“Come On Me” by drscar – MMFF

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Sometimes I wonder if other people have strange but ultimately harmless things that turn them on. I mean, we all have the things that we like to have done to us, things that get us hot. It seems for guys that pretty much all you have to do is look at them and they get rock hard.

For us girls, though, it’s not quite the same. I know, I know, it’s cliche to talk about the differences between boys and girls like that, but there are differences even among women. I like sex as much as the next girl (believe me, I do!), but what gets me completely and totally dripping wet is not what I think other girls find intense.

I have one girlfriend who loves to give blowjobs. From what I understand, although I get most of my testimony from her, she’s really good at it. She gets an oral fixation to suck some guy off and has been known to have it so overpowering that she’s grabbed some guy at a party that she’s not even been introduced to and drag him off into the bathroom to suck him off.

Dangerous? Yeah. Stupid? Quite possibly. But she tells me that maybe because it’s dangerous and stupid that she gets off on it so much. She says she can come just from sucking some strange guy off in the bathroom of a party, by feeling him pulse in her mouth.

I think my own fixation – if you can call it that – is probably her fault. I mean, I like sucking dick as much as the next girl (and in some cases next to her I am the next girl, but that’s a story for another time), but I’ve never been able to come that way. Every once in a while I feel an urge, a craving, to suck, but that’s not the first thing I think of.

I guess you could say I have a manual fixation. I mean, I love the feeling of a guy’s throbbing cock in my hands. I love feeling the veins pulse and the tissue swell with blood in the palm of my hand. Just thinking about a hard cock in my hands always gets me soaked.

It was all Jesse’s fault, of course. Her libido is off the charts. I mean, mine is pretty high to begin with but Jesse makes me look like a wait-until-marriage virgin.

She came up to me at a party with a sly grin on her face. The music was too loud, and the people were too drunk.

“What?” I asked, noticing the look on her face. She had a cat-got-the-canary look, and was mighty pleased with herself.

She giggled, and leaned in close. What should have been a whisper needed to be a scream to be heard over the noise. “I did it again!”

“Did what again?” I asked, confused. Up until that point in time she had only done the stranger-grab once, and it was a few months prior, so I honestly wasn’t expecting it.

“See that guy over there?” she said, and then pointed across the length of the house to a tall, blonde looking guy, slightly geeky but still cute.

“Yeah,” I shouted back.

“He just came in my mouth,” she said. Always the one for shock value, Jesse sure knew how to get to the point.

It worked. I was shocked. “What?” I shouted, my eyes wide in surprise. “He did what?”

She laughed so hard at my reaction she almost spilled her fresh beer. “I had, you know, a craving,” she said, one finger curved across her lips in a weak attempt to looking coy. “So I grabbed the nearest guy that I liked. He was it.”

“Who is he?” I shouted. She didn’t quite hear me. “What’s his name?” I clarified.

She shrugged. “Who the fuck knows?” and laughed. “C’mon, let’s go get a beer!”

As we went towards the backyard where the keg was, we passed her blonde victim. He didn’t seem too victimized, of course, and I think there probably would have been no shortage of volunteers for victimhood for Jesse’s talents. She was, after all, cute, short, with a big rack. She wasn’t skinny, but she oozed sexual confidence that guys like.

She was holding my arm as we went towards the keg, and I tossed out the rest of my beer, which had become flat anyway. As I reached for the nozzle of the keg, I noticed Jesse making a gesture and I looked at her. She started making sucking motions on her index finger, still pleased with herself. I nearly overfilled the cup.

“I can’t believe you,” I said, but I could believe her. In fact there was a part of me that was envious that she could be so brazen, and I couldn’t. My mind started filling up with the mental image of her grabbing the hand of the blonde boy and pulling the surprised guy off into the bathroom.

The rest of the night was a blur. Jesse continued to make comments and fill in some of the gaps for me, though my imagination ran away with the thought of it as I replayed the scene in my mind over and over again.

By the time I got home I was drenched. I could feel my thong cutting into my web pussy folds with each stride and I just had to get undressed. I was drunk, horny, and my fingers started their familiar dance around my clit and inside my pussy.

My mind placed me in Jesse’s story, grabbing the blonde guy by the hand and pulling him into the bathroom. Maybe it was because I was drunk, or maybe it’s because my mind just works in strange ways, but I kept switching between different parts of the story.

The part that seemed to excite me the most was not blowing the guy, but the first part, the part leading up to the sex. I kept going back to the very first part where I grab some surprised guy who’s never seen me before.

The vision cuts back to what I’m thinking I’m about to do as I lead him to the back. Taking him out, sucking on him, then cuts back to grabbing his hand again. My mind goes completely nonlinear until I’m sucking him, stroking him, fucking him, grabbing his hand for the first time and taking him back. It’s not making any sense but I’m loving it. It’s different types of sex all at the same time.

The visions settle into a pattern, though, and the anticipation of sex becomes the true turn-on in the fantasy. As I take his hand and lead him back, my fantasy pussy gets wetter with each step. I can almost feel his cock in my hand, unzipping him, pulling him out, watching it emerge from the top of his underwear. I replay this one image over and over in my mind as my fingers slide across my wet pussy lips.

I’ve got his cock in my hand, my other hand cupping his balls. I’m stroking him off, getting ready to put him in my mouth. Over and over again my mind’s eye replays me reaching into his underwear to take out his throbbing cock.

I’m stroking him, stroking him. I get on my knees and am about to put him in my mouth when my orgasm hits me. Hard. I practically scream and instinctively put my hand over my mouth. It’s my hand that’s covered in my own juices and I suck hard on my knuckles, licking the wetness from them like a woman possessed. It’s only after I start my descent from my orgasmic bliss that I am suddenly self-conscious and a little embarrassed, but the feeling passes quickly as an aftershock hits me.

Normally I don’t think about sex all that often, and when I went about my days during the week, going to work and doing my own thing, I didn’t really have time to dwell upon this latest fantasy. But about Wednesday, Jesse called me and told me about another party on Friday night. Suddenly I was kicked into overdrive, the fantasies coming unbidden. I didn’t get any more work done Wednesday afternoon because I was so distracted.

Wednesday and Thursday night as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep I couldn’t keep my hands out of my pussy. In some of the fantasies the guy even got to come, but the naughtiness of it, the wanton nature of the act, completely threw me into orgasmic overload. At least, that’s what I thought it was.

Friday came, and I wasn’t planning anything. I mean, I’m generally the low-key person, and really quite shy. My sex drive is probably a little higher than most women, if you go by some of the guys I’ve dated, but I’m definitely not an initiator. I like to be pursued.

