“Busy Fingers Ch. 2” by Otazel – FF

Holding herself.

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Time for the second installment of “Busy Fingers”, this wonderful sexy story written by Otazel. The first chapter was published on my blog some days ago so you may want to read that now in case you haven’t done so already. It is available here: “Busy Fingers” by Otazel – FF.

Enjoy yourself!

I didn’t go round to see Hayley on the Sunday even though I generally called on her most days. The reason was that my mind was still in turmoil over our very unexpected playtime the day before. I can’t say that I never masturbate, but it’s not exactly an everyday occurrence. What I can say is that I’d never masturbated in front of anyone else before, let alone in front of another woman, and I hadn’t quite got my head around the idea.

The problem was that I’d enjoyed it. In fact I’d enjoyed it so much that Paul didn’t stand a chance that night. I was so horny that I pretty much raped him. Not only that, but when he went down to see a friend on Sunday morning I took the chance and went into the bedroom for another quick wank, fantasising all the time about doing it with Hayley beside me again. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, I wanted to do it again, and again, but I couldn’t understand why. Perhaps I’d enjoyed it too much.

But what confused me was that I’m straight, genuinely straight. I don’t find women sexually attractive at all, and I certainly don’t fancy Hayley that way, good friend though she is. I think that what I enjoyed was the naughtiness, the fact that I was doing something I shouldn’t, like a boy scrumping cooking apples that he can’t eat and doing it just for the thrill of doing it. Even so, though I very much wanted to do it again, I was a bit scared of where it might lead. I knew I wasn’t bi, but could I be really sure of Hayley?

I spent most of Sunday mooching about, looking like a dog that’s lost his bone and being generally down in the dumps. Even Paul noticed it.

“What’s the matter, babe?” He asked me.

“Nothing, sweetheart.” I answered absently.

“You’ve not been round next door today. You and Hayley didn’t fall out yesterday, did you?”

“No.” I told him, trying very hard not to smile at how far from the truth his idea was. “Nothing like that. I’m just feeling a bit quiet today, that’s all.”

“Okay.” He accepted my answer with ill disguised relief. “You’d tell me if anything was wrong, wouldn’t you?”

I nodded and that was the end of that as far as he was concerned. Typical male, sweep it under the carpet and it doesn’t exist. Although he must have been at least a little bit surprised when I fucked the arse off of him again that night.

In the end I persuaded myself that I wasn’t about to lose a friend like Hayley if I could help it, especially over such an exciting experience as the one we’d enjoyed together, so on Monday, just as soon as everyone had gone to school or work, I steeled myself and went around to talk to her.

“Oh Sue, I am pleased to see you.” She smiled happily as she opened the door. “When you didn’t come around yesterday I thought that you didn’t want anything more to do with me.”

“But you didn’t come round to mine either.” I pointed out, very relieved that I was still welcome.

“No. Sorry.” She looked guilty. “I meant to, but I was a bit busy.”

“Liar.” I told her bluntly, taking the sting out of it with a smile.

“Yes I am, aren’t I” She giggled. “I didn’t know what treatment I’d get and, like you I suppose, I didn’t have the nerve to find out.”

We gave each other a quick hug in her hall and things were back to normal, except for… well except for neither of us being sure what to say about Saturday. But that didn’t matter, because as soon as we’d seated ourselves at her kitchen table with a mug of coffee each, Hayley found a way to bring up the subject.

“Did you say anything to Paul?”

I knew instantly what she was talking about.

“No. Did you tell Mike?”

“No. I was too embarrassed.”

“Good.” I told her, adding hurriedly. “Not good about you being embarrassed, but good that you didn’t tell him. I’d sooner keep it that way, if you don’t mind. God knows what they’d say.”

“Me too.” She looked at me carefully. “How do you feel about it yourself?”

“You mean do I regret it happening?”

“Yes, and do you? Because I don’t.” This was said almost defiantly.

“Nor do I.” I told her truthfully. “It gave me one hell of a kick, and it kept me buzzing all weekend.”

“Me too. Mike wondered what had hit him.” She paused and I sort of knew what was coming. “Would you like to do it again?”

My mouth answered before my brain got started.

“Yes, I would.”

I felt myself colour up at my immediate response, but Hayley just beamed at me and giggled excitedly.

“Oh Sue, I’m so glad to hear you say that. I’ve been hoping ever since Saturday that we could.”

She was grinning with delight, her impish little face lighting up like a delighted schoolgirl.

“God, I’m feeling horny now just thinking about it.”

I hadn’t realised it until she said that, but my own pulse was racing and I could feel that lovely feeling you get when your pussy says ‘yes please’. Without even realising it I’d been hoping for a repeat session ever since knocking on her door. I only had one reservation.

“How far do you want us to go?” I asked her.

She looked puzzled and so I explained.

“Last time you grabbed hold of my thigh, do you remember? And I was a bit worried in case you wanted to go any further.”

She thought about it for a moment and then nodded her understanding.

“Don’t worry.” She said eventually. “I don’t go for women, so I don’t fancy you like that. What I fancy is the fun we can have together.”

She giggled nervously before going on.

“I must say though. Your leg felt nice, and it was lovely feeling with you sitting so close to me when I was cumming. I’m sorry if I worried you, I just sort of reached out without thinking. I wasn’t going to touch you up.”

I remembered my half acknowledged urge to feel her hand closer to my pussy.

“It didn’t worry me. It’s just that I’m straight and I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.” The second part of my sentence was more truthful. “I liked us being skin against skin though, it was kind of sexy, but I couldn’t let things go too far and I’m not very sure where ‘too far’ actually is.”

“That’s okay. If I get the sudden urge to snog you, I promise not to use tongues.”

She burst out laughing as I sat back in alarm and then I saw the mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“You bastard.” I told her, smiling myself now.

“But seriously.” She looked serious too. “I’m not a lesbian any more than you are, I just like being naughty.”

I drew a deep breath and jumped right in. “Then let’s be naughty and do it again.”

She smiled that mischievous and wickedly sexy smile again and headed off into the lounge.

“Come on then.”

My heart suddenly went pitter-patter inside my chest and I felt all moisture transfer from my mouth to my pussy. I followed her through into the lounge on legs that were rapidly turning into jelly, and stood gazing down at the soft leather sofa that we had used on Saturday. My God, how I wanted to do this, but how the idea scared me.

“We don’t need to be so shy this time, do we?” She said as we stood there gazing down.

“Why? What do you want to do?”

She smiled. “I just thought we could strip off before we start this time, that’s all. It would be easier than trying to wriggle out of our things sitting down.”

I blushed with embarrassment at my nervousness, and she giggled at me.

“Silly girl, come on let’s have some fun.”

We stood facing each other and simultaneously removed one article of clothing each until we were down to our panties. We hadn’t arranged to do it like that, it just naturally fell into place, both of us pausing to smile reassuringly at the other after each item. Then at last we stood in just that last flimsy covering and looked frankly at each other’s nearly naked bodies, mentally comparing, or at least I was. I was wishing I could look as good as Hayley did. So trim and pert, just like a girl of twenty instead of a woman of thirty-seven.

“You do look after yourself, don’t you?” She asked me rhetorically, making my day with that compliment and echoing the one I was silently applying to her.

“Maybe, but I could do with looking as trim as you do.” I replied, causing her to chuckle self-consciously.

“Come on, let’s start.” She swiftly hooked her thumbs into her waistband and bent down in one lithe movement. Before I had even moved, her panties were being kicked from the ends of her toes.

“Come on, slowcoach.” She chided me, sitting herself down at one end of the sofa.

I had to use the arm of the sofa as a support as I hopped around in a most unladylike way to unhook my own briefs from around my ankles. Her tinkling giggle at least made me laugh at myself and my ungainly antics.

When I sat down next to her I couldn’t help but notice that we’d placed ourselves closer together this time, so close that our knees were touching the moment we spread our legs even a little bit. I suppose we had automatically sat nearer so that we could link our thighs like before, with mine over the top of hers and my foot resting on the seat between her legs. I was very conscious of our naked thighs touching together again, and even more so of the fact that my heel was only inches in front of her freshly shaven pussy. It had been more spontaneous and less noticeable last time.

“Ready?” There was a slightly shy note to her voice, so perhaps she was thinking the same as me.

I reached down between my legs, resting my hand lightly to cover my pussy, and gave Hayley what was intended to be an eager smile, but one that in fact I know must have looked slightly crooked and rather embarrassed.

“I think so.” I told her.

“Me too.”

She cupped her breasts with her hands and then let one slide down the length of her body until she found her pussy. Her eyes closed and she sighed softly as her fingers went to work, two of them parting her labia while the third sought out her clit.

“I’ve been wanting this.” She whispered, opening her eyes to glance down to where my own fingers were beginning to play. “I love it with you there.”

“Yes, me too. It is good, us doing it together, isn’t it?” I asked, looking rather anxiously across at her.

She didn’t speak; she didn’t have to, she just looked into my face, gave me a quirky little smile and a nod of agreement, and then turned her gaze to where my two fingers were hooked over my pubic mound to rub at my clit. For some reason that smile made me feel more relaxed and at ease than anything else could. I felt glad that she was watching what I was doing.

For a few minutes we played in silence, the only sounds those of busy fingers and the little sighs and whimpers that we both made as arousal began to kick in. Hayley was kneading and squeezing her pert little breast with that one hand, pulling at her nipple until it slipped from her grip. My breasts are larger and heavier than Hayley’s but I started to do the same, tugging at my nipple so that my boob was pulled to a peak and the delicious little hurt added to the thrill. We looked and smiled at each other, her grin spreading over her face as I winced and gasped from a particularly nice dart of pain in my nipple.

“I bet you like being spanked too?” She asked with a little chuckle.

“I already admitted that last time.” I reminded her.

“So you did.” She smiled.

We lapsed back into comparative silence once again, each of us watching the others eager knuckles and, from my side at least, wishing we could see a little more. Maybe we could sit opposite each other next time so that everything was on show.

“Do you use a vibrator?” Hayley asked me suddenly.

“No.” I told her. “I’ve never even tried one.”

In fact the idea of pushing a lump of plastic up myself had never really appealed, but in the context of our naughtiness the idea sounded worth trying.

“Would you like to?”

I wondered for a moment if she was going to produce one and offer it to me, and I felt a mixture of excited anticipation and delicious embarrassment at the thought. If she had gone and fetched one at that moment I think I would have used it, loved it, and gone as red as a beetroot.

“Maybe.” I hedged my bets. “Sometimes I would.”

There was a little pause before she said anything else. She looked as if she was feeling an orgasm starting to build and her voice was breathless with stimulation when she did speak.

“I’ll buy you one for your birthday.”

I felt twin pangs of relief and disappointment, my birthday was way off yet. The idea of having a vibrator was getting to me and I also felt the first signs of an orgasm gather inside me.

“Do you have one?” I asked her, anxious to keep the subject alive.

“I’ve got three.” She gasped, fingers flying over her clit and her voice thickening. “But I want to get another. I want a really big one, just to see if I can take it.”

I was surprised at that. Hayley has such a slender, petite frame that I didn’t think she would cope with anything over natural sized. She must have seen the surprise on my face.

“I love feeling overfull and being stretched.” She shot me a strange little grin. “It really gets to me. Sometimes I cram as many fingers into myself as I can and then I even pull myself open.”

She’d mentioned that on Saturday, but I must admit it isn’t something that I fancy and I’d ignored it. Then, as if to demonstrate, she let go of her breast and reached over the top of her pussy and the fingers that still played with her clit to find her vagina with her other hand.

Once again I wished I could see more of her. It looked as if she was finger fucking herself with two fingers, but I couldn’t be sure from the way we sat. Even so, just what I could see was wonderful and made my climax come closer, that lovely hot pressure inside my pelvis that I knew would soon explode out. I wondered which of us would cum first, but even as the thought went through my mind I heard Hayley gasp loudly and her hips began to jerk wildly.

