“Jenny Gets Gangfucked” by Tommy – MMMF

1934 Ford Hot Rod

My wife Jenny is a shy girl she is 5ft tall ahs long black hair and beautiful brown eyes, her breasts are 38c with light brown suckable nipples, ad to this her soft moist pussy and you have a really nice piece of fuck slut.

Jenny’s gangbang happened about a year ago totally by accident. It was a hot summer’s day and our town had its annual hotrod show, Jenny and I went down to town to see all the cars on display, we weren’t there long when I realized that the display for some was my wife, Jenny had on a light summer dress that showed off her ample cleavage and was also a bit short showing off her ass.

We were looking at a 34 model ford when I noticed theses three guys trying to get a look at my Jenny’s tits. One guy was standing next to her looking right down the front of her dress, his mates were also now starting to sniff around my wife , instead of getting jealous I was getting incredibly turned on.

I walked up to where Jenny was and struck up a conversation with the guy looking down her top about the car on display, his name was Sam and he seemed like a nice guy, I introduced him to my wife and he had a smile on face from ear to ear, he in turn introduced his buddies Noel and Ray. We all got along really well and went into the pub for a few drinks and a bit of shade.

In the pub Sam sat next to Jenny and me on her other side, with the others sit across the table from us. After about half an hour Jenny had to go to the toilet, and as she walked off I noticed the guys staring after her. This was my chance to take things to the next level, I said to the guys if they would like to come to our house and sit around in the spa seeing it was a nice day, obviously they immediately said yes, the opportunity to see my wife in just bathers was a definite yes in their book.

Jenny returned and I told her we were all going back for a spa, she looked at me with that “what are you trying to do here” look in her eyes, and reluctantly agreed. We got in our car and the guys followed in theirs, in our car Jenny said, “What are you trying to do here, I hope you’re not expecting me to do something with these guys?”

“Just relax honey nothing’s going to happen,” I said reassuringly. “We’re just going to sit in the spa, that’s all.”

We got home and Sam turned to me and said, “I’ve got no shorts, would Jenny mind if I went in naked,” then he looked at my wife. Jenny blushed, but smiled and said, “It’s okay, I don’t mind.” She watched as Sam peeled off his pants. When he’d pulled down his pants down far enough to expose his cock, he looked wife in the eyes and smiled. Jenny blushed and turned away.

Ray and Noel also had no shorts and they to stripped and hopped in, so did I then. Jenny being rather shy went inside and put on her 2 piece white bikini. She came out on the patio, and the guys just stared at her , the atmosphere was electric, here was my scantily clad wife hopping into a hot tub with 4 naked men, you think about it.

I made sure that Jenny would have to sit between Ray and Sam and Noel and I sat directly opposite them.

I could tell Jenny was nervous as the guys flirted with her, she got out of the tub to get another round of beers and her bikini was almost see through, we could all make out the shape of her nipples and pussy hair under the thin cloth. She knew it as well. While she was inside the house Sam said, “Tom, your wife is hot, how do you keep the guys away from her, you must get real jealous”, “Nah, I don’t mind guys looking at her, it turns her on, and afterwards I get a good fuck out of her !”

“So if I touched Jenny you wouldn’t mind?” asked Sam.

I looked at him and smiled, “Go for it,” I said, “as long as she doesn’t mind it’s ok with me.”

Jenny returned with the beers and hopped back in the tub.

“Honey, why don’t you take your top off,” I suggested. My wife looked at me as if to say are you mad.

Then Ray said, “We can already tell what you look like under your bikini anyway. Any my I say you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

I reached over and undid my wife’s top in front of these guys. Jenny just sat there with a smile frozen on her face. Here was I undoing my wife’s bikini top in front of three strange guys we had just met, it felt really weird.

Jenny’s tits looked great just bouncing around free in the water, so inviting. I was so hard that I dared not stand up. Sam beckoned Jenny over to him, “Sit on my lap babe, c’mon,” he grabbed her by the hand and slowly pulled my reluctant wife over and onto his lap. The rest of us just watched, we knew what he was trying to do, so did Jenny I think.

