“Christmas Post Party Went Out With A Bang” by HerHappyHubby – MMMF

Christmas Tree


Kim and I were married in our early twenties, and by no means was she experienced in any way sexually, having been intimate with only me. In most ways it was great because she’d learned sex exactly the way I liked it. Still, I’d always thought she had a terrifically hot bod, and was pleased when I caught someone else taking notice of her charms.

Deep down inside I always thought it would be hot to watch someone bury their bone deep inside her, and bring out the slut in my faithfully hot little housewife. Also I wondered if she’d ever thought about what it would be like, but of course she wouldn’t ever admit to something like that.

Kim is about 5’3 with long dark curly hair, big brown eyes, and a smile that’d warm the cockles of your heart. It’s the rest of her body that warms most everything else. Despite her Italian heritage, she has the milkiest white skin, with huge perfect melon shaped tits. Rounding it all, she has killer thighs and just a great shape. I love it when she wears her boy shorts, or simply cutoffs with a tank top. Then again so does most all the guys I know.

Anyway, during the first year of our marriage, we decided to make as many Christmas parties as we could that season, mostly my friends, and of course the company parties. It was after her company Christmas party that our life changing event took place.

We’d cut out of the party about midway because it frankly was boring, except for some of the drinkers getting buzzed. She told me one or two even hit on her while I was away at the bathroom. Although she’d had a couple rum punches herself, she still wouldn’t admit
anything, and didn’t seem like she was into it herself. We decided to have one for the road, and split. I asked the bartender to double hers up because I figured she’d never taste it anyway. I was right.

I told her we’d stop of at Kevin’s to cop a little smoke to finish off the night with class. She was reluctant, but agreed nevertheless. When we arrived, I had to help her a little up the stairs as she was feeling the rum. It was great feeling that soft body moving against me as we staggered up the stairs together. Kevin opened the door and greeted us, giving Kim the once over.

When I explained what I’d hoped to get, he ushered us into the den where three of his friends were already getting buzzed. After introducing us, and getting the general feeling I’d led my lovely bride into a den of wild men, we all had a couple hits off a joint that they were passing around.

Kevin waved me over to join him in another room to score, but It was plain that the mirror we saw on the den wall was a two way mirror. I was glad to see I could still keep an eye on poor Kim as I’d left alone with the guys.

I noticed Dave and Billy had moved to the couch on each side of her. Dave was talking her up, telling dirty jokes and sexy stories as she obviously was enjoying them. Billy had moved his hand onto her leg, starting at her knee, but had inched his way up onto her thigh. The black slip dress she was wearing wasn’t doing a very good job hiding her assets, and with his help was now above the top of her thigh high black stockings.

She was leaning back talking to Dave who’d begun to stroke her arm and shoulder. I was beginning to wonder how far she would let them go, or if she had the willpower to stop them at all at this point. I wondered too if I had the willpower to stop them at this point.

Kevin commented how attractive she looked tonight, and said he was surprised she’d let them get that far. I nodded as he continued to talk did I wonder how far she’d let them get before she stopped them. I said I bet she would stop soon, but would let it go as far as she would. He laughed.

It wasn’t long until Billy was under the skirt and drawing little circles on the soft fleshy part of Kim’s inner thigh. Dave had started another joint and they each took a couple hits, adding to her excitement. Soon Dave had the straps down on her dress to where her tits were dangerously close to popping out.

She gasped, I guess because Billy’s hand was now brushing her pussy mound, still covered by her silk panties. It seemed like this was the point where it’d stop, as she was putting up a little protest, but to no avail. the guys weren’t taking no for an answer.

I began to get up to go help, but Kevin reminded me of our bet. “Let it play out a little more just to see. Sometimes the married ones feel they have to put up a defense, even though they want to.” I sat back down.

Dave kissed her now with deep tongue kisses, and finally succeeded in exposing her tits, as Billy now had a full hand feel on Kim’s pussy, indiscriminately slipping a finger or two into her cunt.

She was getting hot now, and all vestiges of protest were rapidly disappearing. Dave slid her down onto the couch where he was milking her tits for all they were worth, while his cohort had pushed up her dress, and slid off her panties.

