“Sheila’s Wish” by Pussy Barber – Part III – MMMFFF

Paralized Orgy

Sir Robert's Stories Home PageAs I promised, here you have the third and last installment of Sheila’s mischievous adventures. She is a 23 years old young woman with lots of really naughty wishes. As she has such a vivid imagination, all her hungers do not fit in a single short tale, so her story has been divided into three parts. You can read and enjoy each individual part separately but in case you have not read the first two installments, you might understand the story better if you first read that ones. They are available in here:

Yours faithfully, Sir Robert

Back in that swingers night club called Tellbury’s, where all the young men and women love each other very much. The town is Toowoombe just inland from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This story takes place even later that same night.

Erika winked. “Please trust me that you’ll enjoy it and we’ll both have fun. Just do what I tell you and don’t worry about anything, okay?” Sheila nodded, hugging her best friend. In the course of one night they felt closer to each other, although Sheila was surprised at how much more experienced Erika was than she’d ever let on.

The night was warm, so Erika spent about half an hour recruiting people to help with Sheila’s fantasy. Sheila waited outside, by the large swimming pool. She nervously smoked a borrowed cigarette, waiting for Erika and watching other people mix, mingle, and of course, play in and around the pool.

Erika came out of the house with Amy in tow, the woman’s larger breasts wobbling sexily. Amy’s eyes fairly twinkled and she wore a large, impish grin. “Erika told me about your fantasy.” Amy smiled. “I want to help, it sound wonderfully sexy and fun!” Erika just stood there smiling, nipples jutting out erect and hard.

“Really?” Sheila asked. “You’re sure?”

“Are you kidding?” Amy asked. “I love that kind of thing. I’m wet just thinking about it.”

“Okay.” Sheila smiled, standing up. “Oh, I forgot to thank you earlier.” Sheila smiled, hugging Amy and feeling the warmth of those full tits against her. Amy pulled Sheila’s face to her and kissed her, long and deep. Erika watched, touching both of them as their hands began exploring each other. When they stepped back, Erika invited them down to a towel she’d put down for them.

Erika had planned it just perfectly. Sheila was on top of Amy, the two of them lost in a wonderful sixty-nine for long minutes. When Erika whispered to Sheila to sit up she found herself surrounded by a large group who had been watching. About 10 men and quite a few women were standing around them, watching. Several of the women were dressed or partially dressed. All of the men were naked, their cocks pointing to the two naked women on the towel. Erika stepped right in front of Sheila, straddling Amy below. She grabbed Sheila’s hair firmly, but gently. “Lick my Cunt!” Erika said sharply, putting special emphasis on the last word.

Sheila felt her head being pressed against Erika’s pussy. She knew the men were stroking themselves while watching her. She leaned forward and licked Erika’s pussy, feeling the wetness already there. Erika sighed, pushing her hips forward. Amy’s hands found the firm, tender mounds of Sheila’s tits, kneading them and pinching the nipples. Sheila moaned into Erika’s cunt.

“That’s it.” Erika hissed. “Suck my clit. Eat me. Suck my cunt you naked little fuck-slut.” The words aroused Sheila, more that she realized. She could feel it deep inside, like a fast rising wave. Then in a voice that seemed to drip with lust, Sheila heard Erika address the group around them. “She wants everyone to see her like this. You’re all watching this naked bisexual slut eat sit on a woman’s face and suck my cunt.” Sheila sucked on Erika’s clit hard, flicking it with her tongue. Erika sucked air through her teeth then went on. “You guys are here to help her be just what she wants to be. A naked, semen-covered, cuntsucking little bi fuck-slut!” Erika’s hips were rocking against Sheila’s face now. “And Amy wants to suck some cum out of Sheila’s bare little cunt tonight too.” Sheila could hear the sounds of men jerking themselves off. Some of men’s balls were slapping about, others had wet their cocks and were making wet sounds with them. Out of the corner of one eye Sheila could see at least two women sucking on men’s cocks. “So why don’t you guys just start spurting all your thick sperm on her? You’ve all wanted to jizz a girl’s face or tits or ass or a bare twat and see a woman lick it up. Now’s your chance. She’s cum-hungry tonight.”

A man stepped forward and Erika stepped aside. Sheila felt his hand holding her by the hair, holding her face inches from his purple headed cock. “Oh, please! Yes!” Sheila pleaded “Cum on my face!” A moment later a thick splat of cum landed on her cheek. Then another splashed on her lips. The man kept cumming while Sheila licked her lips and tasted his salty jism. A groan came from behind her and she felt sperm trickling down the crack of her ass, with Amy licking it as it ran between Sheila’s cuntlips.