Sam began playing with her tits, and his other had was probably on her cunt. I was glad Jenny still had her bikini bottoms on, because I knew that she didn’t want things to go too far.

We couldn’t see under the bubbles, but suddenly, Jenny’s bikini bottoms floated to the surface. I said, “Hang on there Sam, take it easy.” I knew that Jenny wasn’t on any birth control at the moment, but my wife looked like she was on another planet by this time and I could see that she was enjoying whatever it was Sam was doing to her.

Then Ray grabbed my arm, saying, “C’mon man, leave her, she’s having fun.”

I looked at Ray, and then at that moment I realized that things were getting out of hand. I think I could have stopped everything, but for some strange reason I’ll never quite understand, I didn’t want to. So I sat back and watched the show, I could tell Noel next to me was also enjoying Jenny’s performance because he was visibly stroking his cock waiting for his turn with my wife. God, this was strange. I’d never seen another guy hard before, much less jacking off while he watched my wife being mauled by a strange man.

I looked into my wife’s eyes and knew that Sam was inside her. She was sitting with her back to him, in his lap, and she was being humped from underneath. I could see her body bouncing up and down as Sam fucked her.

Then he started to get more aggressive with Jenny, talking dirty to her. “Tell your husband what I’m doing to you slut. C’mon, tell him you sweet little cunt.”

He said this over and over again until Jenny leaned over to me and whispered into my ear, “He’s fucking me baby, Sam’s fucking me SO good.”

Sam lifted his hips with my wife impaled on his cock so that everyone got a perfect view of Jenny’s cunt wrapped around his cock. Then Sam sank back into the water and grabbed her tits as he thrust in and out of her womb bareback.

Suddenly Sam grunted and we all knew that he was filling my wife with his seed. I watched as Jenny’s eyes went wide when she realized what had happened. She kind of looked around at all the men in the spa with her and for the first time I think she realized what was happening, and want was yet to come.

Temporarily sated, Sam pulled Jenny off his softening prick and called out, “Who wants her next?”

“Pass her over her,” said Ray. He lifted Jenny onto the edge of the tub, “Open your legs you pretty little slut,” he growled. Like a submissive slut in heat, my wife obeyed. “Noel give me a hand here, hold her legs for me, will yeah?” said Ray, then he looked at me with hooded eyes and said, “Watch a real man fuck your wife.”

I was so horny, and I wanted to see this so bad that I did nothing to stop it. There was my pretty wife being totally used by these strangers, for their sexual pleasure, it was such a hot sight.

Ray was rough — pushing his fingers into her cunt as well as his cock. My baby was moaning as Noel pulled her legs wider apart in order to give his buddy better access to my wife’s love-hole.

Ray pulled her hair back with his fist, sucked her tits hard as he fucked her roughly.

I watched as he repeatedly pounded her pussy like an animal in heat. Her wet pubic hairs tangling with his. Then he yelled out, “OH FUCK! I’m gonna cum, hold the bitch open for me!”

Sam looked at me and said, “you heard him! Hold her legs open!”

I got up and moved over to assist Noel who had one leg in his arms so I grabbed her other leg and pulled her open.

Sam got up and grabbed her tits, “Suck on em, man!” he yelled to Ray. We pulled her so far open I thought we might split her in half. Jenny was moaning like a whore on fire as Ray pulled her hair roughly and came with loud grunts inside my wife. Grunting and thrusting, grunting and thrusting, emptying his cum into her cunt like a mad man. We all watched. It was an awesome sight. Finally Ray pulled out of Jenny and we saw his cum dripping out of Jenny’s now gaping love-hole.

Noel quickly replaced Ray’s cock with his own, it didn’t take him long to cum while we held my wife for him. He pumped her for only about a minute then pulled out and told her to open her mouth. Sam quickly grabbed my wife’s head in his hands and held her in position while Noel sprayed her face with his cum.