I was shocked seeing my wife act like this but very turned on as each moment passed and they got bolder. Billy’ s head went down between her legs, and he was doing an apt job of tonguing Kim’s pussy as she writhed around. Dave’s huge cock had appeared and Kim now had a lip lock on it.

Watching Kim suck Dave’s cock gave me chills knowing how good it felt to have those lips on mine. After numerous orgasms, it was obvious that Kim was in heaven, being ravished like this. Todd who’d been sitting watching the whole ordeal got up and dangled his big black cock at her lips.

We’d never even talked about interracial sex before, and here she was about to get her first taste of it. Well she handled them both like a pro, seeming to linger on Todd’s, as it grew before her eyes. It was a huge thing, and I began to imagine it buried deep in her cunt. I decided that I was going to be there when she lost her married cherry and see it firsthand when she got fucked for the first time by someone other then me.

By the time I got in to the room Billy had positioned himself between her spread legs, and had begun to fuck her steadily. When she opened her eyes and saw me it was as if she’d completely lost control, and was lost in raw lust. After pumping my wife full of his sperm, Billy gave way to Dave, who likewise stuffed her pussy full.

By this time, I was holding her hand myself, and along with Kevin sucking on her tits. When Dave finally crawled off, and Kim was still breathing hard, Todd began to stuff his black monster into her full pussy. It still took effort to get it in all the way, despite being full of cum. She seemed to love having it in her the way she moaned and bucked against it. It didn’t take long however until he too was finished.

Kevin settled for spilling his all over her tits, which she now loves to have happen. I finally got a chance to fuck my bride after and she felt so loose and wet that it was an incredible feeling that I hope to one day repeat.

After she got up to use Kevin’s shower, he gave me a smoke freebie, thanking me for not being uptight, and that he’d always wanted to into Kim thinking she’d be a slut if the circumstances were right.

For her part Kim totally enjoyed the experience, and seems a more free spirit, and somewhat liberated, and although I have shared my lovely wife with Kevin post orgy, we haven’t repeated the gangbang of my wife. There’s always hope though that some night after a party…

Now that I’ve gotten my wife literally over the first hump or three rather, it’s been a absolute pleasure that we’ve shared together over and over between the two of us. We’re still crazy in love, but share a newer deeper sense of intimacy. Try it, you never know, she may say… yes, yes, yes! It was a Christmas I’ll never forget.

Red BabydollI know, I know, I promised that the next story I was going to publish was a naughty lesbian tale. Sorry but I came across this one and, being Christmas time, I couldn’t resist the urge to publish it right now. 😉  Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Photo: “Christmas“ by Joe Buckingham with a creative commons license.

“My Wife and the Glory Hole” by Derek Cage – MMF

Glory hole

My wife Sara and I were out celebrating our fourteenth anniversary. She was 36 at the time and I 37. We had no set plans and decided to begin with dinner at a nice restaurant. We finished both our dinner and the pitcher of margaritas we ordered. Upon leaving decided that neither of us should be driving. Instead we decided to walk around the city.

Several blocks away, we came across an adult arcade/bookstore and I kidded her about going inside. She had never been in one and was curious to see what it was like. Who was I to stop her? The store was rather crowded with about a dozen men and two other couples. Everyone looked fairly normal. Most of the single men were looking at magazines and rental movies.

Sensing her nervousness, we joined the other couples in the rather tame section containing lotion, novelties and cards. Before long we boldly moved to the section containing the vibrators and dildos were she marveled at the variety of designs and sizes. It was incredibly erotic watching Sara in front of so many strangers examining the large rubber dildos. By the look in her eyes and deep concentration, I could only imagine what was going on in her mind. I’m sure she was thinking what it might be like to have the different sizes and thick nesses inside her, pleasuring her.

Although extremely attractive and sexy, Sara hadn’t dated much before we married and had little sexual variety. She had even told me that the few guys she had slept with before we met were all smaller than me and she couldn’t imagine handling anything much bigger than mine.

