“Charity Auction” by Lingus – MMMFFF


“Going once! Going twice! Sold to Allen for twelve hundred dollars!” the auctioneer shouted.

“Congratulations Vicki. You have just set a new record for this auction. Including the sale of your clothes you have just raised fourteen hundred and seventy-five dollars for the charities supported by the Glen Creek Club.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes this month’s sale. Remember that next month we will add something new to our sale.

In addition to four wives who will offer their services for auction, we will be making available the services of one of the husbands. This is a first and we know that many of you women will want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Men, this will be a great chance to buy something very special for your wife; for her birthday or your anniversary. If there is enough interest we plan to make this a regular part of our monthly sale.

In a few minutes we will have the drawing to see who the gals and guy are that will be offered for sale next month.”

The auctioneer’s comments appeared to make Vicki Holman, a redhead, turn an additional shade or two red. Since she was standing nude at the front of the room the entire audience could see that her blushing affected her entire body.

She had been completely nude since John had removed her panties about 10 minutes earlier, after paying one hundred dollars for the privilege. Just before that Don had paid seventy-five dollars for the privilege of removing her bra and Dave had paid fifty to remove her garter belt and stockings. Earlier Don had also paid fifty dollars to remove her dress.

Besides blushing I could also see that Vicki was getting very turned on. Her pussy lips had become very swollen. (I know those pussy lips well. I’m Bill Holman, Vicki’s husband.) They would normally have shown easily through the light red thatch that surrounded them but earlier today we had shaved her.

I told her that I thought that men might pay a few extra bucks for the right to play with a shaved pussy. Our neighbor Janet had mentioned that no woman had ever been shaved before for one of these auctions.

As Vicki stepped off the podium Don handed her dress back and she promptly slipped it on. Her other garments would be kept by the highest bidders. At least she wouldn’t be arrested on our way home.

As she was buttoning her dress I walked up to her and gave her a big hug and kiss. “Congratulations, sweetheart. I knew you would be a big hit. I’m very proud of you and I’ll bet I’m almost as turned on right now as you are.”

“Oh, Bill, I’m sure glad that’s over. I was so nervous. I was sure that no one would bid on me. That would have been so embarrassing! But you’re right. I’m very turned on right now. Does it show?”

“Yes sweetheart it does.”

“It wouldn’t have been so bad if John hadn’t felt me up when he took off my panties. The rat! He should pay extra for that,” Vicki said in mocking disgust. “It’s just as well that I don’t have any panties to wear. I’m so wet right now that I’d just soak them anyhow. I’ll probably get a bad wet spot on my skirt though.”

Just then Allen Spencer, the winning bidder, walked up. “Vicki, I’ll call you tomorrow to set up our date if that’s OK?”

“That’s fine Allen. We’ll be home all day,” Vicki replied.

Our conversation with Allen was interrupted by the auctioneer. “First of all, ladies and gents, the board and I are delighted to announce that thanks to Helen Spencer, Bonnie Wilson, Jan Grimes and Vicki Holman we have raised five thousand one hundred and ten dollars tonight. Also we want you all to know that Janet Quentin, Holly Barnes, Barb Dahlquist, Bec Thomas and Henry Johnson will be sold next month.”

I was pleased to see Bec’s name on the list. I didn’t know her well but thought that she was one of the cutest women in the club. “I’ll have to save my pennies so I can win that bid,” I thought to myself.


I guess I should explain what this Glen Creek Club sale is all about. It got started quite innocently just two years ago when several of the women in our Glen Creek Subdivision got together and formed a social club.

They had talked about a more typical garden club but many of them weren’t interested in gardening. They found a broader common interest in doing various kinds of charity work.

Taking an idea from a youth group that some of their kids were in, they planned a “slave auction” as their first fundraiser. The women made themselves available to the highest bidder to do various household chores such as closet cleaning, washing windows, baby sitting, etc.

They had set a goal of two thousand dollars for their first sale figuring that with thirty women they would need to get an average of just over sixty-five dollars each for their services.

