“A New Experience” by Hud01 – MM


Sitting in his Atlanta hotel room, the butterflies would not settle in Dave’s stomach. He wondered how he ever got up the nerve to actually go through with this. It had all started out so innocently. Sitting at his computer bored one night, he had been surfing one of those cock rating sites. He had come across the picture of a really big one and the picture had an email address.

On a whim he emailed the guy, honestly professing his love for the stiff member in the picture. Dave had done that a few times in the past, and occasionally had even received responses. Normally he would receive no answer or may be a thanks dude. This time it was different, James emailed him back and seemed really interested in interacting with him.

Dave had managed to finagle a business trip down to Atlanta to meet this young stud with the massive cock. He booked a room at the Residence Inn just outside the airport. The rooms were much larger than the standard and being an airport hotel and they would be used to people coming and going.

There was a bottle of Merlot uncorked sitting at the breakfast bar. A six pack of Corona and a bottle of Stoli and a lime were in the refrigerator. Dave wanted to have every scenario covered. As an accountant, being anal and having all angles covered was part of the job. This however was not part of the normal plan. Here he was a married forty year old, about to have a liaison with a twenty-five year old, male with a cock which made his look like a child’s.

Dave resisted the temptation to have a glass of wine before the object of his lust arrived. He wanted to have all his wits about him.

A loud knock on the hotel room door brought him back to reality. The event he had played out in his mind for all these years was about to take place.

He walked to the door slowly and purposely. The middle aged man did not want to seem too anxious.

Opening the door he was face to face with his Adonis. James was all that he had advertised. Standing six foot three, lean and fit, he towered over the five foot eight Dave. He had a small bag hanging over his sturdy right shoulder. Confidently James stuck out his hand and said, “Hey man I’m James, you must be Dave.”

Not wanting to appear nervous, Dave immediately threw out his hand, grasping the much larger hand in front of him. His grip was firm and powerful, Dave had to summon every bit of his strength to avoid having his hand crushed by the younger man.

James’s piercing blue eyes bore into Dave’s soul. This young man had an aura which could not be easily dismissed.

Dave said, “Yeah it’s me, come on in,” as he stepped back to allow the younger man access to his room. Walking past him, Dave drank in James’s powerful body. Long and lanky, the tall man was any man or woman’s dream.

Looking at the body presented to him, Dave was dutifully impressed. Tight jeans seemed painted to the young man’s firm ass. His powerful thighs strained against the cloth. The blue t-shirt he wore accented his fit body. Long brawny arms stretched the thin fabric. James either spent time in the gym or worked at a job which he spent many hours working his extraordinary muscles to the limit.

Dave motioned to the couch in the middle of the room. “Please sit down,” he said in the calmest voice he could muster. James strode over his long legs transporting him quickly to the couch. He placing the small bag next to his long feet he sat down on the couch.

Stretching his arms over his head, the tight blue shirt escaped the confines of James’s jeans. Dave was teased by the brief sight of a firm six pack. The entranced man had trouble removing his eyes from the beautiful sight.

“Would you like something to drink?” Dave finally stuttered, his brown eyes eventually moving up to meet the intense blue eyes of his companion.

“Yeah that sounds great, do you have any beer?” James answered.

“I have some cold Coronas,” Dave replied, gaining some of his confidence back. He walked over to the refrigerator and picked up one of the long clear bottles. With his other hand he grabbed the small lime. Thinking to himself, Dave hoped to have two of the same size in his slight hands soon.

Reaching into the drawer next to the stove he pulled out a bottle opener and popped the top off. Placing it on the counter, he grabbed a knife out of the drawer and sliced a small sliver out of the lime. He slid it in the small opening of the beer bottle. Dave then walked it over to his guest. “Here you go!” he said to the young man lounging on the couch.

“Thanks man, you going to get one for yourself?” James queried.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” Dave said with a chuckle. He walked over to the counter and poured himself a glass of the red wine. Walking back over to the couch, he sat down next to the man of his dreams.

They engaged in some small talk about the flight and yesterday’s sports. Finally James looked over at the older man and asked, “Are you as horny as I am?” Dave nodded, realizing that he had been too afraid to make the first move.

Standing James walked over to each window, closing the curtains. “No reason to give them a free show,” he joked. Coming back towards Dave he stood in front of the smaller and said in a secure tone, “come on, stand up.” Dave was happy to have someone else taking charge.

James began the events by lifting his blue t-shirt over his head. Dave tried hard not to gasp at the beautiful flesh that was being unveiled in front of him. Long muscular arms tugged the shirt over the young man’s head. In front of him was the most striking male body he had seen in years. James had a tight athlete’s body, not the massive muscle of a bodybuilder, but the smooth and strong physique of a basketball or soccer player.

Dave was in lust. He was unable to move, paralyzed by the body in front of him. Realizing the effect he was having on the smaller man, James took matters into his own hands. He reached out and began to unbutton the older man’s shirt. Dave looked at the strong biceps of the younger guy. Each button caused a slight twitch in the strong muscles. Undoing the last button he brought his large hands back up to the other male’s shoulders and pulled the shirt off. Slowly it slid down Dave’s back and on to the floor.

The men faced each other bare-chested. The difference was significant. Dave was much shorter, thinner and softer. He was not in the physical class of the stud in front of him. James didn’t mind, he enjoyed being with older men. He loved the way they worshipped his strong body and huge cock.

