“At the movies” by Dulcinea – MF


The movie was bad.

Boring, dull, in spite of the good reviews. She sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder. He seemed to be enjoying it. “Can we go?” she whispered. “Please.”

“Shh. I wanna see how it ends.”

Slumping in her seat, she glared at the screen. Besides the two of them, there were three other couples in the theatre, and the couple closest to them stood up and left. She didn’t realize she was fidgeting until he placed a hand on her knee, whispering for her to calm down. Crossing one leg over the other, she tugged her skirt up a bit, so his hand rested on her stockinged leg. He didn’t seem to notice.

Grumbling to herself, she tugged the skirt higher, showing the tops of her stockings. Twisting around, she leaned against him as much as the confining seats allowed, letting her breast fall heavily against his arm. One hand snaked down to his lap, caressing the inside of his thigh.

“Honey!” he whispered frantically. “Shhh,” she nodded at the screen, inching her fingers farther up his leg. “Watch the movie.”

He made a slight whimpering noise, but said no more, his eyes focused on the screen. Her fingers rubbed the bulge in his pants, feeling his cock leap as she began to pay attention to it. Leaning her head back on his shoulder, she unbuttoned his slacks, feeling his deep intake of breath as she freed his straining erection.

With one finger she began stroking the shaft, smearing the drop of precum around the head, then she brought her finger to her mouth, licking it clean. Though he pretended not to watch her, she could see him peeking out of the corner of his eye, so, to give him a good show, she closed her lips around her finger, sucking it in and out of her mouth.

His fingers began to crawl up her thigh, and she suppressed a smile, waiting until they crossed her stocking top, then she re-crossed her legs, trapping his hand between her thighs. She giggled, his squirming fingers tickling as he tried to free his hand.

Licking her palm, she wrapped her hand around his cock, sliding it up and down the way he liked. He ceased his attempts to free his hand, closing his eyes and moaning softly. She slid further down in the seat, working her hand faster. Neither of them were paying any attention to the movie any more, and she slid still lower. “Honey…” he whispered.

“Movie,” she responded, squatting on the floor in front of him. With a delicate swipe of her tongue, she cleaned the tip of his cock of all the precum, then covered the head with her mouth. Her hand still stroking the shaft, she sucked and licked his cock until she felt his body tense, knowing he was about to cum.

“Oh, honey… an usher!” He tapped her shoulder, even as he began to spurt hot cum down her throat. His groans stopped in his throat, as he struggled to keep his body still in the seat. He could see the red light of the usher’s flashlight as he walked down the aisle. “Usher!” he hissed again.

When the red light fell on them, she was back in her seat, her head resting against his chest, eyes closed as though sleeping. His arm draped lazily across her, resting on her hip. Without pausing, the usher moved on, exiting the theatre at the front exit. “That was close!” he said. His hand caressed her ass through her skirt. “Let’s head for home.”

“Home!” She sat up, focusing all her attention on the screen. “And miss the end of the movie?”

Nothing he could say would make her budge until the movie was over, either.


4038197324_f23a251c6d_sSome words about Dulcinea, the author of this story, taken from the Alt.Sex.Stories Hall of Fame:

Dulcinea began posting in June 1995. Her many stories were all short, MF rom pieces about devoted couples, full of playful banter and with a wholesome feeling. While engaged in a project to write a story for every letter of the alphabet (reaching the letter F), she died in the middle of 1997. Her stories are a delight to read.
–Apuleius of Madaura

Dulcinea had a simple style; graceful, genuine, cheery and unassuming; and it fit her sweet stories perfectly. She wrote of ordinary people, couples who could be your neighbors, and of the delights, pleasures, goodness and small surprises they discover in each other and in sex. The plots contain sometimes some tease or twist, but invariably one that works towards bliss or at least happiness.
–Mat Twassel

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Photo: “Cinema” by Silveira Neto. Published under a creative commons license.