Jesse came and picked me up at my place. “Wow,” she said. “You look hot!”

Her comment came as somewhat of a surprise. I hadn’t tried to do anything different. “What do you mean?” I asked, but feeling somewhat pleased by the compliment.

“Well, you’re wearing that miniskirt like I’ve told you to do. You’ve got great legs, honey. I’m glad you’re showing them off.”

I beamed. “Well, to be honest I didn’t even really think that much about it. I just put it on tonight,” I said, truthfully.

“Uh huh,” she said, not believing me.

She started talking about the clothes that she had decided not to wear, and my mind started to wander a little. Had I put on the miniskirt with some sort of subconscious desire to be more sexy? Did this mean something?

“… and I’m going to do that again,” Jesse was saying.

“I’m sorry,” I said, snapping back to the here and now. “Going to do what?”

“Nikki,” she said, a scolding tone in her voice. “What do you mean, ‘going to do what?’ I’m going to do what I did with that guy last time.”

She meant sucking his cock, and I knew that. “The same guy?” I asked. “What if he’s not there tonight?”

She shook her head. “Oh, no, not the same guy,” she said, matter-of-factly. “It’s not a good idea to do the same guy more than once. They’ll think you like them or something. All I want is his cock.”

She looked at me with a wicked smile. I laughed. “You’re so bad,” I said, grinning, but I was feeling envious too. My fantasies from earlier in the week started running in my head like a TV in the background.

“Well,” she said, her eyes turning back to the road. “I’ve had this wicked oral fixation for days now. It’s been driving me crazy!”

I knew what she meant, and almost told her that. I wasn’t ready to let her in on my little fantasy quite yet, so I didn’t say anything. She’s my best friend, though, so I knew at some point it was going to come out.

We arrived at the party and immediately went to grab something to drink. Jesse was driving, so she was using the beer more for show. A woman with a beer, she liked to say, was a sure way to attract a man.

“They think you’ve already got your defenses down,” she’d told me, conspiratorially. The spider and the fly.

Beer in hand, Jesse was already looking for her mark, and I was completely absorbed in my own fantasy. I was really regretting wearing the miniskirt because I knew that my pussy was sopping through my thong and it felt as if liquid was running down the inside of my thighs and that everyone could already tell.

What was worse, though, was that I couldn’t get the thought of taking some guy’s cock out of his pants out of my own head. It wasn’t making my situation any better.

Finally, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. “I’ll come with you,” Jesse said. This was usually the case, but I really wanted to take care of this on my own.

“No,” I said, holding out my hand to her and placing it on her arm. “It’s okay. I’ll only be a second. Let me know if you see anyone… interesting.” I gave her a quick squeeze and a smile and turned before she could say anything.

I tried to get to the bathroom as quickly as I could just so I could wipe, er, dry myself off. I finally got there and closed the door and locked it. The lock was broken, though, so I tried the best I could to make it look as if it were occupied.

The great thing about the miniskirt is that it provides incredibly easy access. I pulled up the hem and started wiping my thighs and pussy with a tissue, trying to dry it off. Unfortunately, as soon as the pressure of my fingers hit my pussy, I was electrified and I simply couldn’t stop myself.

The cotton fabric of my thong was completely soaked. I felt like a fountain with no off-valve. My fingers dove deep into my pussy and I felt them move inside me, the feeling so addictive I couldn’t stop.

But I had to. That door wasn’t locked. Anyone could…

The door swung open, and a guy walked in. He was looking down at the floor and didn’t see me until he had closed the door behind him and looked up. He was kind of cute, in a geeky sort of way, about average build. The kind of guy that would likely be your best friend, have a crush on you, do everything for you but that you’d never actually feel anything in return.

He was far more startled than I was. Completely flustered, he started trying to reach for the doorhandle behind him, but he couldn’t take his eyes off me and my treacherous masturbating hand.

“I.. I’m so…” he gulped. “Sorry,” he said quickly, and finally tried to respectfully take his eyes away from my lewd position.

Today’s your lucky day, I thought to myself. I took the two steps between us and closed the gap. I pulled his belt and brought him off balance as he took a jolted step forward.

“What…” he began, but I put a wet finger to his lips, shushing him.

I reached down again and started unbuckling his pants, sliding a hand down over his crotch to get him hard. He didn’t disappoint.

Apparently he had some more romantic, gentleman notion in his head. “What’s your name?” he began, but I put another finger to his lips and shook my head. I did not want him talking. That would ruin everything.

I started pushing my finger into his mouth and he got a clue. He started sucking on my finger with amazing expertise. It was a moment where he could have ruined the fantasy and everything could have gone south, but we’d now passed that moment and the rules had been set.

By the time I had him unbuckled and his jeans unbuttoned, he was rock hard. The contours of his cock filled my palm so nicely through the jeans that I couldn’t wait to hold it.

My fingernails traced the top of the elastic of his underwear and he sucked sharply on my finger. Unfortunately, as much as I liked what he was doing, I needed both hands now.

I pulled the underwear away from his body, and reached in with my other hand, feeling carefully for his cockhead. I didn’t want to scrape him with my fingernails. I pulled him out and started stroking him. He was a nice size, average, but my small hands fit around him quite comfortably.

I looked down and saw him in my hands, and reached down to cup his balls – just like my fantasy. To my surprise they were smoothly shaven, and felt really nice against my fingertips. Normally the hair is a turnoff for me, so this was a genuine pleasant surprise.

His cock swelled in my hand, and I ran my thumb over the head which had already started leaking his pre-come. I spread it around the head which gave me just a little more lubrication, but to provide just a little more I reached between my own legs and dipped my fingers inside me.

His cock coated with fluid, both mine and his, made stroking him so much nicer for both of us. I pressed my body up to him, my thighs pressing against his. I aimed his cock at my sopping wet pussy and fucked him with my hands. He never actually was close to my pussy but the motion was unmistakable.

I started undulating my hips with each stroke of my hands, and his breathing took a dramatic turn. He was getting close and, remarkably, so was I. I wasn’t really touching myself, just moving my hips like I was fucking him, and pressing up against his body.

I had my hands around his cock and balls, squeezing, pulsing, stroking. I placed the head of his cock under my miniskirt for added effect, and it began pushing him over the edge.

“I… I…” he tried to say, but he was completely unable to get the words out. The sense of power over him was an aphrodisiac to me.

“Shhhhh,” I whispered softly, and kissed him. His hips started shaking and I felt his cock grow in my hands. I squeezed tighter and then the most amazing thing happened.

I could feel his come erupt through his cock.

