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Paralized Orgy

Sir Robert's Stories Home PageDear smut lovers: Today’s story is a special one. Sheila is a 23 years old young woman with lots of really naughty wishes. As she has such a vivid imagination, all her hungers do not fit in a single short story, so her mischievous adventures have been divided into three parts. You can read and enjoy each individual part separately and I promise that the other two will be published in the following days. Here you have the first installment. As always, I hope you really fancy it.

Yours faithfully, Sir Robert

In Queensland Australia there’s a city called Brisbane. And just a few miles inland from this major city is another, smaller town named Toowooba. In this much smaller town is a night club named Tellbury’s. Alt Tellbury’s, anything goes. Australia has these types of clubs all over the continent. These downunder clubs are known as nookie clubs. That means that you go there to have sex, any kind of sex you want. This story is about one of those clubs and the people in it.

Sheila moaned loudly, causing most everyone to look her way. Her naked form seemed to be stretched out, even on her hands and knees, her body looked long and lithe. Behind her a man held her hips, pulling the two of them together. Sheila moaned again, wondering if she should not have given in to her fantasy. The man’s cock felt enormous as the greasy head of his cock slowly pushed through her anus. Sheila had never felt this full of cock before, nor had she experienced anything so powerfully lustful in all her 23 years. His cock pushed deeper into her ass, feeling to Sheila as though he was moving up into her belly. Somewhere in the back of her mind Sheila knew the head of his cock had slipped past her sphincter, now if she could only stop the massive, gripping spasms of her asshole she might really enjoy her first butt fuck. Her long golden hair hid her face hanging between her arms which supported her upper body. Sheila realized that her hair was a damp, sweaty, tangled mess but somehow that seemed fitting for the moment. Just as she wondered if this man’s cock would ever stop filling her butt. The man thrust the last one or two inches of his butt- warming cock into her, forcing another moan from her.

Sheila saw the woman’s knees in front of her and felt gentle hands brushing her hair out of the way. Looking up she saw the sexy bedroom eyes of her best friend. The darkness of Erika’s Latin skin next to hers always made Sheila wonder about sex with another woman. But she had always thought of trying her first bisexual encounter privately, not here; not in the middle of a swinger’s club orgy room! She was nervous enough about having sex with her friend Jim in a room full of strangers. But it was Erika who agreed to come along and be her “guardian”. Now Erika’s hands lifted her face so that she could see Erika smiling down at her. Momentarily Sheila’s eyes locked on the firm mounds of Erika’s dark breasts which she knew were the same size (and perhaps as sensitive) as Sheila’s own. The look in Erika’s eyes said something to Sheila. Just as she began to wonder about that look, Jim began to withdraw, causing her to moan again as his cock left a void deep in her body. Sheila looked down between her legs, seeing her naked body, her newly shaved pussy, and Jim’s legs behind her. As Jim thrust again Sheila could feel her body filling with cock, making her whole body tingle and shudder.

“You look so sexy!” Erika whispered into Sheila’s ear. Sheila pushed back against Jim’s pressing hips, taking his cock to the hilt up her ass. “You’re doing it!” Erika whispered again, “How does it feel to get your ass filled with a cock?” Sheila just moaned, her body quivering.

Jim started pumping a little faster, letting Sheila ride the ripples of pleasure he was sending through her body. As he found an easy rhythm, Sheila felt hands on her back, sides and her breasts. Suddenly someone was pinching and twisting her nipples just the way she liked, sending a jolt of spasming electricity directly to her pussy. Something was dribbling it’s way down her right thigh and Sheila didn’t immediately realize it was her own juice.

Her concentration was broken momentarily by Erika’s sudden movements. Before she knew what Erika had done, the slender, tan brunette was laying underneath Sheila, her tongue finding Sheila’s swollen and slick cunt lips. The shock of it made Sheila jerk when she felt Erika’s tongue but strong hands, Jim’s and Erika’s kept her hips still. Erika began lapping at Sheila’s dripping cunt, sucking the lips, licking around her friend’s hole with hungry abandon. Sheila realized that there were at least twenty people watching her, seeing her naked with a cock throbbing in her butt and another girl sucking her gushing bare cunt. She could feel her orgasm rising deep within her, deeper and stronger than she’d ever felt before. It was building up to what felt like an explosive climax and as much as Sheila tried to think her mind was pulled back to the sensations of Jim’s warm, rigid flesh in her ass and Erika’s tongue flickering over her clit. It was as though her brain threatened to melt and flow out her cunt into Erika’s mouth! It was when Sheila felt how wet Erika’s face was between her legs that she realized how wet she’d become. The thought of Erika lapping her juices sent Sheila over the edge.

She cried out as her body suddenly convulsed and spasmed. Each movement caused ripples of pleasure and pain to shoot through her body. Sheila’s powerful climax forced her ass to bear down hard on Jim’s iron-like rod, jolting her with an unaccustomed pain, only to be wiped away by the feeling of Erika’s lips and tongue lapping her slick, slippery cunt. The soft warmth of Erika’s skin against hers made Sheila cum again and again. Finally both Erika and Jim stopped moving to let Sheila catch her breath.

