“The Care Package” by Mucky Sod – MF


Myandra, or Andy as she liked to be called, was coming back today. I had an ear to ear grin when she called this morning. I was aching to tell her everything about him on the phone, but I chose to wait till she was home. There was so much to tell. Where to start? So much had happened during the past few days.

He showed up a few days ago at my coffee shop; The Café Marguerite! I was cleaning the counter when a pick-up truck pulled up across the street. A man got off from the back of the truck, waved at the driver as he drove off. He turned to look at my café from across the street, and headed toward me. He was a tall, muscular, man. He wore sunglasses, faded jeans and a torn T-shirt and carried an old back pack. A mane of un-kept hair whisked behind him as he walked toward me. I noticed the unshaved stubbles on his chin when he was closer. He looked a lot younger now too.

I was alone in the coffee shop at the time. The lunch crowd, consisting mostly of local folks around this sleepy town, had already left. This was a quiet afternoon for me.

“Hi, can I help you?” I asked when he came inside.

I stared at his blue eyes and his tanned skin. He was a handsome boy with chiseled features and the innocence of a semi-adult teenager. At first, I thought he might be a straggler, left over from the previous skiing season but I had never seen him before. So perhaps he was one of the early Ski bums who came to Vermont before the season, hoping for a head start. I knew this routine well. I came to Vermont the same exact way.

“Sorry to bother you Miss,” he said politely. “Do you know where I can find a Margo Preechard?”

He had an accent. It sounded South American. His blond hair threw me because he didn’t look like a Latino.

“It’s pronounced, Prichard,” I corrected him. “Yes, that would be me. How can I help you?”

“That’s what I meant, Preechard,” -again the accent, “I am Antoine, and I have a letter for you from a friend of yours.” He pulled out a wrinkled envelope from his back pack. “I would have been here sooner but it was tough hitching a ride all the way from the Cape.”

The envelope was from The Holiday Inn, Provincetown, Massachusetts. My name was written on the front. I recognized the hand writing right away.

“Wait. My friend, did you say?” I asked while I opened the letter.

“Yes, Myandra Bentley,” he said. “I believe she is your friend. She told me you would know what to do after you get this letter.”

“Where did you meet Myandra?” I asked. “This is strange. I just spoke to her on the phone, just this morning.”

“I met her on the Cape, Miss Preechard,” he replied politely. “At the Art show in Provincetown. I was leaving the Cape to head north, and she thought it might be a good idea if I come here and wait till she got here. She is on her way back in a few days, I think.”

He appeared a little nervous as he tried to sound convincing. Perhaps my stares were intimidating him. I opened the envelope. “Please, call me Margo,” I said, and read Andy’s letter.

Hey Hunny Bunny,
Guess what? I am sending you a care package named Antoine. Ha ha! I met him the other day at a gallery. He is an exchange student who is trying to make it to Canada and then write some sort of a book about his travels. He is a very nice kid, and I didn’t want him running into any trouble so I asked him to come and stay with us for a few days. He is quite handy, I am told. You wanted some work done around the Café and the garden, so may be he is your answer, Margo. All he needs is room and board. He could stay in the garage room. I’ll let you work it out. He is very reliable. So don’t worry about a thing, OK?


BTW, I sold some more nudes yesterday. I hated to part with the big canvas. It was my favorite. Some rich guy from New York is going to be staring at your sexy ass now. Are you thrilled? Ha ha.


I miss you, Margo!
Love and kisses


That’s all she wrote. Typical Andy. I stifled my anger. I didn’t want this kid to see how I was fuming inside. This was the 21st Century, for god sake. She couldn’t tell me about him on the phone? She had to write a fucking letter? How Bohemian was that!

I thought of some choice words for my next call to her. She sold a painting which I had modeled for, she spoke to me on the fucking phone every day and she couldn’t mention this when we spoke?

I put the letter back in the envelope and said, “So did you have anything to eat today? How about a sandwich while we figure out what to do about you?”

“Yes, please,” he said. “Thank you. That would be really nice.”

“Why don’t you sit anywhere you like and I will get you a sandwich. And while you are eating, let me call Myandra and see what she wanted you to do, OK?”

“OK, and please tell her I got here safe and sound. I know she was worried.” He said, and paused. Then he added, “And also? Please tell her I said hello.” There was a weird tone of camaraderie in that, “Please tell her I said hello.” How interesting, I thought!