But what really shocked me was my own reaction. He must have shot incredibly far, like some porn star. His cock was under my skirt so I couldn’t see what happened, but I could feel it. The first shot of his come hit my lower belly – right under the waistband of my skirt. A second shot almost immediately followed straight on my inner thigh. Both were searing hot. The last shot hit my thong patch over my pussy, right on my clit. I felt the impact and the warmth and felt a shudder run through me. My orgasm wasn’t the most powerful I’d ever had, but it was an orgasm, and I suddenly realized I was squeezing his cock very tight as I rode through it.

I released him, and kissed him again. He opened his mouth to speak, but I shook my head. “Thank you,” I said. “Do me a favor and stand outside the door and make sure no one comes in while I clean up, ok?”

He just nodded, a very shocked look on his face. For a moment, the way he looked at me, I thought he may have believed he was in love.

As he closed the door behind him, I grabbed some tissues. The first thing I did, though, was dive my hand back to my pussy and rub it furiously.

The teaser orgasm had me primed and ready and my fingers found my folds in their familiar patterns. I came harder this time, more fulfilling as I replayed the moments of his come splashing across my pelvis. I replayed all the important bits in my head as I rode my fingers through a quick but wonderful release.

I cleaned up, washed my hands and opened the door. He was there, guarding it and I could tell he wanted to talk to me. I gave him a half smile and his shyness overcame him, and he said nothing. I quickly made my way past him and out of the house into the garden again.

It didn’t take long to find Jesse. She was in “prowl” mode, and her eyes had locked onto her next target.

“Goddamn, Nikki,” she said to me, though her eyes never left her prey. “You really oughtta try this.”

I giggled. “I just did,” I said.

She whirled to face me, her eyes wide with shock. “What?” Then her face relaxed as she thought I was kidding. “Oh, you had me going for a second.”

The grin creeping up on my face was giving me away. Once again, she did a 180. “Oh my god!” she squealed. “You did!?”

I nodded, then said, “Well, sort of. I jerked off some guy I never saw before in the bathroom.”

Her face was unreadable. “Oh, NIkki,” she said, pretending to be disappointed in me. “That’s not the same thing! You gotta feel him come in your mouth! It’s just not the same.”

I looked at her coyly, remembering the thrill I felt as his come raced through the veins of his cock in my hands. “It wasn’t that far off,” I offered.

She squealed again, and put her arm around me, kissing me on the cheek. “I knew there was a reason we were best friends,” she said, turning her attention back to her boy.

“Who is he?” I asked.

She shrugged. “No idea,” she said, as she put threw her beer out on the grass. “But I’m going to go find out.”

She left me and wandered over to the cute boy who, seeing her empty cup, promptly offered to escort her to the keg. They disappeared, and she later told me that she had blown him behind the bushes not ten feet away from the keg as other partiers refilled their cups.

The rest of the night I was mesmerized by the memory of my own boy, completely replaying the intoxicating feeling of his come splashing on my body. I’ve never been one for that – I’ve always shied away from things that were messy. But here I was, lying awake in my bed afterwards with my fingers stuffed deep inside my cunt, coming hard every time I imagined the hot come splashing on my belly, thigh, and clit.

Jesse and I became regular partigoers – even more than we had before. She started to get tired of the oral conquests and started trying to actually just find people to talk to. For my part, though, a monster had been unleashed. There were no shortage of men I could find. I didn’t let any of them fuck me, and even though I sucked some of them I always made sure that they came somewhere on me.

At first it was just on my hands. Their come would drip down my hands and cool off very quickly. Some of them would shoot a little farther and it would land on the inside of my arm. I was surprised at how sensitive that part of my body could be.

I was amazed at the differences between men, at how long some of them would take, and how quickly some of them were. The ones who only took a couple of minutes were my favorite. By the time I had allowed my libido to prompt me to do something about it I was ready for them to be finished already.

My outfits became skimpier, and I started aiming their cocks at my chest, my neck, and even my face. Their hot come landed on my cool skin and the burn electrified me. After they came, I made them finger me until I came too, becoming more insistent upon being pleasured as well. No one ever fucked me, though I confess some of the more well-endowed men tempted me. But if they fucked me then I couldn’t let my imagination run wild, which is what allowed me to come.

Then came the night that made me realize that my fantasies really could come true. Things that had gone on in my head, the dark places that no one ever shares, suddenly became real possibilities.

Jesse still had her moments when she would find a guy or two to blow at the parties. For my own participation, I had a record of jacking off four guys at a night, though not at the same time. I began to wonder what it would feel like to have all four of them at once, though. I began to think that I could come just by having a stream of men jack their cocks off onto my naked body.

My masturbatory fantasies grew wilder and wilder. They really took off when Jesse sent me an email one day with a link to one of those porn sample sites, where they have short ten-second movies. She had known about my handjob fascination for some time, and as a joke she sent me a link to five guys getting jacked off by a girl. They were standing around her, faces completely off camera, nothing but hard cocks being stroked, aimed at her naked body.

She may have meant it as a joke, but I was so turned on I set the final come shot clip on “loop” and frigged my pussy raw watching these guys come all over this girl. One shot landed on her forearm. That had happened to me before, and I could almost feel the burn. My pussy spasmed.

Another rope landed on her cheek. Another from the guy behind her hit her square on the top of the head, then shot onto her back. She held her mouth open like a target, but she didn’t look like she wanted it to really go onside. When the next rope came it landed on her lips, and she smiled.

Bang, bang, bang… She was covered! Sometimes the girls in these videos look surprised when the guys come (something that always confused me – why would you be surprised? How could you not know that was going to be the outcome?). This girl, though, was relishing every moment. Her hand whizzed between her legs as each guy unloaded onto her. Hot come dripped off her face onto her breasts, and a drip of come started to form off of a nipple.

She raised a hand to start rubbing it all onto her chest when the clip ended, and then started again. Clean girl, come on the forearm, come on the back, come on the lips…

I saved the video. Feeling embarrassed, even though no one ever would see this except for me, I created a special folder deep inside several other folders and placed it there. Over the next week I pulled it out every night and masturbated, imagining I was the girl. I wanted to be that girl. I craved to be that girl.

I was still concerned about my reputation, of course. Jesse had always found parties where we didn’t know too many people, because neither one of us wanted to be considered sluts. Of course, we were, but we didn’t want people to say that we were! I had no idea how I’d get my fantasy fulfilled.

I started thinking about going to sex clubs, or even joining a swingers site. I began thinking about whether or not Jesse could figure something out, since she seemed to always have all the angles covered. Plus, I trusted her.