“God, I’m cumming already.” She told me, confirming in a tight little voice what I could see happening before me.

I was tempted to lean forward to see over her pubic mound and just stare openly at her pussy as she came, but my own needs kept me lying back so that my own fingers could carry on playing.

Just like before, she gazed wide eyed into the distance as she cried out her pleasure, her body shuddering and jolting, the wonderfully sexy sensations passing to me where our legs and shoulders touched. I could see by the movements of her wrist that she was plunging her fingers deep into herself time and again, sending shock waves of pleasure through herself. Her climax was a long one, uncontrolled and uninhibited, but eventually it slowly died away and the thrusts of her hips against her probing fingers lessened and her cried subsided into little whimpers, until they too ended and Hayley sprawled beside me, sweating and panting, totally spent.

Once again she gave me that dreamy, languid smile of contentment, but this time I was not close enough for her happiness to trigger my own orgasm, even though her obvious ecstasy had brought it ever closer. I was still rubbing my clit, little involuntary twitches the only clue as to how my pleasure was building.

“That was bloody marvellous.” She told me lazily, her hands still cupped over her pussy and her legs still spread out wide in relaxed abandon.

I just nodded, my face muscles tight from my own play. I looked across at her, seeing her now just resting and watching me, and for a brief moment I felt both shy and happily exhibitionistic at the same time. It giving me a strange thrill of delight to be so blatantly watched, and the fact that she was doing nothing but sitting there was somehow adding to it. It didn’t take long to tip me over the edge.

Just like the first time, Hayley’s presence made my orgasm so much stronger than usual. It rolled over me like a series of hot waves breaking inside my pelvis to send ripples of pure joy right through me. My back arched, my muscles tightened and I let out one long cry of pure bliss, a cry that finally subsided with my orgasm into a kind of half coherent, half animal, long drawn out whimper. I fell back against the back of the sofa and just sat there, shuddering from occasional aftershocks and gasping for breath, my chest heaving and my heart racing.

For several minutes we sat side by side in silence, that is to say, silence except for my panting as I waited for normality to return.

“Wow!” I said when I eventually regained control of myself, completely unable to articulate my pleasure in any other way.

“I take it you enjoyed that?”

Hayley was smiling a kind of happy beatific smile that showed just how pleased she was at my enjoyment. I smiled back and took her hand in mine, our entwined fingers resting pleasantly on the bare flesh of my thigh.

“I loved it.” I told her.

“What could have made it better?”

I thought at first the question was rhetorical, but the look on her face said otherwise. She was looking for suggestions and that meant she wanted us to do it again sometime, and I was all for that. I tried to come up with something that might help.

“Nothing that I can think of, it was bloody stupendous as it was.” I frowned with concentration. “Unless…”

“Unless?” She prompted me.

I hesitated, not sure how she would take my suggestion. Maybe it would be going a step in the wrong direction.

“Unless we could somehow sit facing each other. Then we could see so much more of what we were doing.”

“Yep! That’s just what I thought.” To my surprise she was grinning as she spoke. “I wanted to look at you properly, but I couldn’t see, and I thought you wanted to see more of me, you kept leaning over a bit to try and look at my pussy.”

I hadn’t even realised that I had, and I certainly hadn’t thought Hayley would pick up on my thoughts.

“Sorry, I hadn’t noticed that I did.”

“No. Don’t be sorry. I wanted to see everything you’ve got as well, and what you were doing to it.”

“So, if we do it again…” I paused, wanting to see her agree that we would.

“We will, or I hope we will — and more than once.” She told me solemnly, making me smile with joy.

“Then, when we do, should I sit on the sofa opposite? We can pull it up closer and then we’ll see each other completely.” I said ‘when’ deliberately.

“We don’t need to. Watch!”

Hayley stood up, and then put one foot on the sofa before she sat down again in the corner, facing diagonally along the length of the seat. With one foot on the floor she then bent her other leg and leaned her knee on the back of the chair, opening herself up to my gaze completely.

“Now you do the same.”

She waited patiently while I gathered the strength to follow suit, my recent orgasm had robbed me of all energy. At first we were an uncomfortable tangle of legs, but after a little experimentation we got ourselves sorted out. Hayley’s sofas are not long, and when we sat facing each other our legs overlapped almost their entire length, but we found that by sitting facing directly along the seat and with her legs resting over the top of mine we could sit very comfortably, our upper backs and heads on the fairly high arms of the sofa, our legs wide apart and our pussies in full view and only about eighteen inches apart. My left foot was on the floor and my right leg threaded past hers to lie alongside her body, whereas her slender limbs were both resting either side of my torso with her knees bent over my thighs. It was a very intimate and open position to be in, much more so than being on opposite sofas, and we could both see every detail of each other.

“Well? Will this do?” She asked me, putting her hand down between her legs and pulling her labia apart with scissoring fingers.

“Oh yes!” I said, staring at her opened pussy.

Hayley’s pussy is neat, that’s the only way to describe it. She does not have the puffy outer lips that I have, even when she was as aroused as she was at that moment, and her inner lips are small and firm, hidden for the most part until her pussy is opened. She shaves, but even if she didn’t I’m sure that her blonde fuzz would still look good against the pale pink that shaded to the deep rose of her vagina. It is, if there is such a thing, a beautiful pussy, and I couldn’t take my eyes from it.

She looked directly into my face, watching me watching her, and then using one finger between the two that held her open, she began to play once more with her clit, stroking the little button as it peeped from its hood. She knew just what she was doing, exhibitionistic arousal was painted all across her face as she deliberately displayed herself to me. I watched in fascination, seeing her fingertip rubbing so lightly over her clit that it hardly seemed to touch, though touch it did, for her eyes revealed the pleasure it generated.

As I watched, her other hand reached for her breast, once again squeezing and massaging it, rolling the nipple between her fingers, while all the time she looked straight into my eyes. She was, it seemed, intent on taking herself to orgasm once more, and my own hand found its way back between my legs when I realised that I was still turned on enough to cum again.

“This is lovely, isn’t it?” Once again Hayley asked for my input.

“Beautiful — and so are you. You look absolutely fantastic.” I told her, meaning every word of it, but in the purely physical sense.

“Thank you, so do you.” She smiled and turned her gaze to where my fingers were sliding up and down the length of my slit. “You’re wet through. I can see your nectar running out of you.”

I’d never heard my wetness described as nectar before, and I think I actually blushed slightly at the unexpected pronouncement. I looked at where her own entrance was just as slick and shiny as mine.

“Yours too.” I told her.

“Mmmm! I bet it looks nice.”

“I’ve already told you that.” I reminded her.

She was still gently playing with her clit and I was watching intently, happily aware that just as I was watching her, so she was watching my fingers rubbing my own.

“Do you like doing it with somebody else there?”

“Yes.” I couldn’t deny the enjoyment of having her present. “It turns me on — a lot!”

“Me too.”

She wriggled a little to get herself more comfortable, and in doing so she slid along the sofa a little, so that her pussy was now only about a foot or so away from mine. Her legs were alongside me with her feet nearly level with my breasts, so that I was almost enclosed between her thighs. If I hadn’t been wet before, I was then; it seemed so very sexily wicked that we were so close. I laid my free hand on her knee and gently massaged it as I played with my clit. Hayley smiled in approval.

I had been tracing the length of my slit with my first two fingers, spreading my wetness from top to bottom, but now I concentrated on my clit, just as Hayley was doing. We sprawled there facing each other, each staring openly at the other’s pussy while our fingers rubbed and caressed our clits. It wasn’t long before I started to feel that wonderful warm feeling again and my breathing began to deepen. I’d cum once and I knew from past experience that my second one would be slower than my first, so I just lounged back and played gently with myself, luxuriating in the wonderful sensations and the proximity of my best friend, watching her through lazily hooded eyes.

At first she was still holding herself open and playing with one finger, but as she became more aroused she started to us two fingers on her clit, trapping it between them and rubbing not so gently up and down and side to side. Her breathing became quicker and her entrance ran with her juices — her nectar.

“Now you’re really flowing too.” I told her in a voice tight with arousal.

“Am I?” She gasped. “Good, I like it when I’m really wet.”

She released her nipple and reached down over the top of her other hand to explore her own vagina just like before.

“Mmm. I am aren’t I?”

I watched as first one and then two of her fingers slid inside her, pushed deep into tunnel and then pulled out accompanied by a gorgeous sucking sound. I felt my climax loom closer as she breathed deeply through her nose and closed her eyes in enjoyment of her own sensations.

Twice more she plunged her fingers into herself, quietly gasping each time. But then she took her hand away and disappointment welled up in me. I had been so enjoying her display and it was bringing my reluctant orgasm closer and closer.

Stopping was not her intention, though, and she now twisted slightly to the side, raising one buttock and reaching under to finger herself from below. God, if someone had told me that I would see such an erotic sight so close before my eyes, I would have told them not to be so ridiculous, but there it was. I could see her clit being pushed from side to side, swollen and red, and her slit shining wet from her juices. Then, as I looked I realised I could actually see right up inside her sodden tunnel, the lovely glistening tube of her vagina, displayed because her thrusting fingers were entering partly from the side and were pulling her wide open.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum.” She announced in a tiny voice, her bottom beginning to bounce on the sofa from little involuntary thrusts of her hips.

This time, when she came she stared directly into my eyes, her mouth open and emitting a high keening sound as if the orgasm was too intense for her to cope with. Every muscle tightened in her body and then she cried out, the sound turning to a series of incoherent words spoken explosively each time her fingers were rammed deep into her pussy. It was a fierce orgasm, as strong as I ever believed possible, and when it was over Hayley simply sat there for a while panting for breath, her eyes still locked on mine. Then she blinked, smiled, and returned to the real world from the planet of ecstasy that she had been transported to.

“Fucking hell, Sue.” She exclaimed. “I’ve never had one that good before.”

My own orgasm was approaching now, its arrival imminent and unavoidable, and I just nodded and smiled my understanding as my fingers rubbed my clit. Hayley looked at me for a minute or so, her eyes travelling all the way from my face to my pussy and back, and then she relaxed back, as if to await my climax. Slumping back in her seat she took her hands from over her pussy and studied them, looking, as I was, at the wetness still clinging to her fingers. Then, making sure that I was watching, she slowly raised two wet fingers to her lips and licked her own juices from them, running her tongue lasciviously along them before putting them right into her mouth and sucking on them.

I was shocked at this behaviour, but it gave me an unexpected and very strong buzz to see her do it. I suppose my surprise must have shown on my face.

“I love doing that, don’t you do it?”

I shook my head, unable to answer for my approaching orgasm. She repeated her action, reaching between her legs to gather more of her juices and then placing her fingers directly into her mouth. I couldn’t repress the groan as I thrilled to what she was doing. She reached down once more, and then held her fingers up as if to inspect their wetness.

“Try it.” She suggested.

“I will.” I gasped out, little darts of pleasure shooting through me as I got closer to cumming.

I had meant it, when I said I would try it. I mean, I’d tasted myself on Paul’s cock before now and I hadn’t found my taste unpleasant, I’d just never thought of doing it when I masturbated. Now, suddenly, the idea appealed and I fully intended to lick my own fingers after my impending orgasm had run its course. But that wasn’t what Hayley had in mind.

“I’m going to cum soon.” I told her by way of clarification, my voice sounding breathless from my fingers flying faster and faster over my clit.

“Try it.” Hayley suggested again, but this time she made her meaning clear by presenting me with her two wetted fingers, holding them a couple of inches from my mouth.

Normally I would have been offended and horrified at such a thing, but this time, as if hypnotised, I opened my mouth and leaned forward slightly to take her proffered digits. My lips closed around them and my tongue ran over their tips, tasting her very intimate essence and I shivered from the beautiful thrill of it.