Very quickly Sheila found cum was squirting from all directions. A cock in her mouth, one in her cunt, others squirting on her tits or down her back, even in her golden hair. Voices she heard remotely, as though miles away. All that seemed to matter to her was the next cock that appeared or the feeling of Amy licking her cunt as someone drove a thick cock up inside her. Laughter came to her ears too, but it only heightened the feeling that she was surrounded by people watching her. Suddenly the cock in her from behind slammed deep, making her yelp. The man’s thick cock seemed to unleash a flood of swirling cum in her itching cunt. Amy was pushing the man away, his cock suctioning some of his cum out of Sheila. Then Sheila felt it. Amy’s tongue was lapping her, probing her hole. Amy spread Sheila’s pussy and shoved her tongue inside, sucking on Sheila’s wide open hole. She could feel the big breasted slut sucking and lapping the cum from her.

“Gawd!” a man remarked. “Amy’s sucking it outta her cunt!”

“What a couple of cum sluts!” a woman’s voice added.

“Yeah,” another woman added. “And I’d love to join them too. They’re hot!”

It didn’t take too long before Sheila sat there, looking around at the people as they broke up into small groups who kept looking at her and Amy. Erika stepped up with a man, both of them holding a mirror. Sheila looked at herself, seeing the spectators in the background. She was a spermodden mess! rika left the mirror and stepped over to Sheila, people watching. Sheila looked up at Erika who looked clean, fresh and dry. Erika bent down to kiss Sheila and opened her mouth, letting thick sperm flow to Sheila’s lips. The people around them made “oooohs” and “ahhhhs” as they watched Erika kiss Sheila. Sheila started moaning into Erika’s mouth, long, passionate moans. She suddenly pushed Erika away, screaming.

“Oh gawd! Oh! OH! YES! OhmyGawdYES!”

The crowed “oooh’d” again when they saw Sheila’s cunt gush, Sheila cum juices washed over Amy’s face. Legs quivering Sheila tried to rise, only Amy teased the girl’s bare cunt and clit again, several moments later getting Sheila’s spasming pussy to spray her face with frothy girl juices again.

Sheila crawled off of Amy, panting for breath. She saw Erika’s feet and felt her friend’s hands helping her up. “Turn around and thank them for helping you.” Erika said softly. Sheila did, standing there saying thank-you to the crowd of naked and semi-naked people while feeling the cum run down her body.

“And now, if you will all excuse us,” Erika said, “It’s time for us to go.”

“Go?” Sheila asked in a daze.

“Yes.” Erika smiled. “Trust me on this. Amy, ready?”Amy nodded and the three of them walked to the front door. Sheila wasn’t sure about this part, knowing that the van Jim drove was right out front and that the house was fairly isolated didn’t stop her uneasy fear of being “in public.”

“Our clothes?” Sheila asked, stopping.

“In the van.” Erika smiled. “C’mon, you’ll like this.” Sheila was led to the van which Jim had already started. Somehow the night air felt different in front of the club than it did in the back patio. Here there were many yards of dark, wide open spaces in which anyone could be watching. The thought of someone seeing her walking out of the club, naked, shaved, sweaty and sperm-sodden made her heart race. Inside the van it was plush and well outfitted. They all got in and closed the door, Jim driving off as soon as the door closed.

Sheila found herself pushed to the floor quickly. Erika quickly moved over her, into a sixty-nine position. Sheila moaned as Erika’s body met hers, spreading the sperm all over both of them. Erika put her head between Sheila’s legs and began licking and sucking her friend. Amy fingered Erika from behind, also fingering herself.

“Erika said you’d like this.” Amy hissed softly. “She said you’d like to drive through town in the back of a van, naked, having an orgy with two other bisexual cum-sluts. We’re about to drive past the mall too.” Sheila moaned. “Yeah, what do you think people would say if they saw three naked cum-covered women eating each other? You’re a nasty little butt-fucker too, just like us. We’re going to have fun when we get home tonight. You’re going to be our private little slave-slut for tonight!”

Sheila’s back arched and she moaned loudly into Erika’s cunt. Erika’s head came up quickly. “Oh fuck yeah!” Erika moaned, “I love your gushing little pussy!”

When they arrived at Erika’s house, Jim pulled the van up close to the open garage door. All three girls quickly went into the house, leaving Jim to park the van and enter after them. That night, Sheila was a slave to Amy and Erika and even Jim. When the first light of dawn arrived they were still awake, with Sheila kneeling on the floor, licking Jim’s final load of sperm off Erika’s freshly bare cunt.

“Well, how does it feel to have done your fantasy?” Erika asked Sheila.

Sheila gave Erik a a wry smile, wriggling her pussy against Amy’s tongue. “Wonderful! And you two sure know how to teach a girl how to be a perfect slut.”

“Well,” Erika smiled, “Your lessons are only beginning. Tomorrow we’ll start your training as my slave- slut.”

“You mean kinky stuff like bondage and stuff?” Sheila asked, eyes wide.

Erika stepped off the bed and opened a closet door. Inside the closet was an assortment of leather items, many with chains, buckles and straps. There were dildos, whips and other items, along with some very erotic skirts and other out- fits. “These are all in your size too.” Erika smiled. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, love.”