As it turns out, I didn’t have to actually do anything special. For all of my planning, it turned out that sometimes things just happen without needing to force them.

As I got ready for the next party at Jesse’s house a few weekends later, Jesse came up behind me. “Damn,” she said. “You look sexy. If I were a guy I’d beg for you to hold my cock.”

I laughed. “If I were a guy, I’d beg for you to suck my cock.” She had painted her lips a dark red, “Harlot” it was called. Not for the first time, I actually did wish that I had a cock so I could watch them surround my hard flesh.

For fun, and for emphasis, I raised my finger to her harlot-red lips as I said this. Obligingly, she started sucking on my finger. To my surprise, my pussy began to quiver. She was damn good.

“And I’d do it, too,” she said, letting my finger draw away from her mouth. I could see a slight redness where the lipstick had come off. She turned away to go finish getting ready and I had a wicked thought come over me, and I put the same finger in my own mouth.

The night was sexually charged from that moment on. From the moment we got there I was on the hunt, looking for the right specimen. The crowd didn’t disappoint, as Jesse usually picked parties where there were a lot of really good looking people. I don’t know how she did it.

I found my first target of the evening. He was standing against the wall just watching the crowd with a bemused look on his face. I sauntered up to him, oblivious to the fact that Jesse was watching him at the same time.

The small talk was dull, boring. I don’t even remember what talked about. Driving tests, I think.

I took him into a back room and we started kissing. I pressed my thighs up against him and I felt his cock respond, pressing straight into my mound. I humped his cock for a little while and then dropped my hands to his belt buckle.

“You don’t waste any time, do you?” he asked, surprised at my forwardness.

“Why bother,” I replied, “when I know what I want?”

“And what do you want,” he said with a smirk, his cock lurching free from his underwear and into my hands.

“I want,” I moaned, as I felt the heft and girth of his wonderful monster in my hands, “I want you to come all over my face and tits.”

A funny look came over his face. “Damn,” he said, throatily. “I was hoping you wanted me in your mouth.”

“No she doesn’t,” came a voice from behind us. Jesse stepped closer to us. “I want to put you in my mouth. She wants you to come over her face and tits. Think you can handle both of us, sport?”

I was so stunned I couldn’t even manage a smart comeback to the way she called him “sport.” For his part, all he could do was nod dumbly.

Jesse came over and looked down at his monster cock in my hands. She looked at me and smiled. “Looks like you have a cock to fuck my mouth with, sweetie.”

The ramifications of what she was suggesting came to life in my pussy. I felt my stomach jump into my throat and I smiled back.

Jesse got to her knees, and opened her mouth. Her painted lips opened to reveal a wet, waiting and willing tongue. I angled his cock (what was his name again?) towards her mouth, and the head slipped just inside. She closed her lips around his cock and I saw his knees buckle slightly. She must have been phenomenal. A crazy thought flashed through my head: maybe she’d teach me someday.

I still had both hands wrapped around his cock and feeding him into Jesse’s waiting throat. As I pumped him into her mouth, my fingers came up to her soft lips. The difference between his hot, throbbing cock and the softness of her lips excited me.

The way I was standing made it difficult on my wrists, so I moved behind him and wrapped my arms around him in a hug, but bringing my hands down to stroke his balls with my left hand and his cock shaft with my right, still feeding him into her mouth.

Jesse was truly amazing, though. I peeked around this guy’s body and watched her take him in effortlessly. Her full lips must have been made for doing this. From my vantage point it wasn’t difficult to imagine it was me fucking her mouth with ‘my’ cock.

Looking for some release, I started pressing my pussy into this guy’s ass and found that between my hands in front and my pelvis in back, I had complete control over his cock sliding in and out of Jesse’s mouth. I pulled back with my hands and allowed him to remove his cock from her mouth, and was delighted to feel him offer no resistance. He was playing along and willing to let whatever these two hot and horny sluts wanted to do with him. Good boy.

He wrapped his arms behind him and started groping my back. It was awkward and futile, but it did give me a better ability to see. I took my left hand from his balls and put it on top of Jesse’s head. She moaned in assent and I started pushing my hips forward, driving my cock deep into her throat. I watched his cock disappear completely, and lost my cool.

I gripped her hair in my left hand and started fucking my pelvis backwards and forwards, bobbing her head on his cock as if it were my own. I could feel the building pressure between my legs with each thrust. I knew I couldn’t come this way but controlling both Jesse and this guy was all the aphrodisiac I needed.

Jesse had her own hand whisking away at her pussy and was practically screaming around this guy’s cock. His thighs started to flex and his hips bucked involuntarily; my experience giving guys hand jobs told me that he was aiming to find the right rhythm to let his orgasm fly. I wished I had an extra hand so that I could continue to squeeze his balls and milk him in tandem with my other hand sliding up his shaft.

Pulling Jesse’s hair I managed to make her deep throat his cock all the way until my fingers were pressed against her lips at the base. I could feel her sucking motion, and wasn’t sure if she was trying to get my fingers inside her mouth at the same time. She seemed completely lost in her horniness. I pulled her head away and then made him deep throat him again. His body quivered and his hands pulled me against his back in a desperate attempt to sandwich himself between us.

“I’m gonna…” was all he had a chance to say. I pulled Jesse’s head off his cock until her open mouth was resting at the tip and I started stroking him with my hand. Jesse had had her fun now it was my turn.

I love the feeling of a man’s come shooting through his shaft as my fingers squeeze him, and I knew that the tighter I squeezed the farther he would shoot. Suddenly I wanted to see this guy rocket his load all over my friend’s face. I had started off by wanting him to come over my face and tits, but now I wanted to see Jesse covered instead.

Holding her head steady in place, I whacked this guy off aiming at her face. She held her mouth open, unable to move any closer. I knew she wanted to suck it out of him, but I wanted her slightly frustrated. I had other plans for her.

I watched her place both hands on this guy’s thighs, and clenched her eyes tight and screamed around his cockhead. I could feel the heavy breathing through her nose against my hands, wet with her saliva as they were. She had told me before that she could come just by having a guy in her mouth, but I guess I never really quite believed her. Now, though, I saw it with my own two eyes (and felt the sharp breathing against my hands as she tried to control her breathing with a cock in her mouth).

Jesse’s mouth must have done something that sent him over the edge. The guy’s knees grew weak and he started bucking his hips as if to try to launch his come out of his body. His entire frame flexed and released in syncopated spasms. Suddenly he relaxed until he was almost limp.