Unfortunately due to some absences and poor publicity they had only raised fifteen hundred dollars when the sale was over. The auctioneer mentioned the shortfall and suggested that if any of the buyers wanted their slaves to do extra things for them they could work it out between them and pay something extra for it.

Dale Eagan, a widower living in Glen Creek, had taken advantage of the sale to buy the services of Bonnie Wilson to do a good housecleaning.

Everyone thinks that Dale bought Bonnie knowing of her reputation as a flirt and a bit of a showoff. There had been many times when Bonnie appeared around the neighborhood in outfits that displayed more of Bonnie’s robust body than they concealed.

The day that Bonnie was to do her work was particularly warm so she was dressed in a halter top and rather short shorts. No one knows for sure how things got out of hand, but Bonnie’s story is that after Dale had watched her work for a while he offered to help make up the club’s shortfall if she would do her work topless.

Bonnie went along with this request and later agreed to work completely nude when he offered another hundred.

Bonnie’s nudity caused them both to lose any remaining control and before the day was over Bonnie gave Dale a blowjob and then let him fuck her in return for his paying the entire difference.

Dale was so satisfied with the deal that he even paid a hundred extra. He also readily agreed to keep the entire matter a secret.

Bonnie was very pleased with her fundraising prowess and even bragged about it to her husband Jerry when she got home. Bonnie hadn’t thought about how she might explain this windfall and when Jerry pressed her for an answer she confessed.

This could have led to a major problem for them but the speculation was that Jerry had a guilty conscience because he had been banging his cute new secretary. Anyhow the issue soon blew over in the Wilson household.

Bonnie had also not thought of how she would explain to her clubmates how she got this extra money from Dale. Finally she decided to fess up to Janet Quentin who was her next door neighbor and best friend.

There had been rumors in the neighborhood for years that Janet liked to give special tips to the newspaper boy, the pizza delivery man, the mail man and any other male who happened to come to the Quentin’s door.

Janet received the news with great interest and soon had passed it along to the club officers. They thought about it for awhile and then called a special meeting.

“Ladies, I have some interesting news,” Denise Longwood, the club president began. “First of all I am happy to report that we have reached and even exceeded our goal.” After a buzz of excitement about that and some questions of how this had happened, Denise continued, “and I must also tell you that as we’ve all heard before, sex sells.” A hush fell over the room.

“What do you mean by that?” Sue Johnson asked. “Surely no one did anything like that!”

“I’m afraid they did,” Janet butted in. “Bonnie would you tell everyone what happened.”

Bonnie had not come prepared to have the juicy details of her romp with Dale discussed in such a public way but now she had no choice.

“Well, Dale Eagan paid me extra to do certain special things for him,” she finally said after stumbling about trying to figure out how to tell her story.

“Oh thank god,” Sue muttered. “I was afraid it involved Henry.” Henry, her husband, had purchased the services of Janet. She was already suspicious about the two of them and this news had only increased her concern.

“No, Sue. It wasn’t Henry … but not because he didn’t try. He made a pass at me but I wouldn’t think of doing something like that,” Janet replied self-righteously.

“Well,” Sue retorted, “Joe made a pass at me too but I didn’t take him seriously.” She was referring to Denise’s husband.

A very frank discussion ensued and everyone soon realized that most of them had received suggestions about “other services” that their buyers wanted. Some of them such as Jerry, Bonnie’s husband, had been pretty direct about it but none of the other women admitted to having acted on the requests. On the other hand none of them seemed to have been particularly distressed about having been asked.

“Ladies, the only conclusion that I can come to is what I said before. Sex sells,” president Denise repeated. “I want to thank Bonnie for having broken the ice on this matter. I think it’s pretty clear how we can really make some money.”

After an hour of sometimes heated discussion, the club agreed to change the nature of the “slave sale.”Another sale was scheduled for three months later and it was announced that there were no limits as to what services the buyer could request. It was never publicly acknowledged that this might include sex but everyone knew.

Ten of the original women left the club because of this change or because they moved away. However, fifteen others (including Vicki and me) have joined.

Four of those that left have since returned. I guess that they must have had problems they had to work out at home before they dared to try something this unconventional.