Sheila responded by cumming all over Amy’s face, then slowly crawling to Erika’s feet. “Thank you mistress!” She said, nuzzling Erika’s thigh. “Thank you so much! I love you too!”

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This has been the last installment of Sheila’s naughty adventures. I hope you have enjoyed them thoroughly. Did you know that there exists a town called Toowoomba in Australia, near Brisbane? I wonder whether there is a Tellbury’s night club in there… Mmmm…

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Photo: “Paralized orgy” by Marcus Hansson published under a creative commons license.

“Sheila’s Wish” by Pussy Barber – Part II – MMMFFF

Paralized Orgy

Sir Robert's Stories Home PageAs I promised, here you have the second installment of Sheila’s mischievous adventures. She is a 23 years old young woman with lots of really naughty wishes. As she has such a vivid imagination, all her hungers do not fit in a single short tale, so her story has been divided into three parts. You can read and enjoy each individual part separately but in case you have not read the first installment, you might understand the story better if you first read that one. It is available in here:

I promise that the third and last part will be published in the following days.

Yours faithfully, Sir Robert

Back in that swingers night club called Tellbury’s, where all the young men and women love each other very much. The town is Toowoombe just inland from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This story takes place later the same night.

Jim had known of Erika’s desires for Sheila, as the two of them were very good friends. He had kept her secret and now was happy that he had. It seemed that both of them were just perfect for each other. Jim, clad in only a towel after cleaning up, had strolled to the kitchen of the house to find something to drink. There he greeted others he knew and poured himself a cupful of cool water. Jim started talking with a couple he’d met once before when a woman joined them. The couple introduced Amy, who stood there naked, her large, full breasts nearly touching Jim’s arm.

“I saw you in that threesome back there.” Amy smiled. “That was pretty hot. Is the blonde your wife?”

Jim smiled and explained that Sheila was a close friend who wanted to fulfill her fantasy, so he helped. “Being the gentleman that I am, how could I refuse?” He laughed.

“How could you refuse any beautiful woman that nice dick of yours?” Barbara, the lady of the couple asked. “You’re just a Satyr!” Amy eyed Jim with renewed interest.

“A Satyr, eh?” Amy smiled. “This could be fun. I’m a nymphomaniac, y’know.”

Jim now eyed Amy, noticing that her pussy was shaved bare too. “Ho! Really now? Are you straight or bi?”

“Bi, of course, and proud of it!” Amy smiled proudly. “And I like to share.”

“Amy dear,” Barbara reached out and teased one of Amy’s large nipples, “I taught you everything you know about being a complete, wanton slut, and you know it.”

“Yes, I have Barb to thank for discovering my nympho status.” Amy smirked, then winked at Barbara. “And teaching me how to throat a huge cock like Dave’s.” Amy patted Barbara’s husband between his legs.

“Let’s all find a bed and get naked.” Dave grinned. “I gotta see if you can handle Amy.” “Yes, let’s!” Barbara added and the four of them headed towards the rooms.

The shower had taken Sheila and Erika longer than they’d thought. When they finally finished the two women had each given the other at least one orgasm. Their friendship had turned into something much warmer, much closer. They also wanted to find some quiet corner to talk.

“Geez!” Sheila suddenly exclaimed, “I don’t even remember where I left my clothes!” Erika hugged her new lover and told her that she knew, though she didn’t want to let Sheila get dressed quite yet. Sheila smiled and kissed Erika.

Wrapped in towels the girls found a quiet corner in the front room and started to talk about how they felt. Erika confessed to having wanted to be with Sheila since the day they met in high school.

“Really?” Sheila asked.

Erika nodded. “I’ve known I was bi since I was 13.” Erika said in a matter of fact tone. A friend of my sister’s spent the night once and taught us both. So now you know Raquel is bi too, but don’t tell anyone.” Sheila nodded. Raquel was Erika’s older sister by 19 months and quite stunningly beautiful. Raquel had fueled a few of Sheila’s first fantasies about another woman for months. This she con- fessed to Erika, along with never having suspected that it would be Erika who made her fantasy come true.

Meanwhile, in the room that Jim had entered with his friends Amy was proving her claim to being a nymphomaniac. Amy was sitting on Barbara’s face, drenching Barb’s face with her cream. Barbara’s husband, Dave, was fucking Amy’s mouth and Jim’s cock was in Amy’s pussy. Amy was moaning loudly around Dave’s cock, her full tits slapping together as Jim slammed his cock savagely up Amy’s cunt, shoving her face into Dave’s long, thick cock. Amy could feel her orgasm starting deep inside her groin, driving her into a wanton frenzy. Barbara’s flicking tongue danced on her clit and Jim could feel Amy’s pussy getting tighter and tighter. Amy released Dave’s thick cock with a slurpy pop, saliva momentarily hanging between his cock and her mouth. Her moans were loud, rising in pitch, her legs shaking as her orgasm began rising faster.

