I have been collecting sexy stories since the twentieth century, back when alt.sex.stories was one of the main sources of this material in the Internet. In this time I have compiled more than three thousand files with stories in my computers for my exclusive delight. Now, I have decided to share these awesome fantasies. Hopefully, you will get as much pleasure reading them as I do.

Although I have a taste for different kinds of fantasies, lots of the stories I have collected narrate encounters in which at least one of the participants was not actively looking for sex in the beginning but ends up loving the experience.  😉  Regarding my limits, I will only publish stories in which consenting adults are involved so no rapes, extreme violence or underage sex in here.

All the stories herein have been recovered from my private files. Some of them may be almost twenty years old and others I might have found them just some weeks ago. I double check that I only post stories for which the author has granted permission to be published. Sometimes I may be mistaken though so, if you find a story here that you have authored and you have not given permission for that story to be published, please contact me and I will delete it promptly.

Prospective authors

If you have authored a really hot and naughty short story and you think that its length and theme could fit in the blog, please submit it and I will review your work. As you know, I only publish about a post each week in the blog, so your story has to be of exceptional quality: I am doing my best to publish exclusively the best and hottest stories. Of course, I promise that I will read every tale you send me and that you will receive a response.

Media I am using

A logo for the blog: looking for a picture that could be adequate for the blog and my Twitter account, I came across this beautiful photograph in Flickr

Sculpture Female Nudes Embracing 15 - Finance Tower Brussels

The author’s nick in Flickr is Historic Brussels and, in his own words, the photo depicts “an sculpture of two embracing female nudes which is right in the heart of Brussels, Belgium, in front of the Finance Tower (Tour des Finances – Financiëntoren) building”. If you are curious, you have lots of details about the sculpture in the photo page in Flickr.

I also use this beautiful photo of a shelf with old books as the background of my Twitter account (@SirRobStories). The picture is called “Old books” and the author is David Flores.

Old books

Social icons: I am currently using the “Social Network Icon Pack” by Rogie King, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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