“Warehouse Work” by Bonfils – MMMF


Tanya could hardly concentrate on her work. Her thoughts kept returning to the proposal – the proposal made to her by the men in the warehouse. And every time she thought about it she was more enraged and had to get up from the computer to shake it off. What were they thinking? What the hell were they thinking?

Around 10 a.m. one of her co-workers had told her that the guys in the warehouse wanted a word with her. Tanya had wondered about that – usually she wasn’t in touch with the warehouse at all.

So, leaving her office and crossing the yard to the big warehouse building, she was a little bit curious.

It was a big, chilly room, with cardboard boxes stacked all the way to the ceiling along every wall. And seated around a tiny desk in one corner, the men sat drinking coffee. There were three men working there today, and she just barely knew their names: The young, skinny apprentice was named Johnny, the handsomely built guy in his mid-twenties was named Rick, and sitting at the head of the table was the oldest of the men: The stout and somewhat grumpy looking Sven.

Rick had spoken, and Tanya hadn’t believed her ears. They wanted sex with her – all three of them.

“I know it sounds rude,” Ricky quickly added. “But please let me explain.”

Tanya leaned against the huge metal door, listening. The men looked at her curiously, as if judging whether she could be persuaded. Raising her chin, she looked at them with quiet contempt.

“You can say no and leave,” Rick said. “Actually we’re already out of line here. If you want, you could get us fired.”

It hadn’t occurred to her. She wondered why Rick would even mention it.

“And don’t think we disrespect you,” he went on. “A lot of girls fantasize about sex with several men. And – well, we thought you might be one of them.”

In a flash, Tanya imagined herself lying naked on the table, surrounded by the three men. She imagined their erect cocks, tasting one on her tongue, feeling one in her pussy. The men’s hands caressing her naked body. Herself climaxing on the table, the sound of her screams echoing between the boxes in the storage room.

Confused, Tanya shook her head. Where did she get those ideas, anyway?

“But if you’re not into that kind of stuff,” Rick went on. “We’re very sorry, and of course you’re free to leave. But if you should change your mind the offer still stands.”

Tanya hadn’t thought of anything to say. Silent and confused, she’d left the warehouse and returned to her seat in the main building.

What the hell were those jerks thinking? She was seething with rage, but even so the images of sex with the three men kept returning, distracting her even more. The more she tried blocking them out, the more vivid they got.

Now young Johnny was pumping his strong, powerful cock into her. Then Rick’s big beautiful cock was fucking her. And then the thought of Sven brutally attacking her pussy made her shiver.

Damn! Couldn’t she think of something else? Tanya looked out the window. The sun was shining on the parking lot from an almost cloudless sky. “A lot of girls fantasize about sex with several men,” she thought.

Tanya didn’t usually fantasize much about sex at all. She was single at the moment and why get all hot and bothered about something that wasn’t going to happen? Or was she repressing some desires? Had the men’s rude proposal brought them out into the open?

Whatever. Maybe fantasizing about sex with several men was fun. But she knew one thing about fantasies: Never try to live them out. It was bound to be a disappointment – never as exciting as the fantasy.

(“But if you should change your mind the offer still stands…”)

Tanya got up quickly and went to the restroom. There was something she needed to do…

She locked the door and stood in front of the mirror. She saw her hard nipples poking the fabric of her shirt, and without thinking she gently caressed her breasts with both hands. Oh, that was wonderful. Moaning, Tanya closed her eyes. She kneaded her breasts, pressing them together, massaging them hard. She was getting hotter every second.

Then she unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them off along with her panties. Tanya studied her pussy in the mirror. Her juice made the labia glisten and the curly hairs stick to her skin. Parting her wet pussy lips with two fingers, she exposed her tiny, swollen clit. She caressed it hesitantly and shivered with lust. Then she started masturbating.

Yes, that was wonderful. And now – finally – she allowed herself to think of the men in the warehouse.

One by one she saw them pull out their cocks: Johnny, Rick, Sven. Stiff, throbbing cocks just getting ready to fuck her. Mmm, yeah. Tanya rubbed her pussy, overcome by desire.

In her mind they came towards her. She was lying down and they stood around her, showing off their erect cocks. “Yes,” she whispered. “Fuck me.”

She lay there watching them calmly masturbating. They laughed at her, softly. “What was that?” Rick said.

“Fuck me,” Tanya repeated. “Fuck me, all three of you. Please fuck me.”

But suddenly a distinct voice cut through her fantasy. She thought it sounded like Sven.

“No,” the firm voice said. “Not here. Not here, Tanya. Only in reality.”

Letting go of her pussy, Tanya jumped away from the mirror. She looked around, confused. What was happening here?

Out of breath she sat down on the toilet seat and wiped her dripping wet fingers with a paper towel.

She pulled up her jeans. What the hell was going on here? She couldn’t even masturbate anymore? Apparently, that damn fantasy had taken over completely. Well, okay – only one thing to do then.

Tanya left the restroom, passing the reception on her way out.

“I’m just going over to the warehouse,” she said.

– – –

The huge metal gate of the storage room slammed shut behind Tanya, startling her. The men looked up in surprise and saw her. Again they were sitting at the small table, studying something. A porn magazine? Either way, there was an air of hot lust about the men. They had been waiting. They had been fantasizing about her, too, ever since she’d left.

Their desire made Tanya brave, devil-may-care. She locked the door so that no one could come in and interrupt them. Johnny and Rick stood up. Sven remained seated at the head of the table, staring at her.

No one said a word. No one came over to her. Tanya took a deep breath. She didn’t dare. Yes, she did … she had to … she couldn’t help it. And trembling with excitement she did what she had been dreaming about:

Tanya pulled of her jeans and panties, exposing her dripping wet pussy to them. Leaning against the cold metal gate, she masturbated in front of the men, like she had been masturbating alone. But this turned her on so much more. Madly, she rubbed her tender clit, panting with lust. Then she pressed two fingers inside her pussy and started fucking herself with them.