“Will do,” I handed him a sandwich and went to the kitchen to call Andy.
“Hello, Honey!” She chuckled.

“What the fuck were you thinking?” I screamed at her. “Who is this Antoine? And, for that matter, why couldn’t you tell me this on the phone? You had to write a fucking letter? What the fuck?”

“Jesus, Margo, Calm down. Listen, he was hitch hiking. How would I know when he was going to show up? If show up at all, even?” I was livid as she continued to talk. “I didn’t want to worry you with all these details, my love. That’s why I didn’t tell you, OK?” She paused and in her usual sweet and concerned voice asked, “So he made it up there all safe and sound?”

Her voice could melt glaciers. I became calm hearing it too.

“Yes, he is fine. He just got here.” I replied. “But what’s he supposed to do here? I don’t understand. What were you thinking, Andy?”

“Oh use him, Margo. He told me he would help out around the place. Make him mow the fucking lawn, clean your tables, anything. What do I know? Figure something out till I get there. Use him, OK? He is such an innocent boy.”

“And he is not a freak or some sort of a serial killer or anything, right?” I asked. I wanted to be sure. “You know this for sure?”

“Yes, he is fine.” She brushed away my concerns very casually. “I spent time with him down here. He is cool, Margo. You will find him very amusing, once he opens up to you.” She giggled. “He will be good company. Trust me.”

I changed the subject with a pout.

“And you couldn’t tell me about the painting on the phone?”

“Oh yes, I totally forgot to mention this. Sorry? Please forgive me?” I could picture her in her naughty smile at the other end. “Ok so listen, I have to go. I’ll speak to you tonight or tomorrow morning. Oh hey Margo, before I go?”

“Yes, what?”

“Listen, the kid’s barely 18. So don’t get any ideas, OK? I know he is handsome and all, but just saying, OK?” And then she giggled uncontrollably.

“Fuck you, Andy,” I screamed. “Like you said, he is so young. So thank you but no thank you, you fucking freak!”

“Well, Margo, honey, you have this thing about corrupting the youth, remember?”

“I do, but I think I’ll pass on this one, babe. And, for the record, I am not that old, OK?” I chuckled with her.

I was smiling when I came back to Antoine.

“Miss Preechard….I mean, Margo,” he said, “I don’t want to be a hassle for you. I told Myandra that I would like to make myself useful while I am up here. So if there’s anything I can do around here, please let me know. OK?”

“Oh that can wait,” I said. “You must be tired. Why don’t I close shop for a little bit and take you over to the house? We can get you settled and sort out your sleeping arrangements. It’s just a little walk from here, OK?”

While we were walking to the house, I asked about his accent. “Where are you from exactly, Antoine? Andy said you were some sort of an exchange student.”

“Portugal,” he replied. “My parents are from Portugal and we live in Brazil now. I go to school in Miami.”

I led him to the house where Andy and I lived. It was an old Colonial, inherited from her grandparents several years ago. We had a detached garage with a large room on the second level. The futon bed made it into an extra guest room. We always had visitors, especially during the Skiing season. There was a WC but no facility for taking a shower. We had an extra bathroom on the ground level of the main house. I showed him where he could enter the house from the back door at any time. This was Vermont. No one locked their homes. So he would be free to come and go as he pleased.

During this quick tour, he asked about the paintings around the house. Most were nudes which Andy had painted over the past two years. Some oils, but there were lots and lots of sketches. Andy could draw nudes in her sleep. That’s how good she is. Antoine asked if I was the model. I told him the truth.

“I saw a lot of paintings at your café” He observed. “Myandra did those too?”

“Actually, the café used to be her art gallery,” I explained. “Now, it’s part gallery and part café. People can come in for coffee, walk around, enjoy the art, and perhaps buy too. Right now the back portion is closed. During the season, it becomes a full gallery. This is the reason she goes on the road during summers. You met her in Cape Cod, remember?”

“So you and Myandra own the café together?” He inquired innocently.

“Yes, in a way, you could say that.” I smiled. “We do lots of things together.”

I had hoped for a reaction, but none came. He only seemed interested in Andy’s work. Then he changed the conversation to something else. Antoine asked where we kept our lawn mower.

“Perhaps I could make myself useful, Margo,” he said politely. “Your grass looks like it’s ready for mowing. I don’t mind really.”

“Yes, but we have such a huge yard, Antoine,” I said. “It’s so hot today too.”