Wanting to have the slight man relaxed, he reached down and picked up the wine glass from the table. “Here take a drink of this,” he said to his next conquest. Grateful, Dave took it from him and in one gulp finished off the almost full glass.

James grinned and asked, “Would you like a little more?”

“Yes please,” was the quick answer.

He walked over to the bottle and refilled the glass. Turning back, he smiled at the other man’s gaze. He had been transfixed on James’s firm ass. Now he was staring at the large bulge in the young man’s jeans.

Seeing that the moment has arrived, he walked close, closer than before. He knew that his masculine scent was going to have the right affect on the situation. Placing the glass on the table next to them, James put his hands on Dave’s shoulders and slowly began to guide him down to his knees.

Dave might have been new to this kind of meeting, but he was very experienced in heterosexual sex. As he descended he reached out with his small hands and caressed the firm chest of the dominant man. His finger grasped the small hard nipples beneath his hands. Twisting them hard, he felt a shiver go through James’s body.

Releasing the now stiff points, he ran his hands down to the marbled abs of the perfect specimen towering over him. Tracing the outline of the thick six pack, he thought back to the day when he had been in this kind of shape. It had been many years and the other muscle he had never measured up to what he was about to encounter.

Looking straight ahead, Dave was facing James’s full crotch. Even when he was hard, he never filled out his jeans this way. In a smooth tone, James spoke to the man on his knees in front of him, “Time to open what you came all this way to see.” Continuing he said, “I want you to take my pants off for me.”

Dave was more than happy to comply. Reaching out he grasped both sides of the thick material and pulled the button through the hole. Holding the top of the pants with his left hand, he pulled down on the zipper. The metal on metal sound of the zipper descending broke the silence of the room.

Bringing his right hand up, he tugged at both sides of the pants, trying to unleash the monster within. First the curly hairs of his crotch came into view. Dave realized that James wasn’t wearing any underwear. His breathing became very shallow. He swallowed hard as the denim fabric slipped off of paramour’s thin hips and down his powerful thighs.

In the blink of an eye, there it was staring him right in the face. The beautiful cock he had been dreaming about ever since he had seen its picture on the web. Still soft, the thick member stretched down a good five inches. The plump shaft was surrounded by two very large fur covered balls.

Hanging languidly in front of Dave’s face was a cock that was almost as long soft, as his was hard, and it looked to already be thicker than his average member. “Go ahead, touch it, that is why I’m here,” James said in an encouraging voice. Gaining confidence he reached out and wrapped his small hands around the soft cock. Pulling on the huge rod he marveled at the stretchiness the thick shaft possessed. He had never seen a cock this big up close, only in porno movies.

In high school he had experimented a couple of times with a friend, but his friend’s cock had actually been smaller than his own, not even as big as this one was soft.

James pushed his hips closer to Dave’s head. He knew what he was supposed to do next. Opening his mouth he pulled the spongy tube into his waiting mouth. The sensation of having this man’s tremendous cock in his mouth was better than he even imagined. The soft hose began to lengthen and stiffen filling his mouth as he suckled on the young flesh. Pulling back, his lips clamped tightly around the mushroom head, he watched as the shaft stretched longer than his entire cock.

Swirling his tongue around the growing head, he reached out and stroked the glistening shaft with his right hand. The flesh stiffened in his palm. Plunging back down he brought his lips until his lips met his hand. James let out a small moan and muttered “yeah that’s it swallow my thick cock.” Dave had very intention of trying to take as much of this swelling monster down his throat, but first he wanted to do something else.

Letting the long rod slide out of his hungry mouth, the smaller man grasped the nearly fully grown cock with both hands. Stroking back and forth the smooth skin was coated with the saliva from his earlier work. After what seemed to him to be only a minute, but was actually closer to five, the massive cock was now fully engorged.

Dave leaned back. The huge head was pointing straight at him. He took the throbbing monster in his hands and examined the substantial flesh. The shaft was a little broader than the head. There was a thick vein running across it at the middle. His hand barely reached around the huge tube. Dave had to squeeze tightly to get his index finger and thumb to meet. Even with both hands one on top of the other grasping the wide shaft, there was still the head and a couple of inches showing. He could not believe that any man’s cock could be the size of this young man’s member.

Lifting the tremendous weapon up, he pushed it against James’s belly. Starting at the base of his egg size balls, Dave’s tongue traveled along the length of the long shaft swabbing the younger man’s package until he was flicking the tip of his tongue against the underside of the flared head. Retracing his path the older man slid his mouth down until ended up with his tongue lapping the underside of James’s oversized balls.

This caused the younger man’s entire body to flinch. Opening his small mouth Dave allowed James’s jumbo sized nut to fall into his waiting mouth. The older man suckled gently on the egg, rolling it around is full mouth using his eager tongue. All the while his small hands stroked the long rod above his head. “That’s right suck on my big balls,” James moaned. “Yeah that’s it keep it up man.” Inwardly Dave beamed at his stud’s comments.

Dave couldn’t hold back his desire to swallow the powerful young man’s cock any longer. He released the large ball sack from his mouth and pulled the thick shaft towards his mouth. He was so aroused that spit was dribbling down the edges of his thin lips.

Taking a deep breath he slid the plum sized head over his bottom lip and into his waiting mouth. With uncompromised determination he pushed his mouth forward. Before he realized it, Dave’s mouth was pressed up against his right hand. The first four inches had entered his mouth with surprising ease. Ahead lay the first challenge. The broad head was now at the entrance to his throat. He removed both of his small hands and placed them on either side of the young man’s thin hips.