I broke her concentration by nudging her towards the video arcade. Hand in hand, we selected a small dark unoccupied both toward the back. I locked the door and pulled her into a passionate embrace. In the darkness, we could hear sounds coming from the booths next and near by. Most were the sounds from the videos playing of people moaning during sex, but we also heard various muffled noises from the people in the booths.

I broke off the embrace to put a few dollars in video machine. A video of a woman being serviced by several well-hung men began playing. It was clear from both of our obvious states of arousal that this was going to end up with us having sex in the booth until we were both fully satisfied.

I stood behind her letting my hands roam under her blouse, rubbing her firm breasts and rolling her nipples between my fingers while she watched the woman in the video on her hands and knees sucking one big cock while another was thrusting in and out of her cunt. Sara unbuttoned and removed her blouse in order to give me better access. She reached behind her back and fondled my erection through my bulging jeans. She proceeded to unbuttoned & unzip my jeans and pulled my hard on free.

Her hands began squeezing and stroking my hard naked cock. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants. With her still in front of me I pulled her skirt up above her waist and pushed her panties down to her knees. She took the hint and stepped out of them and removed her skirt leaving her completely exposed from the waist down.

As I watched her do this, I noticed a glory hole between our booth and the one next door. I also noticed in the darkness, someone was looking through the hole watching us. If the guy did not have his face up against the hole, we would have easily seen into the other booth. The sudden realization that someone was watching us – my wife stroking my dick and me playing with her pussy, sent a jolt of excitement through me. Sara had no idea what was happening.

I ran my hands through her soft mound and spread her lips wide with both hands to show our guest how beautiful her cunt was. I began inserting a finger into her sex and discovered that she was soaked and ready for action. I continued to finger fuck her with two fingers from one hand and played with her engorged clit with the other.

Sara’s body looked magnificent, on display in the video’s dim light as she lean back against my chest. I looked at the hole several times and could make out that we were still being watched. I then had her sit on the bench seat beside the hole. She reached out, grabbed my cock and pulled me directly in front of her. She began licking the head of my cock with her talented tongue. The voyeur was getting a fantastic show.

I decided to tell her that someone was watching us and pointed to the hole. She looked, gasped and tried to fix her clothes. I quickly grabbed her hands and told her that it was ok. She looked at me for several seconds and then asked me “If I was sure?”

I replied by guiding her head back to my throbbing cock. She smiled at me and enthusiastically began sucking me I think partially due to her own excitement and also in an attempt to put on a good show for our voyeur. She looked so damn sexy with her lips around my cock – her eyes alternating between looking up into mine and looking at the hole.

To both of our surprise, our voyeur slowly began inserting his own cock through the hole. Sara moaned around my cock as she watched the stranger’s cock coming into our booth. I think she moaned because it was apparent that this was no ordinary cock. It was huge and it was a beautiful ebony color. It easily rivaled the largest dildos we had looked at just minutes ago. The cock was still mostly soft and was already easily 8 inches long and thicker than my normal sized tool.

I was now reeling at the kinky sexual possibilities that were now before us. Sara stopped sucking and looked up at me as if she were waiting for me to tell her what to do. I asked her if she wanted to try to make it hard. I guess that she had the same idea because she quickly grabbed it with both hands and started rubbing up and down its massive dark length. She never took her eyes off of it as she exclaimed, “It’s big and it feels good.”

I never imagined I would ever see Sara playing with another man’s cock, but it was certainly something I was immensely enjoying as I began playing with my own cock. Sara had managed to bring the faceless, bodiless cock to full attention, as it expanded in both length and thickness. It now pointed up into our booth to what I would have to guess was at least 10″.

I’d never touched another man before, but I had to admit that this was absolutely the most awesome specimen of manhood that I have ever seen. I reached down and placed my hand next to hers on the huge muscle. It was almost hot to the touch, hard and soft at the same time.

I knelt down so that we were both eye level with this impressive shaft and I began rubbing the shaft against Sara’s face. Back and forth across her cheeks, her forehead and finally her lips. As I was doing this, Sara’s hands went between her legs as she played with her clit. I don’t think she consciously realized that she was doing this.