The men watched her attentively and she heard them grunting approvingly. This turned Tanya on, making her shameless with lust. She spread her shapely legs wide, thrusting her outstretched fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she moaned loudly in time with her finger-fucking.

She looked at the three men. Cocks were swelling in Johnny’s and Rick’s workpants. Young Johnny stared at her with wide-open eyes, gasping for breath. But Sven just sat there, not moving a muscle – utterly unmoved by Tanya’s sexy performance.

She was about to come. But she felt like waiting a little. Slowly she let her fingers slide all the way out of her pussy. Then she put them to her lips, licking her own hot sex juices. Rick moaned deeply at the sight and she caught his eye, as she teasingly let the tip of her tongue lick her fingertips.

She hadn’t noticed that young Johnny had joined her. He knelt down, sniffing the smell of Tanya’s hot pussy. And suddenly she felt his wet tongue between her legs.

Tanya moaned loudly, as Johnny’s thick tongue poked its way in between her labia. She clenched her pussy muscles around it, but Johnny kept pressing and squeezing his tongue further and further inside her. All the way, letting the tip of his tongue explore the velvet folds of her cunt.

“Ah, ah,” she sang out, her legs trembling beneath her. But his amazingly strong arm grabbed her, holding her pressed against the cold metal door.

Slurping greedily Johny tasted the love juice flowing down his chin, as his twisting tongue slid in and out of her pussy. Tanya felt his hot breath against her abdomen as he panted with excitement.

She was trembling all over from desire. She grabbed the back of Johnny’s neck, pressing his face against her slit. She her Johnny grunting, as his tongue thrust all the way into her red-hot slit. And then she climaxed.


She nearly passed out with ecstasy. And just like in her masturbation fantasy Tanya’s screams of orgasm echoed in the storage room. Shamelessly slurping, Johnny drank her juices as her body squirmed in orgasm.

“Oh,” Rick moaned lustily, squeezing his swollen cock through the fabric of his work pants. Without further ado, Sven stood up and started clearing away coffee cups and porno magazines from the small table.

Johnny stood up. He still had to hold on to Tanya, who was completely exhausted. Now Rick joined them. And as Sven gave a sign, the two men lifted her up and carried her to the table.

They placed her on her back on the table and stood around her. Rick unbuttoned his pants, letting his erect cock jump out. It must have been well over eight inches long and stood vibrating in front of Tanya’s face. She gasped at the sight.

Panting, Johnny, too, fumbled with his work pants, finally getting his cock out. It was long and rather thin, but already hard as a rock. The foreskin was rolled tightly behind the huge bluish helmet, swelling madly before her eyes.

At the head of the table, Sven sat smiling fiendishly.

Without a word Rick grabbed his cock, slamming it repeatedly against Tanya’s red lips. She immediately opened her mouth, letting the stiff, hot cock slide in. She sucked it gently, and Rick gave a loud gasp.

Johnny stood between her legs and parted her pussy lips with two fingers, making Tanya squirm with pleasure. She was about to talk to him, beg him to fuck. But at that moment, with great force, Rick pressed his cock deep into her throat.

Tanya choked and swallowed, as Rick brutally started thrusting in and out of her mouth. She could tell that Sven was enjoying the sight.

Young Johnny was getting hot, too. He let go of her pussy with one hand and instead slid his long cock into her. Tanya pulled her mouth away from Rick’s cock. She just had to cry out with lust, as Johnny thrust deep into her: “Oh yes. Oh yes.”

Johnny’s cock got wet and slippery from her hot juices, and rhythmically he started pumping in and out of her cunt.

Grunting impatiently, Rick grabbed the back of her head. The only thing on his mind was his own cock and how to use Tanya’s soft, wet lips to satisfy his desires.

Obediently, she licked the stiff, trembling member, the tip of her tongue playing teasingly around the helmet, tasting the clear liquid starting to flow from the tip. Then, finally, she took it into her mouth, rhythmically sucking his swelling cock. Rick gave a deep moan of excitement.

Johnny fucked her in a steady rhythm, getting ever more aggressive. His long, rock hard cock thrust into her tender pussy, over and over. Tanya spread her legs for him, twisting with pleasure. Servicing two men at once turned her on. To be available – their sex toy. It turned her on like nothing she’d ever known. And Sven watched it all unperturbed: Watched them fucking her, savoring the sight of her helpless lust.

Johnny’s cock swelled madly in her pussy. “Ohhh,” he yelled. And suddenly he froze between her legs – and his cock started ejaculating. Climaxing, Johnny yelled out loud, as Tanya felt his member spitting hard jets of hot sperm way up into her pussy.

Rick pulled his cock out of her mouth and nearly pushed Johnny out if the way to get at her pussy. He was almost drooling with lust, as he placed his swelling cock at the mouth of her pussy. But with intense concentration, he inched his hips ever so slightly forward, letting only the exposed head of his cock slip inside her – and then he held it still.

Gasping, Rick let his bulging helmet feel the burning heat of Tanya’s pussy. Then he bent over her.

“Do you want it?” he snarled. “Do you want my cock?”

“Mmm, yeah,” Tanya begged. “Give me your wonderful cock. Fuck me.”

Sven grunted with satisfaction. He enjoyed watching Tanya humiliated by her own lust.

“What do you want?” Rick barked. “What? What?”

She saw Sven unbuttoning his workpants. And she shivered at the sight: His cock was enormous – a monstrous, thick member, blue veins swelling beneath its rough skin.

“Say it,” Rick whispered to her. “Say it again.”

“Oh fuck me,” Tanya sobbed. “Fuck me with your big cock.”

Sven held his giant cock in one hand. And slowly he began jerking off.