Composing himself for a split second, Dave pushed forward. He would not be denied. Grabbing the powerful ass of the stud lording over him Dave pulled the young man’s body towards him. The large head pressed against the opening of the older man’s throat. Suddenly there was a small pop. James lurched forward. His thick cock entered the accepting throat of the man on his knees beneath him. The smaller man stretched his mouth as wide as it would go as the remaining inches began to slide past his lips.

James groaned, “Yeah dude take my fat cock down your throat. You love my thick rod stretching out your throat.”

Dave could barely even nod in agreement. His small mouth filled to capacity with the thick pulsing man meat of his young paramour. Concentrating his eyes forward, Dave saw that he had swallowed almost all of his stud’s massive cock. There was only about an inch remaining outside of his eager mouth.

With one last effort, he pulled the younger man towards him and swallowed hard. Triumphantly he felt the curly hairs of James’s belly pressed against his nose. He had done it. What he first thought to be impossible had occurred. He had all nine inches of this young Adonis’s cock buried down his throat.

James was equally impressed and caressed the fine hair of the man worshiping his huge cock. “Man I can’t believe you did that on your first try,” he said in true admiration. Nobody had ever done that the first time they got on their knees in front of this strapping man. He had trained a couple of guys over months to swallow him to the root, but here was a small middle aged man, who had managed to do it on his very first attempt.

The excitement of the moment and the pressure of the tight throat on his long shaft began to make the thick cum bubble in his huge balls. Saving his jism for the shorter man kneeling in front of him, he had not jerked off in two days. His balls were filled to the brim.

Gaining confidence Dave began to swirl his tongue along the length of the rod imbedded in his mouth and throat. Swallowing in tandem, the flesh at the entrance to his throat was massaging further down the thick pole. The swimming he had done over the last few months had increased his ability to hold his breath, but finally he had to come up for air.

Gasping as the last of the long cock departed his mouth, the older man could not repress a smile. “I did it,” he proclaimed. “I took your entire cock down to the hairs. I didn’t think I could.” Gazing at the impressive man meat in front of him his eyes focused on the light glistening off of the spittle his talented throat had deposited along the pulsing shaft.

James looked down and said, “That was amazing man, but don’t leave me hanging. My balls are ready to burst, don’t stop now.” Realizing that he had gained a small measure of control with his remarkable oral talents, Dave smiled and looked up at the younger man. “Don’t worry, I have just started,” he said with confidence.

Pausing to take one more deep breath, Dave opened his mouth and began his assault. Unlike the first time, he slid down the thoroughly lubricated rod in one gulp. His gag reflex completely neutralized, he began to fuck the huge cock with his gifted mouth. James softly placed his hands on either side of the head of the man loving his lengthy cock, creating a rhythm between the two men.

James could not take any more of this amazing action, his abstinence over the last couple of days left him unable to hold back. His huge balls contracted up against his body. He moaned to the talented man, “Agghh I’m cumming dude!”

Dave pushed his hands against the younger man’s flat stomach pulling back until only the oversized head remained in his mouth. Reaching up he wrapped both of his thin hands around the massive shaft and started pumping the remaining inches.

He felt the first blast power through his fingers and out of the tip. Dave had no time to compose himself, as the next thick rope shot out after the first. He had only swallowed his one friend’s meager offering, so he had no clue as to how much his mouth was about to be filled.

Rope after rope spewed from the young man’s virulent cock. After about ten long discharges, Dave began to choke on the sheer volume now deep in his small mouth. Pulling back until only the tip remained Dave was able to swallow the initial load. Still another four or five shots left the large piss hole of his stud.

Finally the assault ended. A few small drops dribbled out of the still large cock. James’s cock twitched as it slowly shrunk just a little bit. Dave ran his finger from the base to the head to push out the remaining juice. Catching it with his fingers, he opened his mouth and licked the nectar off of his fingers and onto his waiting tongue.

James wobbled a bit and then composed himself. He placed his brawny hands under the arms of the man who had given him so much pleasure. Dave felt himself being lifted off of his knees. The powerful young man knew that his lover for the weekend did not want to kiss. Instead he enveloped the smaller man in his long powerful arms. Dave had never felt such strength around him. He felt warm and secure snuggled in the thick arms that easily controlled him.

“Whew, you sure drained a load out of me,” James said with a laugh.

“Yeah I guess I did,” Dave answered back barely containing a grin.

The taller man guided them back to the couch. Sitting down he gave Dave his glass and picked up his beer and took a swig out of it. “Damn you were so good, it didn’t even get warm.” Dave smiled at the obvious complement. “Man how did you learn to suck cock so well?” James queried.

The older man shrugged and said, “I watched a lot of porn and I know what I like. Your cock is so hot I had to try and swallow it all.”

They talked about sex and sports for awhile. Eventually the sex talk had James’s thick cock twitching again. “Look what you did,” he exclaimed. “All your talk his me hot again.” Dave grinned at the not too subtle dig. Reaching out, James grabbed the smaller hand of is sex toy and pulled him towards the bed. “I thought you would be more comfortable here,” he explained.

Before he got onto top of the bed, James turned to Dave and said, “You need to be like me.” With that he grabbed the buckle of the smaller man’s belt undoing it in one motion. Next he unclasped the button on his jeans. Dave shook his hips and slid them to the floor. His small cock tented the white jockey’s he had on underneath.

