“Kathy and my Frat Brothers” by Warthog – MMMF

Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity House, DePauw University

About a month ago I received a letter from a college fraternity brother of mine. I hadn’t seen Stan since graduation three years before. Stan was trying to get a group of us together to meet for the first football game of the sea- son. He had settled down in the town where our university was located while most of the rest of our click had moved away. The plan was to go to the game and then to the old frat house afterwards. We’d finish off the night back a Stan’s place.

I looked forward to the visit. I wanted to see my buddies, but I also wanted my buddies to see my new bride Kathy. Now, I’m not what you’d call a good looking guy. During college I didn’t have many dates and the ones I did have weren’t interested in a second date. My buddies continuously poked fun at my lack of experience and lack of women.

Well, since college I met Kathy. I’ll never under- stand why she was attracted to me. Of course, I smother her with affection and devotion. She’s the type of woman who values what’s inside not what’s outside. The irony is that she could have had any man she wanted. You see. Kathy is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. To top it off, she has the sweetest personality of any woman I have ever known. I’m not just saying that because she is my wife.

Kathy stands 5’9″ inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. Her hair is long, silky and naturally light blond. She wears it parted down the middle. It’s a simple look, but with her perfect angel face any styling is unnecessary. Her eyes are sparkling deep blue and her skin is baby smooth without a blemish to be found. She sports a beautiful tan and keeps herself in shape with aerobics. So far so good? There is more.

I have tried to get Kathy to tell me her measurements. She shyly tells me she doesn’t know. I think she is embarrassed for some reason. By my eye she measures 38DD-23- 36. I’m guessing at her waist and hips. I am certain about her bust, however. I’ve sneaked looks at her underwear. You may wonder why a fox like Kathy wouldn’t be full of herself or why she would marry a toad like me. I think it goes back a few years. Until about two years ago, Kathy had been very overweight. She also wore very thick glasses. After high school she got a job as a secretary. One of her coworkers helped her through a diet and exercise program. She also had eye surgery to eliminate the need for glasses. The result was as described above.

Lucky for me I met Kathy when she had just finished her transformation. We had many things in common and became friends before developing a relationship. We continued to have a good time with each other and finally decided to get married. We were both virgins when we met and decided to stay that way until after the wedding. Kathy was never on the pill and we decided that she would stay off it. We were eager to start a family.

Needless to say our two months of marriage have been wonderful. We both enjoy sex, although we are a bit naive. So far we haven’t ventured beyond strait missionary inter- course. I want to do a little experimenting, but Kathy wants to go slowly. I’m not in any hurry, anyway. As it is, Kathy is a handful. Although shy and reserved, she heats up fast. It must be all those years as an ugly duckling. Her pent up passions are very close to the surface. All she needs is a little rubbing here or there and a passionate kiss and she gets super horny. She especially likes to have her large breasts played with.

As I said, I was looking forward to showing off my beautiful new wife to my friends. I thought it might be fun if Kathy bought a new outfit for the game and party. I told her to get something real sexy. Something that would make my friends green with envy. At first Kathy was lukewarm to the idea. The more I begged her and one night of passionate sex changed her mind. The day before we left on the trip Kathy went shopping with her friend at the office. I ask her to show me what she bought but she told me I would have to wait for the game, the little tease.

The drive down was uneventful. We checked in to our hotel late and went right to be bed, after a nice twenty minute role in the sack. Kathy again teased me about her outfit for the game. The most she would say about it was, “You wanted me to look sexy for your friends. I don’t think you or they will be disappointed.”

We slept in late the next day. We were to leave for the game at noon. The game was at two. I got showered and dressed first. I called two of my friends that I knew were staying at the hotel and made plans to meet them in the lobby. I told Kathy to meet me down there when she was ready.

I left Kathy in the shower and headed downstairs. I met Jim and Dave in the lobby and we sat down and renewed acquaintances. We talked about business and politics and swapped a few recollections about the past. I learned that Jim was married and Dave was still single. Jim said his wife hadn’t made the trip. Jim said that he thought that he and Tom were the only married guys in our group. Before I had a chance to tell Jim and Dave about Kathy, I notice that something had their attention.

Jim said, “Would you look at the ears on that rabbit.” Dave offered, “Looks like a high priced hooker to me.” Before I could turn to see what they were talking about Jim added, “I think she’s coming our way.” As I turned, I saw Kathy approaching. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Jim and Dave just stared with their mouths open. We stood up as she swayed sexily over to us. Kathy put her arm around me, gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “Hi honey.”

We couldn’t stop staring at Kathy. Dave was right. Kathy did look like a high priced hooker. Her outfit consisted of a top that looked sort of like a corset, a short frilly flared skirt, thigh high white stockings and blue pumps with five inch heels. The top was made of blue denim and laced up the front. The laces pulled th e two sides of the garment to within two inches of each other resulting in a teasing view of her smooth tanned skin. Closer to her breasts the sides separated more revealing the insides of each breast. It was clear that the top was meant for a bust several sizes smaller than Kathy’s. In profile, the bottom of her breasts could be seen between the laces. Only her nipples and the outsides of her breasts were covered. Every male eye in the place was checking out Kathy’s breasts. She knew it too and appeared to be enjoying the attention.

Kathy’s skirt was white and came to mid thigh. The hem was lace and just barely covered the tops of her stockings. I smiled as I noticed Jim and Dave looking up and down my sexy wife. Kathy whispered it my ear, “Billy, do you think they like me?” I chuckled and whispered back, “Honey, look at how there staring. I think they love you.” Kathy blushed. I added, “I bet they would give anything to get into your panties.” Kathy whispered a reply, “They can’t. I’m not wearing any.” I shot a look at her of surprise and she smiled deviously. She whispered, “Well, you wanted me to be sexy. Tina, my friend, says nothings sexier than going out without underwear.” I whispered back, “You better be careful or you will give every one a free shot. The way you’re dressed, these guys are not going to leave you alone.” Kathy gave me a puzzled look. She really was quite naive.