When they were finished they just dropped her in the water. She looked so sexy just lying there wasted and used, and maybe even pregnant.

The guys got up and left, thanking me for the use of my whore-wife. I looked at Jenny and lifted her onto edge of the tub, “honey, I need to fuck you so bad, you’re so hot I just love you so much.”

She just smiled, while I rode her doggy style for a couple of minutes finally emptying myself into her. I figured if she were going to get pregnant, at least I’d give my seed a chance to take in her womb as well.

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Photo: “1368 One Bad 34” by Bill McChesney with a creative commons license.

“The Adult Book Store” by Sweetmeat – MMM

Adult bookstore sign.

This whole story came about because I am kind of a traveling salesman, I go from business to business hawking my company’s product but it is all done in my sales area, three counties in my home state. Every once in a while I would get the urge to stop in an adult bookstore to watch the dancers, but this one time I stopped in one of the adult bookstores, it was a gay book store with movie booths.

Now I was a bit curious as to how the men got it on with each other, so I figured what the hell and went into a booth and watched a movie. Actually I watched two movies, I have to tell you, I was turned on by watching one man go down on another and started visiting the store once a week.

Well this one day the booth I always used was occupied, so I used another one and after I put my money in the slot, I heard a noise. I looked around and to my surprise, there was a hard cock sticking through the wall and the thought hit me, I wonder what it feels like to touch another man’s cock.

I did one of those goofy things we all do from time to time, even though I was totally alone in the booth, I looked around and knowing I was really alone, I touched the cock. It felt so nice to my finger tips that I wrapped my whole hand around it and it felt so much better then holding my own. It was hard but had that soft outer covering and it excited me to be holding a cock other then my own, so I started stroking that sweet cock.

After a minute or two, I heard a voice telling me to suck it and ever since watching the gay porn, I had been wondering just what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth. I got on my knees; kissed the head of this hard cock, really liked how that felt, so I licked it, from the head all the way down to his balls and then back up to the head.

I heard the cock’s owner moan and buoyed by how nice it felt licking it, I took that sweet piece of meat into my mouth and I was really shocked at how much I liked having it in my mouth, it was so silky feeling in my mouth and yet so hard. I started sucking on it like I like mine sucked and it didn’t take long before it swelled up in my mouth.

I knew the cock’s owner was going to cum but I wasn’t prepared for how much cum was to shoot out of that magnificent beast. I couldn’t swallow fast enough and was not knowledgeable enough about sucking cock to hold the cum in my mouth and swallow at my leisure, so I choked a bit at first on his cum, but then managed to hold the rest in my mouth and swallowed it as I wanted.

My first taste of a man’s cum was amazing, it was very hot in my mouth and much to my delight, it had a bitter taste to it and I love bitter tasting things so I got hooked on a mans hot cum my first taste. I stayed in my kneeling position contemplating what had just happened and I heard the door open and close in the booth where my first cock was. Another cock came through the hole, it was a lot smaller then the one I had just lost my mouths virginity to, but looked very appealing, so I kissed it all over and could hear the owner moaning like he was in the booth with me.

I decided to take a little more time with this little beauty, so I began licking and kissing it all over, really enjoying myself and realized I had a hard-on. I took my cock out, started jerking off with my free hand and got this overwhelming urge to suck on the cock at my disposal, so I took his cock in my mouth and was so delighted I could fit his whole cock in my mouth while I sucked on it.

The more I sucked this sweet cock the hotter I got and when I felt this wonderful piece of meat in my mouth swell up, I shot my load and the cock in my mouth exploded, filling my mouth with that wonderful tasting man cream. Here I was on my knees, cock in hand and a mouthful of hot tasty cum that I was rolling around in my mouth and swallowing very slowly and I was very happy with myself.

I knelt there for a few more minutes but no more cocks were forthcoming, so I left, but I knew I would be back. I made that place a regular stop, every Thursday and I guess word got out, because after a few weeks I was sucking at least ten or more cocks every visit and sometimes money would be pushed through the glory hole and a lot of phone numbers. After doing this for a few months, I got an invitation to a party put through the hole and a voice that told me I should really consider attending this party as it would probably help my sales output with the contacts I would make.