The first two sales that followed were highly successful compared to the first. More than ten thousand dollars were raised for charity and there were no bad reactions from any of the buyers or the women. An unwritten code developed which said that at the club meetings no one discussed what went on when the women spent the day with their buyers.

At the second sale the number of women available for sale and the number of buyers had grown so much that the sale ran a lot longer than planned.

By the time the last five women were paraded up for sale the number of buyers had begun to dwindle. That’s when it was decided to hold more frequent sales with only four women sold each month.

It was also decided that more money could be made if each woman’s apparel was sold first and then the woman’s services were sold when she was nude.

Since the key to higher sales prices was more buyers, Jennifer and Jack Doyle volunteered to help find more single men (or men who would come without their spouses). They so far had found six of them.

We didn’t know initially but found out just this week that their success was based on their long-standing practice of finding other men for Jennifer to fuck. These six, were men who Jennifer knew intimately and who she felt would be good auxiliary members of our club.


Vicki and I moved into Glen Creek about four months ago and last month we joined the club. Janet and Denise had stopped by one day and told Vicki all about the club.

Vicki was appalled. She and I discussed it a few times. At first the discussions ended in angry shouting matches but then somehow the idea grew on us.

From the beginning I was excited about the thought of seeing some of the other women in the buff – and perhaps even fucking some of them. I didn’t give a lot of thought to the reality of Vicki fucking other men though.

After her initial protests Vicki acknowledged that she found the idea of going to bed with some of the men in the club exciting as well. As we talked I found myself becoming turned on by the idea of Vicki being seen by a roomful of men and then having sex with one of them.

This was quite a surprise to me. I tried once to tell Vicki how I was feeling, but she thought I was nuts. Finally we agreed to accept Janet’s suggestion that we come to the next meeting just as observer guests.

At that meeting Vicki was overwhelmed by the encouragement she got from the other women and her ego was boosted by the number of men who said they sure hoped that we would join because they wanted to bid on her.

These latter comments only increased the turnon for me.

I also loved watching as Molly Jackson, Sandy Ireland, Chris Lorenzo and Jennifer Doyle were disrobed by various bidders and then paraded nude in front of us as their personal services were sold.

I won the right to remove and keep Jennifer’s bra for a surprisingly low bid of thirty dollars. I learned later that Jennifer was the neighborhood showoff and most men there had already seen her nude on more than one occasion.

Vicki hesitantly agreed to join that night and her name was put in the box along with all the others that hadn’t been sold during this rotation. Four names were drawn from this box for the next sale and as luck would have it Vicki’s was one of the four. My heart leapt as I heard her name called.


I couldn’t wait to get Vicki home. We were both very turned on by the sale and this resulted in a great night of hotter sex than usual.

Instead of my choice of a blowjob or a good fuck I got both. Vicki even seemed enthusiastic about swallowing my cum. Usually she didn’t like that unless she’s had a lot to drink.

She must have considered it as a rehearsal for her night with Allen, because after it was over she asked “Do you think I can satisfy Allen? Will he think he got his money’s worth?”

“Vicki, he’ll know he got a bargain when you’re finished with him,” I assured her. “Are you nervous about it?” I asked.

“Yes, very!” was her reply. “You know I’ve never had to worry about that before. I guess I sort of take you for granted but he’s just going to judge me only on how I do in bed.”

“Well, we can practice all you want,” I teased her. “I am willing to take the day off tomorrow if you want me to.”

“Don’t be that way. I’m serious. This guy paid over one thousand dollars for a day with me. That’s as much as the best call girls get I’ll bet. That means I’d better be good.”

I looked deeply into my pretty wife’s eyes and said, “Vicki, are you looking forward to your date with Allen? Are you looking forward to taking his cock in your mouth and then feeling it slip into your hot tight pussy?

You have a big advantage over any call girl, you’ll be enjoying the sucking and the fucking. They’re only in it for the money and they just act like they enjoy it.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be the first time I’ve seen, a different cock since we got married. That should be fun. I wonder what his is like. They are all different you know.”

“If you say so dear. I’m not an expert on cocks. I just don’t find them very interesting although I must admit that the idea of watching as a big hard one slips into your pussy and begins fucking you is very exciting to me.”