“Now! Cum in my face!” Amy ordered Dave. “Cum all over me! Both of you! Cum all over me NOW!”

Amy’s cunt gripped Jim’s cock so tight that as he withdrew the condom slipped off his cock, tightly clenched in Amy’s hole. Jim joined Dave, standing in front of Amy. And Amy presented a sight sure to get most men off. A hot, lusty woman holding her tits up, looking up at them, her mouth open and tongue out to catch their cum. She looked like a wild porno slut Jim thought, his cock lurching in his hand.

“YES! Cum in my FACE!” Amy screamed loudly, “DRENCH ME! I love SPERM!”

Dave came first, his thick cock spewing long ropes of thick semen all over Amy’s face. When Jim saw a thick stream of sperm flow into Amy’s mouth, running down her upper lip and landing on her tongue, he felt his cum surging up his own cock. Jim’s own cum gushed from his cock, flooding Amy’s face along with Dave’s. Jim’s sperm ran down Amy’s face, dripping to warm Amy’s full tits. There was so much cum that Amy’s mouth looked like a pool of warm sperm. And it was all too much for her.

Amy had started cumming with the second splatter of Dave’s cum on her face. Barbara was still licking and sucking Amy’s clit just the way she liked it too. Amy’s hips rocked her drenched, slippery cunt sharply against Barb’s face. Amy’s orgasm seemed to take forever to reach it’s pinnacle, stretched out over several long moments. Both men had just drenched her with their sperm and she could feel and taste the pool of cum in her mouth, but she couldn’t move to swallow it while her orgasm was still rising.

Erika and Sheila were close enough to the room containing Jim and Amy that they heard, along with several others Amy’s screaming plea to be drenched. Both of the girls joined the small knot of people gathered at the now open door. Sheila and Erika peered into the dimly lit room to behold the tableau that was unfolding. They arrived just in time. Just in time to see Amy starting to really orgasm. The light was subdued, but not dark. Amy’s spermy face showed that she was starting to cum.

Amy felt it starting and looked down at Barb’s body below her, letting the thick pool of sperm run down her chin and between her now glistening, spermy tits. Suddenly Amy rose up, her legs pushing her away from Barb’s tongue. It felt to Amy as though she were going to melt through her cunt.

“Jee-sus!” Someone in the small crowd muttered as they watched Amy’s cunt spurt a gush of juice all over Barbara’s face and open mouth. As Amy started to move away her cunt dripped on Barb’s tits. Even Barbara started to cum, with the help of her own hand. Amy slipped to the floor, rolling onto her back, letting her elbows support her. Erika and Sheila both felt the hot flesh of men with stiff cocks standing near them.

Sheila couldn’t take her eyes off the two women in the room however. Amy looked totally drenched, what with her face and tits glistening in the low light. And Barbara’s face and neck were equally wet, if not more so. Sheila found herself wondering if she could ever cum like that. When she moved slightly to let someone leave Sheila found that her own juices were making her thighs slippery just from watching! She touched Erika’s arm gently and Erika leaned to Sheila’s ear.

“Are you as soaking wet as I am?” Erika asked her. Sheila nodded.

“I’m soaked. Should we join them?” Sheila asked. No sooner did Sheila ask than Jim appeared at the doorway asking them to come inside, saying they had to meet Amy and Barbara. Sheila felt somewhat odd standing there looking down at two naked women who were both drenched in cum juices. Sheila threw a sideways glance at Erika and noticed that she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. In fact, Erika was opening the towel that wrapped around her in a very suggestive manner. Amy smiled, her face still glistening and gooey with the sperm of two men. Sheila unwrapped her towel in a sort of mechanical reaction and saw Amy’s eyes widen.

“Oh! What a beautiful little bare pussy you have.” Amy grinned. “Come sit on my face, honey. I want to lick that lovely little cunt.”

Sheila felt a little embarrassed — and more than a little aroused. Erika urged her on, with Jim nodding that it was okay. Amy just reclined, letting Sheila position herself over her before squatting down. Sheila looked at Erika and saw that Erika was slipping between Barbara’s long legs, offering her ass to Jim or Dave. Amy, meanwhile, was staring up at a perfectly succulent, glistening pussy. Amy could see how swollen and pink Sheila’s lips were and she wanted to run her tongue all over her bare twat. Sheila felt Amy’s hands on her legs, urging her downward. She wasn’t sure what to expect as she lowered herself down, but the memories of Amy’s gushing climax made her feel as though she’d drench Amy in a similar fashion! Almost suddenly Amy’s tongue was flicking and licking her slit, up and down hungrily. Sheila felt the wetness of Amy’s sperm-drenched face pressing between her thighs and against her sex. She was sure that she’d gush any second.