And then he came. His body went rigid, more rigid than any other man I’d ever seen. I squeezed my hand around his cock and aimed for Jesse’s mouth. His come shot through his cock so hard I could feel under the skin beneath my fingers.

I had expected him to come hard and hoped he would come far, but even I was surprised by this stud’s distance. The first shot missed her mouth and instead roped above her face, a long trail landing across her lips, nose, forehead, and my fistful of her hair. The sight of Jesse’s face getting covered in come flashed me back to the porn site she had sent me. Watching it up close was so much better than the detached view of the video, though.

Feeling the texture against the back of my fist cleared up any disparity between my fantasies and the reality. The heat of his come shocked my pussy and I rammed him from behind trying to get some pressure there.

My aim adjusted, I fired his cock into her mouth for the second rope. Jesse actually sighed as it coated her tongue and the inside of her cheeks. She swallowed quickly and then opened her mouth for more. I pulled her head back onto his cock, impaling her throat with his spasming cock. She locked her lips and tongue around his shaft and held him there, and I was reminded of one of her lessons to me about sucking cock. “When a guy comes,” she had said, “just hold him in your mouth as deep as you can. It’s too sensitive to keep sucking him like before.”

Her expertise was classic; she could have given lessons. I quickly moved my hand from the top of her head to his balls, my right hand gripping the base of his cock as I pushed my pussy into his ass. Holding him steady from the back, and with Jesse’s mouth locked in from the front, he finished his spasming, emptying himself completely. I glanced up to see his head rocked back and him staring at the ceiling, his breathing slowly calming from the ragged, jerked syncopation from before.

As he relaxed Jesse released him from her mouth and licked her lips. She still had the streak of come from her nose up into her hair, but she didn’t bother to wipe it off. I moved around the guy, who was too spent to resist. He just stood next to us as I stepped in front of Jesse’s kneeling form. I put my hand back through her hair, feeling his come mix in with my fingers. With my free hand I lifted my miniskirt.

“Eat me,” I said. I wanted to watch Jesse’s face as she ate me out. This was a new thing for me, but I had gotten to that point where I would have humped a doorknob just to get some release. Jesse’s beautiful, sexy face belonged between my legs, looking up at me, and I wanted to come, dammit!

She didn’t need to be told twice. Her mouth attacked my pussy with vigor – no time for preliminaries. I was soaked and needed to come. She was my best friend and knew me well enough to know that she needed to go for the kill.

When her tongue caressed my clit I knew I was not her first. If she was half as good with sucking cock as she was at lapping me up, it’s no wonder that guy lost it so quickly. I realized that I could easily become addicted to Jesse’s mouth and tongue.

I watched her face, her eyes closing from time to time and looking directly into my eyes at others. I felt her finger slide inside of my pussy and start a beckoning motion, sliding across my g-spot. Her soft lips, soft cheeks, her feminine hands – all felt so different than a man. I’ve had men who were good, but Jesse was different. The texture, the feeling was all soft.

I was a new woman. The lust inside of me had changed me. I looked down at Jesse between my legs and suddenly felt a surge of power, of control. Before, Jesse had been the dominant one, the one in control. I had been the shy sidekick, the follower.

In one swift moment I realized how things had changed on this night. I had controlled this guy, and I had controlled Jesse. I had fucked her mouth with his cock, and I was fucking her mouth with my pussy now. The realization supercharged me.

I gripped her hair tighter in my hand and spread my pussy open wider with my other one. She had easier access to my clit now, and found it with talent. She looked at me and I could see a different look in her eyes. At first she seemed curious about the change in me, but now she seemed to be accepting her new role.

I wanted to exploit this new-found power. “You liked him coming on your face, didn’t you?” I said, a rhetorical question but my tone demanded an answer.

She could only “mm-hmm” her assent. “And now I’m going to come on your face too,” I said. She mumbled again.

She closed her eyes again, but I gripped her tighter and pulled her into my pussy to get her attention. “Keep your eyes open,” I said. “I want you to watch me come.”

With that she sucked hard on my clit and the orgasm came violently. It felt for all the world as if she was sucking my climax out of me. I rode her face viciously, my pussy smearing across her lips and tongue. Vaguely I was aware of a scream that I only peripherally knew was my own.

I looked between my legs to watch her wide eyes staring back at me, her tongue never stopping it’s magic. Her fingers inside my body continued their beckoning motion, as if she were calling my orgasm to her. It came, and came and came, answering her call.

As I came I saw Jesse’s eyes grow wide. She moved her hand out from inside me and suddenly I found both of her hands grabbing my ass. Never losing eye contact, she screamed into my pussy as her own orgasm hit her, exactly the same as she had come with the guy in her mouth. For a moment I was a bit worried because it looked as if she had shocked herself by coming, and I wasn’t sure that she was okay.

She never released me, though, and just held on until her own orgasm subsided. Eventually I felt her grip on my ass begin to relax and she pulled away, but I could still feel her deep breaths on my soaked pussy.

She didn’t say anything, just took in deep breaths as she tried to regain her composure. She looked at me in a different way than she had before – it was a look of surprise, respect, and more than a little admiration. It was a look that, for the first time in our relationship, she saw us as equals.

After that time with the guy, who we never saw again, our relationship changed. We had been best friends but now we were true partners in crime, sharing experiences and trying to out-do each other’s fantasies. In time our adventures grew more and more outlandish, more risky, and more incredibly hot. These stories deserve their own space, so I’ll leave them for another time.

For now, though, I felt completely empowered in my life and couldn’t wait to pursue this new side of me.


Sir Robert's Stories Home PageAs you know, reading sexy short stories is one of my main hobbies. Although I have quite a lot of sources to find erotic tales Literotica might be, arguably, one of the best. Some weeks ago I was reading this story called “Come on me” and just loved it, so I contacted his author (@subtleprof) via Twitter and he granted me permission to publish it here. If you want, you may read other stories written by him on his literotica page.

Thank you so much @subtleprof!

From here…

Photo by lucyburrluck with a creative commons license.

“A Day at the Beach” by Otis Holmes – MMF


It was a hot late July day. I was working out of the house as usual. My wife, Anne who works in town had taken the day off to go to the beach with friends. Around 10 as she was getting ready to leave her friend Mary called to say that she couldn’t make it, her son had come down with the flu and she had better stay home with him. Anne was a little disappointed but said she understood and perhaps they could do it another time.

I was not getting a lot accomplished myself. Seems like July and August people are in vacation mode and if you can reach anyone they’re really not focused. “What the hell,” I thought, “I’ll take Anne to the beach, it’ll be a nice little get a way.”

I thought I’d take her to this little nude beach I learned about while chatting on the net. Anne didn’t know about it and I thought the shock might do her good.