“Wendy’s Visit” by pokeyrider2000 – MFF

MassageHanging up the phone my wife asked if I remembered Wendy. Yes, I remember your friend Wendy. We visited her and her family in San Diego, what, two years ago? She was my friend in school, married a meteorologist. They have a boy and a girl. So what’s new with her? I did not know you kept in contact. We e-mail once in a while. Her husband has a convention in Chicago the third week of September and she was wondering if we were going to be available for a visit.

You’re the planner around here, I don’t know of anything going on then. Besides, you know your friends are always welcome. They can stay here if they want, but it might be a bit far to commute each day. Well Wendy said she normally does not go along to John’s conventions, but thought since it is in the area; she and the kids could stay here during the convention while John stays downtown. He would be here the Thursday before and Monday after. Sounds good to me.

My wife was thrilled her childhood friend was going to stay here. Actually I was too. I remember very clearly our visit. Their second child, and our only child at the time, were both about six months old. We visited during a weekday and John was at work. Wendy and my wife, Megan were both breastfeeding the kids. I swear during our three or so hour visit, they fed those kids at least four times. We were all in their living room. I was playing with their oldest kid, who must have been about two or three years old. Meg and Wendy were chatting away like schoolgirls.

They are both stay-at-home moms, and after all the years seemed to have a lot in common. I think my wife is a closet exhibitionist, she has little reservation about nursing our kids almost anywhere. Wendy seemed to exhibit this same characteristic. They both have a natural view on life. I fully exercised my eye’s peripheral vision during the visit. I must say I find a nursing mother more than a little erotic. On a couple of instances I could clearly see a good majority of Wendy’s breast while her daughter was latched on.

Wendy is simply beautiful. A tall, trim, healthy brunette. She was wearing pretty tight fitting blue jeans. I remember noting that she does not look like she gave birth only six months ago. Her stomach showed no signs of having been stretched by the pregnancy. I never met her husband John. From snippets of their conversation I got the impression that he lives to work.

During the month before their visit, Meg told me all about Wendy and their youthful friendship. Wendy was a neighbor during their primary school years, from kids to about age 16, when my wife’s family moved to another of Durban’s suburbs. Most of it was normal girl stuff, then she told me about an incident they had with their Danish friend. I was not expecting this. Looking back, Meg is convinced this Danish girl lived in a house that was much more liberal concerning things sexual.

She said when the three of them were alone, they would frequently take their clothes off mainly at the request of the Danish girl. According to Megan, this is not unusual for girls to do. (I don’t know what rock I have been under, but I never heard of this behavior.) Then once, when they were about 12 or 13, sitting in the Danish girl’s bedroom naked; the Danish girl was kneeling on the bed with a pillow between her legs. She started writhing on it and then started to rub her vagina and squeeze her breasts right there in front of them. Like she could not control herself.

Both her and Wendy were taken back, not sure what they were seeing. At this time, Meg does not remember her climaxing, but remembers her and Wendy being stunned at the sight. It only happened the one time. She said they often compared bodies, commenting on each others adolescent development. The only real contact they ever had was when on occasion two of them would gang up on the other, giving her a spanking or a tickling. She felt at the time the contact was simply incidental to horsing around. Nothing overt.

Megan seemed a little flushed after telling me this. I massaged her shoulders and as always worked my way around to her breasts squeezing them and pinching her nipples to arousal. In an effort to imitate what I was just told, I worked a hand down between her legs stroking up and down over her pubic mound. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back lightly moaning her pleasure. It was short lived as we were interrupted by our four-month-old daughter’s hunger cry coming from the other room.

The time flew by and on that Thursday evening I came home to a houseful. Wendy, John and their two kids along with Megan and our two kids filled the place with noise. Over dinner I became acquainted with John and their family. John is definitely a work-first person. He has no other interests and the conversation always came back to meteorology. I remember thinking as he droned on that it is amazing he found the time or had the interest in making two kids. Meg and Wendy had the kids in bed by 7pm as was both of their customs. The four of us had some wine and conversation. John and Wendy seemed to disagree about everything.