She tasted like me, but not like me. It was like two bottles of good wine, they both taste good, but in different ways, and I loved the taste of her pussy juice. Perhaps because it wasn’t mine, perhaps because it tasted slightly different, and probably because I shouldn’t have been tasting it in the first place, it tasted wonderful, and I almost wanted more. I felt genuinely deprived when eventually she gently withdrew her fingers and smiled at me.

“Did you like that?” She asked.

A thrill went through me and I shuddered, nodding silently and instinctively licking my lips. I couldn’t speak, my orgasm was there, triggered by Hayley’s behaviour and the taste of her nectar, I just looked at her wide eyes as the first surge of pleasure flooded through me.

I don’t think I cried out this time. The sensations were so strong that my eyes and mouth shut tight, my muscles fighting each other to contract, preventing the wail of pure enjoyment that my mind wanted to release. Maybe I moaned a little, deep in my throat, and maybe not, but if I didn’t then my silence did not indicate a weak climax. I came like the proverbial express train, my hips and pelvis lunging at my hand wanting to make it squeeze my clit harder, wanting to be entered, and wanting really to be fucked. It did eventually subside and I did eventually open my eyes and stop rubbing at my clit, letting my hand drape limply over my pussy.

I rested for a minute or so, gulping air into my heaving chest and listening to my heart pounding against my ribcage, but then I felt something touch the back of my hand and I looked down. What I could feel against the back of my hand was the back of hers. Our orgasms had made us jerk and jolt until we had moved to within a couple of inches of each other, our pussies very nearly touching. My God, what would have happened if one of us had jerked just that couple of inches further?

“If we’re going to do that again.” Hayley told me, smiling gleefully. “Perhaps I’d better buy a double ended dildo?”

For a moment a jolt of alarm shot through me again, but then that mischievous twinkle was back in her eyes. Even so, the situation was so silly that I couldn’t help but burst into laugher, giggling uncontrollably at Hayley until she had to giggle too. It must have been quite a sight. Two naked women, half sitting half lying on a sofa with their legs entwined, and giggling like madwomen.

I hadn’t agreed to her dildo proposal, but then, I hadn’t said no either.

[Continues on “Busy Fingers Ch. 3” by Otazel – FF… ]

Emmanuelle - Cover

The other day I told you that the scenes on Otazel‘s wonderful story reminded me of the film Emmanuelle (here you have its page on Amazon). I was thinking about a particular scene on that film in which Mary Ange masturbates in front of Emmanuelle, and then she does likewise. I have published a picture capturing that scene on my Tumblr for your viewing pleasure, here you have it: Emmanuelle and Mary Ange masturbating scene.

From here…

Photo: “hold on” by Alex with a creative commons license.

“Busy Fingers” by Otazel – FF

Holding herself.

Hayley and I first met when she and Mike moved in next door with their children almost nine years before. Paul figured it would be polite to invite our new neighbours around for ‘get to know you’ drinks, and firm friendships were forged between us all on that very night. Mike and Paul found they shared the same slightly dry and ironic sense of humour, an obsessive love of all things automotive, and the same desire to sit on wet river banks and try to drown worms, and so they became buddies on the spot, while of course Hayley and I shared the same affectionate tolerance of our spouses’ habits.

As for the kids, well both Hayley’s twin boys and my own son, Andrew, soon seemed to take it for granted that they had two mums and that both houses could be called home. It was difficult, if not at times impossible, to keep them apart long enough to eat, something that occasionally resulted in the crafty little horrors enjoying two dinners. Apart the usual tiffs, when kids swear that their former best friend is now their most hated enemy, their friendships were as solid as those of their parents and seemingly heading for being just as long lasting. They were always together and with only seven months between them they could almost be mistaken for triplets, except that Andrew’s hair was just one shade of blond lighter.

Because of the close bonds between our children, both juvenile and adult, it would have been impossible for Hayley and me not to be friends even if we had wanted it, which of course we didn’t. A couple of years older than me and naturally more assertive, Hayley became like a surrogate older sister to whom I could spill all my worries and heartaches and who would burden my shoulders likewise.

The strange thing is that, even though she is the pushier of the two, she is physically so much smaller than me. She has always reminded me of a little blonde pixie, just clearing five foot tall and with a willow wand figure and a cheeky face, she was like a real life Tinkerbelle with added glasses. She seems so delicate, far too delicate to have the iron determination and resolve that I’ve seen in her on occasion, and in fact have relied on more than once. She turned into my best friend, my buddy, and a very good one too.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that we lived in each others pockets or wandered in and out of each others homes without so much as a polite ‘anybody home?’ before entering, but we became very close even though we maintained our mutual privacy. That is, until one Sunday when she and I were left alone because the men-folk decided to get all fatherly now that the kids had all become officially teenagers, and take all three on their first fishing expedition. They would be gone all day and well into the evening and so it seemed natural that Hayley and I would also spend the day together.

When I called around I found the strains of Bill Haley’s ‘Rock around the clock’ blasting from the open window and it took several knocks and calls before I finally got her to answer. She looked different somehow, but I put that down to a new slim-fit white top and tight pale blue jeans. As usual I was in old grey jogging bottoms and a loose shirt. Not the most elegant attire, I’ll admit, but it fitted my laid back mood.

“Sorry Sue.” She apologised. “I’ve just come across some cd’s that Mike put together to play in an old car years ago. I bet we haven’t played these since the twins were little.”

“Now that I can believe.” I told her as Fats Domino began to sing of Blueberry Hill.

“We used to love rock and roll.” She grinned. “Music from our parent’s time, this is, but I still like it.”

“So do I.” I told her truthfully. “Seems to just fill you with sheer fun, doesn’t it.”

“Can you jive?” She asked suddenly.

“Well, yes, but not very well.” I looked at her tight stone washed jeans. “And you’d better be careful if you’re going to jive in those.

“I don’t know why not, they always used to. Let’s try anyway.” She jumped up and rolled up the rug before turning to me expectantly.

Her enthusiastic grin and extended hand were all it took to persuade me, and we spent the next forty minutes spinning and twirling to the sounds of Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and all the other greats of the late fifties, laughing like drains at our own antics and wondering if we would get ourselves committed if anyone saw us.

Eventually the cd ended, and the years started had to tell anyway, so two thirty-something teenagers collapsed giggling and panting side by side onto the supple brown leather of her sofa.

“Phew!” Gasped Hayley. “I’m thirsty after that, how about you?”

I nodded between breaths and she bounced lightly to her feet once again, leaving me wondering at her stamina as she bent over the player to change the disc on her way to the kitchen.

“The trouble with Mike is that he wasn’t all that good at labelling. There are a couple of discs here that don’t give even a hint of what’s on them.” She waved a pair of home recorded cds at me before slotting one of them into the player. “Never mind, let’s play them anyway, that way we’ll find out.”

As she straightened the unmistakable sounds of ‘Tiger Feet’ issued from the speakers.

“Yeah, that’ll do.” She headed for the kitchen, throwing a comment over her shoulder. “Must be the seventies cd that he thought he’d lost.”

Now, when Hayley had spoken of needing a drink I had images of a nice hot morning coffee, or maybe even tea, but she came back with two glasses in one hand and a bottle of white wine trapped under her arm, waving away my unspoken protest with a quick imperious flick of her other wrist.

“Yes, I know.” She put the bottle and glasses down and went to the cabinet in search of a corkscrew. “I know it’s still morning and we haven’t eaten yet, but regard this as the sort of liquid lunch that our hubbies have at work and you’ll see that it doesn’t matter then.”

I couldn’t argue with that, especially when a plate of pretzels appeared beside my wine, and so I shut up and drank up. By now Slade had replaced Mud and there was no way I could prevent my foot from tapping to their wild invitation to ‘Take me back home’. T-Rex followed Slade with ‘Get it on’ and Hayley refilled my glass.

“I used to think T-Rex had such a sexy sound.” She told me.

“Don’t you now?” I asked.

“Yyesss.” She said hesitantly. “Maybe I just don’t like to admit anymore.”

“Oh, I don’t mind.” I smiled. “I’ll readily confess that any music that throbs will have me doing the same in short order.”

Hayley laughed. “I’ve never heard it put like that before, but I know what you mean.”

Seventies classic followed seventies classic until disc and bottle were finished and Hayley got up to refresh both. Once again my protests went unheeded, but by then I wasn’t protesting too loudly anyway. The music was now pumping classic rock and the wine was generating a nice warm glow, and so what if I was getting very slightly squiffy, I didn’t have to drive anywhere. And in any case the conversation was getting sillier than it would normally have done and both of us were laughing more loudly by the minute.

Then Hayley started a seated version of head-banging in response to ZZ Top, and I suddenly realised what was different about her appearance. Her hair was shorter, more a pale straw mop top than anything else now.

“Have you had your hair trimmed?” I asked her in surprise.

“You mean you can see through these jeans?” She replied, giggling madly.

“Silly girl.” I tried to answer before dissolving into laughter, but the rest of the reply was punctuated by fits of giggling. “I meant the hair on your head, not that down below.”

When our laughter finally subsided and ZZ Top had given way appropriately to Queen’s ‘Don’t stop me now’, I just had to ask….

“But do you trim your pussy hair?”

“No, do you?”

I had to admit that I did, because for a blonde I have quite a luxuriant growth when it’s left to its own devices and I quite like wearing bikinis when I can.

“Well, yes.” I frowned a little at having to divulge such personal information. “If I didn’t it would show around my bikini, doesn’t yours?”


The exceedingly innocent look that accompanied her too brief answer made me suspicious.

“Okay, I’ll buy it. Why not?”

“I don’t have to trim it, because I shave it.”

Now that was an answer I didn’t expect. I thought only porn stars and models did that.

“Really! Why?”

“Well for one thing I think it’s more hygienic, you don’t get so sweaty and yucky in summer, and for another thing….”

She paused briefly, her face colouring slightly before she went on.

“And it’s so much nicer when Mike touches me, especially when he goes down on me.”

“I bet that second reason is the real one.” I told her laughingly, wondering silently what it would be like.

“I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I might incriminate myself.”

We both fell apart giggling, me harder than Hayley because I could see her red face.

“Now don’t be shy.” I waved an admonishing finger at her, trying to pretend I was serious. “If you like oral sex, just say so. You don’t have to hide your little foibles from me.”

“I do, I do!” She laughed. “I just love a tongue in my trough.”

“Me too.” I told her. “Makes me cum like an express train.”

It must have been the wine combined with the music, but I was feeling much more candid than I should have been.

“How do you like it done? Do you like your clit sucked, or a tongue inside you?”

“Either or both. Having my pussy licked gets me going however it’s done.”

“Can he make you cum, or is it just a lead up to a good fuck?”

“Such language Sue!” She replied on mock horror. “The answer is both again, and will you kindly stop talking about it; I’m feeling bloody horny as it is without you making it worse.”

It was the wine and the music! Hayley went to fetch more wine while Boston told us it was ‘More than a feeling’, much to our mutual amusement. When she returned she opened the bottle, refilled our glasses and sat herself down beside me again.

“Now you tell me what you like. It’s only fair.”

“The same as you.” I admitted candidly. “When Paul puts his tongue in me, or when he licks my clit, he can very easily have me climbing the wall.”

“Must make sex difficult with you halfway up the wall!” She chuckled.

Obviously the conversation was not going to get serious, even though the subject was getting more and more personal. I didn’t mind, the mirth took the edge of any embarrassment as, for the very first time since we’d met, we openly discussed our sex lives.

“Haven’t you tried it?” I asked in mock surprise. “It’s brilliant so long as you hang on tight to the picture rail.”

“Humph! The next time you try it let me know and I’ll come around and watch.”

“Ooh! Kinky!”

“What else do you like?”

“Do you want to know my darkest secret?” I asked her, filled with a sudden urge to admit to anything.

“Go on then. You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.”