“I could use the exercise. I will have it done by the time you get back from work.” He seemed determined.

“OK, suit yourself.”

I showed him the lawnmower. “I have to get back to work now. My part-time crew will be coming in soon.”

The more we spoke the more I loved his accent. Words flowed out of him like honey. I could not stop staring at his muscular body as well but Andy’s words kept coming back to me. This boy was hot, but so damn young. Suddenly, even as a young woman of only thirty one, I felt like an old lady around him. Andy is older than me by a couple of years so I also understood her concerns.

Damn, these young studs, I thought to myself and walked back to the café. It was only a half block away, but tried as I did, I just couldn’t get his face and his body out of my head. If this was not enough torture, the weather didn’t help either. Today was one of the warmest days in June. The warmth inside my head made it feel even hotter. It was a long walk indeed.

Not much happens around this town during off-season. Before Antoine showed up, I had planned to stay at the Café till our normal closing time, but this boy made me restless. I decided to leave early that evening.

There are many houses across the street before reaching the long, secluded drive-way to our house. But after the drive-way, it becomes completely secluded. Thick forestry surrounding Andy’s property provides a lot of privacy. The sun was going down, but it was still very light and the air was thick with the muggy warmth of a typical New England Summer. I smelled the fragrance of freshly cut grass. Antoine had finished his chore, after all. I walked closer to the house and noticed the freshly mowed lawn. I walked further till I saw the garage. Then I saw him. I froze where I stood. Suddenly, my heart stopped beating by what I saw. Antoine was turned away from me and was completely naked. He was spraying water over his body from the garden hose. Obviously he didn’t expect anyone to walk in on him like I just did. My immediate reaction was to sneak behind a tree quickly. I was not prepared for this.

I remained hidden very quietly and stared. That’s all I could do at that moment; just stare! What lay before me was a prized specimen of a perfect male body. He was facing away from me. I could see his backside. It was simply magnificent. His smooth, muscular buttocks seem to glow deliberately from the falling water and the fading sunshine. He had strong legs, with thick hamstrings and calves. His broad shoulders and strong back reminded me of the Adonis youth in all his glory. He shook his wet hair a few times and water splashed out of his mane. He reminded me of a majestic lion taking a dip in a pond. I was in pure awe of this young Hercules. And when he turned around, I nearly died.

It was not so much his handsome face covered in water, nor was it his broad chest and the hard erect nipples, or his flat and well shaped muscled belly, or the tuft of the light golden hair on his pubic area that got to me. It was the size of his penis which made me go mushy. He was hung like a horse. I had never seen such a magnificent cock. It hung proudly between his legs over a large set of testicles which just added to the regality of his beautiful form. I was in plain awe of this youthful body.

I watched eagerly as he lifted his flaccid penis to spray the garden hose in between his crotch. Even though his hands and arms looked very strong, I could sense the obvious weight of his organ. He was huge. From where I stood, I could guess that in this flaccid state he must have been at least seven inches long. I creamed when I tried to visualize this monster in its full erected glory. I could feel the wetness between my legs. My juices were leaking out of me as I watched Antoine. He did something else which quickened my heart beat even more. He turned around again and spread his legs to spray some water in the crack of his buttocks. I saw his other hand parting open the cheeks as water rushed down from his lower back in between the crack of his muscular ass. My cunt was steaming hot now.

While he was still turned away from me, I decided to make a run for it. I didn’t want to be here anymore. I didn’t want to risk being caught, while he was still naked. I wanted to leave him to do what he was doing. As soon as I thought it was safe, I took one final glance. He was still turned away from me. I ran back to the street and headed straight toward the Pot Belly Pub. The happy hour was in full swing. I felt relieved to be in familiar surroundings. I thought I would have a drink here and give Antoine some time to get dressed. I could walk back home a little later and pretend as if nothing had happened.

“Hey Margo,” Craig the bartender shouted a greeting. I pulled up a bar stool. “How ya doing? What can I get you?”

“Give me a stiff….,” I started to say and paused. Images of Antoine’s huge penis crowded my head for a spilt second. I smiled to myself. “Give me a stiff something, Craig. I could use a strong drink. How about some Bourbon?”

“Sure! Coming right up,” he said and then asked out of concern, “Are you OK, Margo?”

“Yeah, I am fine, just a crazy day at work.” I settled down on the stool to recollect what just happened over at the house. I was wearing jeans today. I felt the wetness around my crotch. The dampness lingered. Thank god, I wore panties today.