After retiring to bed, we could hear John arguing with Wendy about something. The next morning, I was happy to see that John had already departed for his convention before I came down for breakfast. Megan and Wendy were chatting at the table, drinking herb tea and eating granola or something. Megan was wearing her usual night garb, a t-shirt and boxer shorts. She was almost back to her trim self since giving birth some six months ago to our second child. Wendy was outstandingly beautiful. There is something about that early morning ‘au natural’look in a healthy woman.

Wendy was wearing a short black terry-cloth robe tied in the front. Sitting there, her long legs were bare fully half way up her thighs. The front was open enough to see that she was wearing some kind of black silky top that ran horizontally across her chest. It was low enough to see the top 1/3 of her breasts. Megan had our daughter in her lap. When she started to fuss, Meg instinctively raised her shirt fully exposing one breast while positioning our daughter’s mouth on her nipple without missing a syllable.

While I was standing next to the table pouring my coffee, I could clearly see down Wendy’s top. I am sure Megan saw me glancing down at her. I was really getting excited at all this female flesh about me. Without John there, Wendy seemed much happier and relaxed. The rest of the kids were filing in as I was heading out the door to work.

It was about 5:30pm when I finally got home from work. I had been eagerly anticipating spending the weekend with my two women (and four kids). A perfect late summer afternoon. I heard the telltale splashing and yelling coming from the back yard which could only mean the pool was in use. To my great pleasure everyone was using it. I was so excited to see the head and shoulders of Megan and Wendy sticking out of the clear water. My son came splashing over to welcome me home. I quickly greeted everyone, then almost ran to get changed into my swimsuit.

I jumped right in and swam to my wife giving her a full body hug and kiss. I reached down to cup and squeeze her ass cheeks. Wendy exclaimed, “Now that’s what I call a welcome home greeting!” soon they were telling me about the events of the day. I learned they went shopping (of course) and had some treats for me. I played with the kids while checking out the women’s swim gear.

They both had on 2-piece bikinis. Megan was wearing an aqua blue unit. Her breasts are still larger than normal because she is nursing and her bikini top clearly is overwhelmed with the extra flesh. Her stomach is almost back to its pre pregnancy shape. She really looks great, all happy and bubbly. Wendy had to accompany her son to the bathroom. I got a great view of Wendy as she was stepping out of the pool.

Wow, her long legs and torso give her the perfect proportion. She was wearing an orange bikini with very high cut sides. To step from the ladder onto the deck her right leg extended up and over the edge of the pool while bending forward at the same time. The ladder arrangement is a little awkward, but gives a fantastic view of a persons backside. Wendy was a goddess. I could clearly see the band of material that goes from the back to the front of her bikini bottoms. The exact contour of her inner thighs and mound was plain to see. What a view. The kids were playing together, so I made my way over to my wife.

Meg immediately reached down to check my level of excitement. “That’s what I figured. I saw you leering at Wendy”, she quietly growled. “Well, I can’t help it. Two beautiful, almost naked women prancing around here. I am only horny, I, I, I mean human,” I defended. “You naughty, naughty boy,” Meg dismissed. I moved in behind her and rubbed my now fully extended member into her backside while caressing my hands up and down her front side. “That’s more like it.” she purred as I pinched her nipples. “Thanks for letting me have Wendy stay here. And thanks for not being like John.” she added.

Wendy returned and we both watched her lower herself into the water. “What is going on over here? Don’t you ever leave her alone?” Wendy chided. “Like a moth to the light.” I stated as I splashed water into her face. “You’ll pay for that.” Wendy blurted as she returned the favor. “Hey, now you have done it!” Meg exclaimed. Wendy was in full retreat as Meg and I lunged toward her. I managed to grab a foot and reeled Wendy back into my arms.

I froze momentarily as I realized I had my arms fully wrapped around her waist while she was kicking and flailing in an attempt to free herself. Her legs were kicking past and across my hard-on. I don’t know if she realized it or not. Megan was splashing her then I saw a light click in Meg’s eyes. She went around my back and started pinching Wendy’s flesh at the top of her thigh in the back just below her cheeks. I realized this must be Wendy’s tickle spot. Wendy went from kicking to laughing and pleading for Meg to stop. “It still works,”Meg exclaimed.