I introduced Kathy to Jim and Dave. They couldn’t believe she was my wife. Kathy had to show them her wedding ring with our engraved initials. Needless to say, they had fallen in lust with Kathy and I couldn’t have been prouder. We headed for the game in our car. We took our seats in a block that Stan had arranged for us. About ten of my buddies showed up and not a one with wives or dates. Kathy was the only female in our group and she was getting a lot of attention. As usual, nobody believed that she was my wife.

Despite Kathy’s shyness, she warmed up to the group. I think all the flattery helped. By the second half she exuded a confidence that I had never seen before. She began to hold herself in a more provocative way. Her posture emphasized her large breasts. She allowed her skirt to ride up her leg. I’m sure a couple of my friends sitting below us used those opportunities to steal a look at her privates. I think she knew what was going on, too. When she spotted someone looking in the direction of her skirt, she nonchalantly dragged her hand across her thigh causing the hem to ride higher. I figured she was making up for all the flirting that she had missed as an ugly duckling.

The highlight of the ‘Kathy show’ was when our team score its only touchdown in the second half. Kathy began to jump up and down as we cheered. Several people down below us including some of my friends, starred in surprise as Kathy’s skirt floated high enough to expose her blond bush. To my surprise, however, Kathy had shaved off all of her pubic hair. I made a mental note to ask her about it, later. When she had finally settled down from her bouncing I noticed that her top had been overwhelmed by her large chest. One of her nipples had become uncovered. I whispered to her about it and she looked down. Rather than quickly fix her top, Kathy took her time and slowly adjusted her top. Finally after several moments she covered her nipple that had hardened, noticeably. The whole act seemed to have been calculated to draw attention to her top so that everyone would see her exposed breast before she covered it up again. If I didn’t know her better, I would say that Kathy was be- coming an exhibitionist.

The game came to an end with our team losing. It was disappointing but we were here mainly for the company. We headed back to the frat house. The undergraduate brothers had hired a band for the after-game party and they were already playing when we arrived at the house. We grabbed a beer and headed for the dance floor. After downing my beer, I grabbed Kathy for a dance. She giggled as we began to gyrate to the beat. Kathy was careful to make no sudden moves. She was aware that people were looking at her and thought it better not to expose herself. She swayed to the music and swung her arms in enough of a jerking motion to impose on her top the extra burden of containing her jiggling breasts.

The next song was slow. I got a chance to hold Kathy’s luscious body close. The feeling of her breasts mashing against me was making me hard. She smiled deviously as she nudged her right knee into my crotch. She put her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Honey, this whole day has made me so horny. I really like the looks that I’m getting from the men. I think I’ll dress sexy like this all the time. You better be ready tonight, because I’m gonna fuck your brains out.” The last line surprised me. I had never heard Kathy use that kind of language before. She squeezed my neck as she pulled herself up to give me a very sloppy kiss. My cock twitched. I was looking forward to satisfying Kathy’s demand.

After our dance we went back for more beer. Before we reached the bar, Jim was asking me if he could dance with my wife. I looked at Kathy and said, “Its up to the lady.”Kathy said, “I’d love to, Jim.” He whisked her off to the dance floor as I headed for the bar. I got our drinks and waited at the bar for Kathy to return. I watched Jim and Kathy dance, and admired her body as I’m sure Jim was close up. He seemed to looked at her chest more than her face. The next song was slow and before Kathy could head back to meet me, Jim had corralled her for the dance. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close. Kathy tried to remain apart a respectable distance. Jim’s clutches were putting a strain on her back, however. Finally, Kathy gave in and let Jim feel those magnificent breasts mashed against his body.

When the song was over, Jim reluctantly let Kathy go. She joined me at the bar looking somewhat flustered. She was obviously blushing. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she felt Jim get hard when dancing slow with him. Before the end of the dance he began to grind it into her stomach. I ask her if I should talk to him about it and she quickly said no. I think she blamed it on the sexy clothes she was wearing. Before Kathy could take a sip of beer, Dave was requesting a dance. She told him she would after her beer. He seemed impatient so Kathy hastily drank her beer.

Kathy’s dance floor experience with Dave was similar to Jim’s. When she returned she was again blushing. It seems that her dance with Dave had produced an even larger erection. Kathy drank down another beer quickly. Either the beer or the dancing or both were having a noticeable effect on Kathy. She didn’t act drunk but she appeared to be having a very good time. She wasn’t able to spend much time with me. My friends kept her busy on the dance floor. I began to notice that Kathy was getting cozier with her partners. Her hips appeared to be doing as much grinding as the men were. One of the undergraduates started a conversation with me and I lost track of Kathy.

After about ten minutes, I found her again dancing slow with a man I had never seen before. He must have been an undergraduate. He had both hands on Kathy’s bottom. I could see that he was squeezing each globe. Surely, she was aware of what the man was doing. I also noticed that she was thrusting her pelvis against his leg. I decided it was time to cut in. I tapped the guy on the shoulder and he slowly looked my way not wanting to take his attention off the babe in his arms. “Cutting in,” I said. His reply was, “Go away.” Kathy heard me and whispered something into his ear. Immediately, he separated and then backed away.