Jim and Dave watched, their flaccid cocks slowly get- ting hard again while they watched four lovely women. Erika’s naturally tan ass was raised, offering them both a nice view of her shapely behind and her slippery pussy. Erika was partially shaved and Jim could easily see Erika’s clit peeking, demanding attention. Jim leaned forward and started licking Erika while she was eating Barbara. Dave moved around and started kissing his wife, licking Amy’s cum from Barb’s face. Moans of lusty passion quickly filled the room. Amy was reaching up and pinching Sheila’s nipples, pulling and twisting on them. The response from Sheila was immediate as she rocked her hips roughly back and forth over Amy’s slithering tongue. Wet sounds emanate d from between Sheila’s legs, punctuated with the sucking, slurping sounds of Amy’s mouth. Sheila floated on a cloud, letting the sensual, lusty feelings carry her away.

Another orgasm was brewing for Sheila. She could feel it as a deep, light tingling inside her. It would take a while, she thought, but it would be very good. Sheila opened her eyes and looked at the doorway. A small group of people watched them. People were also walking by behind the group, peering over to look into the room from time to time. No one interrupted them, but they watched and made comments. Sheila could hear some of them as kind of a background noise to the orgy in the room. This part of her fantasy was coming true too — to let everyone watch her, naked, sitting on a woman’s face. Now if only she could get Jim and Dave to cum on her too, that would complete another fantasy!

Erika’s loud moan startled Sheila, for she hadn’t realized that she’d had her eyes closed. Sheila looked over at Erika and what she saw made her tingle all over. There was Erika, still eating Barbara, but Dave was trying to slide his thick meaty cock into Erika’s tight little ass. Not only was Erika letting him do it, she was also reaching back and spreading her butt wide to let him in her asshole. Sheila realized that she was really rocking her hips as she watched, but she couldn’t stop. Amy’s tongue was bringing her close and she just stared, watching inch after inch of Dave’s thick cock slide into Erika’s butt. Erika’s moans became louder, almost growling sounds.

“Oooooh, yeah!” Erika hissed, turning her head to look back at Dave. “Fill my ass baby!” Erika bared her teeth, sucking air through them as more cock filled her. “Yeah! Uhhhgggh! YES! Buttfuck me! Pump my butt!”

Sheila was mesmerized now, watching Erika take that enormous cock in her tight little ass. Never had she thought of her friend as enjoying anal sex, for Erika had never mentioned it during all their best-friend talks. Dave gripped Erika’s hips and pulled her back, fully onto his cock. Erika, interrupted while licking Barbara’s pussy, still had her tongue hanging out for a moment, just before her face formed a silent “oh!”. Sheila’s world focused down onto Erika getting her ass filled and the feeling of Amy’s tongue lapping the juices flowing from her cunt.

Dave started pumping Erika’s ass. Not as Jim had gently done with Sheila, but hard, fast and lustful. Erika’s lusty moans were loud, her words dripping with a nastiness Sheila never knew was inside her friend.

“Yee-ahh, fuck that butt!” Erika cried. “Pump me full of jizz! Give me a butt-full of your cum! Fill my ass with sperm! Fuck me hard! Jam your cock up my ass! Use me. Use my ass, cum in my face! Fuck me! Sperm me! Slut me for every- one to see!”

Sheila’s own orgasm rose quickly, listening to Erika so out of control with fuck-lust. Barbara was sucking Jim’s cock, feeling Erika’s face being shoved against her cunt. Erika’s glassy, lust-filled eyes met Sheila’s. “You like it too!” Erika hissed at Sheila. “You like being a naked butt- fucking cunt too, dontcha? You cum eating little slut, I’m gonna make sure you eat cum from my cunt tonight in front of everyone!”

The words hit Sheila with the force of a hammer, a hammer of powerful, sexual lust and carnal urges. Her stomach knotted and her cunt spasmed. She was cumming. Amy had sensed it too, pulling Sheila’s cuntlips open and shoving her wriggling tongue up inside the slender blonde’s hole. “Oh! Oh! OH! FUCK YES!” Sheila cried out as her climax rushed over her, not realizing, or perhaps not caring, that to everyone it sounded as though she had just agreed with Erika’s nasty comments to her.

“Yeah! Cum all over her!” Erika hissed, her voice wavering as Dave slammed home again and again. “Rub your naked little cunt all over her face! Soak that cuntlicker with your juice!” Sheila shuddered, her twat spasming over and over. Amy felt it, sucking on Sheila to taste her cum. Amy didn’t stop. Neither did Erika’s words. “Think of her sucking semen from your cunt.” Erika added. “Drench her. Wet her all over. She loves being a naked cuntsucking slut as much as I do!”Sheila wailed, suddenly cumming again. It was so sudden, so rushed that she hardly knew it was happening until her body responded Then again she felt a surge welling up inside her, more intense, more powerful yet! Jim stood up and moved to Sheila’s side, facing Sheila and looking at Erika. Erika knew what was about to happen.