At that moment, I wanted to see her suck this big cock or at least suck as much as she could possibly get into her mouth. I asked her if she wanted to take it in her mouth and she looked into my eyes and nodded yes. Still holding the cock, I held it just behind the smooth head and I began rubbing the tip right across her lips. I told her to open up and as she did, I feed just the head inside. Her tongue licked all over the head up to my fingers. I than feed her a few more inches which allowed her to really start using her whole mouth.

Soon she had as much of this large cock as she could fit in her mouth. I began pumping the cock in rhythm with her sucking. With my other hand, I resumed playing with her dripping pussy. Eventually she switched to sucking the cock with a twisting action. I have enjoyed this technique many, many times.

She pleasured the shaft for at least 15 minutes while I teased her clit and continued to slide two fingers in and out. I knew that her poor mouth must have been getting tired. I wanted to fuck her badly yet couldn’t tear myself away from watching her giving this erotic blowjob to a complete and perfect stranger.

It was extremely erotic to see Sara’s pale white checks bulging with the big black shaft. I began to wonder if she would be willing to let this massive black rod into her sweet juicy pussy while I watched and helped or if we could accomplish that in the confines of the small booth.

What Sara did next both surprised and shocked me. She took the cock from her mouth and kissed me passionately on the mouth. As her tongue snaked into my mouth, she began rubbing the cock against both of our faces. It was covered with her saliva. It felt so hot and wet on my face as she pulled it down closer to our kiss.

We soon began kissing each other all around the shaft, lips rubbing back and forth, and our tongues teasing each other’s by darting and flicking underneath. I was completely lost. The world was receding. There was nothing real in the world to me right then but Sara, our mouths and this beautiful long hard dark penis. I would never have done this to another man, but this was not a man, this was just a cock and nothing more, for Sara and I to share in our privacy.

As I followed the path of her tongue, she led me from the cock’s base all the way to its head. Her tongue pulled away slightly, leaving me to stop with the tip of the head perched in between my open lips. I paused and looked into her eyes. Sara smiled and asked me if I wanted to finish what she had started. I didn’t need to answer, as she knew as much as I did, how badly I wanted and needed to do this. She gently pushed my head forward as I began sucking my first cock.

I held the shaft with both hands and tried to suck as best as I could. My only experience was that of having the same done to me countless times. I closed my eyes as I concentrated, and I felt Sara’s familiar mouth now engulfing my own rock hard cock. I matched her rhythm, strokes and tongue movements in order to give this stranger’s cock the same pleasure that I was receiving.

I could feel the shaft in my mouth throbbing in unison with my own. The world further receded. Now I was only aware of my throbbing prick and my mouth. The rhythms, the sucking, the tongues, the pleasure was all the same. It was as if I were sucking my own cock. I could not last much longer nor did I want this to end.

Sara could tell I was close as she increased her intensity. I did the same. I was cumming. I could feel the pulsing, shooting jet after jet of cum into her mouth. The cum tasted sweet and salty and it easily filled her mouth – my mouth. It took me a few seconds to realize that it wasn’t just me that was cumming. He blasted against the roof of my mouth, filling it. I swallowed three times, still had a mouthful and the cock was still cumming.

I pulled back as another jet splashed my cheek. Sara was now beside me and quickly guided it to her mouth as the next shot covered her tongue. She engulfed the ebony prize as it gave up its last few shots. Now totally spent, the ebony pole soon began to soften as she let it slip from her mouth. She turned to me and we kissed. Our tongues pushed cum into each other’s mouth as we played and savored the taste. I held her in a loving embrace as we licked the remaining cum from each other’s lips, chins and cheeks.

I looked at the wall. The cock was gone. I could see into the next booth and it was now empty. As we were recovering from the sexual high, someone else entered the next booth and began watching us. Another stranger was getting to see Sara’s naked body. Her breasts were magnificent and I know the voyeur had a good view of her wet unfucked pussy. I meant to remedy that soon.