I poured myself into my smiling wife’s arms. Kathy hugged me tight. I said, “Looks like you two were getting a little frisky.” Kathy giggled and said, “These guy s are just getting me worked up so that I’ll wear you out, tonight.” I said, “Sounds great to me.” Kathy cooed in my ear, “I want to feel your hard cock rubbing against my belly.” Her boldness surprised me but my cock obeyed her demand. She moaned as we both began grinding into each other. Kathy was hot and she was getting me hot. She said, “Lets leave and go the hotel.” I said, “I’d love to but we’ve got to go over to Stan’s place.” Kathy wined i n my ear, “I can’t wait for that. I’ve been parading my body around all day making cocks hard and now I want one in my pussy. I want someone to suck on my tits.”

Her dirty language blew me away. She had never talked that way before. I said, “I’ve never seen you so worked up before, honey.” Kathy replied, “You haven’t been the one out here on the dance floor listening to what the guys want to do to me.” I broke away and looked at her face. She had a cloudy dazed look on her face. I asked, “What were they saying?” Kathy said in a husky voice, “You know, they want to have sex with me.” I asked her to be specific. She said, “One guy wanted to lick my pussy. Another told me he had a 10 inch cock.” Kathy shuddered slightly when she mentioned the cock. She continued, “This last guy wanted me to go up to his room here. If you hadn’t cut in he may have had his way with me, I’m so hot.”

Before I could say anything, Stan was tapping my shoulder and telling me that the group was heading to the house. Kathy and I followed him outside where we met Jim and Dave. We climbed into the car and headed for Stan’s. On the way we chatted about the weather and other trivial matters. Kathy seem to calm down a bit. Jim and Dave were behaving themselves. We were the last ones to arrive. Everyone seemed anxious to see Kathy again. She had lost all of her shyness and didn’t seem phased that she was the only woman. I watch- ed, with humor, the faces of my buddies as we walked up the driveway. Kathy was out strutting in front of us walking as if she was advertising her body.

When we had entered and sat down, Stan pulled me to the side. He told me that he was running low on beer and asked if I could go get some. I said sure without thinking. I headed out into the night air and got into the car and headed for the nearest store about half an hour away. It suddenly dawned on me that I shouldn’t leave Kathy alone in her present state. I wouldn’t put it past my friends to take advantage of my wife. I circled the block and headed back to the house. I parked down the block and walked through the side yard and entered through the kitchen door. I heard music coming from the main room where the part y was under- way. I peaked through the door from the kitchen to the main room. There was Kathy in the arms of Stan dancing to the slow number. It occurred to me that, with the music in Stan’s control, all the songs would be slow.

Suddenly, I had to duck into the pantry when I heard someone coming. I was trapped. I hoped nobody would need anything in the pantry. I looked around and notice at least ten cases of beer. It appeared as though they sent me on a phony errand to get me away from Kathy. I overheard Tom and Jim talking in the kitchen. Tom said, “Can you believe that a fox like Kathy married him?” Jim answered, “I can’t figure it. I can’t believe he can handle a hot fire cracker like her.” Tom continued, “Well now that Stan’s got rid of hubby, I figure she’ll be begging for a cock in about ten minutes.”Jim said, “It will take Billy an hour to get back. By then Kathy will be so hot for cock that she’ll ignore her husband.” Tom asked, “Did she rub you while dancing tonight? Jim replied, “Yea! First she kept pushing those big tits into my chest and then latter she grabbed my cock. I almost fucked her on the spot.”

I found it hard to believe that my new bride would actually cheat on me. But, when I heard Jim say that she grabbed his cock I knew that it was a possibility. I had thought that it was the guys that I had to worry about. Could it be that my wife was so easy that she would fuck anybody. I moved closer to the pantry door and was able to see through the slats. The angle was such that I had a view through the kitchen and into the main room. There was Kathy grinding against Stan. His hands were clutching her bottom. She was rubbing her tits and her mound against him. I had to figure out what to do. I knew that if I didn’t stop them, then what Tom and Jim had suggested might happen.

The action seemed clear cut. So why wasn’t I moving. Something was holding me back. I looked again into the room. Kathy was still dancing with Stan. There was a difference, however. Stan now had his hands under Kathy’s skirt and they were kissing passionately. The other nine guys were looking on with great interest. I began to notice something else. I was getting hard. Was I enjoying Kathy’s show?. I knew that if I didn’t act now it would be too late. Hell, it was already too late. Stan had move one hand to Kathy’s pussy. She didn’t seem to be fighting him. In fact, she raised one leg to give Stan easier access to her pussy. They continued to kiss. Their tongues were clearly visible probing each other’s mouths. I watched as Kathy moved a hand to Stan’s crotch and began to rub his bulge. It was too late and I was glad. My mind filled with the image of all my friends fucking my wife. I resolved to stay in the pantry and watch whatever happened.

Stan led Kathy over to the couch when the song ended and set her down. He sat next to her and they resumed kissing. I know that makes Kathy hot. Jim sat on her other side and began to squeeze her tits. This also makes her hot. Stan started stroking her long slender legs. Each stroke would get closer to her pussy. Finally, Stan’s hand moved under her skirt and began rubbing Kathy’s opening. She began to squirm on his hand. They had her worked up to fever pitch. Stan broke the kiss and concentrated on Kathy’s pussy. She surveyed her body and the four hands working it over. Through her moans she asked, “When will Billy be back?” Jim answered, “He’ll be gone for a while, Baby. Just relax.”Kathy continue, “I need him.” Jim asked, “Why do you need Billy, Kathy?” She replied, “I need him to fuck me.”

I secretly cheered Kathy. In a way she was being faithful to me. I realized that she was allowing these two men to paw at her, but she acted as if she would only let me go all the way. I thought for a moment that I should break it up. Kathy, after all, still wanted me. The side of me that was winning still wanted to see Kathy gang banged. Jim took his shot, “Well baby, maybe I can help you. Billy will be gone for a while yet.” Kathy continued to squirm as they rubbed her. Kathy’s face showed a passion that I’d only seen tonight. She said breathlessly, “You can’t help me. I need my husband.”