After some idle chit chat with some of the locals and a few drinks later, I was relaxed enough to face Antoine again. For the life me, it was still impossible to get the image of his massive cock out of my head. I walked back to the house and when I passed the spot where I had been hiding while watching him, I recalled how he had turned around and I got to see his enormous member.

That evening, over dinner, I learned more about him and his family. His folks spent a lot of time in the Brazilian Rain forests because of his dad’s job. Perhaps this was the reason Antoine was so ‘out-door-ish.’ Throughout the evening, I stole glances and pictured him without clothes. It was hard to sit this close to someone, I was secretly drooling over. The image of his cock kept coming back; again and again. Andy’s warning echoed in my head too. He certainly had the body of a man, but still, he was only a boy.

“Margo, can I come with you tomorrow morning and help out at your café?” he asked as we were getting up to call it a night. “I don’t have anything else to do, so if I could keep busy and help you over there; it would be good, no?”

“Sure,” I said, “That would be wonderful. But listen, you don’t have to wake up so early for me. You know where the place is. Walk over whenever you wish.”

“I am an early riser,” he said quickly, “I will try not to disturb you when I come over to take a shower in the morning.”

There was that fucking word again. The shower! Suddenly my mind went back to hiding behind the tree, and how I watched him take that garden hose shower. I felt like telling him to take another outdoor shower in the morning, so I could drool over him from my bedroom window. But I didn’t say it, of course.

“Suit your-self,” I replied and we said our good nights.

From my bedroom I could see his room. His curtains were open. The room light was on as well. I stared out of my window for a while and then went to the bathroom to take a shower. My thoughts were filled with his naked body again. His presence was doing things to me. I felt so much older by his innocence, however. I doubted my own attractiveness suddenly.

I did a reality check in the bathroom. I undressed and stood in front of the full length mirror and stared at myself. I looked at my dark hair, my brown eyes, my nose, my puffy lips, my skin, my proud 34 C breasts and the taut nipples. I admired my flat belly and the thin strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair. It made me feel sexy all over. I looked at my shapely legs and finally accepted that I was not a bad looker, after all. Being a ski bum, eating properly, jogging and workouts at the gym were still paying off. If Antoine was hot, I was too. I slapped my own ass, and laughed at my vanity. This self serving exercise of admiring myself cheered me up actually. I showered and came back to the bedroom.

I turned off the lights but when I saw a glow of light coming from his room, I walked over to the window and there he was again. I could distinctly see that, once again, he was naked, and yes, I got another glimpse of his healthy cock as well. Suddenly, I was being tortured again. Doesn’t this guy like clothes? I thought to myself. He was a natural born exhibitionist and didn’t know it. Or perhaps he did.

That’s when it occurred to me that perhaps he was doing this on purpose. May be he caught me watching him earlier. May be in his young and naïve way, he was trying his “come-on” moves. He surely knew how beautiful he is. Perhaps he was putting the goods on display for me. Was I supposed to take the bait? I mulled over this as I watched him from my dark room. Once again, the voyeur in me got the better of me. My cunt became moist. I found myself drawn to the idea of ravaging his young body. It was very hard to remain, calm and in control, but I managed somehow.

When Antoine moved out of my view I drew the curtains and slid under the covers. I needed some relief of my own now, so I started to touch my own body. I closed my eyes and felt the sensitive strokes of my palm as it moved down from my naked breasts, my erect nipples, causing goose bumps over my skin. My hand moved downward to my belly button and then eventually down to the opening of my wet cunt. My clit was throbbing with excitement. It didn’t take very long for my frantic urge to take me to that coveted climax. It was intense when it came. I erupted in a silent orgasm. I spread my legs and let my juices flow out of me uncontrollably. My bed seemed to shake as I shuddered with the outpouring of my pleasure. Finally, I relaxed my body, closed my eyes and eventually fell asleep. I left Antoine behind, to his own night of nakedness. My last thought before nodding off had been, I wonder if Antoine masturbated tonight too.