Wendy wriggled her way loose but I was able to hold onto her hands. Now she was standing on the bottom trying to dance away from Meg. I pulled her forward suddenly which caused her body to become horizontal in front of me. I quickly wrapped one arm under her upper torso and the other under her waist and pulled her tight to me. Wendy was locked face down tight against my chest.

Meg immediately went for her fully exposed upper thighs. I was so excited having this strange flesh rubbing tight against mine and watching my wife grabbing at Wendy’s thighs. I was in that erogenous zone in which I did not care that Wendy could easily see or feel my erection. In fact I was hoping she did know.

In an effort to get away, Wendy would arch her back and then try to curl forward which caused Meg’s hands to pinch and grab anywhere from her knee to right on her ass. It was all happening very fast, but I thought at one point Megs fingers slid under her bikini bottom. Wendy attempted to go on the offensive and started to grab at my thighs. Her hands were everywhere. I know for certain her arms brushed across my erection at least several times. At this point, there was no doubt that all three of us knew I was completely aroused by this horseplay. I decided to go a little further.

I released my left arm from Wendy’s waist and immediately grabbed the back of her nearest thigh. Here we were, I was holding this beautiful woman wearing only a bikini with one arm while both my wife and I were pinching her bare upper thighs and the surrounding area. I could not believe it.

The tickling pretty much ended and her resistance simultaneously lowered as I allowed Wendy’s feet to sink to the bottom. I still had my right arm loosely around her chest. My left hand was still on her thigh, although I was no longer pinching her. Once her feet hit the bottom I released my right arm and deliberately slid my left hand up her leg over her right cheek and up to her waist before retracting it. Neither of us said or did anything to give my move away.

As she stepped away from me towards Meg, her left hand dragged across my hard-on. Again we did not give a clue of our actions. “I can’t believe you still remember my weak point. You deserve a spanking.” Wendy mused. “Don’t even think about it.” Meg smirked. By now all the kids were either crying or whining about hunger. The girls went in to start dinner and tend the kids while I cleaned up.

By the time dinner was over it was almost 7 o’clock. The kids were off to bed and by 7:30 the three of us were in the living room resting. We were chatting about the day. I opened a bottle of wine and poured us each a glass. I realized how much I appreciated the dress worn in the pool compared to the shorts and shirts we now had on. I really wanted to see more skin and thought it would be a real improvement if I could get them into their nightwear. I took the lead by telling them I was going to take a shower to get the chlorine off.

I showered and even shaved. I put some cologne on and then to set the dress code I wore my boxers with bathrobe. I left the front open way down to my stomach so they would see that I did not overdress, hoping they would follow suit. Wendy went in next. I asked Megan if she was enjoying herself. She said she was very happy to have Wendy here.

I asked how she knew where Wendy’s ticklish spot was. She said she remembered from back when they were kids. “But how did you find her spot?” I pressed. “Well, I guess we poked around at each other until we found it. Why do you care?” She asked. I was feeling bold and knew Wendy would be out soon, “I found it particularly exciting seeing you tickling her. Did you enjoy touching Wendy?” My hard-on returned to its glory just thinking about it. Megan noticed the lump at the front of my robe.

“I see you are still enjoying it. I liked it too, but not to the same extent. You know I really prefer it slow, that was all happening pretty fast.” she deflected. “Yes, but did you like touching Wendy’s thighs? I thought I also saw you touching her rear too?”I pressed. “I did not! It was accidental anyway. I liked touching her. She feels good. But it is not the same.”she said. “You were not aroused by it at all?” I pressed again. “Maybe a little.” The bathroom door opened and Wendy brought those long bare legs back in.