The address was in one of those very upscale communities and I was curious as to what a party of gays would be like, so I made up a staff meeting story for my wife and went to the party. It was in a mansion, valet parking, escort into the house, name announced and when they announced my name the man behind the voice in the booth came over and welcomed me. It was all men about forty or fifty and he took me around introducing me to everybody and telling them I was the man he had talked about. I was a little uneasy about that until one of the men inquired as to what I sold and after I told him, he gave me a business card and said to come see him, he was sure we could do business and then I got a card from the rest of them.

I had a lot to drink, the booze was flowing like water, dinner was fantastic and then more booze and then one of the guys offered to show me the house, it was his house and I felt that I had to see it, just out of respect. It was a big house, huge kitchen, library, game room, movie room and other rooms all on the first floor, then we went upstairs and the first room he took me into he said was the playroom, it had a bed, a kind of table with what looked like hand and leg cuffs, a padded half round thing that also had leg and hand cuffs and some very comfortable looking chairs.

Now I was feeling no pain at this point and when he dropped his pants it didn’t quite register what had happened and when he told me he heard I was the best cocksucker in the state, I just smiled. He took hold of my shoulders and pushed me onto my knees and staring me in the face was his rock hard cock, so I did what had now become a natural act for me, I took it in my mouth and gave him the best blow job that I knew how. My cock was hard, my mouth was in heaven and when somebody started undressing me, I let them.

Just about the same time I was naked, the cock in my mouth exploded and filled my mouth with a really sweet cream, a lot sweeter then any other cock I had tasted to that point. By now the room was full of the other guests and they all seemed to be naked and I remember thinking how nice these guys were, getting naked because I was. I was led over to the half round thing, bent over it and my legs were spread wide apart, my ankles were shackled and the same thing happened to my arms. I was now laying there with my naked ass in the air for everybody to see and I started to protest but I felt something warm being rubbed into my asshole.

It was a strange but nice feeling, so I didn’t say anything and then I heard somebody say, “He is as ready as he ever will be, let’s proceed.” I felt something hard being pressed against my asshole. I was so out of it that I didn’t even move as my asshole got penetrated by it’s first cock and as I found out later, the smallest cock present was being used for my first asshole fuck as they were being very considerate of me and were not going to fuck my ass with any cock bigger then five inches my first time and the bigger cocks would have to wait until I was well broken in before they could fuck me.

I was surprised at how nice it felt having this cock penetrate my virgin ass and when it was all the way in me, my ass was slapped and I was told to move my ass, so I did. I liked the feeling of being fucked up the ass and I started asking for it harder. I could hear a lot of mummers of approval and then a big cock was put in my mouth, so I started sucking it.

Even in the alcoholic state I was in, I was really enjoying have both my mouth and asshole used and I was trying to move my ass while sucking the big cock. I felt the cock in my ass growing and when he shot his load up my ass, it excited me so much; I came all over the thing I was bent over. There was the sound of applause but I couldn’t focus on it as the dick in my mouth went off like a cannon, and this man came like a horse, so much I couldn’t contain it all and it was dripping out of my mouth.

The cock in my ass was pulled out and replaced by another one, the prick in my mouth was also replaced and it didn’t take long before my ass and mouth were cum filled again. Every prick in the place fucked my ass that night, my ass was so well used that by the time the few big cocks got to me, my ass was totally ready for them and other then a moments discomfort, I took them like an old whore and the guy who came like a horse, he filled my ass with so much cum, it ran out like a river when he came. I also sucked every cock in the house at least once, but I think more like twice and my stomach held so much cum, it was bit bloated.

They kept feeding me drinks along the way and at some point I passed out, only to be woken by my wife shaking me. I was in my car, balls ass naked, she was holding what turned out to be pictures of me being used like a woman and a letter saying that for me to use my business cards and the next party would be in a month.