“I love having my bottom smacked.”

“Really!” She sounded intrigued though clearly surprised, but I didn’t care.

“Really. Sometimes when we’re messing about Paul will put me over his knee and spank me, and that gets me so damn randy I’ll let him do anything he wants.”

Even thinking about the delicious pain that came from a good spanking was getting to me, and I could feel my pussy beginning to respond.

“Mike wouldn’t do that to me.” She shrugged. “There’s something else I’d like to try that he won’t do either.

“What’s that?” For some reason it seemed that she needed me to ask.

“You know we were talking about when he goes down on me?”

I nodded encouragement.

“Well, sometimes he likes to finger me while he sucks my clit because he knows it really get me going, and the best thing he’s ever done was one day when he put two fingers up me and then accidentally shoved another one into my bottom. He let it stay there while he licked my clit, and it made me cum really, really hard.”

That did surprise me, but there must have been more to it and so I waited for her to continue.

“But what I’d really like is for him to do it in my bottom, you know what I mean?”

I thought I did, but I couldn’t actually believe she meant it.

“You mean…?” I let the question hang.

“Yes, I’d just love it if he would put his cock in and fuck my bottom properly.”

She shuddered as she told me and I saw her subconsciously run her hand hard across the crotch of her jeans in answer to the sensations in her pussy. Talking like this was getting to Hayley just as much as it was me. We sat in silence for a minute or so.

“Have you ever done it?” She asked me.

“No, But I think I might like to try it sometime.” Actually, that was only a half truth because anal sex wasn’t high on my sexual wish list, even though the idea had crossed my mind once or twice.

“If you do, tell me what it’s like, because Mike just won’t even try it once.”

“I promise.” I told her, wondering if I ever would.

“Sometimes I fantasize about it when I masturbate.” She confessed unexpectedly, once again running the flat of her hand across her denim covered pubes.

“I’m not sure what I think about when I’m doing that.” I told her truthfully. “I usually just get carried away with what I’m doing.”

“That tends only to happen to me when I use my vibe.” Hayley gazed off into the distance.

Her breathing was becoming noticeably heavier from an obviously growing arousal and one hand was now resting provocatively between her legs, just gently cupping herself, the other lying loosely on her thigh. I watched with interest, especially because I too was getting hot under the collar.

“How do you do it?” She asked me suddenly.

“How do I do what?” I asked unnecessarily, knowing exactly what she meant and feeling embarrassingly willing to explain.

“How do you bring yourself off? I mean do you use a vibe, or your fingers, or what?”

I considered what to say, mainly because I don’t have a vibe, or even a preferred technique, it’s just whatever I feel like doing at the time, although lying with my legs apart and two fingers massaging my clit is by far my most common method. Hayley interpreted my pause as reluctance.

“I mean, I love to play with my clit, but sometimes, when I’m nearly there I like to cram a couple of fingers right up inside myself.”

She stopped talking, but her fingers were clutching firmly at herself through the material of her jeans actually, and I couldn’t help but watch.

“God, but Mike’s in for a session when he gets home.” She exclaimed. “I feel so bloody horny I can hardly wait.”

Her hand had now begun actually massaging her pussy through her clothing.

“Sometimes.” She returned to the subject of masturbation, her voice sounding tighter from her arousal. “Sometimes I like to roll on my side and push a finger inside my pussy from behind, and then reach between my legs with my other hand and put another finger up from the front. Does that sound too weird?”

“No, it sounds like fun actually.”

I’d never tried it, and I’m not sure I have the required suppleness, but I can see how it would work.

“If you do it, pull your hole open with the two fingers when you cum and you’ll keep cumming for ages.”

“I’m not sure I could reach.” I told her, the idea triggering all sorts of beautiful feelings inside me.

“Try it.” She was rubbing her crotch quite unashamedly now, playing with herself through her clothes and staring into the far distance.

We sat there in silence for a while as I watched Hayley stimulate herself, rubbing and massaging her pussy and occasionally licking her lips, her breathing now clearly audible. I didn’t know what had triggered all this with her, but she was turning me on something awful, and Paul was also going to be in luck tonight. I could feel my own lower lips opening and dampening the insides of my cotton briefs.

I thought at first that she would play for a minute or two and then sort of realise what she was doing and stop, looking embarrassed and guilty, but as the seconds ticked away I came to the conclusion that things had taken over and that she was caught up in her own need.

That was an awkward moment. I didn’t know if I should say something, if only to remind her that someone was there, or to just let her get on with it and see what happened. I watched her actions with a flutter of envy in my chest, but then I noticed that my own hand was cupping my breast over my shirt, and then I just kind of let things ride. Anyway, it felt so damn sexy to touch my own breast while someone else was present, even if it was over my clothes.

As I watched Hayley closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the sofa, letting her feelings take over entirely and ignoring me completely as she squeezed and massaged herself. I wondered how far she would go, and if she just might bring herself off that way. The idea that my friend just might make herself cum while I was there gave me a mini adrenalin rush, making my heart beat faster and my mouth go dry. My other hand wandered down between my legs.

It happens that I’m left handed, and because I was sitting to Hayley’s left I was able to stroke myself without the movements attracting her attention, and I sat beside her surreptitiously doing exactly what she was doing so much more overtly. While ever she had her eyes closed I thought I could play with myself without embarrassment, though I suppose it that was really me justifying my actions to myself. I would, I told myself, stop the second her eyes popped open.

God, but it felt so damn good. My jogging bottoms are thin and soft and it was almost like feeling my naked flesh as I sat there. I could feel that my pussy was swollen and gaping and I just knew that I was sopping wet. It was so exciting, so daring, and so sexy to have one hand on my breast and the other between my legs and not be caring that I had company. Soon I was carried away just as much as Hayley.

“Oh Sue.”

Hayley’s voice sounded almost guilty, and as my eyes swivelled around to look at her I saw a slightly apologetic look on her face as she watched my hand playing between my legs. My fingers stopped abruptly and I gazed at her in shocked embarrassment, but then a little smile fitted across her features and I noticed that she hadn’t even paused in her play.

“Don’t stop Sue.” She pleaded quietly. “Then I won’t have to.”

I nodded and we both knew that we would keep going to the end.

I looked over at her wondering what was going to happen next, but then, still looking straight at me she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zip down. I wanted to look down at her but she had me pinned in eye contact and I just stared straight back into her face as, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her hand find its way inside the pale blue panties revealed in the vee of her open zip. She hadn’t pulled her jeans down at all, she just burrowed her way inside until a little gasp and a tremor in her face told me that she had found her pussy. I felt adrenalin surge through me once more as she leaned back again, closed her eyes and started to play.

There was no mistake now; Hayley was masturbating, her fingers moving inside her clothes with the express intention of giving herself pleasure, and if she was doing it there was very little reason why I shouldn’t give way to my own urges and follow, if only I could get up the courage.

I wasn’t feeling quite as uninhibited as Hayley, not at that moment anyway, and I’m not sure if I could have coped with having to do something as blatant as unfastening jeans and pulling a zip down, but I was able to slide my hand discreetly under the waistband of my joggers without having to do anything that could possibly be interpreted as undressing. I know that might sound silly and pathetic, but with my heart racing at my own boldness already, it probably made the difference between me following suit and backing away from the whole scene.

My hand found its way first under my waistband, paused a moment while I gathered my nerve, and then wormed its way inside of my briefs, the sensation of my pubic hair on my fingertips feeling suddenly so much more intense. I paused again with my fingers resting in my fuzz as I looked carefully at Hayley, wondering if she realised what I was doing. Her eyes seemed to be still closed, though it was difficult to know for sure through a window reflected in her glasses, but her mouth was slightly open and she showed no sign of feeling anything outside of the sensations she was generating in her pussy. I pushed my hand deeper into my briefs, letting out a tiny involuntary gasp as I finally found my target. I shot another anxious glance at Hayley before letting my fingertips begin to play earnestly with my clit.

It was confusing and exiting, part of me not caring about trying to make myself cum in Hayley’s presence while another part of me was already squirming with shame and embarrassment at what I was doing. Looking closely for any sign that Hayley might open her eyes I began my customary circular movements on my button, rubbing softly around and around my hood to tempt my clit out from under its cover.

Hayley moved her free hand from her leg, the sudden movement making me jump nervously, but she was only doing it to touch her breast, just as I was already doing. But while I was simply holding my boob cupped in my palm, Hayley immediately began kneading and massaging hers, clutching it tightly in her fist before pressing the flat of her hand against it as if to make her pert little breast smaller still.

Once again I followed suit, pressing my hand harder onto my own breast, squeezing and manipulating it, feeling my nipple hard and erect beneath my clothes. I wanted to do more and, still looking carefully sideways at Hayley, I slid first one finger and then two under the fabric of my shirt and into my bra. My flesh felt hot and eager to be touched, and I pushed my fingers further in, finding and rubbing my bullet of a nipple. The sensations were fantastic, both mentally and physically, and I slipped my entire hand inside my bra to enhance the feeling. Now the fingers of both hands were busy, rubbing and stroking the different parts of me simultaneously, and my breathing began to deepen as arousal took over.

Again Haley’s hand moved, and once again I flinched, this time guiltily pulling my hands from both between my legs and from my bra, but once again it was a false alarm. Her eyes remained closed and she ignored my presence, seeking to work her hand under her own top and to fondle her breast.

But her top was much tighter than my shirt and she had to push it up in order to get beneath it, bunching the cloth into a band under her bra. That didn’t make things any easier and, after struggling for a few moments to wriggle her hand under the constricting material, she finally gave up and pulled it back down.

I felt a twinge of disappointment at her apparent admission of defeat, and this was turned into one of momentary alarm when she also withdrew her hand from her jeans. My own hands were now folded innocently over my stomach because I didn’t have the nerve to continue alone, but I was so damn randy and I really didn’t want things to end. My mind was caught between trying to figure how to make her continue and how to get up the nerve to do it myself if she didn’t.

But once more I needn’t have worried. Still keeping her eyes firmly closed, as if being unable to see her companion allowed her to pretend she was alone, she removed her glasses and placed them carefully but blindly on the table beside her, her fingers cautiously walking the gap between sofa and table, then she crossed her arms and grasped the hem of her top, pulling it up and over her head in one smooth movement and the discarding the unwanted garment on the floor beside her. I watched in delighted amazement as she then leaned forward to unhook her bra, letting that also fall onto the floor.

She opened her eyes for just a moment to look across at me and flash me a shy little smile before closing them and resting back on the sofa once again to leave me staring at her naked torso with surprise and pleasure. Yes, we’d been friends for a long time and yes, I’d seen her topless before, but that was on a beach and in an entirely innocent context. This time the context was sexual and the fact that she was able to be that free in my presence made me feel good inside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m straight so I didn’t fancy her, but it was still exciting and daringly intimate in a strange but nice sort of way.

I was seeing my friend in a new light, looking at her from a completely new point of view, and I was immediately struck by her tan, almost as if I’d never noticed it before. It wasn’t a heavy browning, but a kind of vibrant golden tone that beautifully set off her blonde locks and the white mark of her bikini outlined breasts. Her nipples were small with a well defined dusky pink aureole and suited her build exactly. She was beautiful by any standard, and I suddenly saw in her a very sexually alluring woman.

She thrust her right hand back inside her jeans, raising her bottom briefly to get herself some room, working her fingers under her panties and sighing quietly as she found her pussy once more. Her other hand had now found her naked breast and was rolling the nipple between her fingers, squeezing and tugging it slightly to turn her breast into a lovely little pink capped peak.

I watched unashamedly, relieved to be pushing my own hand back under my waistband and into my briefs, searching for my wet and puffy cleft again and the pleasure I knew it would give me. My two fingers found my button and I began rubbing it gently, unconsciously matching my movements with those of my companion.