Just as planned she was again in her short black robe. She was brushing her hair as she entered and sat back down in her armchair. I could smell a faint whiff of perfume as she passed by. A good sign I thought. Megan went next. Wendy and I talked about life in Southern California. While not talking directly about it, it was clear her married life was not so great. She was very complimentary about Megan and my priorities. I felt bad for her, she really is a wonderful person. I would not trade my wife for anyone, but I think Wendy would make a good second choice. I heard our daughter begin to cry from her bed and cringed. I did not want her to wake the others.

I went in and brought her out. She was obviously hungry. I was about to get Megan from the bathroom when Wendy said she would hold her. I thought, well how is that going to work? I handed her over. Wendy cradled her and rocked her walking back and forth. She is definitely hungry, and she knows just were to go for food. She is trying to suckle. Wendy had her robe opened in front and my daughter had her mouth right where Wendy’s nipple must be. The only thing in the way was her silky top. I could now see what she was wearing under her robe because it was untied and fully open.

She was wearing a garment that is kind of tube shaped with one strap going over each shoulder. It only covers to most of the way up her thigh. I could not see the sides but I suspect it was just about like one Megan has with slits up the sides. Back to the baby problem. I could clearly see that Wendy’s other nipple was fully erect poking against the material of her nightshirt. My daughter suckling through her nightshirt excited her. Meg happened to finish and joined us.

“She is hungry Meg. May I feed her?” Wendy inquired. “I did not know you were still breastfeeding your son.” Meg answered. “Well I weaned him a while ago, but I feel my body responding to her cry of hunger. If you don’t mind. I’m not sure my milk will come in or not.” Wendy explained. “Go ahead. I’ll have to nurse her too though. My breasts are getting full.” Meg agreed. Just like that, Wendy pushed the right strap off of her shoulder and lowered the garment to expose her breast right in front of us. My daughter latched right on and greedily sucked.

Wendy responded with a sigh, “I think it’s working. I forgot how good this feels.” Wendy explained, and then looked at me “Don’t you wish you had breasts?” “I have all I can handle tonight right here in this room thank you.” I decided I was going to be bold and see what happens. Soon enough the baby started crying again. Wendy figured she ran out of milk and handed her to Megan. Who in turn dropped a strap and allowed our daughter free access to one of hers. Wendy was straightening out her top while sitting down.

Megan was wearing almost the exact same nightshirt as Wendy’s except it was gold instead of black. Meg sat on her chair with our daughter at her breast. When she sat of course her nightshirt crept way up. Unfortunately our daughter was lying across her lap. Otherwise it would be a cinch to see her knickers. She asked me if I would massage her feet while she nursed. I brought my wine glass and sat on the floor in front of her. Meg stated about how she loves being massaged while feeding. It is so relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Wendy said she was great at giving massages.

Without saying anything she came down by my side and took Megan’s left foot and began to massage it. I said to do a good job we needed oil and went for the bottle in the dresser drawer. I squirted a liberal amount about halfway up her chin and let it run down. Wendy took the bottle and started pouring from her knee. We worked her feet over and over again. I started to focus on her lower leg, working the oil into her calf muscles. The girls were chatting about giving birth and all the work involved in raising kids, etc., etc.

In a few minutes the baby had fallen asleep. Meg giggled, “Look at her precious mouth.” We kneeled up and saw the baby’s mouth still in a sucking position but it had pulled away from Meg’s extended nipple. There was milk dribbling out the side of her mouth and down her cheek. “Lucky kid,” I blurted out.

I reached for Megan’s nipple and gently rolled it between my fingers. “Mmmmm,” she expressed. I told her to lie down and we would finish her massage. Wendy was on Meg’s right and I on her left as she made herself comfortable on her stomach. I dribbled some oil up her left leg from her calf up to the top of her thigh. Meg only had on her top and panty bottom. Her top ended at the bottom of her panties. I handed the oil to Wendy and she poured the oil the same as I had. I started to work the oil in from her calf up to her thigh. Wendy followed suit.