“Take all of it off,” James directed the older man. Knowing his small penis would in no way measure up to the monster in front of him, he hesitated. Growing impatient, James bent down and pulled the tight underwear down to Dave’s thin ankles.

Piling the pillows on top of each other James slowly lowered his lean body onto the bed. Putting his hands behind his head, the young man lay back waiting in the manner of a guy who is used to being served. His huge cock and muscular body had bewitched many an older man.

Dave was unaffected by the dominant pose. All his attention was focused on the soft, but still large cock lying against James’s muscular thigh. The slight man crawled up the mattress until his head was over the object of his desire. With more confidence, he suckled the warm flesh into his mouth. The experience earlier in the day helped enflame James’s libido and within a few minutes his long staff was at full attention.

Drawing back up, Dave plunged down taking the entire lengthy rod down his extraordinary throat while his tongue worked its magic sliding back and forth as inch after inch disappeared past his lips.

“Dude if you keep that up I’m going to come again,”James exclaimed. He had other ideas. “Come on back up,”he instructed. Dave looked at him quizzically. The dominant young man stated “I have other things in mind.”

Reaching down with his long arms, James opened the bag he had brought with him. Dave had been so mesmerized, that he hadn’t noticed that the tall man had carried the bag over to the bed. When his long hand came back up, Dave saw something that made his hard skip a beat. In the long fingers was a jar of Vaseline and a Trojan Magnum XL condom.

Dave thought to himself, Oh no, I can’t. James must have seen the fear in the eyes of the older man, as he reached out and stroked his clean shaven face. “Don’t worry,” he assured the scared man. I take care of you.”James’s hypnotic eyes had the desired effect, as Dave relaxed.

Rising to his knees, even on the bed James towered over the smaller man. Bringing his large hand down, he completely engulfed Dave’s smaller cock. Giving it a few tugs, brought a shudder to the weaker man. With little resistance he then pushed the soon to be christened bottom face down in the comforter.

Plunging his thick middle finger into the Vaseline, it came out coated with a thick glob at the end. Gently, but firmly, he rimmed the edge of the older man’s anus, coating the puckered lips. Pushing in, his thick digit pressed through any resistance and into the virgin ass.

Pulling back out, he brought his first two fingers into the expanding opening. When he got up to the second knuckle he heard an audible gasp coming from the mouth of the soon to be deflowered older man. Twisting his fingers, he spread the ass of this middle aged man.

Dave’s mind was awash with many emotions. He had always dreamed of giving head to a stud like James, but never in those dreams did the events which seemed to be inevitable occur. Still the god towering over him held a spell on the slight man which could not be denied.

Pulling his finger out of the expanded ass, James’s hands left the body of the prone man. In his position Dave could not see what was going on, but the sound of ripping foil told him what the large man was doing. His incredibly large cock must now be covered in latex.

Before he could think of much else James’s large hands were pulling at Dave’s hips bringing him onto his knees. The nervous man felt the powerful thighs of his superior spreading his legs apart. Then he felt the strong fingers pushing his shoulders down to the bed. His exposed ass was now the open target that James wanted.

Taking both thumbs and placing them on either side of the small opening he gave the bottom a small sample of what was going to occur. Removing his right hand he lifted his heavy cock and placed it at the cavity.

Cocking his thin hips he pushed forward. As expected the resistance was immediate. Regardless of what his initial feeling were, as soon as Dave felt the huge appendage violating his ass, the internal muscles involuntarily took over. Used to this reaction, James distracted the older man by grabbing his right nipple and giving it a sharp twist. The pain focused the Dave’s attention elsewhere and allowed James to get through the strong sphincter muscles in the smaller man’s butt.

Having slid the head and about three inches into the virgin ass, James stopped to allow his conquest to get used to the invasion. This was a normal occurrence for the younger man, but Dave’s mind and body had feelings and sensations never felt before.

Feeling the muscles of the tight ass relax even more, James started pushing again. He loved the feeling of a tight virgin asshole. With one last push he was buried to the hilt. His hips were pressed against the soft ass of the older man.

He never understood how anyone could prefer a pussy over a tight ass. Yes, he fucked both men and women, pussies and asses and there was no comparison.

Nothing gripped your cock as completely as a tight ass. Every inch of his massive nine inches was surrounded by this subservient middle aged man’s fiber. His being so long, James got tired of hitting the cervix on the sluts he could easily charm with his muscular body and confident way. No an ass was different he could go as deep as he needed to. The tunnel seemed endless.

Dave’s concentration was in the same area, but for a completely different reason. His ass was filled like it had never been before. Nothing larger than his wife’s middle finger had ever entered him. Now he had a stud’s horse cock, all nine thick inches, in his willing body.

The pressure was intense. He was impaled by this huge weapon. His puckered butt hole was screaming for relief. It felt like this young stud’s cock was going to come up and put of his mouth. The only thing that kept Dave from running was the incredible feeling the thick tube against his prostate. His small cock was about to burst from intense pleasure.

The older man tried to figure out a way to give himself relief, but it was no use, his own joy would have to wait determined by the Adonis lording over him. James began to with draw his massive rod until only the head remained. Then in one swift motion he plunged back in, forcing Dave’s head to bang against the wall of the hotel room.