“Oh, so very nice.” Jim whispered, his cock still deep in Sheila’s asshole. Sheila moaned, her body still aroused but slightly shocked at it’s own intense reaction. Erika’s hands roamed over Sheila’s back, giving her the feeling of floating in ecstasy. She floated mentally until she realized that her hips were moving slowly, erotically, to milk at Jim’s cock still rigid in her ass. Erika’s movements brought Sheila back to reality. Sheila put a hand on Erika’s hip, causing her to stop.

“My turn.” Sheila said softly, lowering her mouth to Erika’s trimmed pussy. Sheila inhaled her friend’s fragrance then, as sensuously as she could, ran her tongue down the full length of Erika’s pussy. Sheila’s tongue found Erika’s entrance, circling and teasing, then tasting her. Jim slowly started to fuck Sheila’s ass again, pushing her face between Erika’s widely spread legs with his rhythm. All three of them seemed to pick up their speed in unison. It wasn’t long before Sheila was moaning into Erika’s cunt making Erika arch up against her. Jim’s thrusts were becoming lustful and wanton, his hips slamming against Sheila’s tight ass. Sweat dripped from Jim’s face onto Sheila’s back and ass, awakening her to the feel of her own sweaty, slippery body sandwiched between two other naked bodies.

Murmurs from around her finally penetrated to her brain. Sheila fully realized people were watching her, ass raised and full of cock, her face wet with another girl’s cunt juices and her tongue lapping the creamy cum flowing from her best friend. A few words hit Sheila’s brain and they seemed to run down her nerves to deep inside her cunt. A woman’s voice came first. “…So sexy…” Then a man’s. “…Never have guessed she likes it up the ass…” Another woman’s “…let her lick my clit…” All of these phrases hit Sheila’s brain and suddenly an image flashed through her mind that sent her skyrocketing. A woman’s voice added to it coming from behind her. “Cum in her ass. Squirt it up her tight little ass.” Sheila laid her face against Erika’s mound and began moaning loudly, her orgasm rising again quickly. Jim started pumping her ass very fast, his cock seeming to swell up deep inside her.

“Oh! Oh! Uhh! YES! Cum in me!” Sheila cried, feeling Jim’s cock stretch her ass even more. “Give it to me! Cum in my ASSHOLE!”

Jim cried out at Sheila’s outburst. “I’M GONNA CUM!”

“YES” Erika and Sheila cried out together. Then Erika continued, “I want to feel you squirt!” It was then that Erika managed to slip two fingers into Sheila’s tight, slippery hole, her fingers feeling Jim’s cock, even the head of his cock, through the thin wall separating them. Jim felt Erika’s fingers too, and it was too much. Jim slammed home, deep into Sheila’s ass, making the little blonde squeal.

“HERE! NOW!” Jim cried out.

Sheila felt the first throbbing gush of Jim’s sperm as it rushed into her ass. A rippling pulse went through Sheila’s ass. Jim’s second spurt followed quickly and Sheila began to cum too, Erika’s thumb rubbing her clit. Both Jim and Sheila quivered as their bodies orgasmed. Sheila’s eyes rolled back in her head, the feeling of Jim’s sperm flooding deep into her ass kept her reeling for long moments.

Again, words began bringing her back to reality. “She’s really hot.” A woman’s voice said. “I’d love to give her a butt full of cum too.” A man’s voice added. From nearby a woman’s sexy voice said “That was really hot, I’m soaked just from watching her.” A man’s voice, perhaps the previous woman’s man, added “she’s almost as sexy and slutty as you are.” Sheila blinked in the dimly lit room, seeing other people naked and resuming their own adventures. The identity of the voices would remain a mystery, for now. Sheila’s body felt limp and relaxed though Jim’s cock was still fairly hard in her ass. It was when Erika started to slide out from under her that Sheila felt Jim’s cock move, causing her to tremble again. Slowly, carefully, Sheila crawled on her hands and knees away from Jim’s cock, feeling him ease out of her tight hole. Just as the head of his cock spread her hole again, gentle fingers pulled her cunt lips. Sheila jerked involuntarily, squeezing the head of Jim’s cock out of her asshole with a slippery feeling. This sent ripples of pleasure through Sheila and she moaned softly. Erika stretched out next to Sheila, a hand on her friend’s back. Sheila looked at Erika’s face, as if seeing her for the first time as a beautiful woman.

“How do you feel?” Erika asked.

“Like I’ve been fucked by a horse!” Sheila smiled dreamily. “I… I never guessed that you… that you…”

Erika smiled. “That I wanted to take you to bed?”

Sheila nodded, her eyes widening. “It just seemed like the perfect time to find out.”

Sheila laughed quietly, “Oh my was it ever the right time!” Both women laughed, their shared moment softening as they looked at each other. “Thank you, Erika. Thank you!”Erika gazed into Sheila’s eyes and they leaned closer, kissing. It was a soft, gentle, loving kiss. No tongues, just soft lips and warm feelings. After a few minutes Sheila sat up. “I’ve just got to shower. Want to join me?” Erika agreed and they slipped quietly off to the bathroom.

Continued in PART II.

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