For a few minutes we sat side by side, silent apart from occasional little gasps of pleasure and excitement, and played with ourselves. Hayley sat with her head back and her eyes shut, making the leather of the sofa creak by wriggling occasionally against the constraints of her jeans, while I sat gazing at what we were both doing and taking defiant enjoyment from our sudden lack of inhibitions. Then, opening her eyes and looking directly at me for just a second, Hayley took her hand from inside her panties, gave a slightly embarrassed shrug, hooked her thumbs into her jeans and pushed them down before raising her legs into the air and pulling them off completely.

I thought for one delicious moment that she was about to strip off completely, because when she straightened from discarding her jeans she hooked her fingers into her panties as if that last wisp of a garment was about to join the rest. But instead she hesitated and then, as if courage had suddenly deserted her, simply adjusted them, seating them more snugly around her pussy. Even so, dressed in just tiny blue panties that were hardly more than a thong, she was all but naked and very, very beautiful.

One hand now lay over those panties, cupping her pussy, letting her fingers mould and fondle her flesh, while the other went back to doing likewise to her naked breast. Her legs were spread wide now, as far open as she could get them while seated next to me and so wide that her knee was bumping softly and regularly against mine as her hand created movement. I deliberately opened my own legs that little bit wider, just to ensure that the tiny erotic contact continued, strangely hoping that Hayley could feel it too.

It was difficult to reach right down inside my undies to find my entrance, so I settled for playing with my clit, a little bud that was now peering hard and aroused from under its hood, skittering my fingertips over it as lightly as my panties would allow, pushing them away with the back of my hand as I played. I could feel just that vague warmth building within my pelvis, a beautiful little fire that I wanted to stoke into the fierce blaze that could soon consume my body. I wasn’t sure how Hayley would react, or even how I would feel, if I climaxed beside her, but I knew it just might happen.

Hayley’s breathing was deepening, happily revealing that she too was feeling the effects of arousal as she rubbed hard along the length her pussy, pushing her fingers and her panties a little way inside herself and tightening the flimsy blue material until it outlined her labia. I couldn’t help myself, I leaned forward to watch, nearly trapping my own hand between my legs but feeling a tingle of excitement at the sight of Hayley’s busy fingers.

I leaned back, the image of her outlined pussy clear in my mind, and opened my legs once more, battling with the restrictive waistband as I felt for my pussy once. It was so difficult to masturbate effectively under layers of clothing and I wondered if I had the courage to do as Hayley had done and strip down to just my own underwear, though even that had it’s limitations. Then I wondered if Hayley had intended to take everything off, but had been put off by my still being dressed. I gathered my nerve and determined to do something about it.

It took me a few moments and several deep breaths, but then I began to undo the buttons of my shirt, still stupidly trying hard not to let Hayley know what I was doing. Why I felt the need to do that I’ll never know, after all, she was bound to notice the minute she opened her eyes. I could hardly hide the fact that I’d taken most of my clothes off, could I?

Besides, I had already admitted to myself that I was doing it as much to persuade her to take that last piece of clothing off as I was for my own benefit. But then, I also don’t know why I so wanted to see her naked, because girls don’t turn me on. The only thing I can think of is that it was the childlike thrill of being naughty, of doing something that we shouldn’t be.

With my buttons finally unfastened I took a sideways look at Hayley and leaned forward to slide it from my shoulders and pull it loose. Another quick look to make sure she had her eyes still closed and I reached around to unclip my bra. By now my heart was pounding so much I was sure she’d feel the movement through her seat, but I managed to do it and my bra joined my shirt in a heap beside the sofa. I felt so daring, so bold and yet so vulnerable. I was determined to go further, but it took me all my bravado to stop myself from covering my breasts with my hands and just sitting there frozen.

Hayley sprawled beside me, her head resting on the back of her seat, her eyes closed but her lips slightly parted, sitting with her legs spread as wide as she could and with her fingers still kneading her pussy through the thin material of her panties. I looked at her hard, making sure that she was still unaware of my actions, and at the same time plucking up the courage to lose my joggers. She looked beautiful, so serene and so sexy, giving tiny gasps of pleasure as her fingers massaged her vulva. I retook the decision; I was going to do the same.

One last look and one last deep breath. I hooked my fingers into my waist, lifted my bottom and pushed, intent on getting my joggers out from under my behind in one go, so that I could remove them completely. But the gremlins struck and as I pushed I felt the fingers of one hand snag in the top of my panties, dragging them down at that side, and doing it too quickly for me to react. I sat down in a panic, the jogging bottoms gathered at mid thigh but with a crumple of red and green stripes bridging them to my hip where just one half of my briefs had tried to follow. I prayed that Hayley wouldn’t look.

She sat with glamorous blue silk covering her shaven pussy, relaxed and tranquil, while I crouched beside her, my eyes wide with alarm, and with my sensible striped underwear pulled down to reveal a good portion of my pubic fuzz to whoever wished to look. The contrast could not have been greater.

For a few seconds I froze, heart pounding and mind racing, wondering how best to quietly get out of the mess I was in. I wasn’t sure which way to go, but there was really only one practical answer and, bizarrely, as soon as I recognised the fact I knew it was the solution that I wanted anyway. I lifted one hip slightly and then raised my legs to slide both joggers and briefs down together, pulling them from my feet before lowering them, throwing my clothes to the side and to allowing myself to rest back, totally naked and panting with fearful excitement.

I cupped my breast in my hand, squeezing hard and sending a shiver of enjoyment down my spine, resting my other hand flat on my stomach, wanting to touch myself again, but not yet able to take that last step. My mind raced, proud of my boldness but scared of what was happening, and my heart hammered with pure exhilaration, but most of all my pussy throbbed with need, wanting to be touched, to be rubbed, massaged, or pretty much anything that would make my embryonic orgasm a reality.

Beside me Hayley moved and my head shot around to find her eyes open and gazing at my body, a delighted smile on her face. She immediately hooked her fingers into her waistband and eased her panties down, lifting first one leg and then the other to remove them, not caring that in doing so she revealed the pale shaven lips of her pussy and the deeper pink of her slit. She was so at ease with herself that I no longer worried about her looking at me, we were just two women being naked in each other’s company.

“Thank you.” She told me as she tossed that last remaining garment away. “I wanted to, but I just didn’t have the bottle to do it first.”

“I didn’t think that I had either.” I told her, more truthfully than she realised.

“Can we both go all the way?” She asked unexpectedly, catching me completely wrong footed.

I stared at her, confused and anxious, half wondering if she meant what I dreaded she might.

“No!” She said loudly, suddenly comprehending. “I didn’t mean that. I mean do you think we can make ourselves cum while we’re together.”

I giggled at my own mistake, happy and reassured that she wasn’t a closet bi after all, and now wanting without doubt to do just as she had suggested.

“I thought that’s what we were going to do anyway.” I told her.

“Me too, but I was just checking.”

We smiled at each other. Nothing mattered now. We had explicitly admitted to each other what we wanted to do and so both guilt and embarrassment promptly disappeared.

“Shall we?” I asked, still not quite confidant enough to take the lead.


Hayley settled herself in her seat, opened her legs once more and, with me looking freely at the visible top part of her smoothly shaven slit, she ran the flat of her hand down her body until her fingers disappeared over the edge of her pubic bone. I could only see the top of her labia and her rhythmically moving knuckles, but I knew she was rubbing her clit and I finally got the nerve to follow suit.

There was no holding back anymore, we both watched each other play, our gaze roaming openly up and down each others bodies. Sometimes we would make eye contact and we would give each other a little smile of pleasure and encouragement, but mostly we watched what we were each doing, the visual stimulus adding to the sensations generated by our fingers.

Both she and I were had our other hands over our breasts, reaching across our chest to the furthest one; Hayley playing mainly with her nipple, tugging and rolling it as she had before, while I massaged the whole full globe, gripping the soft flesh between my palm and my fingers, squeezing and manipulating it, feeling the lovely sensations add to those in my pelvis.

We sat like mirror images, one hand below and the opposite one on our boobs, silent except for tiny noises of enjoyment and still but for the motions caused by our fingers and the tiny all over tremors those fingers generated. We were both absorbed in what we were doing and excited by not doing it alone for once.

I began to get hot — God did I begin to get hot. The sensation of my fingers rubbing increasingly hard and fast at my clit and the gorgeous hurt that my hand was causing in my boob as I twisted and pulled at it, were getting me higher and higher, even without seeing Hayley twitching and moaning beside me. I’d never had an experience like it. I knew I wasn’t going to cum very quickly, maybe I was still a bit too shy for that, but it had all the makings of an earth-shaker when it did arrive.

We sat there, our legs sprawling half open, knees touching and preventing us from spreading them fully wide but at the same time providing the sensation of a special contact, of an almost innocent intimacy as we brought ourselves closer to cumming. But it wasn’t quite enough. Both of us wanted better access, more freedom for our flying fingers and we were pushing against each others knees in an instinctive need to open wider.

I’m not sure how, maybe I lifted my leg slightly, maybe Hayley wriggled hers below mine, but suddenly her thigh had burrowed under mine, stretching wide apart and letting me open mine also. For a moment it was uncomfortable and I wondered if my weight was hurting Hayley, but then my heel found purchase on the leather between Hayley’s legs and I planted my foot there, lifting the weight of my thigh from her but letting it fall further open to rest against hers higher up. I looked at my foot, resting so close to Hayley’s pussy, and glanced up at her face, seeking reassurance that it was alright to be there. She caught my glance and smiled, giving just a barely discernable nod of assent as we settled into our new and closer position.

Instinctively we shuffled slightly nearer still until our bodies came into contact, our hips just touching lightly and my upper arm moving against hers as we played with our boobs. The contact was wonderful than before, making our masturbation a kind of joint venture instead of just something we each were doing separately but in each others sight. I felt a thrill of intimacy from the contact, a daring naughtiness that made me even hotter.

Soon Hayley’s breathing got short and harsh, little gasping breaths as her orgasm came closer. She closed her eyes, squeezing them tight, grimacing and licking her lips as I watched. Her fingers were flying over her clit, rubbing frantically as the sensations became stronger, her body moving jerkily of its own accord, the movements turning me on even more as I watched her get ready to cum.

Then she leaned forward a little to reach further, her fingers thrusting deep into her, the little wet noises easily audible as they moved so rapidly in and out. She let go of her breast, reaching out automatically and grabbing at my leg as it draped over hers, strong fingers biting high into my thigh two thirds of the way from knee to crotch. I watched with amazement mixed with both alarm and thrill, feeling her hand on my skin only inches from my own naked pussy.

I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm, the warm spot inside me just beginning to expand getting ready to burst and erupt into climax. It would be lovely if I could come with my friend’s hand still resting on my thigh, and even better if we could both cum together. I rubbed harder at my clit, gripping it between my two fingers as they rubbed up and down, trying to make myself cum, looking across at Hayley’s face at the same time.

She was obviously nearly there, her eyes were screwed up tighter than ever and she was biting at first her lower lip and then her upper, her mouth opening and closing to vent the little gasps of pleasure that she was now continuously making.

I let go of my breast, placing my hand over hers as she continued to grip tightly onto my leg in an instinctive effort to maintain the contact. I didn’t want her to touch me, that wasn’t my thing, but I was getting such a kick from having her fingers so close to my pussy that I wanted to be sure in continued. I even slid my hand sideways from over hers to bridge the gap between her fingers and the closest of my pubic hair, making a kind of proxy contact and feeling wickedly pleased at the sensation.

We were both in a race to the finish, Hayley ramming her fingers hard and deep into herself while I rubbed frenziedly at my clit, and both of us now gasping and whimpering with pleasure. We were so nearly there.