Stan piped up, “Baby, we’re helping you now. Why don’t we stop the foreplay and get down to some serious sex.” Kathy looked at Stan and said, “I’m a married woman. I can’t cheat on my husband.” She was trying to remain faithful but their roaming hands on her aroused body were weakening her resolve. Stan continued,”It wouldn’t be cheating, Baby. Billy is our fraternity brother. We always share everything.” I rolled my eyes. Kathy asked in a breathless voice, “Are you sure?” Jim interrupted, “That’s right, honey.” Kathy moaned and put her right hand over Stan’s as it teased her clit. She pushed it hard into pussy as she shuddered with an orgasm. Jim had used our mutual pet name ‘honey’. They had her now.

When Kathy regained her senses she said, “I need a cock in my pussy bad. I don’t know who to ask. There are too many of you.” Jim said, “Remember, honey, what Stan said. We share everything with everyone.” Kathy asked, “You mean that you want me to let all of you fuck me?” She shuddered as she made the statement. Stan replied, “Baby, you look hot enough to take all of us on and want more.” Kathy moaned as she said, “I think you’re right. But who goes first?” Stan said, “I think you should stand up in the center of the room and do a strip tease for us. We’ll gather around and take our cocks out. Whoever has the biggest cock at the end of your dance will fuck you first.”Kathy breathlessly replied, “OK.” She added as an after- thought, “What about Billy?” Jim said, “Honey, He’ll join in when he gets back.”

The dance was a contrivance. Everybody in the room knew that Stan had the biggest cock by several inches. Everybody went along just to see Kathy strut her stuff. Stan and Jim took their hands off Kathy. Stan’s hand was coated with juice. Kathy was ready. She stood up and moved to the center of the room. Stan got up and started some good bump and grind music. Kathy began to sway seductively. It looked to me like she had done this before. She was very polished. Stan moved up behind her and put his hands on her waist. Slowly he moved his hands up as she slowly swayed. Stan surrounded Kathy’s tits with his big hands. They were still no match for Kathy’s huge hooters. He pushed them up and together as if in offering to the fraternity brothers. Kathy moaned and let her head lie back on Stan’s shoulder. She extended her tongue to meet Stan’s. This surprised me some- what. She had never initiated a kiss like this to me.

Stan broke away after a minute and sat down. He fished is rapidly expanding cock out of his pants. The rest of the guys did likewise. Kathy’s dance became more suggestive. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and my guess was she would leave the stockings and shoes on. This left only her top and skirt to shed. She began to dance around the room giving everybody a close look at her body. Kathy began to tease the guys with dirty talk. She said, “I bet you guys would like to get a good look at my tits wouldn’t you?”Everyone groaned, “Yes.” Kathy continued, “I guess after that you’ll want to see my tight cunt.” I couldn’t figure out why she was talking so dirty. This was unusual for Kathy. Again everyone answered yes.

Seductively Kathy put an index finger in her mouth, then traced a wet line down her chin and throat and between her substantial tits. Her destination was the lace bow that held her top in place. Tom asked her what her measurements were. I braced for the usually “I don’t know.” Instead Kathy proudly announced, “37DD-22-34. Am I woman enough for you?”Everyone shouted, “Yess!!” The little devil. She knew all along. I revised my figures. Kathy was more slender than I thought. As the guys cheered her on, she slowly pulled on the string, untying the bow. When it gave way the laces loosened quickly causing the gap between halves to widen noticeably. Her firm young 19 year old tits had no sag to them at all. The top Kathy wore did push them together deepening her cleavage. It was a devastating effect if not slightly uncomfortable to Kathy. Her tits had now pushed out to their normal position on her chest. The nipples were still covered, however. Kathy continued to dance with more aggressive moves. This caused the top to separate more. After several minutes of this her large nipples were fully visible. It was an effective tease. Her aureoles were at least two inches in diameter and her nipples protruded three quarters of an inch. Kathy had world class tits.

Kathy danced around the room showing her tits. She said, “I really need somebody to suck on my nipples. Do I have any volunteers?” Everyone shouted at once. Kathy strutted over to Tom and John. She thrust her tits out to the front and her ass out to the rear and through her head back causing her silky long hair to fly about. Tom and John each latched onto a tit and began sucking. Kathy wailed at the obvious sensation. After only seconds she broke free from their mouths and moved on. She went around the room giving everyone about 10 seconds. It was frustrating as hell for these guys. I’m sure that when each of them got their turn with Kathy, they would show no mercy.

When everyone had a sample of Kathy’s tits she moved to room center and stopped. The music was still going but she stopped. Everyone was wondering what would happen next. Kathy’s answer was to suddenly grab the sides of her top and pull. In a split second she had her top stretched enough to push it to her feet. Kathy stepped out of it and began to bounce around the room, her tits trying without success to fully keep up. The guys yelled their appreciation of Kathy’s bare top. The style of her dance was very good as well. She seemed to be a natural tease.

Calls began to come for her to take off her skirt. She taunted them, “You boys want to see what I have under here. What are you going to do with it? Do you want to put something in it? I want you all to put something inside me. I’m so hot for it. I need it like I need to breathe. Show me what you have to put inside me.” Everybody groaned and waved their rock hard cocks at Kathy. She turned her attention to the cocks waving her way. She must have just noticed the siz- able tools waiting to fill her horny cunt. Her eyes were wide. She licked her lips. As quick as she disposed of her top she pushed her skirt to her feet and kicked it away. My sweet wife was left naked from head to thigh. The white stocking on tanned skin emphasized her long slender legs. She left her stockings and shoes on. The shoes caused her to strut. That was the effect she wanted.