“I’ll fuck you hard,” Rick hissed. “I’m gonna give you my cock till you scream.”

And with one wild stroke he rammed his hard cock into her. All the way, making her gasp out loud. Again and again it thrust into her, as Rick sweated with the strain.

The clear fluid slowly flowed from Sven’s cock as he stood next to Tanya’s face.

“No,” she whispered out of breath.

“Suck his cock,” Johnny ordered. This young man already had a hard-on again.

“No,” Tanya gasped, “I can’t…”

And she came again. The orgasm gushed through her body, even more violent than before. For a moment she thought she was going to pass out.

But their mad lust had made the men merciless. Sven just laughed satanically at her helplessness, showing off his erection to her. Rick’s hard cock pounded her cunt relentlessly. And Johnny commanded, as if nothing had happened.

“Do it! Suck his cock, you filthy little whore!”

And reluctantly, Tanya opened her mouth to the huge, bluish-red head of Sven’s cock. Sven slowly let his hard cock slide over her wet tongue, letting her taste his hot lust.

“Ohhh,” he groaned – a deep animal noise, making Tanya even hotter. She immediately started sucking his fat cock, making loud, smacking sounds.

Tirelessly, Rick was pumping her pussy, his rock hard cock tightening to the limit with each thrust into her warm, slippery crevice.

Johnny stood beside the table, masturbating at the sight.

“Well,” he hissed, “You’re getting fucked? Are you?”

Sven’s huge cock swelled in Tanya’s wet mouth. The helmet was bulging, his semen boiling in his bursting balls. Then he pulled his cock out of her mouth, dripping with saliva, and held it in his hand.

“Ohhh,” he moaned in his deep voice. “Let me fuck her.”

Rick thrust one more time into Tanya’s pussy – hard and deep, making her shriek. Sven smiled wickedly and slowly Rick slid his cock out of her. Sven then turned her onto her belly and stood behind her ass. His cock pointed straight up, trembling with lust.

Rick and Johnny stood around the table, expectantly massaging their cocks.

“Now fuck her,” Rick said.

“Let the bitch have your fat prick,” Johnny panted.

Grunting, Sven slid a thick finger up into Tanya’s cunt. She felt so hot and wet, she thought she was going to come again.

“Make her beg for it,” Johnny said.

Sven’s finger slipped in and out of her dripping wet pussy, making her squirm and sob with lust.

“Is it Sven you want?” Rick whispered into her ear.

“Mmm,” Tanya whimpered.

“Say it,” Johnny ordered.

“Tell him to fuck you,” Rick whispered.

Sven laughed fiendishly. With one hand he stroked his monstrous cock. With the other he was finger-fucking Tanya, slowly and thoroughly, her round ass rotating before him.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “Please fuck me.”

“Say the word,” Johnny yelled.

Sven’s treatment made Tanya gasp. No. Now. Now she was about to come again. He closed her eyes in unbearable lust.

“You know how,” Rick said teasingly. “And you won’t have his cock, until you say it.”

Tanya whimpered. Then she took a deep breathing and yelled into the storage room:

“Fuck me, Sven! Give me your fat cock! Is that what you want to hear? Fuck me, goddamnit! Sven, fuck me with that giant cock of yours!”

Sven grabbed hold of her hair, pulling it hard. Then he let out a yell, pressing his huge cock up into her pussy from behind.

“Yeah, yeah,” he grunted. But she didn’t have even half the huge cock inside her yet.

“All the way up,” Johnny grunted. “Fuck her.” He and Rick were masturbating like mad.

“No. Stop,” Tanya gasped.

Sven thrust as hard as he could. His giant member pressed into her stretching pussy, making her sob.

“Well,” Rick whispered viciously. “That’s what I call a cock, isn’t it?”

And with one last, brutal thrust Sven buried his cock in Tanya’s aching pussy.

“Oooh,” she whimpered.

“Fuck her,” Johnny gasped.

And Sven started fucking. The huge cock was wet and slippery from her juices, and Sven slowly slid it in and out of her. Oh, that was wonderful. It filled the entire width of her pussy, and with each stroke she felt its hardness. Felt every fold, every vein on the rugged, stone hard cock. The entire tender inside of her pussy was caressed, massaged and teased by Sven’s incredible sex tool.

“Mmm, delicious cunt,” he snarled.

Eyes glazed, Tanya looked up at Rick and Johnny. Panting and sweating they watched her getting fucked. And before her eyes they stroked their rock hard cocks.

“Ohhh, I’m gonna shoot off,” Sven murmured.

And quickly he pulled his cock out of her. Johnny and Rick turned her onto her back, and the three of them stood around the table, masturbating.

“Come on,” she gasped. “Let me have your delicious sperm.”

Here Tanya lay. On the tiny wooden table, a few yards away from her workplace, while three lusty men stood around her jerking off.

God, she was hot. Her fingers found her soaking wet pussy and her swollen, aching clit and she began to masturbate.

“Yeah, play with your pussy,” Johnny whispered.

And at that moment Tanya climaxed for the third time. Already utterly exhausted she just lay there, letting the waves of lust wash over her, emitting low wailing sounds.

The men, too, sensed her orgasm, and that set off their own ejaculations.

Rick was the first one to come.

“Ahhh,” he shouted angrily, long jets of sperm shooting from the tip of his cock, splashing hot across her cheeks. He spurted again and again, and the sight of his ejaculation set Johnny off, too.

Johnny let go of his cock, and Tanya watched it jerk madly, as he came.

“Yes,” he shouted, as the first spurt of his lustful cream flew through the air. His cock was pumping wildly, jet after jet of boiling hot semen hitting Tanya’s burning face and breasts.

She thought he’d never stop, but finally his ejaculation subsided, and he squeezed the last sluggish drops of sperm onto her skin.