On the way there Anne talked non-stop about this and that. I don’t know really, I was totally caught up with my imagination and what I thought might happen once we got there. I must admit I was getting quite aroused just thinking about the possibilities and had quite the woody as we pulled into the parking area.

As we walked down the wooded path towards what turned out to be a beautiful sandy and pebble beach along an open yet secluded section of a small winding river we saw others coming and going down various paths leading to the same point. I picked out a spot surrounded by tall grass where we had a pretty good view of those around us yet we were rather secluded. As I was spreading out our blanket Anne stood holding our books looking around. I was watching her face, looking for signs. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped. Now Anne’s not a prude and she’s pretty hot to look at and touch. But lets just say that she’s not too experimental and definitely we were in a sexual rut. She turned to me and whispered, “Steve, these people have no clothes on.” I looked up as if totally surprised and unaware. “Cool! I exclaimed, well you know what they say, when in Rome.” With that I dropped my shorts, reached over and took my book out of her hands and lay down on the blanket.

Anne just stood there looking around. “Quit staring and join me,” I suggested. Well I’m not taking my clothes off she replied. “You don’t have to,” I said, “but you’re going to look totally out of place and besides who’s going to look at you when everybody is the same. Look just take your top off, if you feel uncomfortable in a bit put it back on, if you don’t and you want to join the party then you can take your bottoms off, OK?”I guess she must have thought it sounded logical because she lay down on the blanket, took her top off and began reading her book.

I didn’t press the issue and she seemed to be OK with everything. I would guess we had been there about an hour when the sun on my face became blocked. I looked away from my book to see what was up, Anne did the same. There standing over us was a tall, tanned, guy of perhaps 40. He appeared to be in pretty good shape and had a rather large cock hanging down between his legs. Even soft it had to be at least 8” long.

“Hi,” he said, “I’ve been sitting on the other side of the river watching you guys and thought I’d come over and see what you’re reading.”

He said his name was John and pointed to a chair across the water and then looked back at us. John and I exchanged pleasantries while Anne just kind of sat there watching us. I could tell she kept looking at his cock though she didn’t want either one of us to notice. I could also tell that she was getting quite aroused as her nipples had grown quite large and pointed up to the sky.

At this point he looked at me and said, “I couldn’t help but notice that you have a rather nice cock.” “I really like the ones with large heads like that.”

I had always thought my cock was average at best, a little on the small side but still I thanked him for his compliment. Just knowing he was actually looking at my cock that way gave me a shiver and it jumped and twitched a little. I blushed and told him that his was very nice too, quite impressive actually.

Anne smiled and nodded in agreement, a quite breathless yes slid out of her voice. “Can I touch it?” John asked.

Now I am not gay but I am open to pleasure, besides I thought, I brought Anne here to get out of our sexual rut. “If Anne say’s it’s OK I replied, then please be my guest.” We both turned to look at her, my cock now semi erect, John’s beginning to show signs of life too. Anne tried to reply but no words came out, slowly without taking her eyes off Johns growing member she nodded her head yes.

John lowered his knees to rest on the blanket in front of me. He then looked at Anne and whispered thank you. Turning back to me he reached out with his right hand it wrapped it around my now hard throbbing cock. I heard Anne moan and turned to look her in the eye and smile.

“Ummmm,” John whispered, “this is so nice.” He started to slowly slide his hand up and down my shaft. After a few strokes he wrapped his hand tightly around it and put his thumb over the hole and squeezed and pressed down with his thumb in unison. I let out a huge moan and almost came right there.

I looked at Anne and she had her hand down the front of her panties rubbing her clit. “Take them off, John asked her as he rubbed my balls to calm me down, please I want to see you too.” Anne didn’t look to me for approval, lifting her cheeks off the blanket she slid her panties down to her ankles then kicked them off.

“Oh my, you’re beautiful,” John panted, “please spread you legs wider, let me see all of you.”

Anne lay back on her elbows and with her feet on the blanket she pushed her knees out and down showing John her beautiful wet and now dripping pussy. “Oh God,” he exclaimed, “may I touch you too?”

Anne simply closed her eyes and let her head fall back. John looked to me and we smiled as I nodded yes, “Please do,” I said.

John’s hand slid off my cock leaving it feeling cold and alone with out his soft warm stroking. I must admit I had a moment of jealousy as he released me and reached for her. Not because I didn’t want him to touch my wife, but because his hand felt so good around my cock.

He sat down beside Anne midway and pulled her to him. Leaning over her and staring down into her eyes he let his hand fall to her mound. Anne moaned and twitched as the weight of his hand pressed down and his fingers cupped her throbbing dripping pussy.

His index finger lifted and found her clit and began rubbing and pushing it around. Anne bit down on her lower lip and lifted her pelvis up to his hand. Her breathing became hard and erratic and soft whimpering moans began to escape her mouth.

Without a word she reached over and grabbed John’s massive hard standing cock. He must have had ten inched and it was as big around as her wrist. Anne began stroking and rubbing John as he continued to tease her clit. Now his head was back and his breathing was labored and matching hers. John slid first one, then two fingers into Anne’s pussy and began thrusting and pushing against her. She just moaned harder and louder as he applied weight and friction while finger fucking her.

Now I love Anne but it has always been so difficult to get her to suck my cock. After hours of begging she will lick it and suck it a few times and that’s it. You can imagine my surprise when she lifted her head and put it in John lap without being asked.

Then she opened her mouth and after a few seconds of adjustment to his size began sucking his huge hard cock like she’s does it everyday. One hand was cupping and fondling his balls as her mouth bobbed up and down on his big cock. “Oh my God,” John moaned, “:that is so damn awesome.” With out taking her mouth off his cock Anne looked up at John and smiled.

Putting her arms around his waist and letting her warm dripping mouth slide off his cock Anne rolled back over onto her back pulling John with her. She bent up and kissed him and whispered, “Fuck me John, please.”

John didn’t need to be told twice and knelt between her legs. Anne grabbed his cock and pulled it into her waiting, wanting pussy. Slowly at first but picking up with intensity John began pumping all ten inches of meat into my pretty petite wife.

She wrapped her legs around his ass and met his every stroke. I sat there with the biggest hard on of my life watching this guy we had met only minutes ago giving my wife the fucking of her life. She was crying, begging John to fuck her harder and he complied with her every wish.

Finally John’s back arched backwards and he pushed his cock deep into Anne’s pussy holding it there. You could see his balls working as he blew his load into her hot box. Anne trembled with one orgasm after another as she pulled John down to her moaning and kissing his lips.