My wife helped me inside, put me in the tub and made me tell her everything I remembered, including how it all came about and how it felt to suck a cock and take one up the ass. I did manage to get up for work and I thought what the hell, let’s see what happens with the business cards, so I went to the first cards business. I didn’t see him but they had an order ready for me that was the biggest order of my career and so did all the other ones when I went to see them.

My wife and I were rolling in money now; my boss couldn’t believe it as most of these companies wouldn’t do business with us before. My wife really surprised me at how well she took what happened, I thought for sure with those pictures, we were headed for divorce court, but she adopted a different attitude. She bought a strap-on and told me if I was going to be somebody’s bitch, it was hers and she fucks me in my ass at least twice a week and she supervises my visits to the adult store.

My wife wants to make sure the cocks I suck are clean and disease free and I have a following, about ten or twelve of the same guys show up every week and she takes me to the monthly fuck my ass and mouth fests, she drops me off naked and they bring me home naked. She makes me wear women’s panties all the time now, she shaves my whole body and my once a month guys love that I’m shaved for them and now I have to go to gay bars, pick up a man, bring him home and let him use me like a woman so my wife can watch me be a woman and she has joined in and fucked me in the ass while I sucked our guests cock.

All in all, things are fantastic.

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Photo of an adult bookstore sign by Eric Molina with a creative commons license.

“Betting on Wife’s Virtue” by Hardy – MMFFF

Scuba diving

I remember the events that occurred as if it were yesterday. It seems that the warm islands, with lazy days and starlit nights contributed to romance. Karen and I both worked the past six years, but we decided to start a family at this time, so she stopped her birth controls pills, and we hoped that she would soon get pregnant, maybe on this vacation.

My wife and I had rented a condo for a week and had the option of renting for a second week, or finding another place to stay as I had two weeks vacations. We both loved scuba diving and planned to go every day. On the third day of our diving we met another couple, Dave and Kim, who had a home on the island.

They were a very charming and attractive couple, and we soon became friends. They also enjoyed diving, so we had great fun together, and also enjoyed dinner with them at one of the island restaurants, as well as acting as our guides when we went sightseeing.

We so much enjoyed our time spent with our new friends, and the beauty of the area, and the diving, that we decided to rent our condo for a second week. Anyway, Dave and Kim insisted that we spend the second week with them at their winter home on the island.

We finally agreed and moved to their place. They had a lovely and spacious home, with a large outdoor pool, which we immediately enjoyed. They had another guest, Joan, a friend that was staying with them.

We were having a great time, enjoying all that they had to offer, good food and lots of rum drinks. About the fourth day we were sitting around the pool, swimming, eating, and enjoying rum punches. Dave, Joan and my wife Karen were floating on rafts in the pool.

While Kim and I were sipping our drinks, she remarked that my wife was very attractive, and I agreed. She was tall, five feet seven inches, with an attractive face, and a gorgeous body, good shoulders, and firm breasts. Her waist was slim, and she had beautiful hips, and ass, with long gorgeous legs.

Kim asked me if she had ever made love with another man, and I said no, that she had always been faithful, and had been a virgin when we were married. I told Kim that we had been asked to change partners in the past, but had declined. Kim smiled and said that under the right circumstance, any married woman would stray.

I said maybe lots would, but not my Karen, that I knew she was always faithful. Kim laughed and said that she bet that even her husband Dave could seduce my wife.

I said, “Well, I know that she finds Dave attractive, but she would not let him seduce her.”

Kim said that she would bet $200 dollars that Dave could seduce my wife. I said that I would not bet money on it, and Kim said have the courage of your conviction. She finally goaded me into accepting the wager, helped by rum punches.

I said, “How do you plan to test my wife?”

Kim said, “We will arrange for them to be alone this evening after dinner, and then we’ll see if Karen will remain faithful to you. And he will not force her, or be physically rough with her.”

I wondered how Kim would arrange this, and how would I know whether or not my wife was seduced. Kim smiled again, and she said, “I will make sure that you know whether he is successful or not.”