Kathy slowly danced around grinding her cunt just out of reach of hands and cocks. Boy could she tease. Her bald pussy seemed to be hunting. Looking for that biggest of cocks. She resumed her taunt, “My body wants a big hard cock. My body wants to fuck! My tits want to be sucked. My pussy is hungry for a cock. Does anyone have a big one to put inside me. My body feels empty without a cock inside it. I’ve been waiting all day for a cock to put in it. My husband wouldn’t give me his. One of you will have to do. Now , who will it be?” Her pussy thrust itself in all directions looking for a cock to fill it. Finally, and without fanfare or delay she slid into Stan’s lap and impaled herself on his 10 inch cock. She began to bounce up and down like a wild woman. Her tight wet cunt was so slippery that the foot long penetration was effortless. After about three strokes, Kathy came hard. She kept pumping through her orgasm. I could tell that Stan was struggling with Kathy’s tightness. The way she was working on him, I knew he couldn’t last long.

Kathy’s tits were bouncing wildly. Stan couldn’t suck them so he had to keep his head from being bludgeoned by them. He was being ridden hard and it was all he could do to keep up. After a minute or so Kathy came again. All this was new to me. We had never had sex with her on top. She only orgasmed once a night with me. This was different of course. Kathy had been working herself into a lather all day long. In less than two minutes he began to moan. In a split second I realized that Kathy was unprotected. She wasn’t on the pill and Stan wasn’t wearing a condom. As far as I knew Kathy was ripe for pregnancy.

Should I run in and tell her before Stan fills her cunt full of sperm? Why had she forgotten? Again I hesitated. A small voice told me to save my wife from getting pregnant with another man’s baby. The winning and louder voice didn’t want to stop the lewd show. So what if Kathy got pregnant. It was sort of cool to be present when conception occurred. We were all witnesses to the event. Again I waited for the event to happen.

Finally, Stan thrust hard back at Kathy and stiffened. I could see the white goo escaping from between Stan’s cock and Kathy’s pussy lips. There it was. She was pregnant. But maybe not. Kathy bounced off Stan and sat on the floor. She looked down at the copious flow exiting her cunt. She used both hands to collect the excess flow. She wantonly put the slimy white goo into her mouth as she looked around the room and all the guys. Her eyes said, “Soon I’ll get yours.” This was one of the things that Kathy and I had discussed. She seemed dead set against touching cum, much less eating it. I wondered what had changed her.

Kathy quickly got up and jumped on the closest hard cock. Again her hips were a blur as her cunt milked the cock inside it. I couldn’t see who she was fucking. He grabbed her tits and held them still so that he could suck them. Probably, one of the guys most frustrated by her strip tease. She gave his cock a hard ride as he abused her tits. They were each getting their licks. After a couple of minutes they both came. He thrust into her hard and held still as she shoved his head between her tits and smothered him. That was two loads. It was going to be like Russian roulette. Who would be the daddy of her baby? Again Kathy slid off and ate the excess cum. She didn’t get it all. As she moved on to the next cock the white stuff oozed out of her hole and trailed down her thigh until it soaked into her stocking. The cum gave the once white stockings a slight yellow tinge.

Kathy fucked every guy in the place hard. All the sex was hard and raunchy. She didn’t hold back. Her passions had been pent up all day and probably most of her life. Her athletic body allowed for great endurance. The guy who lasted the longest was Tom. Kathy got him off in three minutes. Most of the guys filled her cunt in under a minute. Her tight cunt and furious pumping was just too much for them.

Kathy had been going at it for just under an hour and was showing no signs of tiring. She fucked and sucked, and licked balls with her tongue. She took one after the other. At that point the yellow tinge to her stocking tops had become a stain. One wonders at the number of loads required to produce those stains. The funny thing was. Nobody seemed to miss me. Kathy was too busy getting the shit fucked out of her. My buddies were to busy fucking, double fucking, triple fucking and quadruple fucking my wife.

After an hour and a half, the ranks of my friends had dwindled to zero. Kathy, however, was still going strong. She had, by now, at least two dozen orgasms. She had consumed in parts or wholes at least forty loads of cum. The stain on her stockings had spread about six inches down her legs and half way around. Kathy’s pussy was still hunting for a cock to fill it. Kathy began to beg for another cock. Stan told Kathy that if she wanted more cock to go to the frat house. I figured that it was time to make an appearance. I walked through the kitchen and into the main room. Male bodies were everywhere. The smell of sexual fluids was thick. Kathy looked at me with frightened eyes. I said, “Have you enjoyed yourself, Honey?”Kathy was still afraid. She managed to croak out the question, “What did you see, Billy?” I replied,”The whole thing, Kathy.”

Kathy’s eyes began to tear until she saw the smile on my face. She asked tentatively, “You’re not angry with me?” I shook my head no. Kathy jumped into my arms and hugged me tight. A moment later she broke away and furiously started working on my pants. She had my mighty six inch cock out in seconds. She engulfed it and began sucking. She licked my balls. She tongued my asshole. I was finally getting the treatment my fraternity brothers were getting. Suddenly, Kathy stopped and said, “Fuck me, Honey. Give it to me hard. Oh, I love you so much. Fuck me, please.” I turned her around and gave it to her doggy style. I plunge d into her overworked pussy and fucked her hard. After a while I pulled out and impaled her ass. I switched fucked my wife for ten minutes and gave her two of her hardest orgasms of the night. When it was my turn to come, Kathy begged me to fill her mouth. I pulled out of her ass and she spun around and took my second load of the night down her throat. Kathy cleaned me up as said, “I longed to taste you all night, Honey.”