Allen called the next day as he had promised. His date with Vicki was set for the following Friday. He would pick her up around 6:00 p.m., and would return her Saturday at around 3 o’clock.

The terms of the Glen Creek sale were that the buyer had the services of the slave for up to 24 hours. Often the women just spent the night and returned the next morning.

In this case Allen’s wife, Helen, had also been sold and she was going to spend that same time period with her buyer. The Spencer’s had arranged for their children to spend the weekend with grandma and grandpa. It sounded like the whole family was going to have a good time.

Vicki seemed overwhelmed when she realized the amount of time that she would be spending with the first strange man to have sex with her since we were married. “Whatever will he want me to do for so long?” she wondered.

“Maybe he wants you to wash the windows,” I joked. “After all nothing says it has to be all sex … or even sex at all.”

“I guess you’re right,” she acknowledged. “But will you mind that I’m gone for so long?”

“I’ll find it hard, pardon the pun, to wait so long, but I’ll get by. Just be ready for a thorough debriefing, pardon another one, when you return. I’ll want to know every hot juicy detail and fill your pussy with one more load.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?” she countered with a smile.


A week has never gone by so slowly. We were both like little kids waiting for summer vacation. Every day seemed to take forever.

Vicki suffered some misgivings during this time as well. On Tuesday she met me at the door when I returned from work and announced “I’m not going to do it. I just can’t do something like this. Married women don’t act this way.”

We talked it through and she finally acknowledged that her feelings of guilt had temporarily overcome her desire and anticipation of being intimate with a new man. We ended the conversation and the day with some great sex. It was obvious that she was really turned on by the whole idea.

Thursday Vicki and Allen talked again to reconfirm the date. Allen asked her to wear a sexy dress similar to the one that she worn the night of the auction. He also requested similar sexy lingerie.

“I love garters and hose and you looked great in them,”he said.

She was also to bring a casual but sexy outfit for Saturday. He added “I doubt that we’ll spend much time dressed on Saturday but you’ll need something to wear home.”

I helped Vicki get ready Friday afternoon. We were both a basket case of nerves.

She wore a sexy black cocktail dress which was rather sheer and meant to be worn over a slip. She didn’t wear a slip but did wear a sexy matching set of bra, garters and panties made of sheer black lace. I had bought the lingerie just for the occasion.

In daylight or a well-lit room one could easily see her lingerie through her dress. She looked stunning and very provocative.

Her hair dresser had swirled her long red hair up on top of her head. “You look too good to spend the night with another guy. I’m not going to let you go,” I said half seriously. “See what you’ve done to me,” I added as I pulled my very hard cock out of my pants.

“I think I can fix that,” she replied sympathetically. Then she sat me down on the bed and gave me the best blowjob I’ve ever had. It didn’t take long for me to come. I soon shot a big hot load down her throat.

She swallowed it carefully to avoid dripping any on her dress.

“There you go, tiger,” she said after she’d wiped her lips with a kleenex. “That’ll have to hold you until tomorrow afternoon. “I wonder how many more loads I’ll have in me when I return.”

“Well, just remember not to clean up. I want to clean you up with my tongue as soon as you get in the door. Then I’m going to finish your day as a slave with one more load of cum in your hot dripping pussy.”

My heart was in my throat when Allen picked her up. He gave a loud whistle of approval and said something which I found rather odd at the time. “You’re going to be a big hit, Vicki. A very big hit!”

“A hit with who?” I wondered as they drove away. “What has Allen got planned for my wife?”

I tried to keep busy that night and finally went to bed at about 1:30 Saturday morning. I didn’t sleep well. Visions of Vicki getting fucked by Allen kept running through my mind.

I finally got up at 7:00 and in a week of long days I began the longest as I waited for Vicki to come home and tell me about her night and day with Allen.


Vicki arrived home a few minutes early. I met them in the driveway and opened the door for her. She was wearing the white blouse and denim skirt that she had picked out per Allen’s instructions.

She kissed Allen goodbye. “It was quite an experience,”she said to him. Then she turned to get out. As she did she opened her thighs and gave me a good view of her bare pussy. I could see cum dripping from it. Her skirt had a large wet spot on it too.