After a few moments John pulled out of her and sat down between us. “Wow! That was fantastic!” he sighed. Looking down at my still throbbing rock hard cock he said, “Here, let me help you with that.”

John then bent over and began sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. I’d like to say that he blew me for a good ten minutes before I came in his mouth. I think it was closer to 30 seconds. John certainly knew how to please and fuck my wife, but he also gave me the best blowjob I’ve ever had. I held onto his head as his lips and nose were buried in my pubic hair and shot deep down his throat.

John lifted his head up off my lap and turned to Anne, bending to kiss her. He kissed her full and hard. He then turned back to me. Taking me totally by surprise he bent in and kissed me full on the lips. He reached down and fondled my now limp cock as his tongue found mine. I returned the kiss as a moan escaped my lips again. Standing up he looked to both of us, “Thanks a lot,” he said, “it was great to meet you. I hope to see you around again some time.”

With that he turned, strolled back across the river, picked up his chair and walked away…

"Sex and Lucia" - CoverBeaches are a typical set for sexy stories and movies. Have you ever been in Spain? They have exceptional beaches. I have been there a number of times, the climate is warm, the light is exceptional and the Mediterranean Sea is unique. The Balearic islands, in Spain, is where most of “Sex and Lucia” (IMDB, RottenTomatoes) was filmed. It is a brilliant erotic softcore movie with appealing naughty scenes and, also, an enjoyable plot. Recommended!

Sir Robert's Stories Home PageHere you have other remarkable naughty tales about beaches, both with a “loving wives” theme, enjoy them!

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Photo: “Beach” by kansasphoto, published under a creative commons license.

“Dip” by deirdre – FFF

201230 - Pond - Alley_Pond_Environmental_Center

I guess something made me really look at her, that morning. Cynthia, my new sister-in-law, my husband Greg’s sister. She was staying with us, visiting, for the first time since Greg and I were married, and Greg was off at work and Cynthia had just come down for breakfast. I looked at her, and realized I hadn’t really payed much attention, but that she reminded me of Greg in a lot of ways. They had the same eyes, and though her hair was lighter, their faces were similar, and even their build: both were about 5’8″ and rather slender. And they had some of the same personality quirks, and there was something the similar about the way they spoke.

Well, Cynthia had come down for breakfast, and I surprised myself! I felt an attraction! I had never felt an attraction like that for a woman! And I certainly wasn’t unsatisfied with sex with Greg–to the contrary, it was great and seemed to be getting better all the time–we were doing it more than ever, sometimes getting together twice in one day! We both loved it, and sometimes, I’d even ask him for it!

Well, I sat there at breakfast and surreptitiously peeked at Cynthia, wondering how she could be having this effect on me! She was dressed in shorts and a sleeveless white top, her long limbs showing. The way she smiled at me did things to me I couldn’t believe! I wished that Greg was home, though I couldn’t imagine slipping off with him while Cynthia was around. I sat there, trying to keep my conversation going, but feeling very distracted.

After breakfast, we really had nothing to do, so we went out to the mall. We were in a clothing store and I tried on a couple of skirts, but having Cynthia around was still affecting me. I encouraged her to try on an outfit, and soon I found myself looking forward to getting her to try on more of them. Cynthia came out of the dressing room dressed in this sexy little black dress and she asked me and the saleslady what we thought. I looked at her, and my heart skipped a beat! I managed to stay calm though and tell her I thought the dress suited her. The saleslady agreed. Cynthia was looking around for another dress to try on, and I found myself asking the saleslady if she knew of any dresses that would look good on Cynthia. She showed me one and Cynthia agreed to try it on, and the saleslady and I looked for more. Then the saleslady said, “You’re hooked on her, aren’t you?”

Cynthia was changing at the time. It took a second for it to sink in, then I felt a momentary wave of panic. I was *that* transparent? I forced myself to speak as nonchalantly as the saleslady had: “Excuse me?”

“Oh, you can’t deny it–you have the hots for her. You like to see her dress up.”

“She’s my *sister-in-law* and we just came in to do some shopping!” I wasn’t nonchalant anymore, but I managed to keep my voice in a low hiss.

“And you like to see her body. Here, we could try to convince her to try on this,” and she showed me this slinky little dress that I couldn’t believe! I don’t know when she could wear such a thing other than for her future husband. “I’ll bet she’ll try it on,” continued the saleslady, “encourage her,” and she pushed it in my hands. I looked down at it and just about went into a trance.

Cynthia had come out and was modelling another dress. Once again, it almost killed me to look at her, and I felt a lump rising in my throat about the thought of seeing her in the dress in my hand. Finally, I proceeded to talk her into trying it on. I surprised myself how smooth *and* relentless I could be! I told her it was just for a lark. I told her she should at least have the chance to see what she would look like in such a dress. She went for it, and took it into the changing room.

The saleslady said “You’d like to see her nude, wouldn’t you?” I didn’t see how she could be so forward.

“Listen,…” I started, ready to tell her what’s what.

“Oh, stop denying it–listen to me: I’ll tell you how you can get your chance to see her nude.” The part of me that wanted to do it kept me tongue-tied and I just stood there dumbly.

“Good,” she went on, “I know this pond you can take her to go swimming. It’s a little out of the city and no one goes there, so you can just drive her there and tell her it’s so hot you two should just take a dip.”

“Go swimming naked?!” I said. Then Cynthia came out of the dressing room. I was transfixed. After a few seconds of just staring, I glanced at the saleslady. She was staring too, but in a second she seemed to come to her senses. Anyone, man or woman would have stared at Cynthia in that dress. She had come out preening, but looked a little alarmed at our reaction. In a second, we were both telling her how great it looked, if a bit daring. Cynthia seemed a bit embarrassed by the idea of other people in the store possibly coming over and seeing her so she went to take it off.

As soon as she left, the saleslady proceeded to tell me how to get to this pond she was talking about. She said just make sure we have a beer for lunch, and then just drive out, telling Cynthia that on the spur of the moment I’d remembered a perfect way to beat the heat. Cynthia came out and we left, but as we left I felt I was in the possession of dangerous knowledge… I didn’t know if I’d be responsible for my own actions!

I found myself taking us to one of those restaurant-bar chains for lunch and sure enough, we each had a beer. I stared at Cynthia while she wasn’t looking and sometimes I thought I’d never do anything like that saleslady suggested and other times I was afraid I’d already decided to do it. We sat there and talked a bit, and then, sure enough, when we left, I found myself following the saleslady’s directions. And I even used her line.