It was Hayley who came first, jerking forward suddenly and letting out a long groaning cry as she pushed her fingers right up inside her, slamming them repeatedly into her pussy, her cupped hand pistoning back and forth to reveal then hide her fingers as I looked down over her pubes. Even her palm was glistening wet with her juices and the noise of wet hand smacking against wet pussy sounded beautifully sexy. Her eyes now shot open as she came and stared out into the distance, the glaze of sexual release preventing her from focusing her sight on anything specific. She jerked and shuddered, crying out loudly, unrestrainedly, as waves of pleasure ran through her, the cries tapering of to little whimpering moans as her orgasm ran its course and slowly subsided.

Eventually she let out a long moaning sigh and her grip on my leg relaxed to signal the end of her climax. She looked over at me and smiled languidly. I’m not sure, but I think it was that slow, sexy, dreamily happy smile that did it for me and my own abruptly orgasm erupted inside me.

It was, as I had expected, a massive orgasm, my whole body seemed to be flooded with sensations as surge after surge of white hot pleasure ran through me. Like Hayley I cried out, a single long cry of pleasure that rose and fell with the waves of ecstasy I was feeling. I arched my back, my mouth falling open and my toes curling tightly, the fabulous sensations making me dig my fingers into my breast as hard as I could to mix the pain with the overwhelming pleasure. I thought it would never end, wave of sensation followed wave until I felt myself nearly borne away on them, only vaguely aware of my surroundings, but always sharply aware of Hayley’s very welcome presence.

Eventually the waves declined in intensity and I returned reluctantly to the real world, feeling spent and exhausted, but intensely happy and proud of myself, grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat as my orgasm gradually faded away.

For several minutes we sat panting, half laying half sitting, side by side on the sofa. I was both struggling to get my breath back and at the same time fighting to cope with the myriad thoughts and sensations that flooded through my mind. I’d never in a million years have dreamed of masturbating in anyone else’s presence, but I just had, and not only that but it had given me the biggest thrill I’d had for years.

I let my hand relax on my pussy, as if too lazy to move it, my other hand sliding from my breast to lie by my side, resting between both mine and Hayley’s hips, in contact with both but deliberately touching neither. My leg was still draped over hers, and I still enjoyed the contact, but then she began to wriggle it out from under and I reluctantly lifted it away, understanding and not wanting to continue her discomfort. Her hand lost contact with my thigh, and then, as we settled more comfortably side by side, I felt her fingers interlace themselves with mine between our two bodies, and gave me a sort of quiet companionable feeling.

We sat like that, holding hands and still naked, for what seemed a long while, each deep in their own thoughts, trying, on my part at least, to come to terms with what had happened and not wanting to talk about it until we understood it.

We shot glances at each other from time to time, and all of a sudden our sight locked and we gazed directly into each others eyes. Hayley’s eyebrows raised in a kind of ‘how the hell did that happen?’ look, and I grinned my own lack of an answer in return.

“Wow!” She exclaimed all at once. “I didn’t expect that.”

“Me neither.” I agreed.

“Good though, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, it was good alright.” I told her, my chest still heaving slightly from the effects.

“Good enough to do again?”

[Continues on chapter 2: “Busy Fingers Ch. 2” by Otazel – FF]

Sir Robert's Stories Home PageI have got horny each time I have read this sexy story but, maybe, the best part of it is that it has several installments and this one you have read is just the first of them. Thus and thanks to the permission granted by the author, Otazel, I will continue publishing the next parts in the following days. Pay a special attention to the blog, then, or subscribe to my posts using the form available on the home page, first thing on the right.

The second best thing about this awesome story is that Otazel has written lots of incredibly sexy stories. You may have a look at them on his page on Literotica. Pay him a visit and tell him I sent you there!

Emmanuelle - CoverThe third best thing about this story is that it reminds me of one of the first naughty scenes I ever watched on an erotic film: Emmanuelle and Mary Ange masturbating together as the first is recounting her encounters… If you haven’t already seen Emmanuelle, you should! 🙂

 From here…

Photo: “hold on” by Alex with a creative commons license.

“Come On Me” by drscar – MMFF

201308 - Come on me - 2843391506_db93ac8670_b

Sometimes I wonder if other people have strange but ultimately harmless things that turn them on. I mean, we all have the things that we like to have done to us, things that get us hot. It seems for guys that pretty much all you have to do is look at them and they get rock hard.

For us girls, though, it’s not quite the same. I know, I know, it’s cliche to talk about the differences between boys and girls like that, but there are differences even among women. I like sex as much as the next girl (believe me, I do!), but what gets me completely and totally dripping wet is not what I think other girls find intense.

I have one girlfriend who loves to give blowjobs. From what I understand, although I get most of my testimony from her, she’s really good at it. She gets an oral fixation to suck some guy off and has been known to have it so overpowering that she’s grabbed some guy at a party that she’s not even been introduced to and drag him off into the bathroom to suck him off.

Dangerous? Yeah. Stupid? Quite possibly. But she tells me that maybe because it’s dangerous and stupid that she gets off on it so much. She says she can come just from sucking some strange guy off in the bathroom of a party, by feeling him pulse in her mouth.

I think my own fixation – if you can call it that – is probably her fault. I mean, I like sucking dick as much as the next girl (and in some cases next to her I am the next girl, but that’s a story for another time), but I’ve never been able to come that way. Every once in a while I feel an urge, a craving, to suck, but that’s not the first thing I think of.

I guess you could say I have a manual fixation. I mean, I love the feeling of a guy’s throbbing cock in my hands. I love feeling the veins pulse and the tissue swell with blood in the palm of my hand. Just thinking about a hard cock in my hands always gets me soaked.

It was all Jesse’s fault, of course. Her libido is off the charts. I mean, mine is pretty high to begin with but Jesse makes me look like a wait-until-marriage virgin.

She came up to me at a party with a sly grin on her face. The music was too loud, and the people were too drunk.

“What?” I asked, noticing the look on her face. She had a cat-got-the-canary look, and was mighty pleased with herself.

She giggled, and leaned in close. What should have been a whisper needed to be a scream to be heard over the noise. “I did it again!”

“Did what again?” I asked, confused. Up until that point in time she had only done the stranger-grab once, and it was a few months prior, so I honestly wasn’t expecting it.

“See that guy over there?” she said, and then pointed across the length of the house to a tall, blonde looking guy, slightly geeky but still cute.

“Yeah,” I shouted back.

“He just came in my mouth,” she said. Always the one for shock value, Jesse sure knew how to get to the point.

It worked. I was shocked. “What?” I shouted, my eyes wide in surprise. “He did what?”

She laughed so hard at my reaction she almost spilled her fresh beer. “I had, you know, a craving,” she said, one finger curved across her lips in a weak attempt to looking coy. “So I grabbed the nearest guy that I liked. He was it.”

“Who is he?” I shouted. She didn’t quite hear me. “What’s his name?” I clarified.

She shrugged. “Who the fuck knows?” and laughed. “C’mon, let’s go get a beer!”

As we went towards the backyard where the keg was, we passed her blonde victim. He didn’t seem too victimized, of course, and I think there probably would have been no shortage of volunteers for victimhood for Jesse’s talents. She was, after all, cute, short, with a big rack. She wasn’t skinny, but she oozed sexual confidence that guys like.

She was holding my arm as we went towards the keg, and I tossed out the rest of my beer, which had become flat anyway. As I reached for the nozzle of the keg, I noticed Jesse making a gesture and I looked at her. She started making sucking motions on her index finger, still pleased with herself. I nearly overfilled the cup.

“I can’t believe you,” I said, but I could believe her. In fact there was a part of me that was envious that she could be so brazen, and I couldn’t. My mind started filling up with the mental image of her grabbing the hand of the blonde boy and pulling the surprised guy off into the bathroom.

The rest of the night was a blur. Jesse continued to make comments and fill in some of the gaps for me, though my imagination ran away with the thought of it as I replayed the scene in my mind over and over again.

By the time I got home I was drenched. I could feel my thong cutting into my web pussy folds with each stride and I just had to get undressed. I was drunk, horny, and my fingers started their familiar dance around my clit and inside my pussy.

My mind placed me in Jesse’s story, grabbing the blonde guy by the hand and pulling him into the bathroom. Maybe it was because I was drunk, or maybe it’s because my mind just works in strange ways, but I kept switching between different parts of the story.

The part that seemed to excite me the most was not blowing the guy, but the first part, the part leading up to the sex. I kept going back to the very first part where I grab some surprised guy who’s never seen me before.

The vision cuts back to what I’m thinking I’m about to do as I lead him to the back. Taking him out, sucking on him, then cuts back to grabbing his hand again. My mind goes completely nonlinear until I’m sucking him, stroking him, fucking him, grabbing his hand for the first time and taking him back. It’s not making any sense but I’m loving it. It’s different types of sex all at the same time.

The visions settle into a pattern, though, and the anticipation of sex becomes the true turn-on in the fantasy. As I take his hand and lead him back, my fantasy pussy gets wetter with each step. I can almost feel his cock in my hand, unzipping him, pulling him out, watching it emerge from the top of his underwear. I replay this one image over and over in my mind as my fingers slide across my wet pussy lips.

I’ve got his cock in my hand, my other hand cupping his balls. I’m stroking him off, getting ready to put him in my mouth. Over and over again my mind’s eye replays me reaching into his underwear to take out his throbbing cock.

I’m stroking him, stroking him. I get on my knees and am about to put him in my mouth when my orgasm hits me. Hard. I practically scream and instinctively put my hand over my mouth. It’s my hand that’s covered in my own juices and I suck hard on my knuckles, licking the wetness from them like a woman possessed. It’s only after I start my descent from my orgasmic bliss that I am suddenly self-conscious and a little embarrassed, but the feeling passes quickly as an aftershock hits me.

Normally I don’t think about sex all that often, and when I went about my days during the week, going to work and doing my own thing, I didn’t really have time to dwell upon this latest fantasy. But about Wednesday, Jesse called me and told me about another party on Friday night. Suddenly I was kicked into overdrive, the fantasies coming unbidden. I didn’t get any more work done Wednesday afternoon because I was so distracted.

Wednesday and Thursday night as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep I couldn’t keep my hands out of my pussy. In some of the fantasies the guy even got to come, but the naughtiness of it, the wanton nature of the act, completely threw me into orgasmic overload. At least, that’s what I thought it was.

Friday came, and I wasn’t planning anything. I mean, I’m generally the low-key person, and really quite shy. My sex drive is probably a little higher than most women, if you go by some of the guys I’ve dated, but I’m definitely not an initiator. I like to be pursued.

Jesse came and picked me up at my place. “Wow,” she said. “You look hot!”

Her comment came as somewhat of a surprise. I hadn’t tried to do anything different. “What do you mean?” I asked, but feeling somewhat pleased by the compliment.

“Well, you’re wearing that miniskirt like I’ve told you to do. You’ve got great legs, honey. I’m glad you’re showing them off.”

I beamed. “Well, to be honest I didn’t even really think that much about it. I just put it on tonight,” I said, truthfully.

“Uh huh,” she said, not believing me.

She started talking about the clothes that she had decided not to wear, and my mind started to wander a little. Had I put on the miniskirt with some sort of subconscious desire to be more sexy? Did this mean something?

“… and I’m going to do that again,” Jesse was saying.

“I’m sorry,” I said, snapping back to the here and now. “Going to do what?”

“Nikki,” she said, a scolding tone in her voice. “What do you mean, ‘going to do what?’ I’m going to do what I did with that guy last time.”

She meant sucking his cock, and I knew that. “The same guy?” I asked. “What if he’s not there tonight?”

She shook her head. “Oh, no, not the same guy,” she said, matter-of-factly. “It’s not a good idea to do the same guy more than once. They’ll think you like them or something. All I want is his cock.”

She looked at me with a wicked smile. I laughed. “You’re so bad,” I said, grinning, but I was feeling envious too. My fantasies from earlier in the week started running in my head like a TV in the background.

“Well,” she said, her eyes turning back to the road. “I’ve had this wicked oral fixation for days now. It’s been driving me crazy!”