Sven was in control to the end. Grunting he masturbated his giant, swollen member, watching his to workmates spraying Tanya with their semen.

“Now you get my load,” he snarled.

“Spray me,” she whispered. “Do it.”

“Ohhh,” Sven yelled, letting go of his load.

It was incredible. The huge cock spurted like a fountain. Two foot long jets of thick, warm sperm shot over Tanya’s naked body. Opening her mouth, she tasted his strong, salty drops on her tongue.

Slowly the three men settled down, pulling away from her. Tanya lay on the table, her breasts and her face covered in their sperm. She shivered, eyes closed, savoring the feeling of being bathed in their semen.

They brought her a clean, white towel, and slowly she wiped off the semen and got dressed.

The men poured coffee. Tanya had a cup, too. Now they were completely calm, relaxed. The animal savagery from a few moments ago had disappeared. Even Sven seemed like a nice, normal guy.

“Thanks,” she finally said.

“Well, you’re welcome, ” Rick laughed.

“You were fucking great,” Johnny exclaimed.

“So were you,” she whispered.

They sipped their hot coffee in silence for a while.

“Well,” Rick said. ” I guess you have to get back to work.

“Yeah,” Tanya laughed and got up. “I think I’d better.”

“Very well, Sven said. “But if you should change your mind the offer still stands.”

Tanya was silent for a moment. Then she laughed out loud. And the men laughed along with her.


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Photo: “Sealey Power Products Warehouse” by toolstop published under a creative commons license.

“Fireman’s Carnival” by Kathy B – MMMF


“Mark! I’m over here!” I waved my hands wildly, trying to get my husband’s attention. It was useless though; he couldn’t hear me over the noise of the crowd and he hadn’t noticed our booth when he walked past.

“Hey, lady. Can we get some pies here or not?” A sweaty, overweight man stood beside three sweaty, underweight kids. Each child clutched a dollar bill in their dirty little fists.

I took a last look at Mark’s back, disappearing behind the Ferris Wheel. Oh, well, he’d keep looking until he found me. I’d get his attention the next time I saw him. I turned back to my customers.

“Certainly, sir,” I smiled. “How can I help you?”

“What do we have to do, anyway?” the man asked as the children started playing in the dirt.

“It’s very simple,” I replied. See that man’s head in the middle of the bullseye?” Brian Wallace’s balding pate was the only part of his body you could see. The rest was completely hidden inside the tent behind him. A drawstring kept him from pulling his head back inside. “You can buy whipped cream ‘pies’ for a dollar apiece. You have to throw from behind the counter. If you hit him directly, you win one of the big teddy prizes. If your pie lands in one of the other rings, you win that prize. All the money goes to benefit the local animal shelter. Have some fun for a worthy cause!”.

“Ok, gimmee three pies. Hey! You guys were crying to do somethin’. Do you want to do this or not?” he cuffed one of the children in the back of the head.

I bent over to pull three pies from under the counter and heard him chuckle. “Maybe I should wait until it’s your turn,” he hooted. “I’d get two bullseyes instead of one. Damn big ones, too.” He laughed loudly at his own joke.

I blushed. I knew what he was referring to. I’d worn this top because Mark liked seeing me in it, forgetting I’d be bending over all day. Every time I did, the scoop neck fell open and people could see all the way to my bra. I’m not small on top so that made for a pretty vulgar display. Guys had been staring at my tits all day and occasionally making remarks but this was the first pig to say something in front of his kids.

I handed him his pies and moved to the side so he could throw. It didn’t matter; I loved the animal shelter but we needed money to operate and the fireman’s carnival was one of our biggest fundraisers. If it meant letting a few jerks ogle my body, who cared? I could put up with it for a few hours.

I talked with Betty Johnson, the woman in charge of our booth, while trying to keep an eye out for Mark. Finally I saw him walking on the other side of the midway.

“Betty, I need to go talk to Mark. I’ll be right back,” I thrust my money apron into her hands and dashed around the end of the counter.

Betty laughed. “You’ve been married five years and you’re still running after him? You need to get him trained!”

Mark gave me a big hug when I caught up to him. “Hi, Kathy, where’ve you been? I’ve walked the whole place three times!”

“Well, I tried to get your attention but you didn’t see me. What’s going on?”

“Nothing much. How long do you have to work?” Mark looked bored. “I have a softball game later.”

“I’m working at the counter until one, then I have to be the target for an hour,” I replied. “Then I’m done. Will that be in time for your game?”

“Sure. I’m going over to the beer tent with Jerry. This is kind of lame.” He grinned. “Maybe I’ll come visit you when you’re in the bullseye.”

“Don’t you dare,” I warned him. “If you hit me with a pie, I’ll never forgive you!”

“Maybe I’ll be aiming for another bullseye,” he said slyly, as I felt his hand knead one of my cheeks, squeezing it firmly.

“Mark!” I squealed. “People can see!” I looked around but the carnival was so crowded that nobody paid much attention to us, hugging each other off on one side.

“Bye, babe. I told Jerry I’d be right over. I’ll swing by every once in a while,” Mark gave me a big kiss, squeezed my rear one more time and drifted off into the crowd.

The next couple of hours passed quickly. My best friend Holly came on and we had a lot of fun. Holly is a shameless flirt, although she’s happily married. She loves to flash her boobs and rear end in men’s faces and being around her helps me loosen up a little too. I’m not as relaxed as she is but I quit worrying about showing a little boob when I bent over or whether my skirt lifted a little in the breeze. I even flirted back a little after I saw how much money Holly got the guys to fork over. It made the time fly and we raised a lot of money for the shelter. I saw Mark a couple of times and once he even bought a couple of pies and tossed them at Betty when she was the target.