“Do it!” Erika hissed. “Wash Sheila’s face in cum! She wants to be a semen covered, buttfucking, cuntsucking little fuck slut like me. I’ll lick it all off of her. I’ll even drink sperm from her cunt! Cum in her fuckingslutfacedammit!”

Sheila was right on the verge of cumming, her mouth open. Jim suddenly stopped pumping his cock. “Here it is!”he cried. Sheila barely noticed the cum squirting into her mouth until she tasted it. Then she could feel it squirting, splashing against her face, running down her neck and tits. “Ahhhh Phuck!” Sheila screamed, a thick gob of semen slurring the “F” word as droplets of sperm shot from her mouth, landing on Amy’s tits and stomach. Sheila felt the juices flowing from her cunt, washing Amy’s face, mouth and tongue. It felt as though Amy were sucking her very soul out, mixed with her flooding cunt juices. Shuddering, Sheila slipped off of Amy’s face, trying to catch her breath.

Dave was still slamming into Erika’s ass. Erika kept begging Dave to cum, thrusting her shapely ass against him. Erika’s hand was between her legs until Barbara slid under her sucking Erika’s partially shaved pussy. Erika came twice, after each time she became even wilder, lustier. Sheila didn’t think that was possible. In fact, she thought Dave would really hurt Erika with the way they were wildly ramming against each other.

“Oh yeah! Oh YEAH! I’m gonna cum!” Dave yelled.

“YES!” Erika cried out. “Give it to me! Cum in my ass! Cum in my BUTT!”

They slammed together hard and Sheila watched Dave’s body convulse, his hips driving Erika forward to the floor. They were locked together, Erika cumming from the pulsing of Dave’s thick spewing cock. Erika moaned every time he squirted, her body jerking in time with his gushing semen.

As Erika and Dave lay together, breathing hard and holding each other, Sheila finally looked down to Amy, intending to thank her. What Sheila saw made her jaw drop open. Amy lay there, her face a sodden mess of sperm and cunt juice. But what caught Sheila’s attention was the white, frothy cum that seemed to be everywhere. It was in Amy’s hair, dripping from her neck, even puddled around her head. Sheila looked down and wiped her cunt, her fingers thick with her creamy cum.

“I want some of that.” Erika said softly. In fact, anything Erika said now that wasn’t a scream seemed to be said softly. Almost as in a daze, Sheila leaned forward on hands and knees to let Erika lick the cum from her fingers. “Ummm, you taste good, sweet.” Sheila felt the frothy cum slithering down her cuntlips and running down her thighs.

“I can’t believe this is all me!” Sheila protested, thinking of all the sperm that had been on Amy’s face.

“Believe it!” Amy laughed. “You started gushing non- top when Erika called you a little slut! I loved every second of it!”

“Oh! Oh Gawd!” Sheila suddenly realized that she’d screamed “Fuck yes!” to all those nasty things Erika had said about her. She looked at the crowd at the door. The crowd had grown and was just now breaking up. There were plenty of hard cocks in evidence, as well as some women toying with their pussies. Sheila blushed, feeling tears well in her eyes. She looked at Erika, then, remembering what she’d heard. “… a semen covered, buttfucking ….little fuck slut like me” and “I’ll even drink sperm from her cunt!”Erika’s tan body glistened with the sweat of her sexual prowess, making her look something like a sensuous animal.

Erika saw Sheila’s puzzlement and the questions her eyes asked. Dave had softened enough to slide from her tight hole and Erika thanked him with a kiss before moving to sit on the floor next to Sheila. Erika put an arm around her lithe blonde friend and lover. “You remember your fantasy?” She asked Sheila. Erika continued without waiting for a reply. “I think I can get the big fantasy done and take care of mine at the same time.” She said. Sheila asked how, but Erika just invited her to the shower.

In the shower they cleaned each other, with Erika soothing Sheila’s fears about being known as a total slut. “That’s why this place exists.” Erika had said. “So people can play with their fantasies, or to cut loose completely for a one-time fling.” Erika quickly started telling Sheila of part of her plan, the one that completed Sheila’s “Big Fantasy”.

“But what fulfilling fantasy?” Sheila asked. “How do we do that?”

“Leave that to me.” Erika winked…

Continued in PART 3

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“Sheila’s Wish” by Pussy Barber – Part I – MFF

Paralized Orgy

Sir Robert's Stories Home PageDear smut lovers: Today’s story is a special one. Sheila is a 23 years old young woman with lots of really naughty wishes. As she has such a vivid imagination, all her hungers do not fit in a single short story, so her mischievous adventures have been divided into three parts. You can read and enjoy each individual part separately and I promise that the other two will be published in the following days. Here you have the first installment. As always, I hope you really fancy it.