Well, we had cocktails, a great dinner with wine, followed by desert and after dinner drink. Then Kim said to my wife that she would like to borrow me for a couple of hours to do some work on their sailboat, and that Dave would entertain my wife till we returned, and Joan said that she would come with us to be sure that we behaved.

We then left through the patio doors, and then quietly went around to the back of the house, and then entered through the kitchen, and then by a door into their bedroom. I did not have to wonder very long what we were about.

Kim moved a large picture, which was covering a one-way mirror looking into their large family room where we could see Dave and Karen. I’d heard about one-way mirrors, but hadn’t seen one before. Kim then turned a switch, and we could hear the conversation in the family room, but Kim said that they couldn’t hear us, but she said that we had to be quiet.

Dave and my wife were talking, and Dave poured another drink for the two of them, although my wife was already mellowed by earlier drinks. Dave then put on some music, and asked my wife to dance. Karen agreed, so they were dancing, at which point Dave tried to kiss my wife, but she turned her head away, but Dave tried again, and was successful, but my wife broke the kiss, saying “please don’t Dave.”

But he soon tried again, and this time kissed her thoroughly. Kim and Joan were beside me, and Joan said, “He seems to be making some progress,” and I said he wouldn’t get very far.

The girls smiled, and Kim said we would wait and see. Karen was returning his kisses, and soon Dave reached up and pulled the zipper of my wife’s dress all the way down to below her waist, the dress falling open in front. My wife gasped, and said, “Please don’t, Dave. I can’t do anything with you, so please stop.”

My wife was flushed, and it was clear that she was responding to him. He ignored her protests as he slid her dress off her shoulders, pulling it down below her waist and hips till it fell to her ankles. She was just standing there, in her lacy camisole (she didn’t need a brazier) and her lacy white half-slip. Again she said, “Please don’t-I can’t let you do this.” She was trying to move away, but tripped on her dress.

Dave caught her, lifting her in his arms and carrying her to the huge sofa where he laid her down Her dress had fallen off her ankles. She tried to rise up, but Dave held her in a long kiss. You could see the outline of her breasts and panties through the sheer camisole and half-slip.

Again, she pleaded with Dave to stop, but he ignored this and continued kissing her, and now caressing her breasts. Even though she was pleading with him to stop, it was obvious that she was aroused, her face flushed and her body trembling. Then I said to Kim and Joan that we needed to stop this, but Kim said you agreed to this test of your wife, and he is not forcing her.

Soon Dave was tugging her camisole up, pulling it up over her breasts, then caressing her breasts, and nipples. She groaned as Dave was stroking her nipples, then putting his mouth and tongue on her breasts.

Then my wife was pleading with him to stop, but he ignored her protests as he continues until her nipples were stiff, then turning his attention to her thighs, stroking her thighs just above her knees, her slip advancing upwards, exposing more of her thighs till finally her naked thighs were exposed above her stocking tops, where the straps of her garter belt were seen. (My wife never liked to wear panty hose, preferring garter belt and stockings, and it certainly made her look more sexy.)

Now I was worried. I never thought my wife would let it get this far, even though I still felt that she would not let him go all the way. The girls were gloating, and Kim said, “What do you think of your faithful wife now? I think you’re going to see your lovely wife get thoroughly fucked tonight.”

I wanted to stop them, but Kim asked, “Do you want your wife to know that you agreed to this seduction?”

So I could only wait and hope that she would stop him. Also, I was angry-we had been set up. I was as helpless as my wife now appeared, and now I was not so sure that she wouldn’t be fucked, as I could see that Dave was slowly and expertly seducing my wife. Now Joan said that Dave appeared to be making a lot of progress.

At this time my wife said, “Please don’t do any more-I just can’t do this-I’ve never been unfaithful to my husband.”

Kim said, “I think that’s going to change very soon. I think you’re going to see your faithful wife moaning and helpless as Dave has his way with her. He’s an expert, and he loves to seduce a faithful wife, especially with her husband watching-Dave gets a rush out of that.”