We left Stan’s place without saying good-bye. No one was awake. As we drove away, I formulated a few questions for Kathy. The first one was obvious. I looked at Kathy’s beautiful face and asked, “Do you think you’re pregnant, Honey, after taking dozens of loads of cum in your pussy?” She looked at me with a smile. My first thought was that she obviously was aware of the potential and it didn’t concern her. That meant that either she wanted to get pregnant or she had taken some precautions. Either way I was about to learn a secret of Kathy’s. I prompted, “Well?” Kathy replied, “Don’t worry honey, I wouldn’t risk getting pregnant by another man.”I urged her to continue, “Then, how?” She said, “I’m wearing a diaphragm.”

In my now sober state I was relieved. I though back to the period in the pantry when I had wanted my wife to be un- protected and shook my head. How could I have wished that? It’s funny what lust will do to a person. Of course, this brought up another question. I asked, “What made you think to wear a diaphragm? I thought we were trying to start a family. The only reason that I can see that you would wear a diaphragm is if you expected to have sex with someone other than me.”Kathy cleared her throat and began, “I have Tina to thank. She suggested that I get one before we were married. At the time we hadn’t decided whether we were going to have kids or not. She recommended that I get fitted for one just to have it done.” I said, “Well I’m glad you had it with you. What made you put it on.” Kathy continued, “After you left the house, your friends started coming on to me. You know how horny I was. I wasn’t sure if I could fend them off. At first I didn’t know what I’d do. They were rubbing against me and I needed you so bad. Then I remembered the diaphragm in my purse. As a precaution I excused myself to the lady’s room and put it in. As it turned out I couldn’t hold out. I was weak and I needed to get fucked. You weren’t around so I fucked your friends. I was so hot that I could have taken on an army. I’m afraid I still am. I’m sorry, Honey, I guess you just married a nasty slut.”

I confessed to Kathy that her gang bang had turned me on to watch. I said, “I figured that my friends were getting rid of me so they could get to you. I came back after circling the block. When I saw you I got horny watching you with my friends. It was a great show. I watched from the pantry. I couldn’t believe how nasty you got. You did things to my friends that you told me you would never do to me.” Kathy sighed with sympathy for me, “Honey, I’m sorry. I’m new to this. I found out things about myself that I never knew. Lets face it. I’m a cock sucking slut and I don’t want to change. If anything, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. I want to do everything, now.”

We went back to the hotel room where Kathy slept for 12 hours. The next day, we headed home. Kathy was plenty sore but she had a smiled on her face.

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Penthouse Letters XXVIII - Threesomes, foursomes and moresomes.Fraternities are widely represented in erotic literature. It is a theme that perfectly matches with the female fantasy to be shared and gang banged and the male typical cuckold fantasy. Of course, not all the couples fantasizing with this sexy scenes end up realizing those fantasies. Some do live them up and even have the courage to write about their experience and send those writings to magazines such as Penthouse Letters. In there you will find all sorts of naughty sexual couplings. If you want to specifically read about wife sharing experiences, Penthouse has also published a book compiling letters about threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. Click here to see that book on Amazon or here to buy the Kindle edition.

And what about you… Have you ladies ever dreamed of being handled, groped and sexually satisfied by a gang of fraternity brothers? Any Sir in here lusting after his wife being naughty with his friends? Have you lived up your fantasy? You can share your experience, if you wish, in the comments.

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Photo: “Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity House, DePauw University” by Nyttend into the public domain.

“Party Game” by Jet Lag – MMMFFF


A few weeks ago, my wife Krista and I attended a party at her friend’s home. It was an informal affair, just drinks and snacks. There were about 9 or 10 couples there, all of us married and in our late twenties. It was a holiday weekend and everyone was drinking quite a bit. The host had made arrangements so those who lived beyond walking distance could sleep over. This made the drinking a little heavier than normal.

My wife was a little tipsy. I could tell because she was flirting with all the men there and laughing quite a bit. Krista was wearing a short skirt, exposing about two thirds of her sexy thighs. Her top was kind of a scoop out design with thin straps. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, her firm tits bobbed and jiggled every time she moved. This little show wasn’t lost on most of the men in the room.

Krista is kind of a closet flasher. Once and a while she will put on a little show for me, leaning over and exposing her tits. I really kind of encourage it and it turns me on when she gets like this. a little tipsy and playful. I know that pretty soon she will be flashing those sexy tits with her puffy nipples. Sure enough, it had already started and Krista glanced over and gave me that little smile and a wink that says, “I’m showing off for you.” I returned her signal with a smile, mouthing the words . “I love you”. back to her.

The more the party went on, the more Krista was flashing and flirting with the other men. She was laughing and having a great time. Sometime, late in the evening, all of the women seemed to have disappeared into another room. Before long, our hostess Susan had emerged from another part of the house and made an announcement.

“I’m glad you have all stayed so late tonight.” She began. ” And I want to invite you all to play a little party game with us. Now I’ve already spoken to the wives and they’re willing if you are. Why don’t you talk it over with them and we can get started. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun for all of us.”

Moments later our wives entered the room and Krista came right over to me.

“You’re going to like this one honey.” She giggled. “Susan and Bob want us to play a little musical chairs with them.”

“Huh” I questioned “All this production over musical chairs?”

“Well not exactly traditional musical chairs, its strip musical chairs. All the husbands get naked and sit in the chairs. The wives parade around the room while the music plays. When the music stops they have to grab a seat in one of the husbands’ laps. The one left without a husband to sit on, loses a piece of clothing. The guy who is playing the music gets to remove whatever article of clothing the wife chooses to loose. This continues on and on until all the wives are naked.”