Yours faithfully, Sir Robert

In Queensland Australia there’s a city called Brisbane. And just a few miles inland from this major city is another, smaller town named Toowooba. In this much smaller town is a night club named Tellbury’s. Alt Tellbury’s, anything goes. Australia has these types of clubs all over the continent. These downunder clubs are known as nookie clubs. That means that you go there to have sex, any kind of sex you want. This story is about one of those clubs and the people in it.

Sheila moaned loudly, causing most everyone to look her way. Her naked form seemed to be stretched out, even on her hands and knees, her body looked long and lithe. Behind her a man held her hips, pulling the two of them together. Sheila moaned again, wondering if she should not have given in to her fantasy. The man’s cock felt enormous as the greasy head of his cock slowly pushed through her anus. Sheila had never felt this full of cock before, nor had she experienced anything so powerfully lustful in all her 23 years. His cock pushed deeper into her ass, feeling to Sheila as though he was moving up into her belly. Somewhere in the back of her mind Sheila knew the head of his cock had slipped past her sphincter, now if she could only stop the massive, gripping spasms of her asshole she might really enjoy her first butt fuck. Her long golden hair hid her face hanging between her arms which supported her upper body. Sheila realized that her hair was a damp, sweaty, tangled mess but somehow that seemed fitting for the moment. Just as she wondered if this man’s cock would ever stop filling her butt. The man thrust the last one or two inches of his butt- warming cock into her, forcing another moan from her.

Sheila saw the woman’s knees in front of her and felt gentle hands brushing her hair out of the way. Looking up she saw the sexy bedroom eyes of her best friend. The darkness of Erika’s Latin skin next to hers always made Sheila wonder about sex with another woman. But she had always thought of trying her first bisexual encounter privately, not here; not in the middle of a swinger’s club orgy room! She was nervous enough about having sex with her friend Jim in a room full of strangers. But it was Erika who agreed to come along and be her “guardian”. Now Erika’s hands lifted her face so that she could see Erika smiling down at her. Momentarily Sheila’s eyes locked on the firm mounds of Erika’s dark breasts which she knew were the same size (and perhaps as sensitive) as Sheila’s own. The look in Erika’s eyes said something to Sheila. Just as she began to wonder about that look, Jim began to withdraw, causing her to moan again as his cock left a void deep in her body. Sheila looked down between her legs, seeing her naked body, her newly shaved pussy, and Jim’s legs behind her. As Jim thrust again Sheila could feel her body filling with cock, making her whole body tingle and shudder.

“You look so sexy!” Erika whispered into Sheila’s ear. Sheila pushed back against Jim’s pressing hips, taking his cock to the hilt up her ass. “You’re doing it!” Erika whispered again, “How does it feel to get your ass filled with a cock?” Sheila just moaned, her body quivering.

Jim started pumping a little faster, letting Sheila ride the ripples of pleasure he was sending through her body. As he found an easy rhythm, Sheila felt hands on her back, sides and her breasts. Suddenly someone was pinching and twisting her nipples just the way she liked, sending a jolt of spasming electricity directly to her pussy. Something was dribbling it’s way down her right thigh and Sheila didn’t immediately realize it was her own juice.

Her concentration was broken momentarily by Erika’s sudden movements. Before she knew what Erika had done, the slender, tan brunette was laying underneath Sheila, her tongue finding Sheila’s swollen and slick cunt lips. The shock of it made Sheila jerk when she felt Erika’s tongue but strong hands, Jim’s and Erika’s kept her hips still. Erika began lapping at Sheila’s dripping cunt, sucking the lips, licking around her friend’s hole with hungry abandon. Sheila realized that there were at least twenty people watching her, seeing her naked with a cock throbbing in her butt and another girl sucking her gushing bare cunt. She could feel her orgasm rising deep within her, deeper and stronger than she’d ever felt before. It was building up to what felt like an explosive climax and as much as Sheila tried to think her mind was pulled back to the sensations of Jim’s warm, rigid flesh in her ass and Erika’s tongue flickering over her clit. It was as though her brain threatened to melt and flow out her cunt into Erika’s mouth! It was when Sheila felt how wet Erika’s face was between her legs that she realized how wet she’d become. The thought of Erika lapping her juices sent Sheila over the edge.

She cried out as her body suddenly convulsed and spasmed. Each movement caused ripples of pleasure and pain to shoot through her body. Sheila’s powerful climax forced her ass to bear down hard on Jim’s iron-like rod, jolting her with an unaccustomed pain, only to be wiped away by the feeling of Erika’s lips and tongue lapping her slick, slippery cunt. The soft warmth of Erika’s skin against hers made Sheila cum again and again. Finally both Erika and Jim stopped moving to let Sheila catch her breath.

“Oh, so very nice.” Jim whispered, his cock still deep in Sheila’s asshole. Sheila moaned, her body still aroused but slightly shocked at it’s own intense reaction. Erika’s hands roamed over Sheila’s back, giving her the feeling of floating in ecstasy. She floated mentally until she realized that her hips were moving slowly, erotically, to milk at Jim’s cock still rigid in her ass. Erika’s movements brought Sheila back to reality. Sheila put a hand on Erika’s hip, causing her to stop.