The sun rises very early during summer in Vermont. I came awake at the break of dawn when I heard the distinct sounds of someone opening the back door to the house. I could not believe that Antoine was up already. My twisted mind brought about a very sexy image of Antoine’s hot body and his enormous cock. I imagined him striding confidently in the nude toward the house, with his majestic cock swinging proudly between his legs. I don’t know what made me think that but that was the first image that crossed my mind but that image lasted just for brief moment. Suddenly, the other questions came back. Was he, in a subtle way, trying to entice me? I waited in bed until I heard him enter the house. He was doing something in the kitchen. Perhaps drinking some juice or making some coffee. These sounds lasted a few minutes and gave me enough time to become fully awake. I got up very quietly and grabbed my bath robe. When I heard him enter the downstairs bathroom, I tip toed down the stairs to the foyer area of the guest bathroom. I needed the answers to my questions. So I spied on him.

Antoine had left the bathroom door slightly ajar. Son of a bitch, I thought to myself. Was this deliberate? I thought it was. But I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he didn’t lock the door because he thought I was still sleeping. More spying was in order. So I went down on my knees very quietly and slid over to the door. I heard the shower. It was safe to push in the door some more. Steam escaped out of the bathroom. I took more risks and pushed the door little further to peak inside. I remained on my toes as I went closer. What I saw on the other side of the see-through shower curtain made me skip a heart beat.

Antoine, in his naked glory, stood under the spray of steamy water, with his eyes closed. He held a bar of soap in one hand while stroking his massive cock with the other hand. He was masturbating in the shower. I am sure he didn’t see me because his eyes were tightly shut. He was applying soap and water to his cock and pleasuring himself. I stared for a brief moment and then I lost control. I had seen enough.

“That does it!” I said to myself and stood up. I threw my robe on the floor, pushed the door open, yanked the shower curtain and barged inside the tub with him.

Antoine opened his eyes in shock, “What…..” he started to say as he saw me in the shower.

“Shssssh,” I whispered to him and grabbed his cock from his hands. “We are not going to waste this beautiful thing anymore!”

I was overwhelmed by his size even more after holding him for the first time. He was hard as a rock. I could never have imagined the girth of his cock until I held it. This was a freak cock in my shaking hands. It throbbed with a life of its own. I felt the size of this monster and the velvety smooth feel of the foreskin. It stood erect in my hand. It was huge. And it had weight too. I stroked his cock with one hand and gently massaged his balls with the other.

I expected Antoine to protest when I took his cock in my hand and stroked him. I thought he would say something. I thought he might show some shock at my intrusion. After all, I was the older woman, so I expected some expression of disgust too. Nothing happened. He closed his eyes again. I watched him slip into an oblivious bliss.

I held him close to me and licked his ears and his chin as I stroked him. I took his hands and placed them behind me. He grabbed my ass and kneaded my cheeks. When he pinched my ass cheeks, my burning cunt gave way. My juices were building inside of me. I felt the first trickle seeping out of me. I felt very wet down there and wanted to have this monster inside of me immediately.

“I need you to fuck me, Antoine!” I hissed at him. There was urgency to my ferocious wanting now. “I need this inside me. Now!”

“Right here?” He asked politely while I stroked him.

“Yes, against the wall. Fuck me right here! Standing up!”

He turned around and pushed me back against the side wall. He lifted one of my legs in his arm and tried to push his massive cock inside my pussy. It was too big. I wanted him in me. My cunt was on fire, but this position wouldn’t allow him to penetrate me. He held me forcefully against the wall and parted my legs wider, but his cock kept sliding away.

“Oh fuck it,” I screamed and pulled away from him. I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the shower. I pushed him down on the floor mat. Water was everywhere and the mat became wet as well. I didn’t care. I was in hurry and wanted him inside me right away. I wanted to possess this cock. I wanted to feel it tear me apart. I knew it will hurt me, but I was looking forward to this pain as he would forcefully go inside me. The shower was still running behind us when I pushed him down on his back. I was on my knees in front of him, still holding his cock. I bent forward and took the bulbous head of this beautiful penis in my mouth and tasted him for the first time. I was very hungry for him now. There was no turning back. I managed a part of him in my mouth and felt him grow bigger. We are not wasting this beautiful thing anymore, I told my self No more! I screamed in my head.