The strong young man grabbed a pillow and shoved it between the man’s head and the wall, no need for hotel security to come knocking. Resuming his assault he picked up the pace. In and out he shoved his thick cock. Dave was torn, he felt filled to the bursting point when the thick rod was inside hi, but strangely empty when James took it out of him.

The tall man knew he was getting closer and closer to his next release. He wanted the smaller man to see his own pleasure and see what he had stuck into the body of his conquest.

Stopping for a second, he turned the weaker man on his side. Wherever James wanted him to go, Dave went. Lifting the older man’s leg up, he turned him onto his back. At no point did the thick cock leave its home.

Now face to face James resumed taking the last of this man’s anal virginity. All that was left was to deposit his thick cream deep in the other man’s bowels. Pushing Dave’s body with his cock, he got the man into a position where his head was up and he could see the tremendous skewering he was receiving.

James spoke out, “Look at it. See me spread your tiny ass with my huge cock.” Dave’s eyes were beginning to glaze over with the intense pleasure that the wide meat was giving hi now loose ass. Bringing his strong body over the top of the smaller man, Dave could smell the powerful musk emanating from the young stud.

His libido was totally taken over by the power of this dominant man. He could believe the next words which came out of his mouth. “Please take the condom off, I want to feel your firm flesh inside of me.” James smiled, and said “No problem dude.” He pulled his thick cock out of the orifice in front of him, and slid the rubber off of his thick tube.

Steadying his rod at the puckered opening, James was not going to be gentle this time. Slamming his cock into the weak man in one motion, the sound of Dave’s thin ass hitting the muscular body of the weaker man filled the room. Dave groaned in pain, his ass split wide open by the invasion of the massive rod.

James was ready for his juice to spill. With no regard for the man underneath him he pistoned his long pole in and out long and short faster and slower. Finally he felt his balls contract and the familiar tingling sensation running up and down the length of his enormous rod.

Grunting one last time he shot rope after rope deep into Dave’s willing ass. After what must have been fifteen spasms, he took a breath. Looking down at the dominated little man, James ran his finger along the length of his twitching small cock. That was all it took. Dave arched his back and spewed his own juice all over his thin chest.

Looking down he was amazed. He hadn’t shot that much since his teenage years. Wow what a day he thought.

Pulling his deflating cock out of the abused ass he saw the newly broken in asshole shut and keep all of his spunk locked tightly in his private chamber. James rolled to his left and wrapped his strong arm around the older man’s shoulder pulling him tight onto his firm chest. Dave couldn’t have resisted if he wanted to, but strangely, he felt a warmth and comfort that was new and exhilarating.

After a few minutes James got up and headed to the bathroom for a well deserved piss. Dave marveled at the firm taught butt on display. While in the bathroom, James yelled out, “I need a shower how about you?”

But that is a story for another day.

"The Front Runner" by Patricia Nell Warren - CoverSir Robert's Stories Home PageA week ago I reblogged a photo in my Tumblr of an old man proudly displaying his gay status on a sign. I added a simple message: “Let no one tell you who you should go to bed with”. I firmly believe in the right that all human beings have to decide if they want to have sex with males or females, one at a time or in groups, as long as all the participants give their consent. Today this is still a revolutionary concept for many, and constitutes unacceptable behaviour for some. Thus it is easy to understand the guts that Patricia Nell Warren needed to have in 1974, when “The Front Runner” was first published and became the first novel about gay love to become popular. Kudos to her!
Click here to see the full details of this novel on Amazon, which is also published in a Kindle edition.

Also, if you want to read more awesome sexy stories, you may proceed to my home page. And if you fancy sexy photos, you may have a look at my tumblr page.

Photo: “Louis Vuitton Condom” by zennie62 published under a creative commons license.

“Andee’s Hotel Adventure” by Andee – MMMF

Hotel Sign

It wasn’t every day that Andee had the chance to travel for work, but this time was exciting. She had been selected to attend a training session in Denver for a week and she was determined to make the most of the experience.

After checking into the hotel, she headed down to the lounge to get something to eat. It was a pretty quiet place, with only a handful of guests sitting at the various tables. Andee found an empty stool near the end of the bar and made small talk with the bartender. He seemed to be genuinely happy that she had sat there, as it gave him someone to chat with as he polished glasses and poured the occasional draft beer.

Andee asked if she could change the channel on the TV behind the bar, and the bartender obliged by handing her the remote. She scanned through some channels before settling on a medical documentary that was showing surgeries. Shortly afterwards, she heard a collective groan from behind her. She turned around to see a table of four guys all laughing.

“Come on, we’re trying to have a drink here,” said one of them. “Not watch some dude have his eye carved out.”

Andee smiled and apologized, saying she was just trying to find something other than sports.

“Well, why don’t you come over and join us … conversation has to be better than watching that gross stuff.”

Andee looked at the bartender, who gave her a knowing nod as if to suggest the guys were decent enough to join. He mouthed “I’ll watch out for you” and gave a little wink.

She got up and joined the four men, who she learned were in Denver for a sales conference. Steve, the one who spoke first, was in his mid-40s, married (she noticed his ring) and had a well-kept goatee. Dan, also in his 40s, looked like he was into fitness – not a bodybuilder, but his tight-fitting t-shirt revealed he was in shape; Connor was younger, probably in his late 20s, Andee suspected; while Tony was older, also married and rather quiet. Andee figured he was probably the “fatherly” one of out the group; whose job was to keep them on the straight and narrow during these conferences.

