labored and matching hers. John slid first one, then two fingers into Anne’s pussy and began thrusting and pushing against her. She just moaned harder and louder as he applied weight and friction while finger fucking her.

Now I love Anne but it has always been so difficult to get her to suck my cock. After hours of begging she will lick it and suck it a few times and that’s it. You can imagine my surprise when she lifted her head and put it in John lap without being asked.

Then she opened her mouth and after a few seconds of adjustment to his size began sucking his huge hard cock like she’s does it everyday. One hand was cupping and fondling his balls as her mouth bobbed up and down on his big cock. “Oh my God,” John moaned, “:that is so damn awesome.” With out taking her mouth off his cock Anne looked up at John and smiled.

Putting her arms around his waist and letting her warm dripping mouth slide off his cock Anne rolled back over onto her back pulling John with her. She bent up and kissed him and whispered, “Fuck me John, please.”

John didn’t need to be told twice and knelt between her legs. Anne grabbed his cock and pulled it into her waiting, wanting pussy. Slowly at first but picking up with intensity John began pumping all ten inches of meat into my pretty petite wife.

She wrapped her legs around his ass and met his every stroke. I sat there with the biggest hard on of my life watching this guy we had met only minutes ago giving my wife the fucking of her life. She was crying, begging John to fuck her harder and he complied with her every wish.

Finally John’s back arched backwards and he pushed his cock deep into Anne’s pussy holding it there. You could see his balls working as he blew his load into her hot box. Anne trembled with one orgasm after another as she pulled John down to her moaning and kissing his lips.

After a few moments John pulled out of her and sat down between us. “Wow! That was fantastic!” he sighed. Looking down at my still throbbing rock hard cock he said, “Here, let me help you with that.”

John then bent over and began sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. I’d like to say that he blew me for a good ten minutes before I came in his mouth. I think it was closer to 30 seconds. John certainly knew how to please and fuck my wife, but he also gave me the best blowjob I’ve ever had. I held onto his head as his lips and nose were buried in my pubic hair and shot deep down his throat.

John lifted his head up off my lap and turned to Anne, bending to kiss her. He kissed her full and hard. He then turned back to me. Taking me totally by surprise he bent in and kissed me full on the lips. He reached down and fondled my now limp cock as his tongue found mine. I returned the kiss as a moan escaped my lips again. Standing up he looked to both of us, “Thanks a lot,” he said, “it was great to meet you. I hope to see you around again some time.”

With that he turned, strolled back across the river, picked up his chair and walked away…

"Sex and Lucia" - CoverBeaches are a typical set for sexy stories and movies. Have you ever been in Spain? They have exceptional beaches. I have been there a number of times, the climate is warm, the light is exceptional and the Mediterranean Sea is unique. The Balearic islands, in Spain, is where most of “Sex and Lucia” (IMDB, RottenTomatoes) was filmed. It is a brilliant erotic softcore movie with appealing naughty scenes and, also, an enjoyable plot. Recommended!

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Photo: “Beach” by kansasphoto, published under a creative commons license.