I knew what she meant, and almost told her that. I wasn’t ready to let her in on my little fantasy quite yet, so I didn’t say anything. She’s my best friend, though, so I knew at some point it was going to come out.

We arrived at the party and immediately went to grab something to drink. Jesse was driving, so she was using the beer more for show. A woman with a beer, she liked to say, was a sure way to attract a man.

“They think you’ve already got your defenses down,” she’d told me, conspiratorially. The spider and the fly.

Beer in hand, Jesse was already looking for her mark, and I was completely absorbed in my own fantasy. I was really regretting wearing the miniskirt because I knew that my pussy was sopping through my thong and it felt as if liquid was running down the inside of my thighs and that everyone could already tell.

What was worse, though, was that I couldn’t get the thought of taking some guy’s cock out of his pants out of my own head. It wasn’t making my situation any better.

Finally, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. “I’ll come with you,” Jesse said. This was usually the case, but I really wanted to take care of this on my own.

“No,” I said, holding out my hand to her and placing it on her arm. “It’s okay. I’ll only be a second. Let me know if you see anyone… interesting.” I gave her a quick squeeze and a smile and turned before she could say anything.

I tried to get to the bathroom as quickly as I could just so I could wipe, er, dry myself off. I finally got there and closed the door and locked it. The lock was broken, though, so I tried the best I could to make it look as if it were occupied.

The great thing about the miniskirt is that it provides incredibly easy access. I pulled up the hem and started wiping my thighs and pussy with a tissue, trying to dry it off. Unfortunately, as soon as the pressure of my fingers hit my pussy, I was electrified and I simply couldn’t stop myself.

The cotton fabric of my thong was completely soaked. I felt like a fountain with no off-valve. My fingers dove deep into my pussy and I felt them move inside me, the feeling so addictive I couldn’t stop.

But I had to. That door wasn’t locked. Anyone could…

The door swung open, and a guy walked in. He was looking down at the floor and didn’t see me until he had closed the door behind him and looked up. He was kind of cute, in a geeky sort of way, about average build. The kind of guy that would likely be your best friend, have a crush on you, do everything for you but that you’d never actually feel anything in return.

He was far more startled than I was. Completely flustered, he started trying to reach for the doorhandle behind him, but he couldn’t take his eyes off me and my treacherous masturbating hand.

“I.. I’m so…” he gulped. “Sorry,” he said quickly, and finally tried to respectfully take his eyes away from my lewd position.

Today’s your lucky day, I thought to myself. I took the two steps between us and closed the gap. I pulled his belt and brought him off balance as he took a jolted step forward.

“What…” he began, but I put a wet finger to his lips, shushing him.

I reached down again and started unbuckling his pants, sliding a hand down over his crotch to get him hard. He didn’t disappoint.

Apparently he had some more romantic, gentleman notion in his head. “What’s your name?” he began, but I put another finger to his lips and shook my head. I did not want him talking. That would ruin everything.

I started pushing my finger into his mouth and he got a clue. He started sucking on my finger with amazing expertise. It was a moment where he could have ruined the fantasy and everything could have gone south, but we’d now passed that moment and the rules had been set.

By the time I had him unbuckled and his jeans unbuttoned, he was rock hard. The contours of his cock filled my palm so nicely through the jeans that I couldn’t wait to hold it.

My fingernails traced the top of the elastic of his underwear and he sucked sharply on my finger. Unfortunately, as much as I liked what he was doing, I needed both hands now.

I pulled the underwear away from his body, and reached in with my other hand, feeling carefully for his cockhead. I didn’t want to scrape him with my fingernails. I pulled him out and started stroking him. He was a nice size, average, but my small hands fit around him quite comfortably.

I looked down and saw him in my hands, and reached down to cup his balls – just like my fantasy. To my surprise they were smoothly shaven, and felt really nice against my fingertips. Normally the hair is a turnoff for me, so this was a genuine pleasant surprise.

His cock swelled in my hand, and I ran my thumb over the head which had already started leaking his pre-come. I spread it around the head which gave me just a little more lubrication, but to provide just a little more I reached between my own legs and dipped my fingers inside me.

His cock coated with fluid, both mine and his, made stroking him so much nicer for both of us. I pressed my body up to him, my thighs pressing against his. I aimed his cock at my sopping wet pussy and fucked him with my hands. He never actually was close to my pussy but the motion was unmistakable.

I started undulating my hips with each stroke of my hands, and his breathing took a dramatic turn. He was getting close and, remarkably, so was I. I wasn’t really touching myself, just moving my hips like I was fucking him, and pressing up against his body.

I had my hands around his cock and balls, squeezing, pulsing, stroking. I placed the head of his cock under my miniskirt for added effect, and it began pushing him over the edge.

“I… I…” he tried to say, but he was completely unable to get the words out. The sense of power over him was an aphrodisiac to me.

“Shhhhh,” I whispered softly, and kissed him. His hips started shaking and I felt his cock grow in my hands. I squeezed tighter and then the most amazing thing happened.

I could feel his come erupt through his cock.

But what really shocked me was my own reaction. He must have shot incredibly far, like some porn star. His cock was under my skirt so I couldn’t see what happened, but I could feel it. The first shot of his come hit my lower belly – right under the waistband of my skirt. A second shot almost immediately followed straight on my inner thigh. Both were searing hot. The last shot hit my thong patch over my pussy, right on my clit. I felt the impact and the warmth and felt a shudder run through me. My orgasm wasn’t the most powerful I’d ever had, but it was an orgasm, and I suddenly realized I was squeezing his cock very tight as I rode through it.

I released him, and kissed him again. He opened his mouth to speak, but I shook my head. “Thank you,” I said. “Do me a favor and stand outside the door and make sure no one comes in while I clean up, ok?”

He just nodded, a very shocked look on his face. For a moment, the way he looked at me, I thought he may have believed he was in love.

As he closed the door behind him, I grabbed some tissues. The first thing I did, though, was dive my hand back to my pussy and rub it furiously.

The teaser orgasm had me primed and ready and my fingers found my folds in their familiar patterns. I came harder this time, more fulfilling as I replayed the moments of his come splashing across my pelvis. I replayed all the important bits in my head as I rode my fingers through a quick but wonderful release.

I cleaned up, washed my hands and opened the door. He was there, guarding it and I could tell he wanted to talk to me. I gave him a half smile and his shyness overcame him, and he said nothing. I quickly made my way past him and out of the house into the garden again.

It didn’t take long to find Jesse. She was in “prowl” mode, and her eyes had locked onto her next target.

“Goddamn, Nikki,” she said to me, though her eyes never left her prey. “You really oughtta try this.”

I giggled. “I just did,” I said.

She whirled to face me, her eyes wide with shock. “What?” Then her face relaxed as she thought I was kidding. “Oh, you had me going for a second.”

The grin creeping up on my face was giving me away. Once again, she did a 180. “Oh my god!” she squealed. “You did!?”

I nodded, then said, “Well, sort of. I jerked off some guy I never saw before in the bathroom.”

Her face was unreadable. “Oh, NIkki,” she said, pretending to be disappointed in me. “That’s not the same thing! You gotta feel him come in your mouth! It’s just not the same.”

I looked at her coyly, remembering the thrill I felt as his come raced through the veins of his cock in my hands. “It wasn’t that far off,” I offered.

She squealed again, and put her arm around me, kissing me on the cheek. “I knew there was a reason we were best friends,” she said, turning her attention back to her boy.

“Who is he?” I asked.

She shrugged. “No idea,” she said, as she put threw her beer out on the grass. “But I’m going to go find out.”

She left me and wandered over to the cute boy who, seeing her empty cup, promptly offered to escort her to the keg. They disappeared, and she later told me that she had blown him behind the bushes not ten feet away from the keg as other partiers refilled their cups.

The rest of the night I was mesmerized by the memory of my own boy, completely replaying the intoxicating feeling of his come splashing on my body. I’ve never been one for that – I’ve always shied away from things that were messy. But here I was, lying awake in my bed afterwards with my fingers stuffed deep inside my cunt, coming hard every time I imagined the hot come splashing on my belly, thigh, and clit.

Jesse and I became regular partigoers – even more than we had before. She started to get tired of the oral conquests and started trying to actually just find people to talk to. For my part, though, a monster had been unleashed. There were no shortage of men I could find. I didn’t let any of them fuck me, and even though I sucked some of them I always made sure that they came somewhere on me.

At first it was just on my hands. Their come would drip down my hands and cool off very quickly. Some of them would shoot a little farther and it would land on the inside of my arm. I was surprised at how sensitive that part of my body could be.

I was amazed at the differences between men, at how long some of them would take, and how quickly some of them were. The ones who only took a couple of minutes were my favorite. By the time I had allowed my libido to prompt me to do something about it I was ready for them to be finished already.

My outfits became skimpier, and I started aiming their cocks at my chest, my neck, and even my face. Their hot come landed on my cool skin and the burn electrified me. After they came, I made them finger me until I came too, becoming more insistent upon being pleasured as well. No one ever fucked me, though I confess some of the more well-endowed men tempted me. But if they fucked me then I couldn’t let my imagination run wild, which is what allowed me to come.

Then came the night that made me realize that my fantasies really could come true. Things that had gone on in my head, the dark places that no one ever shares, suddenly became real possibilities.

Jesse still had her moments when she would find a guy or two to blow at the parties. For my own participation, I had a record of jacking off four guys at a night, though not at the same time. I began to wonder what it would feel like to have all four of them at once, though. I began to think that I could come just by having a stream of men jack their cocks off onto my naked body.

My masturbatory fantasies grew wilder and wilder. They really took off when Jesse sent me an email one day with a link to one of those porn sample sites, where they have short ten-second movies. She had known about my handjob fascination for some time, and as a joke she sent me a link to five guys getting jacked off by a girl. They were standing around her, faces completely off camera, nothing but hard cocks being stroked, aimed at her naked body.

She may have meant it as a joke, but I was so turned on I set the final come shot clip on “loop” and frigged my pussy raw watching these guys come all over this girl. One shot landed on her forearm. That had happened to me before, and I could almost feel the burn. My pussy spasmed.

Another rope landed on her cheek. Another from the guy behind her hit her square on the top of the head, then shot onto her back. She held her mouth open like a target, but she didn’t look like she wanted it to really go onside. When the next rope came it landed on her lips, and she smiled.

Bang, bang, bang… She was covered! Sometimes the girls in these videos look surprised when the guys come (something that always confused me – why would you be surprised? How could you not know that was going to be the outcome?). This girl, though, was relishing every moment. Her hand whizzed between her legs as each guy unloaded onto her. Hot come dripped off her face onto her breasts, and a drip of come started to form off of a nipple.

She raised a hand to start rubbing it all onto her chest when the clip ended, and then started again. Clean girl, come on the forearm, come on the back, come on the lips…

I saved the video. Feeling embarrassed, even though no one ever would see this except for me, I created a special folder deep inside several other folders and placed it there. Over the next week I pulled it out every night and masturbated, imagining I was the girl. I wanted to be that girl. I craved to be that girl.

I was still concerned about my reputation, of course. Jesse had always found parties where we didn’t know too many people, because neither one of us wanted to be considered sluts. Of course, we were, but we didn’t want people to say that we were! I had no idea how I’d get my fantasy fulfilled.

I started thinking about going to sex clubs, or even joining a swingers site. I began thinking about whether or not Jesse could figure something out, since she seemed to always have all the angles covered. Plus, I trusted her.

As it turns out, I didn’t have to actually do anything special. For all of my planning, it turned out that sometimes things just happen without needing to force them.

As I got ready for the next party at Jesse’s house a few weekends later, Jesse came up behind me. “Damn,” she said. “You look sexy. If I were a guy I’d beg for you to hold my cock.”