Andee told the guys about her trip to Denver and her plans for the week. As it turned out, the four were only in town for a couple days, but offered to treat her to dinner if she needed some company.

As the drinks kept coming, and tongues loosened up a bit, the conversation became a bit more relaxed. The young member of the group, Connor, had only been with their company for a year and was attending his first sales conference. Dan was recently divorced – leaving Steve, the obvious social convener to say that meant two of the group were “single and available.”

“What about you Andee … obviously, you are married because I saw the rings on your finger?” Steve asked.

“I am … 18 years now. And still loving it.”

“Really?” Dan interjected. “What is the secret to that?”

Andee wasn’t certain if his question was rhetorical or if he was being sincere. So, without committing too much information, she simply replied “A good sense of adventure and lots of communication.”

The five of them continued to chat about life, relationships and general nonsense until the bartender came over and announced last call. Tony looked at his watch and said it was a good time for him to head back to his room, despite his friends encouraging him to join them in one of their rooms for a few more drinks. He politely said goodnight and left.

“How about you Andee, why don’t you come up for another drink … we promise we’ll all behave like proper gentlemen,” Steve said.

Andee thought about it for a moment – as the guys all half-heartedly begged – and said she would join them but needed to slip up to her room for a minute. Steve told her what room they were in, and Andee headed back to hers.

She whipped through a quick “freshen up” process and dug through her suitcase to find the lace panties and matching bra she had packed to wear under her business suit; something a little sexier than the comfortable “travel” pair she was wearing. Knowing her husband would anticipate some sort of intriguing stories when she returned home, she had packed accordingly. She quickly slipped them on and wiggled back into her jeans. She swapped her casual sweater for something that buttoned up in front and left an extra button undone – just as a little teaser.

Quickly checking herself in the mirror, she grabbed her room key and headed for the guys’ room.

When she got there and made her way in, Steve offered her a drink and Andee looked for a spot to sit down.

“You know what they say about hotel bedspreads,” Andee said as she lifted the bottom corner of the one on the bed. It was a rhetorical question, but she found herself explaining about how they are the one item on the bed that doesn’t get washed as frequently. “And in hotels like this one, who know what people have been doing!”

The guys laughed. “Like what?”

Andee told them about some of the things she had heard about what goes on, and what gets on, in a hotel room. Each of them took turns trying hard to gross the others out; and gradually the conversation became very sexually-oriented.

“Guys, I think maybe it’s time for me to go. I don’t think I want to be the cause of any divorces,” Andee said just before swallowing the last ounce of beer in the bottle.

“Don’t go yet, we’re just having some fun. Besides, only Steve has to worry … Connor and I aren’t married. Which reminds me, you told us downstairs that one of the secrets to your marriage was ‘adventure’ but you never explained what that involved,” Dan asked as he sat down on the bed across from where Andee was sitting.

The silence wasn’t so much as “awkward” as it was “dramatic.” For most of the night Dan had come across as a little standoffish and cocky, but this time he was almost boyish. Andee gave him a slight curled smile and began to talk about how 10 years ago she made a conscious decision with her husband to explore what life had to offer and shed a whole array of hung-ups. She shared stories about going to lifestyle clubs and the time she turned her bi-curious thoughts into confirmed bisexual lusts.

The guys sat in blissful silence as she teased them with just enough information to peak their interest, but not reveal too much in the details. After holding their attention for several minutes with these stories, she then confessed what she described as, perhaps, her biggest “secret” – the fact that she was also living a naughty online life through an adult website.

Andee described how she and her husband had launched the website, explaining how it has added to the spark in the relationship, and introduced her to a whole new world of sexuality and experimenting. As she talked, Dan typed in the website address and opened up the homepage. The guys crowded around his laptop as the glanced through some of the stuff on the free side, commenting on how sexy she looked in this outfit and what kind of look they liked.

She asked for the computer for a moment, adding a “trust me” in her request, and then typed in her password to access the members’ side of things.

“If you liked the preview, you’ll really enjoy those,” she said with a hint of confidence in her voice.

She sat back on the bed and watched the reactions of the guys as they scrolled through some of the more revealing photos. She smiled as they commented, analyzed and sputtered as they surfed through.

“Wow, that is fucking hot,” Steve finally said. “I can’t even picture my wife letting me take pictures of her in her swimsuit, never mind something like that.” Andee noticed the bulge in his pants as he got up to make another drink. He gestured for her glass, so she walked over to the makeshift bar they had created on the dresser.

“Have you ever given a private show?” Cooper asked. He had been very quiet up until this point, but finally joined in the conversation.

“Like webcamming?” Andee replied.

“No … uh … I don’t want to sound crude, but like … you know … in person?” Andee smiled at Cooper’s youthful embarrassment and glanced at both Dan and Steve. All three guys were staring intently, waiting for an answer.

“Actually, no, I have never been naked in front of people that weren’t expecting to see me naked.”

“Want to be?” Andee was shocked at the question coming from Steve – the guy who supposedly was the one with the obligations back home.

“I bet you would like that,” she shot back and took a long sip from her drink while keeping her eyes firmly fixed on him.

“I know I sure as hell would,” injected Connor, who had obviously come out of his shell after a couple beers.

“Seriously, how hot would that be for your little website hobby? Imagine doing a photo shoot in a hotel room while some guys enjoy the private show in person. I bet that would really drive some traffic … and sales,” Steve added. “And we are in the business of sales.”