Soon it was time for me to be the target. Believe it or not, I was looking forward to it. The tent is set back far enough so you hardly ever get hit, you don’t have any real responsibility except to smile and occasionally taunt people throwing pies, and you can get off your feet and rest. Inside the tent is a padded bench. You get on all fours but the bench supports your weight and it’s actually very comfortable.

After kneeling over the bench, I thrust my head out through the hole and Holly pulled the drawstring around my neck so I couldn’t pop back inside if a pie came too close. I stuck my tongue out at the first customer as he laughed and took aim.

In the next fifteen minutes I was only hit twice. I saw Mark work his way through the crowd and pay for two pies. People that knew us started cheering him on. I started yelling that he better not. He laughed and handed his pies to two kids, who didn’t even come close. Mark winked at me and mouthed the word ‘later’. As I watched, he walked down two booths and went around the side.

A few minutes later I felt his hand on my ass, rubbing lightly. Beginning at my rear, he rubbed up my back, then back down and down over my legs. When he moved his hand back up, he flipped my skirt up over my back. I reached back with my hands and pulled it down but he pushed my hands out of the way and pulled it up again.

“Mark!” I whispered loudly. “Cut it out!”

“What?” Holly asked. “Did you need something?”

“Uh, no,” I stammered. “I’m fine.”

I felt his hand rubbing my pussy through my panties. He soon slipped a finger under the band and into my quickly moistening cunt. I bit my lip and tried not to moan as one finger found my clit while another dug deep inside me. My ass started rotating in circles and I didn’t resist when he grasped my panties and pulled them down to my knees, then off me.

I tried to maintain a straight face as he began pushing two fingers into me while rubbing my clit with his other hand. I reached back with my hands but I could only feel one pant leg so I started caressing that. When he turned to face me, I could reach his crotch. I fumbled with one hand and managed to unzip him and pull out his cock. It felt great- long, thick and rock hard. While he pumped my cunt with his fingers, I stroked his cock until I felt him pull away and move behind me.

Without much ceremony, his thumbs pried my cunt open and his cock pressed against me. I was so wet the first few inches sank in easily and he pulled back and buried the rest with one long stroke. I tried to keep quiet but I couldn’t help moaning when I felt his balls grind into my mound.

Holly came over, concerned. “Are you ok?”

By now he was fucking me with a steady rhythm. “I’m fine,” I grunted. I did my best not to wiggle around as his cock stretched my pussy wider with each pass.

“Oh, dear. Your face is all red,” Holly fussed. “I think you’re getting sunburned.” she went over to her bag and grabbed some sunscreen. “Let me put some stuff on you.”

“You don’t have to do that. I’m fine.” I just wanted Holly to go back to the counter before she realized what was happening. I was trying not to make noise but my body was being pushed forward with each stroke and I was starting to pant as I approached orgasm.

“Nonsense. What are friends for?” Holly began rubbing cream on my face, working it into my skin. I tried to focus on Holly, thinking I could prevent an orgasm if I ignored what was happening behind me. It had the opposite effect. The light touch of her fingers caressing my face sent my already jangled nerves spinning even further out of control. I struggled not to show any emotion on my face as she worked on me.

I barely made it until she returned to the counter before my orgasm burst over me. I managed to keep quiet and hold my head still but my ass was bucking like a bronco as I wiggled and pushed back against him. I felt a shudder, then his cock sank deep into me and hot liquid poured out into my throbbing cunt. His body collapsed over my back as he finished squirting his cum into me.

We lay together like that for several minutes. I could feel his cock slowly pull out of my pussy as he straightened up. Instead of pulling my skirt down, though, he began rubbing my pussy again. I tried to reach his hands to push them away but I couldn’t stop him. Within a minute I was horny again despite my fear that we’d be caught. To my surprise, he was hard too and I felt his cock reenter me, pushing easily into my freshly fucked pussy.

This time he was rougher, pounding hard at me as I held onto the bench and did my best not to cry out. I thought he would last even longer this time but fortunately he didn’t because he was banging me so hard I was sure everyone had to know what was going on. I felt him grasp my hips and plunge deep, then fill me with a second load of cum. When he stopped cumming, he immediately pulled out.

My mouth dropped open when I felt his cock, hard again, rubbing my now swollen outer lips. Mark had never been able to get hard three times in a row. As I lifted my head in surprise, I looked out at the counter and saw my husband, freshly changed into his softball uniform, waving back at me. My pussy opened up under the steady pressure as he called to me.

“Hi, honey. Holly says you’re working another shift. I have to get going so I’ll see you after the game.” With a wave, he was off. I looked over at Holly in time to see a greasy looking man hand her twenty dollars and walk toward the back of the tent.

Holly grinned at me. “Great news, Kathy. We’re going to raise more money for the shelter than anybody else!…”.

Sir Robert's Stories Home Page"Story of the eye" by G Bataille - CoverI have selected a bull’s eye as the picture that could perfectly illustrate this naughty story because there are lots of bull’s eyes in the tale. The head is the most visible bull’s eye in here. Everyone in the carnival sees that. But also Kathy’s boobs are a bull’s eye for some of the public, as they were easily viewed when she bent. And her pussy finally became the last bull’s eye for the naughty men that took advantage of her situation.

Bull’s eyes, boobs, ovular objects… all these elements made me think about “Story of the Eye” by Georges Bataille. Read this classical and extreme novel and remember: there is still another direct relation with the bull‘s eye.

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Photo: “3D Bullseye” by StockMonkeys.com published under a creative commons license.

“Andee’s Hotel Adventure” by Andee – MMMF

Hotel Sign

It wasn’t every day that Andee had the chance to travel for work, but this time was exciting. She had been selected to attend a training session in Denver for a week and she was determined to make the most of the experience.

After checking into the hotel, she headed down to the lounge to get something to eat. It was a pretty quiet place, with only a handful of guests sitting at the various tables. Andee found an empty stool near the end of the bar and made small talk with the bartender. He seemed to be genuinely happy that she had sat there, as it gave him someone to chat with as he polished glasses and poured the occasional draft beer.