I followed the bottom edge of Meg’s panty line from her hip down between her legs. Wendy’s fingers touched mine as we moved to the center. I was careful not touch her panties yet. I wanted to go to her shoulders and work my way down again and into her panties with Wendy following. We poured some oil into our palms and laid hands on her neck, rubbing outward to her shoulders. I gently slid the strap of Meg’s top off her shoulder. The upper edge of Meg’s top ended at about mid shoulder blade height. Wendy and I deeply rubbed the oil into her shoulders and neck. I ran some oil down Megs arm and handed the bottle off to Wendy.

I rubbed the oil in from her shoulder down to her hand. I grabbed each finger and stroked each like it was an erect penis. Slowly, methodically stroking each finger Wendy was right with me. Lowering my head to her hand I took her index finger into my mouth and pretended it was a lollypop. I slid it in and out. I strained my eyes up to see the erotic sight Wendy was making as she mimicked me. I massaged my way back up to Meg’s shoulders then worked my way up her neck and to her face.

Only her left side was exposed as she lay on her stomach with her head turned to the side. We were both massaging Meg’s face and scalp. I slid my oily fingers across her lips, then traced them around several times. Wendy worked her way to Megs’ lips and cheek too. I slid my index finger into her mouth and Meg sucked it right in. I slid my finger in and out of her mouth then yielded for Wendy to do the same. It was very exciting for me to see my wife sucking on Wendy’s finger like she was giving oral sex to it.

I was now working my way down her back. I motioned that I wanted to take Meg’s top off. She just raised her arms then lifted herself onto her elbows as Wendy and I slid the top up and off. Now my wife was lying in front of us with only her bikini panties on. I ran oil all over her back and we immediately started to work it into her skin.

Wendy started at Meg’s right shoulder and I on her left as we massaged our way down to the elastic band of Meg’s panties. We worked our way up and down not missing an inch of skin. I jumped over her panties to her thighs again and worked up toward her panties. Once reaching the leg opening of her panty I stopped massaging and took my index finger and placed it on her backbone about halfway up. Wendy followed along. I slowly traced her backbone down to her panty and then traced the edge of her panty all the way around and down to the carpet. Then jumped down to the leg opening and traced the edge over her cheek and down between her legs as far as I could reach.

I retraced the way back out and up her back again. Going back down this time I pushed the material down about and inch while tracing the same path. Wendy was doing the same on her side. Two more times and most of Meg’s bottom was exposed.

With both hands I oiled up and grabbed onto her cheek and massaged up to her lower back and down to mid thigh. I was allowing my finger to go deep between her legs and into her crack. I noticed Wendy was hesitant to go as deep. My wife was responding by arching her back which spread her crack more. I am not sure she meant to but her left hand reached to her panty and pushed it down a little as though to indicate she wanted me to remove her panties. I took her left side and started to pull it down.

Wendy did not follow. I think she was not sure she should. I reached over and took her hand and hooked her fingers under Megan’s right panty band and indicate that she should pull them down. We slid them off as Meg rose up to accommodate the maneuver. I now poured oil all over Meg’s bare bottom and rubbed my hand up and down allowing my fingers to penetrate deep into her crack. I was following the line from her tailbone down to her pussy and back up again. Each time adding downward pressure.

Again Wendy would follow but not go down into her crack and all the way down to her pussy. I took her hand and placed my fingers over hers and traced the path down and up. On the way down I deliberately pushed Wendy’s fingers fully in and slowly traced over Meg’s rear opening and down into her very, very wet pussy. We slid two fingers in and then back up and around her anal opening. I pushed Wendy’s fingers in a little and out again.

Meg responded by spreading her legs a little and fully arching her back for maximum access. I let Wendy’s fingers go then took my index finger and slid it into her pussy as far as possible. I pulled it out and did the same with each of the four fingers on my right hand. I then rubbed them lightly across Meg’s lips. Back and fourth until she opened them and sucked them into her mouth. I pushed Wendy’s hand down for her to imitate. She finally did and Meg almost came when Wendy put her first finger into her.