We ended up on a little country road and turned onto a little track into the fields. Eventually we came to this little pond in a very obscure spot! No one was around, and it looked like people seldom came there. I broached the idea of taking a swim. Cynthia laughed and thought I was crazy. I told her it was no big deal, just a way to cool off, and that no one knew about this spot. In a minute I could see she was wavering and finally she went along with it!

We stood there, and I realized she wasn’t just going to take off her clothes while we watched each other. I turned aside and pulled off my top. I didn’t look her way, but started talking as if this were something I do all the time. I glanced back at her and she was just staring at me, open-mouthed. Lust? No, just shock–she wasn’t quite ready for this yet.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, this is nothing!” I said, trying to encourage her and defuse her embarrassment. Finally, she nervously started taking off her top. I looked away, and continued, taking off my shorts and kicking off my shoes. A discrete peek revealed she was nervously glancing at me while continuing to undress. Soon I was completely nude, and I walked up and tested the water with my hand.

“Come on,” I said as I turned around. She was just taking off her panties and her breasts were bare! When she stood up, completely nude, I stared in awe, but was quick enough to catch myself before I made a scene. I walked in a few steps, and then dived down under water to get myself used to it quickly, and came up and looked back. She was so sexy! She was at the edge of the pool now, and cautiously making her way in. I kept looking at her, but I kept a playful smile on my face as if I were just waiting for her to join the fun. Soon she was in and we were both swimming.

I couldn’t believe it. This was too much! Here I am lusting after a woman, and swimming with her, nude! And she has *no* idea! It occurred to me that I might get us into playing tag or some other touching game! I could pull her under in fun? Tickle her? I couldn’t believe the thoughts that were coming into my head–where would this all end?

Then I realized that another car had pulled up! Caught! Cynthia and I immediately made sure the water was covering us and glued our eyes on the car! I felt such panic. Out of the car came a woman, in a black, one-piece swim-suit. It was the saleslady! She had a towel on her shoulder which she threw on the ground, and proceeded to walk into the pond!

“Hi, thought I’d join you.” Cynthia and I just stared and didn’t know what to do. In seconds, she was gliding around the pond, and in a minute, she swam up to us and stopped, planting her feet on the bottom. “Perfect day for a dip,” she said as if nothing strange were going on, “going suitless?” she asked with a sly smile.

“We just stopped for a little dip,” I said, suddenly wondering how we were going to manage to leave. Would she leave soon? Should we leave while she was still around?

“Oh, don’t be shy!” she said, “it’s nothing really,” and she swam out to where we were. Immediately, she was splashing Cynthia, laughing, and Cynthia responded by taking off after her. Soon she had the three of us playing tag, and let me tell you, it was weird touching bodies like that, knowing both Cynthia and I were nude.

Then once when I looked back at them, they were together. The woman was behind Cynthia, so close that her face was right over Cynthia’s shoulder. I stared for a second, and then moved closer. The woman obviously had her arms around Cynthia under water, and Cynthia had this vacant stare–even though I was in front of her, she was looking right through me. Her mouth was hanging open and I could see the rise and fall of her breathing.

“Come on, come here and kiss her!” said the woman. I was staring at them, openmouthed, wondering what was going on. “Oh, come on, hurry!” said the woman. I still didn’t approach any closer, and soon I realized they were moving toward me.

Soon they were close to me, and had turned so that Cynthia was face away from me and the woman was close to me. “I set things up for you, and you freeze,” she said. She kept moving closer until she was right in front of me. Then she added: “Here! Here’s a kiss,” and she grabbed my head with one hand and put her lips right on mine, hard!

I was in shock. Her tongue was working its way into my mouth, and somehow, I just stood there, not able to move. I felt her hands on my body, and soon I felt skin against my back. My back was against Cynthia’s! The woman wasn’t kissing me now, but she was caressing my breasts under water, and her hand was wondering up and down my body, sometimes down to my crotch. I was breathing hard–out of control. I heard hard breathing behind me. Cynthia. She was writhing and moaning. The fingers were down to my sex, in my sex. I almost passed out.

We, Cynthia and I, were on our hands and knees, next to each other, almost touching, in about five inches of water near the edge of the pool. Our shoulders *were* touching. And our hips. And thighs. The woman was behind us, kneeling. I felt her finger my cunt. Cynthia was moaning and swinging her head back and forth. The finger found my rear hole. I couldn’t stand it.

We were kneeling on the carpet in the woman’s apartment, still nude. She hadn’t allowed us to get dressed when we came–even when we came in from her car. My car was still at the pond. It was supper time and Greg would be wondering where we were. The woman was sitting on a chair in front of us, wearing a top, but nothing below her waist. Cynthia and I were pushing our heads toward her crotch between her wide-spread legs, both licking at the same time. Against my left cheek was Cynthia’s right, and against my other cheek was the woman’s thigh. My tongue touched Cynthia’s as we licked and licked. The woman’s hand was behind my head, pulling it to her cunt.

4038197324_f23a251c6d_s"Delta of Venus" by Anais Nin - CoverAs you may know by now if you are a frequent visitor of my blog, I love classical sexy stories. I don’t need the characters to have smartphones and browse the Internet for the story to get to me. As one of my Facebook friends stated: “Good erotica is timeless”. She is completely right. The naughty tale you have just read, for example, it is almost two decades old and it turns me on today as it did the first day. I come back to it again and again, and each time it does it for me. Do you want more examples? Now I am reading some nice books by Anaïs Nin, she wrote some of them in the 30’s, others in the 70’s… Lots of good reading material. If you are busy and have to decide whether to spend your precious time reading my stories here or the ones written by Anaïs Nin. Don’t hesitate and go buy her books

4038197324_f23a251c6d_sI firstly read the stories written by deirdre (with little “d”) back in the twentieth century. I got them from newsgroups such as alt.sex.stories.moderated which I then regularly checked. Since then I have not seen any new story by this awesome author. Investigating a little, I found the following explanation in one of the multiple reposts of her story “Dip”. You may find this interesting:

“deirdre” was the enigmatic queen of Usenet sex stories in the mid-1990s. She posted 156 stories in just over two years, using an anonymous remailer and apparently *never* corresponding with anyone (though she did give permission to repost her stories to non-commercial sites). She was last heard from in late April 1996.

deirdre’s disclaimer:

This is not reality; it is a string of words. The author does not wish to live out the experiences described. The author does not wish anyone to live out the experiences described. If you lack the maturity to grasp this disclaimer, then under no circumstances read this story without the express permission and guidance of someone more mature. — deirdre

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Photo: “Alley Pond Environmental Center” by gailf548, published under a creative commons license.