“Wow, now this makes it a real interesting party!” I said spontaneously

“I’m ready to play… if you are?” Krista confirmed, with a seductive look in her eye.

“You bet!” I answered quickly.

“Not so fast” my wife cautioned me “Susan says that, a lot of times the husbands start feeling up the boobies of whatever wife is in their lap. Sometimes they even try to stick their cocks up inside the wives too! Are you sure you’re okay with this? You won’t mind if one of these guys is feeling up my boobies or trying to stick his cock up inside me? You wont get mad at me right, if this kind of thing happens to me?”

“Sounds like great fun!” I exclaimed “Krista honey, I love it when you show off for me. You’re so sexy and I get so turned on seeing you. I can’t wait to see you!”

“So you’re doing this to see me then. To see me showing off for you?” She asked, “Not so you can feel up the other wives, right?”

“No not at all.” I lied “I’m agreeing because I want you to show off for me, that’s all!”

“That’s great!” Krista said, “Because I volunteered you to be, the odd husband out, the one who’s playing the music and removing the clothing.”

Shit! I thought to myself. I finally get a chance to have some fun and Krista volunteers me for the dull part. After a quick mental calculation of the pros and cons of this new development I decided to agree. After all, I would be getting to remove the clothing. That could be pretty fun too. But more importantly I would get to watch my sexy wife parade around and show off her centerfold body. I was already getting hard just thinking about it.

Susan took a quick poll of the room. One of the couples decided to leave. The rest were willing to play the game and we moved on to the dining room, which was set up with 8 chairs in a large circle all facing in toward the center. In the middle was a small table with a boom box. All the husbands stripped down while Susan gave me instructions on how to work the C/D player and we selected some music.

Krista looked hot with anticipation. She came up behind me and kissed me on the neck.

She whispered a question into my ear “Do you want me to be the first? The first one to lose something? I can lose on purpose if you want me to.”

“Would you do that for me?” I whispered back ” I want you to lose your top first and show off your tits for me.”

Krista gave me a playful smile and joined the other women in the center as the husbands all took their places in the circle of chairs.

We had picked out a rock song and the wives all danced around the room for a couple of minutes. Susan had told me to keep the music on for at least 2 or 3 minutes before the abrupt stop. I held my finger on the button the whole time while I enjoyed, along with the other husbands, our wives dancing around the room.

Suddenly I stopped the music. There was a mad scramble for the husband’s laps. My wife was a little obvious in not trying to grab a seat.

“You lose Krista,” Susan shouted from across the room “Now you have to lose an item and tell him what item you want him to remove.”

My wife came over to me and gave me a big kiss. She had a devilish grin.

“I will forfeit my top” Krista announced with a big smile.

Krista raised her hands up high over her head. I one swift movement, I pulled the top up over my wife’s head and off. The room cheered as Krista stood in the center with her full breasts and pink puffy nipples fully exposed. She looked terrific. Her golden tan was sharply highlighted by the white outline left by her bikini top. She shook her hair all around in a sensuous movement, and then took her place in the wife parade.

I started the music again. My eyes were fixed on my beautiful wife as she proudly paraded around the room. Her tits jiggled and danced with every step. Every now and again she would look over at me and smile. When the music abruptly stopped it was Gale who was without a lap to sit on.

Krista ended up seated on this guy Frank, a person that she knew but didn’t like very much. My wife was sitting awfully high on his lap and she was laughing as she leaned back into him. Frank was doing something under Krista’s skirt and my wife gasped softly. Gale came to the center and asked me to remove her shoes. I took my time removing them slowly one at a time and massaging Gale’s calves. When I glanced over toward my wife I noticed that Frank was openly massaging my wife’s tits. It looked like she was enjoying it as she was leaning back into him, and she offered no resistance at all. My wife’s eyes were closed and she had a sort of dreamy look on her face. Frank had a huge grin as he continued to feel up her tits and play with her pink puffy nipples.

The game went on for a while and several wives lost their shoes. Two wives had lost their tops too and were parading around in their bras. Every time I glanced over at Krista she was on a different guy’s lap. Often times they were bouncing her up and down causing her tits to swing and jiggle. It seemed like every man in the room had a chance with their hands on my wife’s tits feeling them up and pulling on her puffy nipples. She looked like she was really enjoying the whole event quite a bit. Sometimes she would look over at me and give me a smile and a wink.

The whole sight was very erotic for me. My cock was rock hard in my pants. Removing the clothing was okay too and I got to sneak a few feels, here and there, from the other wives. But the husbands in the chairs were having the real fun. They were sliding their hands up the wives’ tops and rubbing the wives crotches to their heart’s content. It was a real free for all and none of the wives seemed to care.

My center of attention was on my own wife and the live sex show she was putting on for me. She looked so sexy and she was really getting into the action. One particular round landed her on the lap of her boss, Robert. When I looked over at them I could see Krista bouncing in his lap. Robert has his hands up under my wife’s skirt and it looked like he was feeling her ass. When Krista bounced up and down I don’t know what jiggled more . my wife’s tits .or her boss’s fat belly.

On the next round Krista lost again and requested that I remove her panties. When I got down on one knee and reached up to remove her underwear my wife lifted her skirt and gave me a little surprise. Krista’s panties were pulled over to one side fully exposing her moist slit and large pussy lips. I reached up and touched her cunt. She was wet, soaking wet and almost dripping.

“Looks like someone beat me to it,” I whispered to her.

“It was Frank who did that to me.” she confessed “When I sat down on him Frank kinda pulled on my underpants. He pushed them out of the way and stuck his big thing all the way up my cunt. He started rocking me on his lap with his big cock stuck way up in me. I didn’t know what to do and it felt so good that I decided to leave it up there until you started the music again.”