Andee couldn’t believe what she was hearing. At first it sounded just like some naughty banter, but now the guys were busy concocting a whole plan around how to set things up. She started to wonder how she might get out of this one when a really naughty idea crossed her mind.

“Well, here’s the problem, guys: I really appreciate all the advice and the suggestions, but you know, back home when I do my photo sessions, my photographer gets naked too. It helps me feel a little less … exposed.”

She thought that might be just enough to convince them the “joke” had reached its end … until Steve pulled off his shirt and unbuckled his pants. Dropping them to the floor and kicking them into a pile in the corner, he looked rather silly standing there naked except for his socks. Andee couldn’t help but laugh … and stare at his rather nice-sized manhood.

Before she could even comment, Connor was peeling off his clothes too. As he dropped his underwear past his ankles, Dan jumped off the bed and rooted through his suitcase. He pulled out his small digital camera and held it up for Andee to see.

“Looks like we’re ready,” he said and then stripped naked.

In a matter of minutes, Andee found herself as the only one still dressed … surprised and mildly turned on by the idea.

“Wow, you guys are serious,” she said. Thinking for a moment – and taking a good long look at the three naked men – she conceded: “Ok … despite my better judgment … and how I will ever explain this at home … I will agree to one photo set. But all of you need to follow my rules for this … agreed?”

Andee explained that she would pose for them, and they could take the photos, but had to remain on the bed as she did. Naturally, the three guys smiled and nodded in agreement. She was pretty confident in how she would look naked anyway. At 38, she was still in great shape, and always received a lot of compliments on how her legs looked.

She started to go through the routine of slowly unbuttoning her shirt as Dan snapped away on his camera. As she removed her clothes, she had him pass the camera to Steve and asked him to change spots so that the photos would have different angles. After a few minutes of this, she had him sit back down on the bed and hand the camera to Connor. Standing in front of the youngest guy, she reached behind her back and undid the clasp on her bra, slowly revealing her wonderful 36B breasts just inches from his face.

Andee was now down to just her panties. She told Connor how she wanted him to sit at the end of the bed and capture the angles as she removed her panties. He eagerly did as he was told and snapped away furiously. In her mind, Andee was enjoying the experience … her body, on the other hand was completely giving her away. As she pulled her panties off, they were almost dripping with her wetness.

She let Connor take a few photos of her laid out on the bed in playful poses.

“Ok, now I want all three of you to sit on that bed, facing me,” she instructed. As they did, Andee began to turn up the sexual heat. She started to play with her very wet pussy, masturbating and rubbing her clit. She was incredibly turned on.

As she sat in front of the guys, she could see that each of them was sporting hard-ons. She looked at Dan first and asked him to stroke himself. She watched intently as he wrapped his hand around his cock and began to stroke himself. After a minute, she told Steve to do the same. She took the camera from Connor’s hand and directed him to also stroke himself. Andee took a photo of the three men, claiming she wanted a little memory of her own; then took close-ups of each guy.

“Ok, there you go … one photo set all done,” she said, tossing the camera onto the bed. “Time for me to get dressed.”

She laughed as the guys all howled in protest.

“Sorry guys, but I’m too turned on to just sit and have a couple drinks. I need to get back to my room and finish what I started,” she teased.

“Oh my god, there is no way you can just stop,” Steve exclaimed. “You said you wanted it to be ‘just like at home.’ Do you leave your other photographer all worked up? Look at us!”

She smiled and took the few steps over to where Steve was sitting. Placing one hand on his thigh, just inches away from his cock, she leaned in close to his face and looked him in the eyes and then down to his lap.

“Yes, look at you,” she purred in Steve’s ear as she used her other hand to stroke him back to hardness.

Andee then turned and walked over to where they had left the desk chair and pulled it to a spot just between the two beds, and turned to the guys. Their eyes were fixated on her naked body, each of them still visibly erect. She picked up the camera and handed it back to Dan and then stepped in front of Connor. She reached down and wrapped her right hand around his cock and gestured for him to follow her to the chair. She had him sit down, and then she knelt in front of him.

“Make sure you get lots of shots,” she said, turning towards Dan. Andee then placed her hands on Connor’s thighs and licked his hard dick before taking him into her mouth.

At first she slid her tongue just around the tip as she inched her mouth further along. She loved how incredibly hard and strong his cock felt in her mouth, and already hot. Andee proceeded to work on him, picking up the pace as she got more and more into the blowjob. She was incredibly turned on by the thought of having this new man in her mouth – the first time in a very long time that she had sucked on someone other than her husband. The thought of it, and the increasing wetness of her own pussy, made her work even harder.

She could sense he was getting close, and not wanting it to end just yet, she stopped her oral assault on his cock. Connor groaned in slight dismay but seemed willing to play along as she whispered “soon lover, soon” into his ear.

Andee then told Steve to sit in the chair and repeated the act, bringing him to the brink of orgasm but not all the way.

Finally, she turned to Dan, who had been photographing the whole thing. He eagerly swapped spots with Steve.

Andee first had Dan take some POV photos as she sucked on his cock, putting on her best oral performance for extra effect. Every now and then she would look deeply into the camera, which obviously her new photographer liked as she would feel his erection between her lips pulse.

“It’s all in the eyes,” she said, pulling herself away from his cock momentarily.