“I didn’t bother to put on panties. They would have just taken them off anyway,” she said. She got out and after giving me a kiss said “I love you.”

I told her “I love you too but what is this ‘they’bit?”

“I had a bit of a surprise last night,” she began as we walked into the house. “And I was an exceptionally naughty wife. When we got to their house Helen was still there supposedly waiting for her “date” to pick her up. She was dressed in a sexy white dress.

Her date, Herb Wagner, had been delayed and would be coming by around 7:00. Allen offered me a drink which I finished rather quickly and then I had another. At 7:00 the doorbell rang and there were four men at the door including Herb. When I saw them all coming into the house I asked what was going on. Allen then took me into the kitchen.

‘Vicki, when I made our date for tonight I had forgotten that this was our poker night,’ Allen began his explanation. ‘Herb, Jim, Ben, Hal and I get together one night a month and this is the night. This month they were scheduled to be at our house. I talked to Helen about it and she suggested that perhaps you and she could act as hostesses for the guys while we played poker. Then when that’s over she’ll go home with Herb and you and I will have the house to ourselves. I hope that’s OK with you.’

‘Gee, Allen,’ I said to him. ‘I’m not really dressed to be seen by a group of strange men. I mean you can see] right through this dress. Besides won’t they wonder what I’m doing here. Do they know about our ‘arrangement’?’

‘Don’t worry, Vicki,’ he said. ‘They’re all cool. No one will say anything and I’m sure that they will all be delighted with your outfit. Ben and Jim have come to the sale a couple of times and know why you’re here. Hal won’t say anything.'”

“Well, sweetheart,” Vicki said to me, “Allen calmed me down and I decided to make the best of it. After all I have to admit the guys were all pretty good looking and as I thought about it I began to get turned on by the idea of them seeing as much of me as they could. Besides all they could really see was my underwear.”

“I went with Allen into the den where the men had gathered and was introduced to them. Helen already knew them all. I got goose bumps as I went from man to man and shook their hands. They each looked me up and down very closely and every one of them said, ‘Nice dress, Vicki. Very nice dress.'”

“Helen and I then went into the kitchen to compare notes about getting the men some refreshments. She’d noticed that I wasn’t wearing a slip and quickly picked up on the effect that had on the guys. ‘If you’ll excuse me for a minute, Vicki, I think I’ll go take my slip off so you aren’t so conspicuous being without one.’

She then went upstairs and was back down in just a couple of minutes. I was astonished when I saw her. She was wearing her white dress that was pretty sheer … like my black one. However, she didn’t appear to have a stitch on under it. I could see her nipples and her beaver almost as plain as day.”

“Helen,’ I said to her. ‘However do you dare to go out there like that?”

“Why Vicki, do you think this is too outrageous?’ she asked. ‘Let’s ask the guys and see what they think. If they object I’ll put something else on.’ I couldn’t believe my ears. This woman was going to wander around this house full of men almost naked. If they didn’t get the message that she wanted to be fucked by all of them they must be dead or at least blind … and none of them appeared to be either.”

“My word, Vicki, what happened then.” I couldn’t wait to hear more. This was getting more and more interesting. “What did you do then?”

“I went with her into the den and she loudly asked, ‘Guys, do you all think my outfit is appropriate for the occasion?’ The whole lot of them cheered.

‘Will you all promise to be good if I stay dressed like this then?’ she went on. There was a chorus of ‘Why of course, Helen.’ ‘Sure, Helen.’ ‘Absolutely. We’ll all be gentlemen.’ ‘Helen, we’ll be better than good. We’ll be outstanding.'”

“As the tumult quieted down Allen asked us to bring out a round of beers and some pretzels for everyone. I was glad for the moment to leave the room. Things were getting very confusing. This is not what I had come prepared to do.

I knew, though, that I was getting very turned on by the idea of so many men seeing me like this. I wondered what might happen. It certainly seemed that Helen was planning to serve the guys more than beer and snacks.”

“Then what?” I prompted her.