“Frank? Isn’t Frank that guy you think is a perverted snake,” I asked her.

“Yeah, that’s him. I didn’t know what to do. I know you wanted me to show off for you and be your naughty wife so I let him fuck me just a little bit. You’re not mad are you?”

“I’m not mad,” I whispered back, “I just hope no one else noticed.”

“I’m sure that everyone noticed,” Krista remarked “Cause after that they all started putting their cocks up my cunt when I sat on them. Bob even squirted his cum up there and everything. My boss, Robert, was fucking me and sticking his finger up my ass too! I thought that’s what you wanted me to do so I let them do everything while I sat on their laps. That is what you want right? You want all of them to feel up your naughty wife’s boobies and all have a chance to fuck her just a little bit, right?

“You’re right honey.” I assured her “Whatever happens I still love you.”

On the very next round it was Krista who lost again. My wife requested that I remove her shoes and while I was taking them off she whispered to me.. “Honey, I want to be the first one naked . okay? I want to lose everything and show off for you. I want you to see them sticking their big cocks up my cooch. I want you to see them feeling up my boobies and fucking me on their laps. You want that too right? You want them all see me naked, and all to have a chance to fuck me, right?”

“Yes, Krista, I want you to put on a show for me.” I encouraged her.

A couple of rounds later she lost again and I had to remove her skirt. Now my wife was boldly parading around the room totally naked. Krista looked great. She has long legs and a nice rounded ass. Her full breasts have pink puffy nipples, which look very sexy. My wife has a golden tan and the string bikini tan line made these bright white triangles in just the right places. Her tanned and toned body looked striking and she knew it.

When the music started Krista looked fantastic dancing around the male circle with her head back and her chest out. Her tits danced jiggled and swayed with every step. When the music stopped I looked over to see her on Wayne’s lap. Wayne is our next-door neighbor. He had pulled her up high and it appeared to me that he had his big cock up my wife’s cunt. Krista was rocking rhythmically while Wayne massaged her tits. She was too engrossed in the sexual moment to notice me looking. I took my time removing the bra of the wife who lost and copped a little feel for myself.

Once again, I started the music and watched with great delight as my sexy wife pranced naked around the room. The appreciative grins were growing as more and more wives lost more and more clothing. The next time the music stopped my wife took her place on her boss’s lap and once again, it looked to me like he was fucking my willing wife while he caressed her tits gently pulling on her puffy nipples. His other hand was on her ass again and I was sure that he was sticking his finger up her ass. Krista had a deeply erotic look on her face. She looked over at me and then reached down between her legs to tickle Robert’s balls.

The music started and stopped over and over. I was trying to sneak a few feels here and there from the wives I was undressing. All the wives looked like they were getting their fair share of being poked and stroked on the husband’s laps. Still, my wife Krista and her letting all the other husbands fuck her and play with her tits had me mesmerized. She looked like she was really enjoying the whole scenario and so was I. This was the most unbelievable scene I had ever witnessed.

After a good deal of starting and stopping all the wives were finally naked. I could tell from my close up exams as I removed their clothes that quite a few had been recently fucked. Susan suggested we have a few more rounds anyway just for the fun of it. Most of the wives were getting fucked and felt up quite a bit. Some were resisting but about half, like Krista, were letting the guys do whatever they wanted. At 2 am we decided to call it quits.

Krista and I accepted an invitation to sleep over. I couldn’t wait to get my wife into the bedroom.

“I love you baby,” I told her. “You were so hot tonight.”

“Your not mad at me are you?” Krista asked

“Why should I be mad?” I was curious

Krista took my hand and rested it on her hot wet and swollen pussy.

“I might have gotten a little carried away,” Krista confessed, “Every man in the room stuck his cock up me at least twice maybe more. I think everyone saw them doing it too! The wives all noticed that the guys were feeling up my tits and fucking me. Your not mad are you? You said that I should be your naughty wife and that I could let them feel my tits and fuck me a little bit. So I did it for you, to give you a sexy show. I even let my boss do what he wanted with me. Some of the guys squirted their stuff in me too!”

“Their hot cum was dripping down my legs while I walked around the room. I was hoping that would happen so you could see it. I saw you watch them feel me and stick their big things up there to give you a little show. I let them all have turns fucking me and feeling up my ass and my boobies as much as they wanted. It was all mostly for you but I loved it too!”

“I’m not mad,” I told her “I’m excited”

“Then eat me,” she commanded. “Show me your not mad by eating out my hot pussy that has all their hot wet stuff in it.”

I immediately went down on Krista and started eating her out. I found the thought of eating my wife’s freshly fucked pussy wildly erotic. My wife was loaded with sexual juices and I brought her to two orgasms almost immediately.

I wanted to fuck her. I was mad with desire. I mounted my wife missionary style and started to pump her but her pussy was way too loose to create any friction. I rolled off of her and stated rubbing my own little pecker. I tried feeling her tits but she complained that they were too sore. The thoughts and images of the party game replayed over in my mind is all I needed to reach a climax anyway. Before long I had cum in my own hand.

Krista leaned over and whispered in my ear “I love you honey.” After a brief pause she continued. “Susan told me that they are holding another party next month. This time they have special plans for a game of TWISTER. Do you want to go?”

That’s a party I’m really looking forward to…

4038197324_f23a251c6d_sFrom time to time I indulge myself in reading another story, published in literotica, that is also set in a party in which the game of musical chairs is played: “Pass the lady” by Big Swede. Furthermore, the rest of fantasies published by Big Swede in his profile in literotica are remarkable as well.

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Photo: “two chairs” by independentman, published under a creative commons license.