And now, in spite of my wife’s protests, and holding her slip, Dave continued to advance her slip till her naked thighs were exposed to the edge of her lacy panties, and then, ignoring her feeble efforts to stop him, he succeeded in pulling her sheer slip from under her hips and ass till it was bunched at her waist, exposing her sheer lacy panties. She looked very erotic exposed like that.

I couldn’t believe he had gotten this far with her. He was now caressing her thighs, her abdomen through her panties, as well as continuing to kiss her and stroke her breasts. She was flushed and moaning now, her body trembling. She said “please, please, Dave-please stop-I can’t do this to my husband!

Joan laughed and said; “I think her husband is going to be a cuckold as Dave plants some horns on his head.”

Now I was really worried, watching this unfold.

Dave grasped her panties, beginning to tug them down, pulling them from under her hips and ass, my wife groaning, still protesting. “Oh, Kim said, once Dave gets their panties off it is usually all over for their loyal wives.”

I said, “You have done this before, haven’t you?”

Kim said, “Oh yes, we just love this type of scene, seeing Dave seduce a faithful wife while her husband watches-we really get off on it, and Dave nearly always wins.”

Seeing Dave tugging at my wife’s panties down her thighs, below her knees to her ankles, and then pulling her panties completely off, her shoes coming off as well. The girl’s eyes were shining with excitement at this point, and smiling at me as my wife’s cunt was exposed.

“Oh, Kim said, I think that soon you’re going to see you lovely wife spread and thoroughly fucked. Wait till you see the cock on Dave-it is quite impressive.”

Although Karen held her thighs together, Dave finally managed to stroke between them, my wife gasping as he caressed the lips of her cunt. Finally he managed to spread her thighs enough so that he could get his knee between her thighs, Karen gasping more as he was stroking her, his fingers finally invading her cunt, the lips now swollen and red, and beginning to gape some.

Finally he got my trembling wife to the point where her thighs were spread more, and then he moved down until he got between her thighs, and got his mouth and tongue on her cunt, Karen gasping and groaning–still unsuccessfully pleading for him to stop, tearful now as she felt herself responding to the expert caresses and stroking of his tongue.

Kim said, “Soon now, it’s going to be all over for your precious wife-it will serve you right too, betting on her virtue. What do you think of your virtuous wife now?”

At this point Dave quickly stripped off his clothes, and exposing a very large and thick cock as he removed his shorts.

My wife gasped, wide eyed as his cock was exposed, closing her legs as she said, “N–no, no, please-I’m begging you.”

“That won’t do any good,” Joan said.

And she was right as Dave soon had her legs spread again and worked his tongue against the moist red lips of her cunt, wet with her arousal. She was groaning, gasping, trembling at the invasion. She was becoming more and more helpless, her legs spreading further.

At this point I knew that I was going to see my wife fucked by this stud, and incredibly I was beginning to be aroused at the erotic scene, unable to prevent my erection. It was as if I was watching another women being seduced, and not my own wife.

The girls were thrilled at this, and Kim reached over and stroked me through my trousers, and she said that I was just like the other husbands who became aroused by watching John fucking their wives.

At this point, my wife was gasping more, her body moving. She now was totally helpless, and John sensed her surrender, and he rose up and mounted her. He directed his cock against the wet lips of her cunt, and began to press into her, my wife giving one last protest, wailing as she felt herself being invaded, feeling her cunt being stretched by his huge cock. The head of his cock stretched her further.

Finally, with a hoarse cry from my wife, he entered her. At the same moment Kim had opened my pants, exposing my erection, which she grasped, and stroked it as Dave was slowly pushing into my wife, moving his cock back and forth, entering her further each time, till finally she was fully impaled on his cock, her body jerking as she cried out again.

“Well, Kim said-how does it feel to be a cuckold?”