Andee asked if she could change the channel on the TV behind the bar, and the bartender obliged by handing her the remote. She scanned through some channels before settling on a medical documentary that was showing surgeries. Shortly afterwards, she heard a collective groan from behind her. She turned around to see a table of four guys all laughing.

“Come on, we’re trying to have a drink here,” said one of them. “Not watch some dude have his eye carved out.”

Andee smiled and apologized, saying she was just trying to find something other than sports.

“Well, why don’t you come over and join us … conversation has to be better than watching that gross stuff.”

Andee looked at the bartender, who gave her a knowing nod as if to suggest the guys were decent enough to join. He mouthed “I’ll watch out for you” and gave a little wink.

She got up and joined the four men, who she learned were in Denver for a sales conference. Steve, the one who spoke first, was in his mid-40s, married (she noticed his ring) and had a well-kept goatee. Dan, also in his 40s, looked like he was into fitness – not a bodybuilder, but his tight-fitting t-shirt revealed he was in shape; Connor was younger, probably in his late 20s, Andee suspected; while Tony was older, also married and rather quiet. Andee figured he was probably the “fatherly” one of out the group; whose job was to keep them on the straight and narrow during these conferences.

Andee told the guys about her trip to Denver and her plans for the week. As it turned out, the four were only in town for a couple days, but offered to treat her to dinner if she needed some company.

As the drinks kept coming, and tongues loosened up a bit, the conversation became a bit more relaxed. The young member of the group, Connor, had only been with their company for a year and was attending his first sales conference. Dan was recently divorced – leaving Steve, the obvious social convener to say that meant two of the group were “single and available.”

“What about you Andee … obviously, you are married because I saw the rings on your finger?” Steve asked.

“I am … 18 years now. And still loving it.”

“Really?” Dan interjected. “What is the secret to that?”

Andee wasn’t certain if his question was rhetorical or if he was being sincere. So, without committing too much information, she simply replied “A good sense of adventure and lots of communication.”

The five of them continued to chat about life, relationships and general nonsense until the bartender came over and announced last call. Tony looked at his watch and said it was a good time for him to head back to his room, despite his friends encouraging him to join them in one of their rooms for a few more drinks. He politely said goodnight and left.

“How about you Andee, why don’t you come up for another drink … we promise we’ll all behave like proper gentlemen,” Steve said.

Andee thought about it for a moment – as the guys all half-heartedly begged – and said she would join them but needed to slip up to her room for a minute. Steve told her what room they were in, and Andee headed back to hers.

She whipped through a quick “freshen up” process and dug through her suitcase to find the lace panties and matching bra she had packed to wear under her business suit; something a little sexier than the comfortable “travel” pair she was wearing. Knowing her husband would anticipate some sort of intriguing stories when she returned home, she had packed accordingly. She quickly slipped them on and wiggled back into her jeans. She swapped her casual sweater for something that buttoned up in front and left an extra button undone – just as a little teaser.

Quickly checking herself in the mirror, she grabbed her room key and headed for the guys’ room.

When she got there and made her way in, Steve offered her a drink and Andee looked for a spot to sit down.

“You know what they say about hotel bedspreads,” Andee said as she lifted the bottom corner of the one on the bed. It was a rhetorical question, but she found herself explaining about how they are the one item on the bed that doesn’t get washed as frequently. “And in hotels like this one, who know what people have been doing!”

The guys laughed. “Like what?”

Andee told them about some of the things she had heard about what goes on, and what gets on, in a hotel room. Each of them took turns trying hard to gross the others out; and gradually the conversation became very sexually-oriented.

“Guys, I think maybe it’s time for me to go. I don’t think I want to be the cause of any divorces,” Andee said just before swallowing the last ounce of beer in the bottle.

“Don’t go yet, we’re just having some fun. Besides, only Steve has to worry … Connor and I aren’t married. Which reminds me, you told us downstairs that one of the secrets to your marriage was ‘adventure’ but you never explained what that involved,” Dan asked as he sat down on the bed across from where Andee was sitting.

The silence wasn’t so much as “awkward” as it was “dramatic.” For most of the night Dan had come across as a little standoffish and cocky, but this time he was almost boyish. Andee gave him a slight curled smile and began to talk about how 10 years ago she made a conscious decision with her husband to explore what life had to offer and shed a whole array of hung-ups. She shared stories about going to lifestyle clubs and the time she turned her bi-curious thoughts into confirmed bisexual lusts.

The guys sat in blissful silence as she teased them with just enough information to peak their interest, but not reveal too much in the details. After holding their attention for several minutes with these stories, she then confessed what she described as, perhaps, her biggest “secret” – the fact that she was also living a naughty online life through an adult website.

Andee described how she and her husband had launched the website, explaining how it has added to the spark in the relationship, and introduced her to a whole new world of sexuality and experimenting. As she talked, Dan typed in the website address and opened up the homepage. The guys crowded around his laptop as the glanced through some of the stuff on the free side, commenting on how sexy she looked in this outfit and what kind of look they liked.

She asked for the computer for a moment, adding a “trust me” in her request, and then typed in her password to access the members’ side of things.

“If you liked the preview, you’ll really enjoy those,” she said with a hint of confidence in her voice.

She sat back on the bed and watched the reactions of the guys as they scrolled through some of the more revealing photos. She smiled as they commented, analyzed and sputtered as they surfed through.

“Wow, that is fucking hot,” Steve finally said. “I can’t even picture my wife letting me take pictures of her in her swimsuit, never mind something like that.” Andee noticed the bulge in his pants as he got up to make another drink. He gestured for her glass, so she walked over to the makeshift bar they had created on the dresser.