“The first time we took them their drinks everything was fine. They looked us over pretty thoroughly but no one said anything and they all kept their hands to themselves. The second time I went in alone and Ben asked me why I had on underwear and Helen didn’t. ‘What are you trying to hide from us, Vicki?’ he asked.

‘Yes, Vicki, that doesn’t seem fair does it?’ Jim responded.

I blushed and said ‘Well there’s nothing much for you to see. Don’t you like my underwear? I think it’s very sexy.’

‘Oh, from what we can see of it we agree,’ Ben said. ‘Maybe if you took off your dress we could be more sure about that though.’

‘I’ll think about it,’ I said and I ran from the room. I didn’t know what to do.

I told Helen what had happened and she just laughed and said ‘Oh those guys are getting a little frisky. Don’t be too upset about it. I think it’s fun to know that men are looking at me and that they like what they see. Just play along with them and enjoy yourself.’

‘OK, Helen, you’re right,’ I said. ‘It is fun in a strange way. Let me think about it though.’ I fixed myself a strong drink and went upstairs to take a pee and to think things over.

I decided that I would rather remove my bra and panties and keep my dress on. Somehow I felt less vulnerable that way even though the guys could probably see more.

When I looked at myself in Helen’s mirror I knew they could easily see my nipples. They couldn’t see anything more because I was shaved. When I had finished my drink I made a big deal of parading back through the den. ‘OK boys, are you satisfied?’ I taunted as I circled their table.

‘Yeah, Vicki, that’s more like it,’ Hal confirmed. All Ben could say was ‘Nice tits, Vicki.’ I felt my face getting flushed and my pussy get wet at that comment. The realization how far this might go, began to sink in and I was surprised at how excited that thought made me.”

By this time Vicki and I had made our way upstairs and were sitting on her bed. “Do you think this was all planned this way?” I asked.

“Oh course it was,” Vicki replied, “but I’ll get to that later.”

“Great. I love it!” I said. “But your story so far has gotten me as hard as a rock. I want to eat your cum filled pussy and then I’m going to add one more load to it.”

With that I pushed her back on the bed, flipped her skirt up above her waist and knelt in front of her. As I opened her knees I began to run my tongue up the inside of her thighs and licked up the streams of cum that had run down from her cunt. She had been filled to overflowing.

I reached her cunt with my tongue and ran it up and down the length of her slit. It was full of cum. Then I forced my tongue deep into her. The taste of salty cum mixed with the wonderful pungent taste of Vicki’s pussy was even better than I had imagined. It nearly made me cum.

I sucked and licked her pussy for couple of minutes and then said “How many loads are in here anyhow? It seems like there’s a gallon.”

“I lost count,” Vicki replied. “Each of the guys had me at least twice and some of them did me three or four times. I would guess that they must have left over a dozen loads in me and I swallowed one from each of them too.”

That comment put me close to the edge. If I continued eating her anymore and she told me anymore about it I would cum for sure. I quickly moved up over her and plunged my hard cock into her dripping cunt.

“Please be gentle,” she asked. “I am getting pretty sore down there.”

“I can sure understand that, babe,” I replied. “I’ll be gentle and I won’t take long either.”

It probably didn’t take me more than thirty seconds to cum even in her sloppy well-used cunt.

I soon added a huge hot load of my own cum to those of the five other men who had fucked my wife last night.

Then since we each had gone without much sleep last night we both collapsed into a deep sleep.

I woke up first a couple of hours later and immediately renewed my efforts to clean her up with my tongue. It didn’t take much of that to wake her up.

When she was wide awake I asked her to finish telling me about what had happened.

“Where did I leave off last night?” she asked.

“You had just taken off your underwear and paraded around the room in just your dress,” I reminded her.

“Oh, yes. The next time I went back into the den Ben said ‘Vicki, I was wondering why we can’t see your beaver like we can see Helen’s. Allen and Herb say it’s because you’re shaved. Is that true?’

I turned a hundred shades of red. I also felt my pussy getting even wetter that before. I decided that the line had now been crossed and that there was no reason to fight it. I was going to get fucked by these guys and I was actually looking forward to it.