We watched Dave slowly fucking my wife with long strokes, pulling almost completely out and then pushing fully into my wife, hearing her grunting with each stroke, her legs jerking. I would never have believed that I would be so aroused watching my own wife getting fucked by this stud. Joan said, “It looks like he’s fucking your wife pretty good don’t you think?”

Dave was taking a long time with her, and soon he was thrusting more powerfully into her, fucking her faster, as my wife cried out again and again, her body jerking with his thrusts.

Finally, her legs were lifting, and she clamped them over his thighs, giving a shrill cry as her orgasm overtook her, her body spasming to his thrusts, crying out again and again, her legs moving. At that point Dave thrust fully into my wife, and gripping her hips he began spurting into her again and again as he groaned. At that moment Kim stroked my cock and I came and came, spurting on the wall.

Finally Dave lifted off my wife and she just lay there with her legs spread wide, her cunt lips gaping, red and swollen, moistness seeping from her. She began weeping, tears on her cheeks at this violation, at her surrendering to this stud and being so thoroughly fucked.

They lay quietly for some time, then Dave holding and caressing her, gazing at the window and smiling, knowing I was watching. I said lets get out of here, and Kim said, “Wait a minute-Dave may not be through with her yet.”

I asked, “What do you mean?”

Joan said, “Watch.”

And then I saw that his cock began to harden again. My wife felt this and she said no more, but again Dave ignored her, and rolled her on her stomach, then pulled her up on her hands and knees, my wife to weak to resist. He pushed her head and shoulders down to the sofa, and spread her thighs, as he stood behind her, pressing the head of his cock against her cunt, and with a powerful thrust of his fully erect cock he entered again, as my wife cried out once more, and then a shrill cry as he fully impaled her again. Holding her hips he fucked her steadily for a long time.

We all could see her cunt stretched tightly around his cock again. Finally my wife cried out again as her orgasm swept over her, and Dave groaned again as he emptied his cock into her.

Finally he released her and she fell forward onto the sofa, her slip still around her waist, her stocking clad legs spread, tearful again at responding to this stud, being taken and fucked so thoroughly, unable to resist, overcome by passion. She rolled over, pulling her camisole and slip down, and then putting her panties on, finally getting her dress on, moving slowly. Then she said that she was going to bed, and left, followed by Dave.

While my wife was getting fucked on her hands and knees, with her beautiful legs spread, her cunt stretched, the girls had been rubbing themselves under their dresses till they gasped and came.

Well, Kim said, “How did you like watching you virtuous and faithful wife getting thoroughly stretched and fucked by this stud, You can join the list of cuckolds, and like others, getting extremely aroused watching their wives getting thoroughly fucked?”

We left the room quietly, and came back in the family room as if we just got back. I went to bed and my wife was pretending to sleep. I touched her and she turned over, then began crying as she confessed and told the story of her seduction by Dave, and saying she was so aroused and was unable to stop him.

Well, we left their house the next day, and I never told my Wife that I had witnessed her seduction. The image of her lovely stocking clad legs spread widely for him, and her lacy slip and camisole pulled up erotically, and her surrender, seeing him working her panties off and seeing his huge cock entering and stretching her cunt widely as he thrust into her, and impaled her, and fucking her- this image remained with me a long time.

After we had been home for a few weeks she told me she was pregnant, and I wondered who the father was, but I couldn’t say anything.


"The Voyeur" by Tinto Brass - CoverSir Robert's Stories Home PageIn this sexy story I enjoy not just the cuckoldry aspect but also voyeurism, one of my main kinks. As I have told you in the past, one of the hottest films out there that combines these two themes is “The Voyeur”, directed by Tinto Brass: Dodo, a professor of French literature, is downhearted because his wife is cheating him, her behavior elusive. In his desperation, Dodo becomes a voyeur, an onlooker for the sexy antics of those around him, rather than an active participant in his own life. Lesbian scenes, cuckoldry, orgies and sex in public, all of them combined with voyeurism in this great movie. Recommended!

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Photo: “Scuba diving Indonesia – Bali – Komodo – Bunaken 2008” by Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud Hutten published under a creative commons license.