I took him out of my mouth and straddled him. My legs were parted wide over his body. The opening of my cunt glistened with juices. I could not wait to have him inside of me. He was staring in amazement as I placed the head of his cock in between the folds of my moist pussy. I was determined to have what I was craving all this time. I was obsessed with having him, ever since I laid my eyes on this massive tool of pleasure. I took a deep breath and impaled myself on to him with all my weight. I felt his cock forcefully spreading me apart as I went down on his cock all the way. The excitement and the initial pain of having him inside turned me into a hungry bitch in heat. As soon as I hit the base of his cock with my clit; the first wave of orgasms came rushing in. That’s all it took. I screamed loudly and came hard. Just once stroke later, I was already there. My cunt tightened around his hardness. I placed my hands on his strong chest and shuddered with excitement. My screams subsided and I finally relaxed to see him staring up at me in and innocent but amazed expression. At that moment, I was so glad that he was legally an adult because I had damned near raped him just now.

I closed my eyes again and started to go up and down on him. I had experienced a fierce orgasm just now, but I was not done yet. I also wanted this to be a very special experience for Antoine. I felt him inside of me, still hard as before. My cunt was very well lubricated. Earlier pains of having something this big inside of me were gone too. I was relaxed enough to fuck him properly and give him some pleasure. He had been stroking himself before I got here, so he was readily excited. I knew that he would not be too long. I grabbed his hands and placed them over my breasts. I told him to squeeze my tits as I continued to work my pelvis and relished the length of his manhood. I saw him close his eyes and watched his intensity. I knew he was going to cum soon.

“That’s it, Antoine,” I cooed above him. “You can let go anytime you want now, honey!”

He pushed his hips upward to fuck me from below. His hands on my breasts became rougher. He pinched my nipples and I squirmed with painful pleasure. I felt another orgasm building inside of me. This time, I wanted him to cum with me. So I screwed his cock with long and slow strokes.

“Oh god, Margo,” he cried out. “You are so tight!”

“No, you are so fucking big, Antoine. So beautiful, and oh so fucking big!” I cried out. “I know you can do this, baby,” I encouraged him. “Cum inside me, Antoine. Come on, let yourself go. Explode inside me; I want to feel you, honey. Fill my pussy with your cum, baby. Just do it, Antoine!”

Talking to him like this made me hornier. I heard his grunts. I urged him on and then all of a sudden he arched up and grabbed my ass forcefully. He shoved me down on his cock hard. He held me down so that my pubic mound crushed into his crotch. I felt his cock pulsating inside my cunt. I was stretched to the maximum. I saw his facial expressions change suddenly. He was very intense. And abruptly, at that crucial moment, I felt him gushing inside of me. I tightened my vaginal muscles around him skillfully and bought myself to an earth shattering climax at the same time. Waves and waves of a second orgasm unleashed out of my inner core. He was strong and could hold himself up in an arch like position as he emptied all of his warm seed inside of me. I shook above him, totally out of control.

Eventually, he collapsed on the wet floor with a huge sigh. He was not a talker. When the orgasm was over, he closed his eyes, and rested his head on the floor. His hands released my ass and fell to his sides. I was still straddled over him. His cock was still inside of me. Even in this semi-flaccid state it filled me up snugly. I looked down and saw the first drops of his semen oozing out of my cunt, making our pubic hair wet.

While he was still on the floor below me, I stared at the bathroom mirror, I heard the shower still running, and I breathed a sigh. Wow, it finally happened, I whispered to myself.

After crossing this ‘barrier of modesty,’ I became addicted to Antoine. During next few days, before Andy got home, I grabbed every possible opportunity to have him inside me. He was either in my mouth or in my ever-ready pussy. My cunt creamed every time he was around me. I would have had him in my ass too, but he was just too damn big for my back door. I never wasted a single chance of enjoying his massive cock and his amazing body. We fucked in the shower, in my bed, on the futon in his room, we fucked in the café when no one was around; we even fucked on a hiking trail the once. I couldn’t get enough of him and his, larger than life, penis. For his part, Antoine was more than happy to oblige too. It was as if he discovered sex all over again when I was around. I was not always the aggressive one. For example one afternoon I was bent over the service counter at the café, he snuck up behind me, pulled down my panties and put his throbbing cock in my pussy from the back, fucked me forcefully and gave both of us a quick orgasm. The thought of him taking me like this, kept me creaming for him all the time. And yes, ever since that first time in the shower, I wore only skirts instead of my usual jeans. Just for such lusty moments. So in a way, Andy had been very right, when she wrote in her letter, that Antoine might be “amusing!” He kept me amused plenty during these past few days.

Andy and I spoke every day on the phone but still I could not bring myself up to tell her what Antoine and I had been up to. She would find out, of course.

[… continues on “The Care Package Ch. 2” by Mucky Sod – MFT]


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