“Have you ever given a private show?” Cooper asked. He had been very quiet up until this point, but finally joined in the conversation.

“Like webcamming?” Andee replied.

“No … uh … I don’t want to sound crude, but like … you know … in person?” Andee smiled at Cooper’s youthful embarrassment and glanced at both Dan and Steve. All three guys were staring intently, waiting for an answer.

“Actually, no, I have never been naked in front of people that weren’t expecting to see me naked.”

“Want to be?” Andee was shocked at the question coming from Steve – the guy who supposedly was the one with the obligations back home.

“I bet you would like that,” she shot back and took a long sip from her drink while keeping her eyes firmly fixed on him.

“I know I sure as hell would,” injected Connor, who had obviously come out of his shell after a couple beers.

“Seriously, how hot would that be for your little website hobby? Imagine doing a photo shoot in a hotel room while some guys enjoy the private show in person. I bet that would really drive some traffic … and sales,” Steve added. “And we are in the business of sales.”

Andee couldn’t believe what she was hearing. At first it sounded just like some naughty banter, but now the guys were busy concocting a whole plan around how to set things up. She started to wonder how she might get out of this one when a really naughty idea crossed her mind.

“Well, here’s the problem, guys: I really appreciate all the advice and the suggestions, but you know, back home when I do my photo sessions, my photographer gets naked too. It helps me feel a little less … exposed.”

She thought that might be just enough to convince them the “joke” had reached its end … until Steve pulled off his shirt and unbuckled his pants. Dropping them to the floor and kicking them into a pile in the corner, he looked rather silly standing there naked except for his socks. Andee couldn’t help but laugh … and stare at his rather nice-sized manhood.

Before she could even comment, Connor was peeling off his clothes too. As he dropped his underwear past his ankles, Dan jumped off the bed and rooted through his suitcase. He pulled out his small digital camera and held it up for Andee to see.

“Looks like we’re ready,” he said and then stripped naked.

In a matter of minutes, Andee found herself as the only one still dressed … surprised and mildly turned on by the idea.

“Wow, you guys are serious,” she said. Thinking for a moment – and taking a good long look at the three naked men – she conceded: “Ok … despite my better judgment … and how I will ever explain this at home … I will agree to one photo set. But all of you need to follow my rules for this … agreed?”

Andee explained that she would pose for them, and they could take the photos, but had to remain on the bed as she did. Naturally, the three guys smiled and nodded in agreement. She was pretty confident in how she would look naked anyway. At 38, she was still in great shape, and always received a lot of compliments on how her legs looked.

She started to go through the routine of slowly unbuttoning her shirt as Dan snapped away on his camera. As she removed her clothes, she had him pass the camera to Steve and asked him to change spots so that the photos would have different angles. After a few minutes of this, she had him sit back down on the bed and hand the camera to Connor. Standing in front of the youngest guy, she reached behind her back and undid the clasp on her bra, slowly revealing her wonderful 36B breasts just inches from his face.

Andee was now down to just her panties. She told Connor how she wanted him to sit at the end of the bed and capture the angles as she removed her panties. He eagerly did as he was told and snapped away furiously. In her mind, Andee was enjoying the experience … her body, on the other hand was completely giving her away. As she pulled her panties off, they were almost dripping with her wetness.

She let Connor take a few photos of her laid out on the bed in playful poses.

“Ok, now I want all three of you to sit on that bed, facing me,” she instructed. As they did, Andee began to turn up the sexual heat. She started to play with her very wet pussy, masturbating and rubbing her clit. She was incredibly turned on.

As she sat in front of the guys, she could see that each of them was sporting hard-ons. She looked at Dan first and asked him to stroke himself. She watched intently as he wrapped his hand around his cock and began to stroke himself. After a minute, she told Steve to do the same. She took the camera from Connor’s hand and directed him to also stroke himself. Andee took a photo of the three men, claiming she wanted a little memory of her own; then took close-ups of each guy.

“Ok, there you go … one photo set all done,” she said, tossing the camera onto the bed. “Time for me to get dressed.”

She laughed as the guys all howled in protest.

“Sorry guys, but I’m too turned on to just sit and have a couple drinks. I need to get back to my room and finish what I started,” she teased.

“Oh my god, there is no way you can just stop,” Steve exclaimed. “You said you wanted it to be ‘just like at home.’ Do you leave your other photographer all worked up? Look at us!”

She smiled and took the few steps over to where Steve was sitting. Placing one hand on his thigh, just inches away from his cock, she leaned in close to his face and looked him in the eyes and then down to his lap.

“Yes, look at you,” she purred in Steve’s ear as she used her other hand to stroke him back to hardness.

Andee then turned and walked over to where they had left the desk chair and pulled it to a spot just between the two beds, and turned to the guys. Their eyes were fixated on her naked body, each of them still visibly erect. She picked up the camera and handed it back to Dan and then stepped in front of Connor. She reached down and wrapped her right hand around his cock and gestured for him to follow her to the chair. She had him sit down, and then she knelt in front of him.

“Make sure you get lots of shots,” she said, turning towards Dan. Andee then placed her hands on Connor’s thighs and licked his hard dick before taking him into her mouth.

At first she slid her tongue just around the tip as she inched her mouth further along. She loved how incredibly hard and strong his cock felt in her mouth, and already hot. Andee proceeded to work on him, picking up the pace as she got more and more into the blowjob. She was incredibly turned on by the thought of having this new man in her mouth – the first time in a very long time that she had sucked on someone other than her husband. The thought of it, and the increasing wetness of her own pussy, made her work even harder.

She could sense he was getting close, and not wanting it to end just yet, she stopped her oral assault on his cock. Connor groaned in slight dismay but seemed willing to play along as she whispered “soon lover, soon” into his ear.

Andee then told Steve to sit in the chair and repeated the act, bringing him to the brink of orgasm but not all the way.