“I liked it better when it was all in your mouth,” Dan shot back as he adjusted himself in the chair.

His erection was pointing straight up at the ceiling. Andee took the camera from his hand, aimed it at his lap and snapped off a few photos before wrapping her left hand around it and getting a close up … “Gotta get the wedding rings in there,” she cooed. “My husband will definitely enjoy that.”

Andee then straddled Dan’s lap, his large erection sliding between her wet pussy lips but not inside her just yet. She proceeded to give Dan a bit of a grinding lap dance, blending her saliva with her wetness.

“Get a few from behind,” she asked Steve as she handed him the camera. She firmly held Dan’s cock in her hand as she continued to torment the man underneath her. She lifted her breast to his mouth and moaned as he sucked on her nipple.

“When was the last time you had that inside a woman,” she asked Dan, remembering his sarcastic claims about divorce and relationships. “…feels like it has been a while.”

Dan could only grunt in reply as Andee kissed him deeply. They continued with their French kiss, each other’s tongues aggressively searching the other’s mouth. Andee stroked the rock hard cock between her legs for a few seconds and then placed the head against her dripping pussy. With one hot thrust, she slid all the way onto Dan and ground herself against his pelvis.

“Holy fucking moly,” Steve mumbled from behind them as he clicked away.

Andee flexed her hips as she rode Dan’s cock, pushing down hard against him each time. She was practically purring with sexual delight. She could feel the head of his large dick pressing against her cervix as she did. “Gawd that’s so deep,” she said, adding the occasional “fuck” and “you’re so hard” to the moment. She rode her divorced friend for a few minutes, enjoying the incredible feeling of having a new cock buried in her cunt. For her, it had been years since she enjoyed having someone other than her husband between her legs.

Sensing Dan was about to cum; feeling his cock grow just a bit harder like men do just before they reach the point of no return, Andee pulled herself off of him and climbed onto the bed. She grabbed Steve around his hips, pulling his cock towards her mouth. She went to work with her mouth on her new friend as Connor scrambled onto the bed beside her. Lying on his back, his young dick was pointing straight up like a flag pole.

Andee let Steve slide out of her mouth and she turned her attention to Connor. As she sucked on him, she felt Dan’s fingers ease into her wet cunt. She moaned her approval and he picked up the pace of slipping in and out of her.

After a few minutes of this, Andee could sense things were heating up to an incredible climax. She moved so that she was straddling Connor as he lay on his back and she could still suck on Steve. For a moment she was totally lost in the sexual high of having the two men … until a new sensation came from behind her. Andee growled loudly as she felt the last of her new lovers push the head of his hard cock into her anus. She had to stop sucking on Steve’s dick to catch her breath and try to relax her muscles so Dan could slide all the way into her from behind. She was now completely stuffed with cock.

For her, it was hard to focus on what felt best. This was truly one of her ultimate fantasies come true. Andee threw herself into the moment, sucking and fucking for all she was worth, pausing every now and then to moan and catch her breath. If anyone was in the room next door, there would be no doubt about the sexual antics going on.

Andee could feel the cock in her ass grow very rigid as she heard Dan saying over and over “Fuck that’s tight …” Then with one deep push she could feel his orgasm pulsing in her ass. She took her mouth off Steve’s massive cock for just a moment while she encouraged Dan to cum deep inside her.

“That’s it baby, fill my ass … fill me up,” she purred as she pushed back hard against his throbbing dick.

The sensation proved to be too much for the young member of the group and suddenly Connor was filling her pussy with his own cum.

She kept stroking the dick that was just inches from her face, leaning her forehead on Steve’s thigh as she let the two cocks buried in her throb and twitch with pleasure. Her lower half was on fire from the fucking, but she was still hungry for even more.

Andee rolled off Connor’s used cock and pulled Steve towards her. Lying on her back, she spread her legs while so he could slide his erection into her.

“Would you fuck your wife with sloppy seconds,” she growled, directing him to the cum-soaked opening of her pussy. Steve placed his hands on either side of Andee’s head, facing her as she rubbed the head of his cock along her swollen cunt.

“I’d fuck her so hard she’d taste it in the back of her mouth,” he shot back, ramming his full length into her. Andee let out a load groan as Steve’s swollen dick slammed deep into her.

Reaching down between her legs, she rubbed the little spot just to the side of her clit; the one that would quickly make her cum. She matched Steve’s thrusts faster and faster as she felt the sensation rising within her. Then, as her lover continued his delightful pounding of her pussy, Andee arched her back and let out a grunt as she quivered through her own orgasm.

She hardly noticed the sound of the camera clicking away, as Dan had resumed his responsibility of cameraman for the evening.

Then, just as she was starting to go through the notion of what these souvenirs would mean back at home, she was drawn back to the sensation of the steel hard cock driving in and out of her pussy. Steve was nearing his point of no return. Andee pushed her hips up off the mattress to match her partner’s movement and squeezed her muscles as tight as she could around his erection. Steve let go with a loud grunt as he unleashed his cum deep into her.

After a minute of pumping in and out, he flopped down on top of Andee in exhaustion, taking a moment before he rolled off her.

“Now that was tasty,” Andee whispered into Steve’s ear, reminding him of what he said just minutes before.

Lying there in a big, sweaty pile, the foursome each tried to catch their breath.

“And that, guys … is why you always pull the comforter off the hotel bed,” Andee said, giggling with a blend of sexual exhaustion and satisfaction.

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