I walked over and stood so that I was just inches from Ben’s face. I slowly lifted my skirt until I could see his eyes nearly pop out of his head. ‘There, Ben, does that answer your question?’

‘Yes, guys, its shaved … and it looks hot and ready too,’ was Ben’sreply.

Allen realized that it was time to forget the pretense of poker and to get ready to poke us.

‘Ladies,’ he ordered, ‘it’s time for another round of beers served with two tacos.’

Not being familiar with the term it took me a few seconds to realize what he meant but within a minute Helen and I had brought in a fresh beer for each of them. I then sat up on the game table in front of Allen, pulled up my skirt and spread my thighs for them.

‘There’s the taco that you paid for, master,’ I said. I could feel my heart racing as I realized that five men were about to become intimately familiar with my most private place.

Allen wasted no time in leaning forward and beginning to eat me. Helen crawled up beside me and offered Herb her taco. It was wonderful.

As Herb and Allen ate the pussies that I thought they had each paid handsomely for, the truth came out.

Jim said ‘Save some for the rest of us guys. Remember we helped pay for them.’

It turned out that the five guys had pooled their money so that Herb and Allen could buy us at the auction.

Helen had known about it because she and Allen had fantasized about arranging a gangbang for her as a birthday present. This was the perfect opportunity for that to happen.

Then at the auction last month Allen and Herb had decided to buy me as well so they could be the first men in the club to fuck me. That’s how they came up with such an extraordinary sum.”

“Wow! Those scheming devils!” I said. “That’s a great idea. I wish I’d thought of it. Maybe I can try it sometime with some of the guys … but aren’t there rules as to how many men can fuck a slave?”

“Not yet,” Vicki replied. “This has happened on two or three occasions so far that I know, but no one seems to mind. All of the women involved have liked it as a matter of fact. It fulfilled fantasies for them.”

“Go on with your story. Then what happened?” I asked her.

“The poker game turned into an orgy. When Jim made his comment about having helped pay for me, I beckoned him over to the where I could reach him and unzipped his pants. I pulled out his cock (which wasn’t easy because it was pretty big and very hard) and then I proceeded to give him an x-rated blowjob, while all the guys watched. Helen did the same for Ben.

Then Hal pushed Allen aside and became the first one of the group to fuck me. You can’t believe the feeling when that first strange cock slipped into me. It felt so forbidden but it felt so good too.

I wished then that you could have been there to see it happen. I would have loved to be sucking you when each of them took their turn fucking me.”

“Oh, Vicki, I would have loved that too. Sometime we’ll make that happen, I promise.” I couldn’t believe how erotic this all was. Just a few weeks ago neither of us had given any thought to such unconventional behavior. Now instead of a night of sex with one guy I find out that my wife had been gangbanged … and we both were loving it. “How long did this all go on?” I asked.

“The men had planned to make a night of it. Hal had to leave this morning after breakfast. He fed me his ‘sausage’ before he left.

The others stayed until Allen brought me home. They each gave me one last goodbye fuck and then Helen was supposed to get one from them too after I left. I hope they had enough left for her but I kinda doubt it.”

“Well, now I know what Allen meant last night when he said that you would be a big hit. I take it that the guys liked your shaved-pussy.”

“Oh, very much,” Vicki replied. “None of them had ever fucked or eaten a shaved one before. They were all particularly anxious to see what it was like to eat one and I was more than happy to oblige. I got to find out what it’s like to be eaten by a man with a beard too because Jim has one.”

“How’d that feel? Was it scratchy?” I asked.

“Only for a second,” she replied. “Then my juices and the cum must have softened it because it just felt a little ticklish sometimes. It really felt good when he rubbed it against my clit. In fact he made me cum once that way.”

“How many times did you cum?”

“I really don’t remember. A lot … an awful lot.”

“I know that I have to cum one more time. Are you up to it,” I asked.

“For you, of course. I’m a good wife,” she answered with a giggle, “but would you settle for a blowjob? My pussy is really pretty sore right now.”

I can never turn down a good blowjob so I readily agreed. I got a super-deluxe version. Then we ordered a pizza and went to sleep early. This had been quite a remarkable weekend for both of us.

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