Sara smiled at me and we dressed in front of our new voyeur. Once dressed, we exited the booth and headed out of the store but not before purchasing a souvenir. We could not get home fast enough, but as soon as we did, I brought her to five orgasms with her new 10″ black toy. I had a feeling that our sexual adventures had just begun.

"The Voyeur" by Tinto Brass - CoverVoyeurism… People observing others… There is a hot film called “The Voyeur” and directed by Tinto Brass, in which Dodo, a professor of French literature, is downhearted because his wife is cheating him, her behavior elusive. In his desperation, Dodo becomes a voyeur, an onlooker for the sexy antics of those around him, rather than an active participant in his own life. Lesbian scenes, cuckoldry, orgies and sex in public, all of them combined with voyeurism in this great movie. Recommended by Sir Robert!

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The picture that illustrates the tale you have just read has a story of its own. Although it may seem to be depicting a glory hole, a really shiny and funny one if truth is to be told… it is not. The picture was made to a missing faucet in one of those kitchens Ikea has in their stores. I am positive that no Ikea decorator ever thought that his magnificent idea of labeling the faucet with “Try me” could be misunderstood in such a particular way. However, now his inspired thought has become a meme.

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Photo: “Ikea glory hole” by GorillaSushi published under a creative commons license.

“Sheila’s Wish” by Pussy Barber – Part I – MFF

Paralized Orgy

Sir Robert's Stories Home PageDear smut lovers: Today’s story is a special one. Sheila is a 23 years old young woman with lots of really naughty wishes. As she has such a vivid imagination, all her hungers do not fit in a single short story, so her mischievous adventures have been divided into three parts. You can read and enjoy each individual part separately and I promise that the other two will be published in the following days. Here you have the first installment. As always, I hope you really fancy it.

Yours faithfully, Sir Robert

In Queensland Australia there’s a city called Brisbane. And just a few miles inland from this major city is another, smaller town named Toowooba. In this much smaller town is a night club named Tellbury’s. Alt Tellbury’s, anything goes. Australia has these types of clubs all over the continent. These downunder clubs are known as nookie clubs. That means that you go there to have sex, any kind of sex you want. This story is about one of those clubs and the people in it.

Sheila moaned loudly, causing most everyone to look her way. Her naked form seemed to be stretched out, even on her hands and knees, her body looked long and lithe. Behind her a man held her hips, pulling the two of them together. Sheila moaned again, wondering if she should not have given in to her fantasy. The man’s cock felt enormous as the greasy head of his cock slowly pushed through her anus. Sheila had never felt this full of cock before, nor had she experienced anything so powerfully lustful in all her 23 years. His cock pushed deeper into her ass, feeling to Sheila as though he was moving up into her belly. Somewhere in the back of her mind Sheila knew the head of his cock had slipped past her sphincter, now if she could only stop the massive, gripping spasms of her asshole she might really enjoy her first butt fuck. Her long golden hair hid her face hanging between her arms which supported her upper body. Sheila realized that her hair was a damp, sweaty, tangled mess but somehow that seemed fitting for the moment. Just as she wondered if this man’s cock would ever stop filling her butt. The man thrust the last one or two inches of his butt- warming cock into her, forcing another moan from her.

Sheila saw the woman’s knees in front of her and felt gentle hands brushing her hair out of the way. Looking up she saw the sexy bedroom eyes of her best friend. The darkness of Erika’s Latin skin next to hers always made Sheila wonder about sex with another woman. But she had always thought of trying her first bisexual encounter privately, not here; not in the middle of a swinger’s club orgy room! She was nervous enough about having sex with her friend Jim in a room full of strangers. But it was Erika who agreed to come along and be her “guardian”. Now Erika’s hands lifted her face so that she could see Erika smiling down at her. Momentarily Sheila’s eyes locked on the firm mounds of Erika’s dark breasts which she knew were the same size (and perhaps as sensitive) as Sheila’s own. The look in Erika’s eyes said something to Sheila. Just as she began to wonder about that look, Jim began to withdraw, causing her to moan again as his cock left a void deep in her body. Sheila looked down between her legs, seeing her naked body, her newly shaved pussy, and Jim’s legs behind her. As Jim thrust again Sheila could feel her body filling with cock, making her whole body tingle and shudder.