I laughed. “If I were a guy, I’d beg for you to suck my cock.” She had painted her lips a dark red, “Harlot” it was called. Not for the first time, I actually did wish that I had a cock so I could watch them surround my hard flesh.

For fun, and for emphasis, I raised my finger to her harlot-red lips as I said this. Obligingly, she started sucking on my finger. To my surprise, my pussy began to quiver. She was damn good.

“And I’d do it, too,” she said, letting my finger draw away from her mouth. I could see a slight redness where the lipstick had come off. She turned away to go finish getting ready and I had a wicked thought come over me, and I put the same finger in my own mouth.

The night was sexually charged from that moment on. From the moment we got there I was on the hunt, looking for the right specimen. The crowd didn’t disappoint, as Jesse usually picked parties where there were a lot of really good looking people. I don’t know how she did it.

I found my first target of the evening. He was standing against the wall just watching the crowd with a bemused look on his face. I sauntered up to him, oblivious to the fact that Jesse was watching him at the same time.

The small talk was dull, boring. I don’t even remember what talked about. Driving tests, I think.

I took him into a back room and we started kissing. I pressed my thighs up against him and I felt his cock respond, pressing straight into my mound. I humped his cock for a little while and then dropped my hands to his belt buckle.

“You don’t waste any time, do you?” he asked, surprised at my forwardness.

“Why bother,” I replied, “when I know what I want?”

“And what do you want,” he said with a smirk, his cock lurching free from his underwear and into my hands.

“I want,” I moaned, as I felt the heft and girth of his wonderful monster in my hands, “I want you to come all over my face and tits.”

A funny look came over his face. “Damn,” he said, throatily. “I was hoping you wanted me in your mouth.”

“No she doesn’t,” came a voice from behind us. Jesse stepped closer to us. “I want to put you in my mouth. She wants you to come over her face and tits. Think you can handle both of us, sport?”

I was so stunned I couldn’t even manage a smart comeback to the way she called him “sport.” For his part, all he could do was nod dumbly.

Jesse came over and looked down at his monster cock in my hands. She looked at me and smiled. “Looks like you have a cock to fuck my mouth with, sweetie.”

The ramifications of what she was suggesting came to life in my pussy. I felt my stomach jump into my throat and I smiled back.

Jesse got to her knees, and opened her mouth. Her painted lips opened to reveal a wet, waiting and willing tongue. I angled his cock (what was his name again?) towards her mouth, and the head slipped just inside. She closed her lips around his cock and I saw his knees buckle slightly. She must have been phenomenal. A crazy thought flashed through my head: maybe she’d teach me someday.

I still had both hands wrapped around his cock and feeding him into Jesse’s waiting throat. As I pumped him into her mouth, my fingers came up to her soft lips. The difference between his hot, throbbing cock and the softness of her lips excited me.

The way I was standing made it difficult on my wrists, so I moved behind him and wrapped my arms around him in a hug, but bringing my hands down to stroke his balls with my left hand and his cock shaft with my right, still feeding him into her mouth.

Jesse was truly amazing, though. I peeked around this guy’s body and watched her take him in effortlessly. Her full lips must have been made for doing this. From my vantage point it wasn’t difficult to imagine it was me fucking her mouth with ‘my’ cock.

Looking for some release, I started pressing my pussy into this guy’s ass and found that between my hands in front and my pelvis in back, I had complete control over his cock sliding in and out of Jesse’s mouth. I pulled back with my hands and allowed him to remove his cock from her mouth, and was delighted to feel him offer no resistance. He was playing along and willing to let whatever these two hot and horny sluts wanted to do with him. Good boy.

He wrapped his arms behind him and started groping my back. It was awkward and futile, but it did give me a better ability to see. I took my left hand from his balls and put it on top of Jesse’s head. She moaned in assent and I started pushing my hips forward, driving my cock deep into her throat. I watched his cock disappear completely, and lost my cool.

I gripped her hair in my left hand and started fucking my pelvis backwards and forwards, bobbing her head on his cock as if it were my own. I could feel the building pressure between my legs with each thrust. I knew I couldn’t come this way but controlling both Jesse and this guy was all the aphrodisiac I needed.

Jesse had her own hand whisking away at her pussy and was practically screaming around this guy’s cock. His thighs started to flex and his hips bucked involuntarily; my experience giving guys hand jobs told me that he was aiming to find the right rhythm to let his orgasm fly. I wished I had an extra hand so that I could continue to squeeze his balls and milk him in tandem with my other hand sliding up his shaft.

Pulling Jesse’s hair I managed to make her deep throat his cock all the way until my fingers were pressed against her lips at the base. I could feel her sucking motion, and wasn’t sure if she was trying to get my fingers inside her mouth at the same time. She seemed completely lost in her horniness. I pulled her head away and then made him deep throat him again. His body quivered and his hands pulled me against his back in a desperate attempt to sandwich himself between us.

“I’m gonna…” was all he had a chance to say. I pulled Jesse’s head off his cock until her open mouth was resting at the tip and I started stroking him with my hand. Jesse had had her fun now it was my turn.

I love the feeling of a man’s come shooting through his shaft as my fingers squeeze him, and I knew that the tighter I squeezed the farther he would shoot. Suddenly I wanted to see this guy rocket his load all over my friend’s face. I had started off by wanting him to come over my face and tits, but now I wanted to see Jesse covered instead.

Holding her head steady in place, I whacked this guy off aiming at her face. She held her mouth open, unable to move any closer. I knew she wanted to suck it out of him, but I wanted her slightly frustrated. I had other plans for her.

I watched her place both hands on this guy’s thighs, and clenched her eyes tight and screamed around his cockhead. I could feel the heavy breathing through her nose against my hands, wet with her saliva as they were. She had told me before that she could come just by having a guy in her mouth, but I guess I never really quite believed her. Now, though, I saw it with my own two eyes (and felt the sharp breathing against my hands as she tried to control her breathing with a cock in her mouth).

Jesse’s mouth must have done something that sent him over the edge. The guy’s knees grew weak and he started bucking his hips as if to try to launch his come out of his body. His entire frame flexed and released in syncopated spasms. Suddenly he relaxed until he was almost limp.

And then he came. His body went rigid, more rigid than any other man I’d ever seen. I squeezed my hand around his cock and aimed for Jesse’s mouth. His come shot through his cock so hard I could feel under the skin beneath my fingers.

I had expected him to come hard and hoped he would come far, but even I was surprised by this stud’s distance. The first shot missed her mouth and instead roped above her face, a long trail landing across her lips, nose, forehead, and my fistful of her hair. The sight of Jesse’s face getting covered in come flashed me back to the porn site she had sent me. Watching it up close was so much better than the detached view of the video, though.

Feeling the texture against the back of my fist cleared up any disparity between my fantasies and the reality. The heat of his come shocked my pussy and I rammed him from behind trying to get some pressure there.

My aim adjusted, I fired his cock into her mouth for the second rope. Jesse actually sighed as it coated her tongue and the inside of her cheeks. She swallowed quickly and then opened her mouth for more. I pulled her head back onto his cock, impaling her throat with his spasming cock. She locked her lips and tongue around his shaft and held him there, and I was reminded of one of her lessons to me about sucking cock. “When a guy comes,” she had said, “just hold him in your mouth as deep as you can. It’s too sensitive to keep sucking him like before.”

Her expertise was classic; she could have given lessons. I quickly moved my hand from the top of her head to his balls, my right hand gripping the base of his cock as I pushed my pussy into his ass. Holding him steady from the back, and with Jesse’s mouth locked in from the front, he finished his spasming, emptying himself completely. I glanced up to see his head rocked back and him staring at the ceiling, his breathing slowly calming from the ragged, jerked syncopation from before.

As he relaxed Jesse released him from her mouth and licked her lips. She still had the streak of come from her nose up into her hair, but she didn’t bother to wipe it off. I moved around the guy, who was too spent to resist. He just stood next to us as I stepped in front of Jesse’s kneeling form. I put my hand back through her hair, feeling his come mix in with my fingers. With my free hand I lifted my miniskirt.

“Eat me,” I said. I wanted to watch Jesse’s face as she ate me out. This was a new thing for me, but I had gotten to that point where I would have humped a doorknob just to get some release. Jesse’s beautiful, sexy face belonged between my legs, looking up at me, and I wanted to come, dammit!

She didn’t need to be told twice. Her mouth attacked my pussy with vigor – no time for preliminaries. I was soaked and needed to come. She was my best friend and knew me well enough to know that she needed to go for the kill.

When her tongue caressed my clit I knew I was not her first. If she was half as good with sucking cock as she was at lapping me up, it’s no wonder that guy lost it so quickly. I realized that I could easily become addicted to Jesse’s mouth and tongue.

I watched her face, her eyes closing from time to time and looking directly into my eyes at others. I felt her finger slide inside of my pussy and start a beckoning motion, sliding across my g-spot. Her soft lips, soft cheeks, her feminine hands – all felt so different than a man. I’ve had men who were good, but Jesse was different. The texture, the feeling was all soft.

I was a new woman. The lust inside of me had changed me. I looked down at Jesse between my legs and suddenly felt a surge of power, of control. Before, Jesse had been the dominant one, the one in control. I had been the shy sidekick, the follower.

In one swift moment I realized how things had changed on this night. I had controlled this guy, and I had controlled Jesse. I had fucked her mouth with his cock, and I was fucking her mouth with my pussy now. The realization supercharged me.

I gripped her hair tighter in my hand and spread my pussy open wider with my other one. She had easier access to my clit now, and found it with talent. She looked at me and I could see a different look in her eyes. At first she seemed curious about the change in me, but now she seemed to be accepting her new role.

I wanted to exploit this new-found power. “You liked him coming on your face, didn’t you?” I said, a rhetorical question but my tone demanded an answer.

She could only “mm-hmm” her assent. “And now I’m going to come on your face too,” I said. She mumbled again.

She closed her eyes again, but I gripped her tighter and pulled her into my pussy to get her attention. “Keep your eyes open,” I said. “I want you to watch me come.”

With that she sucked hard on my clit and the orgasm came violently. It felt for all the world as if she was sucking my climax out of me. I rode her face viciously, my pussy smearing across her lips and tongue. Vaguely I was aware of a scream that I only peripherally knew was my own.

I looked between my legs to watch her wide eyes staring back at me, her tongue never stopping it’s magic. Her fingers inside my body continued their beckoning motion, as if she were calling my orgasm to her. It came, and came and came, answering her call.

As I came I saw Jesse’s eyes grow wide. She moved her hand out from inside me and suddenly I found both of her hands grabbing my ass. Never losing eye contact, she screamed into my pussy as her own orgasm hit her, exactly the same as she had come with the guy in her mouth. For a moment I was a bit worried because it looked as if she had shocked herself by coming, and I wasn’t sure that she was okay.

She never released me, though, and just held on until her own orgasm subsided. Eventually I felt her grip on my ass begin to relax and she pulled away, but I could still feel her deep breaths on my soaked pussy.

She didn’t say anything, just took in deep breaths as she tried to regain her composure. She looked at me in a different way than she had before – it was a look of surprise, respect, and more than a little admiration. It was a look that, for the first time in our relationship, she saw us as equals.

After that time with the guy, who we never saw again, our relationship changed. We had been best friends but now we were true partners in crime, sharing experiences and trying to out-do each other’s fantasies. In time our adventures grew more and more outlandish, more risky, and more incredibly hot. These stories deserve their own space, so I’ll leave them for another time.

For now, though, I felt completely empowered in my life and couldn’t wait to pursue this new side of me.


Sir Robert's Stories Home PageAs you know, reading sexy short stories is one of my main hobbies. Although I have quite a lot of sources to find erotic tales Literotica might be, arguably, one of the best. Some weeks ago I was reading this story called “Come on me” and just loved it, so I contacted his author (@subtleprof) via Twitter and he granted me permission to publish it here. If you want, you may read other stories written by him on his literotica page.

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