I motioned for Meg to turn over onto her back. Once in place Wendy poured oil from her shoulders to her knees which we quickly rubbed in. Meg kept her eyes closed the entire time. I knew Meg would have milk in her breasts from the excitement. I took hold of her right breast and started milking it. Tiny jets of milk squirted out in arches across her body. I collected a little in my hand and dripped it on Meg’s lips. Her tongue quickly licked it clean. Wendy and I started rubbing Meg down from top to bottom. Meg grabbed my hand and pushed it to her pussy indicating she wanted me to finger her. Then she reached out and pulled at my boxer shorts like I should take them off.

I needed both hands to do this so I again took Wendy’s hand and placed it at Meg’s pussy for her to take over. I stood to remove my robe and shorts. After a couple seconds Meg grabbed Wendy’s hand and directed her first two fingers to slide into and out of her pussy while her thumb was to massage her clitoris. As soon as I knelt back down Meg grabbed my hard-on and started stroking it.

With her left hand, Meg was rubbing Wendy’s arms and shoulders. She would reach up and gently pull her hair and massage her face and slide her fingers in and out of Wendy’s mouth. She even reached for and was playing with Wendy’s tits, squeezing her nipples.

My left hand was massaging Megan’s tits and rolling her nipple through my fingers. I transferred my right hand to Wendy. I rubbed up her back inside of her top then down and back up her leg over her bottom. I was starting to work my fingers between her legs and up. Wendy had spread her legs to accommodate my advances. I could clearly feel her moisture soaking through her panties.

Megan moved both hands to her pussy and started pumping her hips into the air as she came. She makes this squealing noise. Her back was fully arched and her pussy was way up into the air pulsing with the waves of pleasure washing over her. After 20 seconds or so she came down and her hands again were split between Wendy and me.

Now both of my hands were exploring our guest’s body. Meg pulled at Wendy to move closer. She repositioned herself so that she was on all fours directly over the top of Megan. Her top was hanging down onto Meg so I started to slide it over Wendy’s head. She did not resist. Now Wendy was on hands and knees directly over my wife wearing only her panties while both of my hands and one of Megs were rubbing in every place of Wendy’s excited body. I took the oil and poured a line down the center of her back and began to rub it in. I quickly found my way under her panties and down her crack and into her pussy.

My wife was rubbing Wendy’s tits and back when I took her hand and slid it down Wendy’s belly and over her pussy. I took two of her fingers and rubbed around her clitoris and then into her pussy and out again. I then took her fingers up to Wendy’s lips which she took in and sucked clean. I was running my free hand up and down her crack and into her pussy and back up again. I used my index finger to circle her anus and gently pushed in and withdrew several times. I slid her panties down her legs; she instinctively raised her knees to allow me to remove them completely.

Megan resumed her manipulations of Wendy’s clitoris and pussy then pushed my cock back towards the rear of Wendy indicating she wanted me to move behind her. I repositioned myself and Meg let go of my painfully hard dick. When she withdrew her hand from my hard-on there was quite a bit of my precum that had run onto her fingers. She put this to Wendy’s lips and the mess was quickly cleaned up with her tongue. Megan reached down between Wendy’s legs and took hold of me again.

This time she was rubbing the head of my penis up and down Wendy’s dripping wet pussy. She would rub it side to side across her clit then up and down her opening. After a couple times my wife slowly pulled me into her friend’s opening. I naturally started pumping in and out. Slowly at first then faster and faster. Meg had one hand on my balls and one pulling on Wendy’s nipples. After I was up to speed Meg transferred her hand from my balls to Wendy’s clit and started massaging it. I could not hold out any longer. Wendy too was ready to come. She started moaning out loud in time with each stroke. Her back was fully arched and her eyes squeezed tight.

Just then Meg started chanting “Give it to her. Give it to her” we both went over the edge. I was holding her hips as tight as I could while ramming into her as hard as I could. After shooting into her everything I had, we just stayed motionless, locked in that position for at least 30 seconds. Then we collapsed onto Megan while regaining our breaths.

After uncoupling and wiping up. I had the girls lay on their backs next to each other while I inspected their bodies. I waxed eloquent about their overwhelming performances. I could not wait for the next couple of days to unfold.


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