“You look so sexy!” Erika whispered into Sheila’s ear. Sheila pushed back against Jim’s pressing hips, taking his cock to the hilt up her ass. “You’re doing it!” Erika whispered again, “How does it feel to get your ass filled with a cock?” Sheila just moaned, her body quivering.

Jim started pumping a little faster, letting Sheila ride the ripples of pleasure he was sending through her body. As he found an easy rhythm, Sheila felt hands on her back, sides and her breasts. Suddenly someone was pinching and twisting her nipples just the way she liked, sending a jolt of spasming electricity directly to her pussy. Something was dribbling it’s way down her right thigh and Sheila didn’t immediately realize it was her own juice.

Her concentration was broken momentarily by Erika’s sudden movements. Before she knew what Erika had done, the slender, tan brunette was laying underneath Sheila, her tongue finding Sheila’s swollen and slick cunt lips. The shock of it made Sheila jerk when she felt Erika’s tongue but strong hands, Jim’s and Erika’s kept her hips still. Erika began lapping at Sheila’s dripping cunt, sucking the lips, licking around her friend’s hole with hungry abandon. Sheila realized that there were at least twenty people watching her, seeing her naked with a cock throbbing in her butt and another girl sucking her gushing bare cunt. She could feel her orgasm rising deep within her, deeper and stronger than she’d ever felt before. It was building up to what felt like an explosive climax and as much as Sheila tried to think her mind was pulled back to the sensations of Jim’s warm, rigid flesh in her ass and Erika’s tongue flickering over her clit. It was as though her brain threatened to melt and flow out her cunt into Erika’s mouth! It was when Sheila felt how wet Erika’s face was between her legs that she realized how wet she’d become. The thought of Erika lapping her juices sent Sheila over the edge.

She cried out as her body suddenly convulsed and spasmed. Each movement caused ripples of pleasure and pain to shoot through her body. Sheila’s powerful climax forced her ass to bear down hard on Jim’s iron-like rod, jolting her with an unaccustomed pain, only to be wiped away by the feeling of Erika’s lips and tongue lapping her slick, slippery cunt. The soft warmth of Erika’s skin against hers made Sheila cum again and again. Finally both Erika and Jim stopped moving to let Sheila catch her breath.

“Oh, so very nice.” Jim whispered, his cock still deep in Sheila’s asshole. Sheila moaned, her body still aroused but slightly shocked at it’s own intense reaction. Erika’s hands roamed over Sheila’s back, giving her the feeling of floating in ecstasy. She floated mentally until she realized that her hips were moving slowly, erotically, to milk at Jim’s cock still rigid in her ass. Erika’s movements brought Sheila back to reality. Sheila put a hand on Erika’s hip, causing her to stop.

“My turn.” Sheila said softly, lowering her mouth to Erika’s trimmed pussy. Sheila inhaled her friend’s fragrance then, as sensuously as she could, ran her tongue down the full length of Erika’s pussy. Sheila’s tongue found Erika’s entrance, circling and teasing, then tasting her. Jim slowly started to fuck Sheila’s ass again, pushing her face between Erika’s widely spread legs with his rhythm. All three of them seemed to pick up their speed in unison. It wasn’t long before Sheila was moaning into Erika’s cunt making Erika arch up against her. Jim’s thrusts were becoming lustful and wanton, his hips slamming against Sheila’s tight ass. Sweat dripped from Jim’s face onto Sheila’s back and ass, awakening her to the feel of her own sweaty, slippery body sandwiched between two other naked bodies.

Murmurs from around her finally penetrated to her brain. Sheila fully realized people were watching her, ass raised and full of cock, her face wet with another girl’s cunt juices and her tongue lapping the creamy cum flowing from her best friend. A few words hit Sheila’s brain and they seemed to run down her nerves to deep inside her cunt. A woman’s voice came first. “…So sexy…” Then a man’s. “…Never have guessed she likes it up the ass…” Another woman’s “…let her lick my clit…” All of these phrases hit Sheila’s brain and suddenly an image flashed through her mind that sent her skyrocketing. A woman’s voice added to it coming from behind her. “Cum in her ass. Squirt it up her tight little ass.” Sheila laid her face against Erika’s mound and began moaning loudly, her orgasm rising again quickly. Jim started pumping her ass very fast, his cock seeming to swell up deep inside her.