“My turn.” Sheila said softly, lowering her mouth to Erika’s trimmed pussy. Sheila inhaled her friend’s fragrance then, as sensuously as she could, ran her tongue down the full length of Erika’s pussy. Sheila’s tongue found Erika’s entrance, circling and teasing, then tasting her. Jim slowly started to fuck Sheila’s ass again, pushing her face between Erika’s widely spread legs with his rhythm. All three of them seemed to pick up their speed in unison. It wasn’t long before Sheila was moaning into Erika’s cunt making Erika arch up against her. Jim’s thrusts were becoming lustful and wanton, his hips slamming against Sheila’s tight ass. Sweat dripped from Jim’s face onto Sheila’s back and ass, awakening her to the feel of her own sweaty, slippery body sandwiched between two other naked bodies.

Murmurs from around her finally penetrated to her brain. Sheila fully realized people were watching her, ass raised and full of cock, her face wet with another girl’s cunt juices and her tongue lapping the creamy cum flowing from her best friend. A few words hit Sheila’s brain and they seemed to run down her nerves to deep inside her cunt. A woman’s voice came first. “…So sexy…” Then a man’s. “…Never have guessed she likes it up the ass…” Another woman’s “…let her lick my clit…” All of these phrases hit Sheila’s brain and suddenly an image flashed through her mind that sent her skyrocketing. A woman’s voice added to it coming from behind her. “Cum in her ass. Squirt it up her tight little ass.” Sheila laid her face against Erika’s mound and began moaning loudly, her orgasm rising again quickly. Jim started pumping her ass very fast, his cock seeming to swell up deep inside her.

“Oh! Oh! Uhh! YES! Cum in me!” Sheila cried, feeling Jim’s cock stretch her ass even more. “Give it to me! Cum in my ASSHOLE!”

Jim cried out at Sheila’s outburst. “I’M GONNA CUM!”

“YES” Erika and Sheila cried out together. Then Erika continued, “I want to feel you squirt!” It was then that Erika managed to slip two fingers into Sheila’s tight, slippery hole, her fingers feeling Jim’s cock, even the head of his cock, through the thin wall separating them. Jim felt Erika’s fingers too, and it was too much. Jim slammed home, deep into Sheila’s ass, making the little blonde squeal.

“HERE! NOW!” Jim cried out.

Sheila felt the first throbbing gush of Jim’s sperm as it rushed into her ass. A rippling pulse went through Sheila’s ass. Jim’s second spurt followed quickly and Sheila began to cum too, Erika’s thumb rubbing her clit. Both Jim and Sheila quivered as their bodies orgasmed. Sheila’s eyes rolled back in her head, the feeling of Jim’s sperm flooding deep into her ass kept her reeling for long moments.

Again, words began bringing her back to reality. “She’s really hot.” A woman’s voice said. “I’d love to give her a butt full of cum too.” A man’s voice added. From nearby a woman’s sexy voice said “That was really hot, I’m soaked just from watching her.” A man’s voice, perhaps the previous woman’s man, added “she’s almost as sexy and slutty as you are.” Sheila blinked in the dimly lit room, seeing other people naked and resuming their own adventures. The identity of the voices would remain a mystery, for now. Sheila’s body felt limp and relaxed though Jim’s cock was still fairly hard in her ass. It was when Erika started to slide out from under her that Sheila felt Jim’s cock move, causing her to tremble again. Slowly, carefully, Sheila crawled on her hands and knees away from Jim’s cock, feeling him ease out of her tight hole. Just as the head of his cock spread her hole again, gentle fingers pulled her cunt lips. Sheila jerked involuntarily, squeezing the head of Jim’s cock out of her asshole with a slippery feeling. This sent ripples of pleasure through Sheila and she moaned softly. Erika stretched out next to Sheila, a hand on her friend’s back. Sheila looked at Erika’s face, as if seeing her for the first time as a beautiful woman.

“How do you feel?” Erika asked.

“Like I’ve been fucked by a horse!” Sheila smiled dreamily. “I… I never guessed that you… that you…”

Erika smiled. “That I wanted to take you to bed?”

Sheila nodded, her eyes widening. “It just seemed like the perfect time to find out.”

Sheila laughed quietly, “Oh my was it ever the right time!” Both women laughed, their shared moment softening as they looked at each other. “Thank you, Erika. Thank you!”Erika gazed into Sheila’s eyes and they leaned closer, kissing. It was a soft, gentle, loving kiss. No tongues, just soft lips and warm feelings. After a few minutes Sheila sat up. “I’ve just got to shower. Want to join me?” Erika agreed and they slipped quietly off to the bathroom.

Continued in PART II.

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