Finally, she turned to Dan, who had been photographing the whole thing. He eagerly swapped spots with Steve.

Andee first had Dan take some POV photos as she sucked on his cock, putting on her best oral performance for extra effect. Every now and then she would look deeply into the camera, which obviously her new photographer liked as she would feel his erection between her lips pulse.

“It’s all in the eyes,” she said, pulling herself away from his cock momentarily.

“I liked it better when it was all in your mouth,” Dan shot back as he adjusted himself in the chair.

His erection was pointing straight up at the ceiling. Andee took the camera from his hand, aimed it at his lap and snapped off a few photos before wrapping her left hand around it and getting a close up … “Gotta get the wedding rings in there,” she cooed. “My husband will definitely enjoy that.”

Andee then straddled Dan’s lap, his large erection sliding between her wet pussy lips but not inside her just yet. She proceeded to give Dan a bit of a grinding lap dance, blending her saliva with her wetness.

“Get a few from behind,” she asked Steve as she handed him the camera. She firmly held Dan’s cock in her hand as she continued to torment the man underneath her. She lifted her breast to his mouth and moaned as he sucked on her nipple.

“When was the last time you had that inside a woman,” she asked Dan, remembering his sarcastic claims about divorce and relationships. “…feels like it has been a while.”

Dan could only grunt in reply as Andee kissed him deeply. They continued with their French kiss, each other’s tongues aggressively searching the other’s mouth. Andee stroked the rock hard cock between her legs for a few seconds and then placed the head against her dripping pussy. With one hot thrust, she slid all the way onto Dan and ground herself against his pelvis.

“Holy fucking moly,” Steve mumbled from behind them as he clicked away.

Andee flexed her hips as she rode Dan’s cock, pushing down hard against him each time. She was practically purring with sexual delight. She could feel the head of his large dick pressing against her cervix as she did. “Gawd that’s so deep,” she said, adding the occasional “fuck” and “you’re so hard” to the moment. She rode her divorced friend for a few minutes, enjoying the incredible feeling of having a new cock buried in her cunt. For her, it had been years since she enjoyed having someone other than her husband between her legs.

Sensing Dan was about to cum; feeling his cock grow just a bit harder like men do just before they reach the point of no return, Andee pulled herself off of him and climbed onto the bed. She grabbed Steve around his hips, pulling his cock towards her mouth. She went to work with her mouth on her new friend as Connor scrambled onto the bed beside her. Lying on his back, his young dick was pointing straight up like a flag pole.

Andee let Steve slide out of her mouth and she turned her attention to Connor. As she sucked on him, she felt Dan’s fingers ease into her wet cunt. She moaned her approval and he picked up the pace of slipping in and out of her.

After a few minutes of this, Andee could sense things were heating up to an incredible climax. She moved so that she was straddling Connor as he lay on his back and she could still suck on Steve. For a moment she was totally lost in the sexual high of having the two men … until a new sensation came from behind her. Andee growled loudly as she felt the last of her new lovers push the head of his hard cock into her anus. She had to stop sucking on Steve’s dick to catch her breath and try to relax her muscles so Dan could slide all the way into her from behind. She was now completely stuffed with cock.

For her, it was hard to focus on what felt best. This was truly one of her ultimate fantasies come true. Andee threw herself into the moment, sucking and fucking for all she was worth, pausing every now and then to moan and catch her breath. If anyone was in the room next door, there would be no doubt about the sexual antics going on.

Andee could feel the cock in her ass grow very rigid as she heard Dan saying over and over “Fuck that’s tight …” Then with one deep push she could feel his orgasm pulsing in her ass. She took her mouth off Steve’s massive cock for just a moment while she encouraged Dan to cum deep inside her.

“That’s it baby, fill my ass … fill me up,” she purred as she pushed back hard against his throbbing dick.

The sensation proved to be too much for the young member of the group and suddenly Connor was filling her pussy with his own cum.

She kept stroking the dick that was just inches from her face, leaning her forehead on Steve’s thigh as she let the two cocks buried in her throb and twitch with pleasure. Her lower half was on fire from the fucking, but she was still hungry for even more.

Andee rolled off Connor’s used cock and pulled Steve towards her. Lying on her back, she spread her legs while so he could slide his erection into her.

“Would you fuck your wife with sloppy seconds,” she growled, directing him to the cum-soaked opening of her pussy. Steve placed his hands on either side of Andee’s head, facing her as she rubbed the head of his cock along her swollen cunt.

“I’d fuck her so hard she’d taste it in the back of her mouth,” he shot back, ramming his full length into her. Andee let out a load groan as Steve’s swollen dick slammed deep into her.

Reaching down between her legs, she rubbed the little spot just to the side of her clit; the one that would quickly make her cum. She matched Steve’s thrusts faster and faster as she felt the sensation rising within her. Then, as her lover continued his delightful pounding of her pussy, Andee arched her back and let out a grunt as she quivered through her own orgasm.

She hardly noticed the sound of the camera clicking away, as Dan had resumed his responsibility of cameraman for the evening.

Then, just as she was starting to go through the notion of what these souvenirs would mean back at home, she was drawn back to the sensation of the steel hard cock driving in and out of her pussy. Steve was nearing his point of no return. Andee pushed her hips up off the mattress to match her partner’s movement and squeezed her muscles as tight as she could around his erection. Steve let go with a loud grunt as he unleashed his cum deep into her.

After a minute of pumping in and out, he flopped down on top of Andee in exhaustion, taking a moment before he rolled off her.

“Now that was tasty,” Andee whispered into Steve’s ear, reminding him of what he said just minutes before.

Lying there in a big, sweaty pile, the foursome each tried to catch their breath.

“And that, guys … is why you always pull the comforter off the hotel bed,” Andee said, giggling with a blend of sexual exhaustion and satisfaction.

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