“Oh! Oh! Uhh! YES! Cum in me!” Sheila cried, feeling Jim’s cock stretch her ass even more. “Give it to me! Cum in my ASSHOLE!”

Jim cried out at Sheila’s outburst. “I’M GONNA CUM!”

“YES” Erika and Sheila cried out together. Then Erika continued, “I want to feel you squirt!” It was then that Erika managed to slip two fingers into Sheila’s tight, slippery hole, her fingers feeling Jim’s cock, even the head of his cock, through the thin wall separating them. Jim felt Erika’s fingers too, and it was too much. Jim slammed home, deep into Sheila’s ass, making the little blonde squeal.

“HERE! NOW!” Jim cried out.

Sheila felt the first throbbing gush of Jim’s sperm as it rushed into her ass. A rippling pulse went through Sheila’s ass. Jim’s second spurt followed quickly and Sheila began to cum too, Erika’s thumb rubbing her clit. Both Jim and Sheila quivered as their bodies orgasmed. Sheila’s eyes rolled back in her head, the feeling of Jim’s sperm flooding deep into her ass kept her reeling for long moments.

Again, words began bringing her back to reality. “She’s really hot.” A woman’s voice said. “I’d love to give her a butt full of cum too.” A man’s voice added. From nearby a woman’s sexy voice said “That was really hot, I’m soaked just from watching her.” A man’s voice, perhaps the previous woman’s man, added “she’s almost as sexy and slutty as you are.” Sheila blinked in the dimly lit room, seeing other people naked and resuming their own adventures. The identity of the voices would remain a mystery, for now. Sheila’s body felt limp and relaxed though Jim’s cock was still fairly hard in her ass. It was when Erika started to slide out from under her that Sheila felt Jim’s cock move, causing her to tremble again. Slowly, carefully, Sheila crawled on her hands and knees away from Jim’s cock, feeling him ease out of her tight hole. Just as the head of his cock spread her hole again, gentle fingers pulled her cunt lips. Sheila jerked involuntarily, squeezing the head of Jim’s cock out of her asshole with a slippery feeling. This sent ripples of pleasure through Sheila and she moaned softly. Erika stretched out next to Sheila, a hand on her friend’s back. Sheila looked at Erika’s face, as if seeing her for the first time as a beautiful woman.

“How do you feel?” Erika asked.

“Like I’ve been fucked by a horse!” Sheila smiled dreamily. “I… I never guessed that you… that you…”

Erika smiled. “That I wanted to take you to bed?”

Sheila nodded, her eyes widening. “It just seemed like the perfect time to find out.”

Sheila laughed quietly, “Oh my was it ever the right time!” Both women laughed, their shared moment softening as they looked at each other. “Thank you, Erika. Thank you!”Erika gazed into Sheila’s eyes and they leaned closer, kissing. It was a soft, gentle, loving kiss. No tongues, just soft lips and warm feelings. After a few minutes Sheila sat up. “I’ve just got to shower. Want to join me?” Erika agreed and they slipped quietly off to the bathroom.

Continued in PART II.

"The Voyeur" by Tinto Brass - CoverSir Robert's Stories Home PageVoyeurism… People observing others… While Jim, Erika and Sheila enjoy and try to make their wishes come true, others are merely watching at them. There is a hot film called “The Voyeur” and directed by Tinto Brass, in which Dodo, a professor of French literature, is downhearted because his wife is cheating him, her behavior elusive. In his desperation, Dodo becomes a voyeur, an onlooker for the sexy antics of those around him, rather than an active participant in his own life. Lesbian scenes, cuckoldry, orgies and sex in public, all of them combined with voyeurism in this great movie. Recommended!
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Photo: “Paralized orgy” by Marcus Hansson published under a creative commons license.